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“Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon on Saturday declared a state of emergency and implemented a midnight to 5 a.m. curfew in Ferguson, where the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager sparked a week of protests and sporadic looting,” reports. “‘I’m committed to making sure the forces of peace and justice prevail,’ Nixon said at a community meeting. ‘If we’re going to achieve justice we first must have and maintain peace.'” Meanwhile, in the absence of adequate police protection, following accusations of over-zealous police action during the nights of rioting, Ferguson residents have taken-up arms to protect their property. As well they should, given the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s non-engagement policy on looting and Capt. Ron Johnson’s statement on curfew enforcement . . .

Johnson praised local citizens who tried to stop the looting of several businesses early Saturday and said law enforcement would not be heavy-handed in enforcing the curfew.

“We won’t enforce it with trucks, we won’t enforce it with tear gas,” he said.

The fragile peace shattered in Ferguson earlier in the day when looters again targeted neighborhood businesses while law enforcement in riot gear largely looked on without intervening.

Some protesters tried to stop the looting, at times standing in front of one convenience store and preventing others from doing more damage. Police, criticized days earlier for being too aggressive with protesters, now drew the ire of merchants who told CNN they weren’t doing enough.

“You still have a job to do now, and now you’re not doing your job,” Tanya Littleton said of police after thieves broke into her beauty supply shop in the St. Louis suburb and made off with bags of hair extensions worth hundreds of dollars.

Lesson learned: at the end of the day, you’re in charge of your own security. Come what may.

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  1. Alright guys, its 12 o’clock time to stop rioting and head home. See you guys back in the morning! – No rioter ever.

    • Don’t worry, that’s what the heavily armed, trigger-happy cowboy cops are for. I mean, it isn’t like them treating the place like it was a third-world war zone was what escalated things to this point in the first place, or anything.

      • The cop was warning fugitive thief Brown for jaywalking. Third world countries have cars enough for jaywalking laws? Who is treating what like a third world country, when thieves are just shambling down the middle of the road where cars are meant to be driving? Since when in a first world country do people get to just wander around and loiter, any place they please, like zombies? In traffic? This whole thing is so ridiculous.

        • Kill all the jaywalkers!!!!!!! Such a bodily threat to the public. We need to get all the facts before rushing to judgement, however, in the immediately after photos of Brown lying in the street dead, there were no cruisers (police cars) next to him so I wonder just how, even if a struggle ensued inside the officers cruiser, this was justified. Perhaps Brown pointed a cigar at the officer. Even if it isn’t, there is absolutely NO justification for the looting and violence that has ensued as a result.
          My bet…..the official report will be a good shooting.
          On another note, this would be a good place to reconsider self defense rules for police and civilians. Police should not have a greater right to self defense than the public. If they can, we can.

        • John, in the third-world anyone who isn’t wealthy or well-connected is a target for police abuse.

  2. This will be another case where civil liberties are suspended for peace and order. All the leftists would have to do is to instigate riots, robberies, such for a pro-longed period of time and the civil liberties curtailment would become permanent, such as what happened after 9-1-1 with the Patriot Act. Maybe I am just inherently distrusting government, but that has been a concern of mine for some time now.

    • RE: inherently distrusting government
      That would put in the same company as the folks who wrote the “Bill of Rights” and I would say that puts you in very good company!

      • They also distrusted the mob. That is why DC is laid out with lots of traffic circles. They were placed there so the Army could set up cannon and mow down the mob advancing on the seat of government. The Founding Fathers would have no sympathy with looting gangbangers

  3. Gee RF they tried being nice with black state cop. Maybe the MRAP’s need to return. Poor angry yoots…looting Sam’s Liquor( the scene of Browns crime-& his buddy the witness). Glad I don’t live nearby-my city south of Chicago is bad enough.

  4. This is my surprised face. 😐

    Saw that move coming, and probably next they’ll be pulling a “Boston.”

  5. Curfews are like gun control laws — they only punish the law-abiding. If the military police try to break up a peaceful protest at one minute after twelve, this may not end the way Nixon wants.

    I would not be surprised if the protesters (who have nothing to do with the looters) just sit down in the streets at midnight and make the cops carry them away. If the cops start pepper spraying and beating protesters, as often happens, the whole world will be watching.

    • That would be pretty funny. The cops will be busy dragging around limp peaceful bodies and macing people exercising their 1st amendment rights while the looters run amok.

      • Brilliant observation. The evidence shows law enforcement is a fraud, an industry dedicated to randomly taxing citizens and when they lead with armor up nonsense, they abandon all principles for self preservation.

