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Does former Congress critter Gabrielle Giffords even know what the “this” she’s recommending is? I know that sounds harsh, but Giffords’ Americans for Responsible Solutions PSA is no more specific in its aims than the Mayors Against Illegal Guns‘ “Demand a Plan” agit-prop. According to the ARS petition, “Two reasonable solutions you could pass that would reduce violence while protecting responsible ownership would be universal background checks for gun purchases, and limiting the availability of high capacity magazines.” Yeah; that’s gonna do it. What really nauseates me (even more than the civilian disarmament movement’s shameless waving of the bloody shirt): Giffords’ reminder that she’s a gun owner. Any gun owner that lines up behind Giffords’ not-so-final solution is selling the Second Amendment down the river. Whether they know it or not. [h/t pk in AZ]

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  1. It’s most reprehensible to exploit the loss, pain & suffering of innocents to rob citizens of their inherent right to self-defense. These people have no shame.

  2. I was thinking similarly when I saw her “testimony” in front of Congress. As in this ad, her statements were vague and non-specific. It is the pro-disarmament folks that are filling in the blanks.

  3. 9 out of 10 Americans support universal background checks? I don’t think so! Unless, maybe that stat was taken in san francisco or chicago.

      • This is probably a poll where they failed to reveal that the proposed legislation includes universal registration. The answers you get depend on how you ask the questions and the leftists are experts at spin.

  4. Gabby Giffords clearly has difficulty stringing words and thoughts together. She clearly has diminished mental capacity.

    Anti-gun leftists using this crippled, but sympathetic woman to advance their demonic cause is utterly repulsive. Have they no shame?

    And her husband? Shame on you for allowing this!

    What kind of man allows his woman to be prostituted like this?

    • He was looking for answers I tell ya… and they got his ear and convinced him that their propaganda WAS the only viable solution.

      IOW: He was vulnerable and they took advantage of him. Now he believes their propaganda completely. He’s been brainwashed. Brainwashed into believing that using his wife for a banner, and attacking gun ownership is the only solution.

      Quick… someone really needs to deprogram him.

  5. What they really mean by “Let’s get this done” is “Let’s make it LOOK like we are doing something”.

  6. She has a point —

    Armed citizens have stopped murder/suicide at shopping malls, churches and schools.

    A good responsible solution is to remove “Gun Free Zone” decals from windows.

  7. Someone, (know it won’t be the lamestream media…) needs to find out if any firearm she did own has been turned in!

    And her POS hubby should do the same with his!

  8. Giffords husband, Mark Kelly, is a political opportunist. He said the Tuscon shooting was instigated by Sarah Palin.

  9. “Let’s get this done.”
    Nah, no thanks. God speed on your recovery but the guy that shot you Mrs. Giffords had 2 guns and a bunch of mags. If you limit mag capacity he’d have come with more guns and more mags. Why not enact a law that would have an effect. I suggest when a Dr. finds these maniacs to be dangerous the police can detain them. All of the last shooters were know by Dr. and staff to be dangerous. However, your side wants to defend the rights of the mentally insane. Excuse me for stating this but your own political philosophy was at least a partial cause to you being shot. Too harsh, sorry, you’re advising denying my rights and my right are more important than your feelings.

  10. You’re not being harsh at all. It’s disgusting for people like Dianne Sawyer and Robin Roberts to refer to this woman as a hero. She did NOTHING “heroic.” I have personally seen dozens of acts of TRUE heroism downrange that have never and likely will never see the light of media coverage.

    This woman was LUCKY. She likely understands much of what she’s saying but is unable to put those thoughts out without tons of help like she obviously is getting.

    Her husband though? He doesn’t even have a single clue about what he’s talking about. Just listen to his rant on Fox News about having 25 years experience with “assault weapons” and the guy was a PILOT. He refuses to acknowledge that “military style assault weapons” is the biggest oxymoron of the whole debate.

  11. while i refuse to disparage this woman for what happened to her. It drives me nuts that she is in fact using her own victimization to sell the disarmament of the civilian population of the US. Sounds alot like carolyn McCarthy type tactics.

