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Pullman Arms Worcester

After the usual “assault rifles” are “weapon of war” used by “mass murderers” anti-AR agitprop, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey dropped this bombshell at The Boston Globe.

The Massachusetts assault weapons ban mirrors the federal ban Congress allowed to expire in 2004. It prohibits the sale of specific weapons like the Colt AR-15 and AK-47 and explicitly bans “copies or duplicates” of those weapons. But gun manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to define what a “copy” or “duplicate” weapon is. They market “state compliant” copycat versions of their assault weapons to Massachusetts buyers. They sell guns without a flash suppressor or folding or telescoping stock, for example, small tweaks that do nothing to limit the lethalness of the weapon.

That will end now. On Wednesday, we are sending a directive to all gun manufacturers and dealers that makes clear that the sale of these copycat assault weapons is illegal in Massachusetts. With this directive, we will ensure we get the full protection intended when lawmakers enacted our assault weapons ban, not the watered-down version of those protections offered by gun manufacturers.

The directive specifically outlines two tests to determine what constitutes a “copy” or “duplicate” of a prohibited weapon. If a gun’s operating system is essentially the same as that of a banned weapon, or if the gun has components that are interchangeable with those of a banned weapon, it’s a “copy” or “duplicate,” and it is illegal. Assault weapons prohibited under our laws cannot be altered in any way to make their sale or possession legal in Massachusetts.

See below for legal definition of an “assault weapon.” And note: the AG does have the authority to make this determination; it was litigated by the pro-gun group GOAL some 12 ago.

Going by what I’m reading here, this new “directive” immediately bans the sales of all new AR and AK-style style rifles in The Bay State. I’ve called several Massachusetts gun stores (e.g., Worcester’s Pullman Arms above) and yup, they’re pulling all their modern sporting rifles off the shelves. Every. Single. One.

The MA AG goes on to reassure gun buyers who purchased “copy” or “duplicate” “assault rifles” that she’s not coming for their guns. At least not yet.

We recognize that most residents who purchased these guns in the past believed they were doing so legally, so this directive will not apply to possession of guns purchased before Wednesday. In the dozen years since the federal assault weapons ban lapsed, only seven states have instituted their own assault weapons ban. Many of those bans have been challenged (unsuccessfully) by the gun industry, and we anticipate our directive may be too. But our job is to enforce state laws and to keep people safe. This directive does both.

In the face of utter inaction by Congress, states have a duty to enact and enforce laws that protect people from gun violence. If Washington won’t use its power to get these guns off our streets, we will. Not only do we have the legal authority to do so, we have a moral obligation to do so.

Wrong on both counts. In any case the S has hit the F in Massachusetts, of all places.

As per Mass. Gen. Laws Ann. ch. 140, § 121, here’s The Bay State’s definition of “assault weapon” [emphasis added].

“Assault weapon”, shall have the same meaning as a semiautomatic assault weapon as defined in the federal Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, 18 U.S.C. section 921(a)(30) as appearing in such section on September 13, 1994, and shall include, but not be limited to, any of the weapons, or copies or duplicates of the weapons, of any caliber, known as: (i) Avtomat Kalashnikov (AK) (all models); (ii) Action Arms Israeli Military Industries UZI and Galil; (iii) Beretta Ar70 (SC-70); (iv) Colt AR-15; (v) Fabrique National FN/FAL, FN/LAR and FNC; (vi) SWD M-10, M-11, M-11/9 and M-12; (vi) Steyr AUG; (vii) INTRATEC TEC-9, TEC-DC9 and TEC-22; and (viii) revolving cylinder shotguns, such as, or similar to, the Street Sweeper and Striker 12; provided, however, that the term assault weapon shall not include: (i) any of the weapons, or replicas or duplicates of such weapons, specified in appendix A to 18 U.S.C. section 922 as appearing in such appendix on September 13, 1994, as such weapons were manufactured on October 1, 1993; (ii) any weapon that is operated by manual bolt, pump, lever or slide action; (iii) any weapon that has been rendered permanently inoperable or otherwise rendered permanently unable to be designated a semiautomatic assault weapon; (iv) any weapon that was manufactured prior to the year 1899; (v) any weapon that is an antique or relic, theatrical prop or other weapon that is not capable of firing a projectile and which is not intended for use as a functional weapon and cannot be readily modified through a combination of available parts into an operable assault weapon; (vi) any semiautomatic rifle that cannot accept a detachable magazine that holds more than five rounds of ammunition; or (vii) any semiautomatic shotgun that cannot hold more than five rounds of ammunition in a fixed or detachable magazine.

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    • There goes my trip to Cape Cod. Piss on Massachusettes!
      It is time that ALL states take away powers from the AG and the Governor. What a bunch of dictators! Scour everything you purchase and if it even smells like it came from MA, don’t buy it. Write letters to manufacturers encouraging them to cease sales to any state that doesn’t support the 2nd Amendment 100%.

      • It’s my home state, I don’t miss it at all . The liberal, progressive, propaganda has been eagerly embraced by the majority, and even if the remnant of freedom loving Constitutionalists started a revolution (again), I don’t see it being restored, because the vast majority of hippies, over educated bean heads, and general koolaide drinkers have embraced this anti liberty, (anti self defense), mindset.