        Think about it. A thug strong armed (unarmed) a business owner, and was later shot. Then police thugs arrested reporters sitting in a restaurant, then a thug police chief showed no leadership, then thug state police showed up and failed to protect businesses from looting. A shitting little town, run by shitty leadership….all continuing to collect their coin while thugs roam the streets.

        If there was any evidence needed that law abiding citizens are on their own, Ferguson is it.

        • “A shitting little town, run by shitty leadership….all continuing to collect their coin while thugs roam the streets. ”

          And this is the entire agenda of the wealthy influence peddlers running our governments: sow chaos and division for the sake of profits and personal power.

          Now ask yourself these questions: Why aren’t the know gang bangers and thugs with rap sheets in prison instead of non-violent drug offenders? Why are the hardened thugs the ones who get the lenient sentences and the revolving door?

          The political thuggery will continue until the influence peddlers are made accountable at the polls.

  6. Midnight to 0500 curfew. MIDNIGHT? Ferguson chief couldn’t think of anything else to do wrong, so now the Gov is taking over. We’re going to be hearing about this for a long time.

  7. The police will protect you, society is evolved, there is no civil unrest, and the government will never go all 1984 on you, and no one would ever exploit a disaster to take your stuff or hurt you.

    See, who needs guns?

    Have fun being imprisoned in your homes by the government, Ferguson.

  8. It’s time for these business owners to shoot some looters and establish this behavior will not be tolerated.

    • Seriously. If people took responsibility for their own property then we’d not have to hire and arm so many police (who will be busy dragging around the limp bodies of peaceful protesters instead of protecting your property when needed).

    • Obviously I don’t want anyone to get shot, but if the looting continues, then that’s an effective way to stop it. Shop owners shoot a few evil, greedy bloodthirsty looters, and the word will spread: looting and destruction are not viable and acceptable forms of political expression. Might be good to have it on video, though, to quell controversy about vigilantes later on.

      • I’m wondering if MO law allows a store owner to shoot a looter, if he cannot establish that his life was in danger?
        I’m all for blowing away these looters, but not at the expense of going to prison for it.

  9. Hey nothing to do with this story but NBC News just did a story about Shooters & Brew & Chew. As featured on TTAG. Fairly positive except for Shannon ( Dirk Diggler favorite) Watts whining:-)

  10. You know, if they had some gear between Cheka and Kumbaya, I’d like to see them try it. This stunt of the authorities alternating between hard core crackdown and lovey dovey empathy isn’t cutting it.

    • For the same reason you keyboard commandos have no gear between cheka and kumvaya. Because when gangbangers control the neighborhood you can either ignore them or crush them. There is nothing in between.

      As far as I can tell the KBCs of TTAG are all find with private cituzens gunning down looters but are all on the side of bangers if the cops do it.

      • im not sure, but i dont think anyone here is saying that. i have no problem with police using violence to subdue violent criminals. however, i do have a problem with police using violence indiscriminately on both looters and non-violent protesters. the burden ought to be on them to determine the difference, just as it would be for you or me.

        • Ever think that the “nonviolent” protesters can provide a shield around the looters? Who in his right mind demonstrates in the middle of a riot?

        • You appear to be implying the protestors are controlled by the gangs and are in-cahoots with the looters. I would like to see some irrefutable proof that is indeed the case before implementing your agenda of treating a random group of human beings like so much yard waste.

          Besides, if your agenda was to stop the criminal activity, i.e. looting, wouldn’t it make more sense to position your forces to protect the businesses and reinforce the property owners who are willing to stand and protect property?

  11. I say pull all the police out and let them burn, loot, and pillage there way to the arch. At this point its all we can do to prove that we are not a bunch old fat white racist. I mean that’s what its really about right.

    • Yup. And let the reporters step out from the shadow of police protection too.

      And they’ll still wonder why neighborhoods like this have no fresh food in stores and all the cashiers are behind bullet-proof glass.

  12. So, if your a shop keeper there to protect your store, do you have to go home too and let them simply loot your place after midnight, or do you get to stay and protect your property?

    • Great question. Better to be judged by twelve than have your livelihood (which may not be well insured) burned/looted.

      • I could be wrong, but I doubt there is any insurance that convers rioting, looting or civil unrest in general. The state, as it often does, may force insurance companies to pay or pull their license from the state, but I do not believe any insurance otherwise covers events like these.

        • Insurance companies generally do not cover damage due to war, insurrection, radiation, or thermonuclear device. I don’t believe rioting rises to the legal definition of “insurrection”.

        • Daily Beatings,
          You mean if a thermonuclear device detonates overhead, I can’t get a settlement from my insurance company, because the paint job was ruined on my 1950 Studebaker? What a bummer.