  12. Don’t underestimate the appeal of an ad like this to a large segment of our population. Critical thinking and reason has given way to “feeling”-from popular culture pushed forward by the media and even into our courts{the law is not what the law says, but what we feel it ought to say}…..what is more important is what we “feel” is the right thing to do. The media and the left have joined in creating a tsunami raging against guns, gun owners and the 2nd Amendment {or the 1st Amendment for Nancy Pelosi} Over a period of time which is less than any of us could have imagined, they are shaping a larger proportion of popular opinion…..That poor woman was shot by a gun, and she feels that guns should be outlawed, so why would I not agree with her feelings? And all the popular singers and athletes think I shouldn’t have a gun so it must not be right to have one.

  13. Yeah, its been taken from her alright, sadly. We do have a wall against this bullshit given to us by our founders & its not going away with the ramblings of one brain dead bitch, however well meaning she might be. Randy

  14. I do notice the whole AWB is gone now. I bet Obama will give lip service to it but I find that most gun grabbers say they background checks now shows DiFis bill has great press and Obama speeches but has little support in congress.

  15. GOD ENOUGH!!! STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where are all the pro gun videos???????? Why is it all these stupid libs get to make policy of matters they know nothing about?

  16. I have immense respect for her drive to recover from such an unfortunate act. Couldn’t imagine how hard she must fight to appear and speak the way she does. Respect for her being noted, she has been pushed to the anti-gun side of things by very manipulative people. If only somebody well-spoken and pro-gun like MrColionNoir or Hickok45 had sat down with her and explained why attacking law-abiding citizens’ rights isn’t the right course of action. If we all were calm and well-spoken like those guys (and a lot of us are), our purpose would be better served. I love the passion of guys like Alex Jones and James Yeager, but I think they kind of scare most middle of the road folks. It seems that the people working against us got to her first though, and once they’ve gotten the ball rolling on their appeal to emotion and “feel-good solutions” it’s hard to turn the tide, regardless of the facts that clearly support our side of the issue. Don’t spout off on the need to protect our country from tyranny and corruption, keep it simple. The need for citizens to protect the country from tyranny is critical, don’t get me wrong, but people in the middle would be more apt to side with us if we made clear to them that we own guns simply to protect ourselves, our families, and possibly other citizens if, God forbid, something awful were to happen. Most of us (the overwhelming majority, I’m sure) would NEVER consider using a firearm in anything remotely resembling a criminal fashion, and those who aren’t familiar with the firearms community need to see just how normal most of us are. Too bad Giffords doesn’t.

  17. As John Boch says, she clearly has difficulties. RF, I don’t think you’re being harsh. Some people find the truth unpleasant.

    I hadn’t heard her say anything that wasn’t a prepared statement that she read from a page, so I didn’t know what her mental status is. When she read her short speech at the Congressional hearing a couple weeks back, at a couple points she read the words with the enthusiasm of a small child learning to read. By that I mean she emphasized them the way a small child does, with the triumphant tone of “getting it right,” but with how much comprehension was she reading?

    Well, since I didn’t know, I went looking for interviews. The conclusion that I came to is that almost all her difficulty is in simply getting her ideas out. In the interviews I watched, she seems to understand what’s being said to her just fine, and she seems to know what she wants to say, but she just can’t vocalize it. I don’t think she’s being puppeted, and while she may not be able to say exactly what she’s thinking, she seems perfectly capable of understanding what other people say and then making her opinions of those statements known. She may not be saying it, but she seems completely capable of agreeing with it.

  18. To gun prohibitionists: If you claim to be a gun owner and then claim to support further restrictions on gun rights, please be more specific about what gun or guns you own. That way, we can all understand what kinds of guns you feel are permissible. Clearly, you can’t mean that you own any kind of semiautomatic, because those are all “assault weapons” now–yes, even Grandpa’s Baby Browning. Or maybe you think semiautomatics are OK, as long as they have a low capacity like the gun or guns that you own. Because surely you wouldn’t own something that you want to have outlawed, would you?

  19. It looked to me like her statement was very staged right down to the little fist swipe at the conclusion and the emphasis on certain words.She certainly has some deficits,but doesn’t seem to have loss of intellect nor the lack of an ability to be purposeful.Her husband gives me the creeps.He seems like an opportunist.She’s damn lucky the maniac who shot her apparently was using some target ammo from Walmart and not hollowpoints.She would never have survived that hit with an HP.The six people he killed and the other wounded can thank the stupid privacy laws that prevent raving lunatics from being flagged,or better,detained in a secure facility like they used to be.

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