        Very sad to see the “cradle of Liberty” spiral into the abyys of liberal, progressive collectivism.

        • The day will come when the police cannot protect them from the terrorists that Obama has brought into the country, and their government cronies will be killed in their beds. The people will be screaming for a means to defend themselves but by then it is far too late. Just look at the examples of Dallas and Baton Rouge to see what one determined killer would do to a police force, then think of the number of potential killers Obama has brought among the people. The government is at war with a determined enemy, yet it is stupid enough to think disarming it’s citizens is the way to win the war. This idiotic leadership would have surrendered had they been leading this country during the second world war, with their stupid politically correct answers to problems that only get people killed. Remove the problem, the leadership, and replace them with real people that know the meaning of the word lead, and the difference between citizens and terrorists and who to disarm and who to arm.

        • “The government is at war with a determined enemy, yet it is stupid enough to think disarming it’s citizens is the way to win the war.”

          Tyrants will always make war with armed citizens. This government is at war against liberty and we are its enemy.

        • Constitutionalists did not start the first revolution since there wasn’t a constitution then…leran a little history!

        • Bill Yankovich, there was a Constitution, the British one. And the RKBA was enumerated as one of the rights of the people (following the English Civil War). It was also illegal, according to the British Constitution, for the colonies to be taxed by Parliament without the consent of the various colonial legislatures. It was forces acting on the orders of the Parliament that tried to seize arms at Lexington and Concord.

          King George III, as defender of the liberties of His subjects refused to intervene and allowed Parliament to run roughshod over our rights. That’s why we rebelled.

      • come to NH we have a rather nice coastline and we don’t fiddle around with this nonsense.

        open carry with no permit, no helmet laws, no seat belt laws, no income tax…shall I go on?

        visit the Sig Sauer Academy while you’re here too!

        • Don’t invite the MA masses in, let them stand on their own and take back their state from the overreaching government!

        • Almost entirely with you there but have to object to the seat belts part. If you’re “daring” enough to not wear a melon cap well good luck to you in a crash, but what people don’t understand about seat belts is they actually help PREVENT crashes and possibly injury to others. They keep you on the controls during a bump or jolt, which helps you not lose control of your 4000+ lbs vehicle, for which those in your vicinity should thank you. It’s not just about keeping YOU safe after the crash. It’s about prevention, which is exactly why NH mandates eye protection but not helmet protection.

      • Hey, we’ve got some beautiful coastline down here in Freedom Land. Georgia, Florida, the Carolinas, and the Gulf Coast of Alabama, Mississippi and Texas!

        We welcome your tourism dollars AND guns!

    • Massachusetts AG and many others are so clueless. THinking banning of the AR15 will stop criminals from
      committing heinous crimes is laughable. This just makes law abiding people like myself feel the need to go out and buy more hand guns , and the ones with a 15 shot magazine. When will our Govt and other 2nd ammendment trashers wake-up .

      • “THinking banning of the AR15 will stop criminals from committing heinous crimes is laughable. ”

        While I don’t want to go full Les Nessman (WKRP in Cincinnati), it seems clear to me that Our Betters aren’t actually concerned about real criminals. They want to disarm the regular folks. They know that the Bumpkins with jobs and families will (hopefully) comply with any restriction that comes down the pike because the risk of being tangled in the “legal” (or whatever Our Rulers call it today) system is too great.

        Like most of the carry & transportation laws and local regs in MA, the only reason for their existence can be to dissuade ordinary people from exercising their G-d given right to self-defense )with efficient tools).

        • If you plan on establishing a police state, you need a reason for a strong police force.

          Step one: Make practically anything people enjoy either illegal or heavily regulated. And by heavily regulated, I mean taxed. This has the desired effect of creating a thriving criminal underworld that will supply illegal or regulated items.

          Step two: Call for expanded government and police powers to deal with the thriving criminal underworld while also expanding the prison system. This will need taxes, of course, and a massive government bureaucracy to support it.

          Step three: Enforce the law strictly against the law abiding public who support the system by having jobs and paying taxes. Enforce the law sporadically and lightly in general against the criminal underworld. This has two effects. First, it keeps the proles in line for fear of having their lives ruined for failing to cross a t or dot an i. Second, when the laws already in place prove ineffective, either from lack of enforcement (most gun laws) or the stupidity of the laws themselves, call for more laws.

          For a police state to work, Civil Disarmament is an absolute necessity. The general public must be taught to rely on government for protection, which means outlawing weapons for self defense or even the concept of self defense itself.

          Most of Western Europe has fully implemented this police state model. In the U.S. implementation is far more sporadic due to our political system, separation of powers and divisions of government between the federal, state and local level.

          This speration means that some states are fully into implementing the police state while others are much earlier in the process, or are even reversing the trend. We’re seeing states like Massachusetts doubling down on policies that have failed in their supposed goals, but succeed brilliantly at expanding state power by increasing the number of potential criminals for the police to be deployed against.

