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Breaking the four rules was never this musical.

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  1. Interesting. Bunch of presumably Islamic soldiers boogying down to definitely non-halal music from the irretrievably morally corrupt West. Suggests to me that the ultimate winner of the culture clash between Islam and the west is likely to be the West. But it may take a while. Meanwhile, keep your powder dry.

    • Given the number of factions in the Syrian civil war these men could be anything from secularists to sharia fundamentalists. It is of course impossible to tell. Having spent 10 days doing a cultural exchange in Qatar and Kuwait back in January there are parts of the Middle East where even “good” (whatever the hell that means) Muslims enjoy and have embraced aspects of western culture.

      My point being that the really only fair conclusion that can be drawn from this video is that these guys have horrible firearms discipline and atrocious taste in music. Though I can forgive the music issue since in a warzone it is probably hard to see what is hot on the Billboard Top 40.

      • Quit this Obama style backing of Islamic terrorist. They are murders and rapist scum. Documented that they want a Islamic state created and have a safe haven for Al Qaeda terrorist who back them.

  2. Stupid aside, I found this to be amusing. When they started the chant in the end and shooting it sounded just like the scene in True Lies when they burry the nuke

  3. This is different from the Vietnam conflict’s “mad minute” in what ways? Soldiers blow it out in various ways, in not always the smartest manner. Even being a soldier is often not the wisest career choice. But they’re having a good time; nothing much of note to see here.

  4. They can scream and holler all they want about Shariah, but deep down inside they want to eat a Big Mac at McDonald’s while reading “US Weekly” getting fatter by the day just like the us!

  5. These Islamist and most Muslim can under stand about shooting into the air what comes up must go down??? I would be most scared by the idiot pointing a RPG-7 at me than the others. Its funny these idiots actually beat the regular Syrian Army in the north. these idiots could pee there pants w/o instructions from the Quron.

    See what happens when they dance when VX is used on them by the Assad government.

  6. What I see is a bunch soldiers having some fun with an Arab twist. If these guys are Alawi’s they are not enamored with Sharia law.

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