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In a Facebook post this morning, McMillan Group International announced that they are wrapping up the final negotiations for the sale McMillan Firearms Manufacturing. McMillan Group will retain their fiberglass stock business and, as we reported earlier, they recently made a splash with the creation of a firearms-friendly credit card processing service, McMillan Merchant Solutions. We’d guess that will stay with McMillan Group as well, but are trying to confirm that. No word yet as to the identity of the buyer. Stay tuned . . .

Update: In an email to TTAG, McMillan has confirmed that the newly-established McMillan Merchant Services will not be part of the sale.


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  1. So, why are they selling the firearms manufacturing portion, but keeping the fiberglass stock portion? Also, why sell at all?

  2. Didn’t they just recently get into the firearms manufacturing business (in the last 3 or 4 years)? If I had to guess, they may have decided with all the new state, city, county laws being proposed and/or passed, to avoid the headache and hassle of being on the bad end of a witch hunt. Typically there is not a lot of profit in the making of firearms, so perhaps it just isn’t worth the time and energy to keep that end of the business. I wish them well in any case, they make an excellent stock for most rifles out there.

  3. I use to work for McMillian back in the 90s. I was originally hired by Gale McMillian in 1989. Then the company sold so they could not manufacture firearms for a while. Later they started making guns again but could not do it under the McMillian name so they became Mcbros. Sometime after that they started using the McMillian name again.


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