          By the way, judging from your “handle” I’m guessing your married!

    • if your inside your business your not in public so not in violation of the curfew, but do you risk being mistaken for a looter. I don’t know about you but my life is worth more than a bunch of Chinese Weaves.

  13. Kinda hopin’ the Po-Po puts out a call for a posse. . . . I got my shottie and my sidearm

  14. When a Marxist community organizer is the president, community organizers are able to organize better. This is coming out just as intended.

  15. Ah, let it go. I want to hear incessant whining about how he was just getting his life together, he was a nice boy, that’s not him on the stores film, and when the hell are Al and Jesse going to show up?

  16. Why did the revelation that the 210 pound dead guy was a thief and a thug of the first order cause more rioting? The DOJ reportedly tried to squash the store video that showed what an innocent lad brown was. How come? It can’t possibly be because if true it wouldn’t support the victim narrative. This situation is why I don’t give the race card much credence. It (the “R” card) is dog eared, worn, and very, very tired.

    mmmmm Oh, one more thing. The officer is reported to be, wait for it, an African American.

    • The reason that the Feds wanted to supress the video was because it would be hard to railroad the cop on a trumped up civil rights charge if a video showed the poor angelic young man roughing up a store clerk and stealing stuff. It would cause a jury to have reasonable doubt that the cop in question was guilty of anything other than defending himself against a violent criminal. Judging by the reaction I have seen reading on these pages they had nothing to fear. It seems that in the minds of many TTAGIians only private citizens are granted the authority to shoot criminals.

    • Michael Brown should have gotten the right thug training or read my advice on TTAG. After commiting a crime don’t get noticed by walking down the middle of the street, run away if you do although as fat as he was that might have been too hard and if cornered by the police go to “Hands Hoch!” mode instead of attacking the cop and trying to shoot him with his own gun.

      He probably had super thug operator traing instead.

      • People stupid enough to do a robbery on film are stupid enough that they’ll get jacked up afterwards too.

  17. My mother called me when this happened, and declared this is the testing ground to see whether the National Guard will follow orders to take force against American citizens.

    While I don’t feel this way, I do wonder if there will ever be an instance of strife strong enough that there will be a head nod and flick of a switch to allow our own armed service members to take down its own.

    • WV Cycling, That’s not a worthy comparison when the people are rioting and looting,…The whole question (as you pose it) of whether the National Guard will take action against The People only counts when the people are otherwise law-abiding. THIS situation is actually one of the exact reasons states HAVE a National Guard…and they will not be acting as Federal armed military…State Militia.
      Respectfully, go tell your mom that.

  18. OK kids, let’s look at the time/storyline:

    Sasquatch gets shot ->
    Rioting begins ->
    County cavalry shows up ->
    Al “the Snitch” Sharpton arrives ->
    Police riot vs community riot vs media riot ->
    Everyone goes home to sleep; Sharpton goes back to NYC ->
    State cavalry arrives ->
    Everyone sings Kumbaya around campfires ->
    DOJ Community Relations Service Team arrives ->
    Community riot ->
    Everyone goes home to sleep ->
    Missouri guv declares state of emergency, imposes curfew ->
    Al Sharpton accuses Ferguson police chief of ‘smear campaign’ ->
    Community riot ->
    ??? ->

    BUT – I think I see a pattern forming here.

  19. This is the most weak kneed, PC, BS “Curfew” I have ever heard of. It’s may even be intended to fail

    History repeats because mankind does not change

  20. Coming to a town near your,,, you just saw the preview movie…Keep your powder dry. The message sent is looting / burning is now not a crime… Why is the FBI looking for people who saw the shooting … that is not a federal crime or area of law enforcement….Do we now have national police ??? or shall we call it KGB AMERIKA!

  21. And just to show the MSM doesn’t hold a grudge or anything…

    CNN broadcast a report Friday that showed the house, including the street number, of the Ferguson police officer who police say shot Mike Brown

    Cracker-jack reporting there. Meanwhile Darren Wilson is in hiding on the Moon.

  22. Million of dollars in destruction, for thug stealing a box of cigars and being stupid enough to swipe at a cop. Today’s youth today are devolving at an alarming rate. Meanwhile law enforcements mantra of arrive home safe, is the foundation of the US vs. THEM mentality that pervades this career. ARMOR UP to serve low level warrants, in the name of safety corrupts our democracy. Police know they control the narrative, know the most citizens will do is protest, make a couple of calls and get 15 minutes, while in the end they will not be not held accountable for murder of local citizens. When groups finally have enough and arm themselves to confront their tormentors, only then will police go back to policing, instead of continuing their present course.

    • I guess the cop should have not resisted this petty criminal. Maybe such an example would have convinced Big Mike the error of his ways. The reason that America’s inner cities are crime ridden cesspools is because gangbangers feel free to commit these silly little crimes. They are signaling to the peasants that they will take what tney want and you are at their mercy.

      You are tbe perfect example of what I was talking about when I said that many TTAGuans only object to cops shokting criminals and not private citizens.

      • San Jose police just shot an unarmed woman pointing a black painted drill. And RF’s observation, if a pair of bino’s were available, and a bit of leadership, then perhaps a deranged woman would be alive. An yet the mantra “fear of everyone safety, I had to shoot her”. US vs. THEM. This murder shows police are incapable of assessing a situation and planning an alternative. It will be declared a good shoot, civil court will payout and the killing goes on.

  23. 00:01. ‘You there, with the big screen tv and case of liqour. Yes you. I am giving you a written warning of curfew violation. If it happens again I may be forced to take sterner action. Maybe even issue a ticket.”

    • Don’t be so hard on the poor miss-guided youth! His TV at home broke and he needs to watch his favorite program.
      And of coarse a lad is bound to get mighty thirsty during a long show. You wouldn’t deny him some liquid refreshments, would you?

    • However, if you refuse to stop I will not be able to issue a ticket or anything else because we now only give tickets to people who comply to prevent any further injuries.

  24. Passing laws to prevent people from breaking laws is stupid because then innocent people get in trouble for doing the simple things they have a right to do… Like it being illegal to carry a gun in a school…it’s designed to keep people from shooting up schools but all it does it make certain the innocents are unarmed…make it illegal to be out between 12 and 5….rioters ignore it while police will be busy arresting people out just trying to protect their shops and property…

    • I think the people trying to protect their shops and property will be inside same, locked and loaded. We saw this on other nights. If it’s a chain store, open the doors – it’s Blue Light Special time! If it’s MY shop, you’re a dead looter.

  25. SWAT was not called in until AFTER heavy rioting broke out. So the claim that they “caused” the rioting is child like at best.

    When they did come in, the rioting stopped.

    Oh and jee, look what happens when you pull them back and insert “Officer Friendly” …lol. Those animals are prob laughing their butts off at society in general. Remove the one thing they feared.

    Next step National Guard.

    Never seen a time and place when rioting animals got to pick the org that stopped them from being barbaric criminals.

  26. Rain and thunder in St. Louis now. 2hrs to go. Waiting for the action if the yoots start to move my way.

    • Your way? Into WebKirk? I know there’s a joke in there that I’m missing. They’d never even make to Ladue, let alone get south of The Galleria.

  27. BTW – the looters are also helping make the argument against the voluntary busing program the liberals have had to suburban schools for last 20yrs. Congrats. Now your best and brightest can be stuck in underperforming schools and grow in poverty

    • Interesting observation. PG County, the busing poster child of the US, finally did away with it about 10 years ago. The racial mix in the burbs finally tipped to more than 80% non-white. Bright black suburban kids from Bowie were being bused to Suitland and Largo to be beaten up because they were too smart, while ignorant black gangstas from Suitland and Largo were being bused to Bowie to intimidate teachers and hit the shopping centers for some stealin’ and dealin’ after lunch. So give it time – things will even out.

        • Dirk, I’m nominating your for Father of The Year on that one.

          I now firmly believe that leaving children in public skrools is parental malpractice. Sadly, I don’t think there’s a law against that, but you could tell me otherwise.

          • It is worth it, I worked 3 jobs at same time, most kids will have a sharp mind , and be wide awake and very real life too… They will know the value of hard work too………If you love your kids get them out public (socialist) schools and collage too…

  28. Gov. Nixon’s body language, voice patterns and tonality show that he’s not now (and probably has not ever been) a leader. No one in “the street” is going to listen to this man. He’s at best, a beta male who has enjoyed a life of privilege and comfort, without so much trouble or strife as a hangnail. In other words, any of the hood rats (from the STL area or elsewhere) who are causing the problems aren’t about to be convinced or even take notice of anything he says, other than to ridicule or mock him.

    In looking at his bio, I see he practiced law for a few years before sticking his snout into the government feed bunk, where it has remained for the rest of his life.

    I also noticed in other video coverage of his presser that the NBP mouthpieces basically saved him from his own ineptitude in front of the mic. When the NBP yahoos are taking over your press conference, that sends another message of how weak a man Nixon is.

    Luckily for the rest of us outside the Show Me state, Mr. Nixon’s career in national-level politics is now effectively over.

  29. I didn’t know they could do that – I thought only the military could do something like that during a time of martial law.

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