          And before anyone calls me anticop, I’m not. Cops are pawns in the political system run by out would be overlords like the rest of us. Most of them know it, too.

        • @John C Butler: You hit the nail on the head. I’m stumped as to why so many don’t see it. Perhaps they do, deep down, recognize it in part but are too afraid of what true liberty entails. I think the rest live in the mindset that it doesn’t affect them. Eventually it will affect them but by then it may be too late.

      • Coming from a person that left Mass and it’s mess behind 4 years ago. Capacity doesn’t matter if your shooting a Pistol with a 4 inch barrel and I’m shooting a Rifle with a 16 inch one. Face it. You got shat on again.

    • The answer to your Question is Yes they can come and take your Guns John Kerry signed a Treaty Bill with the United Nations and Musbama signed it as well Under the UN treaty agreement The united Nations that you are seeing here in this Country is on the Verge to come and take our weapons and if we refuse to surrender our weapons we all will be going to Prison and We will be cast as Out Laws and that in its self is a Crime. Thank our Secretary of State

      • sorry to burst ur bubble there buddy but no treaty signed by kerry or obutthead with the un carries any weight why you may ask ..very simple the un can not interfer with the lawfull laws of a country and only can do so is such things as a war where memeber nations vote on sending in troops..further more any law passed now as of today affects things from today on..if u own a ar-15 before this law orany law banning them was put in place you are what is called grand fathered in ..i have a FFL and a CCW i have mags that hold 30 plus rounds and no one can take them from me as they were bought pre ban meaning i can not buy any new ones but i cant lose the ones i have..

        • Unless of course you live in California. Moron brown just passed a law basically saying that there is no more grandfathering in high capacity magazines. Starting In 2017 (i think)if you are in possession of a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds even if you bought it twenty years ago, you are a felon. Time to move outta California! !

        • Not YET. But you’LL be losing those eventually too bwahaha. Those things are being used to kill innocent people right here in America. The ban isn’t good it’s GREAT!

        • Don’t assume anything can be grandfathered in. in Los Angeles even if you have owned magazines with over 10 Rounds for 25 years, you are now a criminal if you did not dispose of them when the most recent law was passed.
          I know Commiefornia is almost like a country of its own, but the crap that happens out here eventually makes it to the rest of the country.

    • If you live in the commie state of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York or Rhode Island, GET THE EFF OUT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!. Move to New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania or some other state while you still have the chance.

        • Fight? A SJC that pisses on Heller and McDonald? “Oh, that doesn’t apply in our Republik.” Fight, like in NY and CT, with civil disobedience? Sorry, man.

        • NO!!
          Standing one’s ground behind enemy lines does no good until such time as the bullets are actually flying.

          Retreat, regroup, resupply.

    • The funny thing about this is that if they were to take our gun away .
      They will only get the registered guns !
      So the criminal have nothing to worry about. I’m sure Their guns can’t be traced
      they don’t worry about legal magazine capacity’s !
      Bottom line us the law abiding citizens are the ones that get screwed.
      Thanks to these idiot politicians !

      • Most criminals actually steal the guns they use from us gun owners, and so called ‘assault weapons’ are used in less that 5% of All crimes, simply because a handgun is much more portable and convenient. This is just more ‘feel good’ legislation by ignorant, uncaring politicians, who should have never been voted in office in the first place.

        Next up, stupid politicians slap each other on the back, for all their ‘good work’ & give themselves another cost of living increase and a much unneeded raise in pay!

      • Yeah, I thought the law in Connecticut required you to register your AR-15, but almost no one does. State officials were actually surprised at that LOL.

        • If someone uses a banned gun that is not already registered, or if someone is found with an unregistered gun, wouldn’t the owner be charged with a crime?

    • Well it looks like all the police departments are looking their weapon of choice for calls against heavy fire power or bomb threats. If we can’t. They can’t. They aren’t above the law even if they are the law. If they can’t uphold the same law they expect us to fallow. The are breaking the law and we’ll have the same punishment we have. It’s in writing somewhere. They just don’t want you to see it

      • Good luck with that line of ‘thinking’, some of the cops where I live actually carry full auto M16’s in their vehicles

    • Unconstitutional law by an unlawful de facto government since Lincoln .
      They are a corporation and no legal government at all . They franchised the states!
      Names in all caps ..
      It is our duty to not obey such nonsense . They are trying to pull a Bolshevik Russia . Why ?
      Cause the American people ars too ignorant to understand that we were hijacked in 1800s .
      DC is a foreign enemy and its franchises are just corporations .
      We have reclaimed the land as heirs am but need people to wake up ! They will do what you allow them to do . Light up the phones , and tell them they are fired along with the uM troops that will be fired upon if they come near us !
      Join our committees of safety to keep Feds out .
      See tab for committees of safety . Our forefathers had them . Or Paul Revere would not have made that ride .
      Get involved people and learn that we have a foreign enemy that has waged war upon us .
      Read your rights !
      They are a fraud !
      All of them . See our court filings against them .
      See American Policy Center . Sign petition for referendum to leave UN . HR 1205 in the house .
      If Brits can Brexit we can Amexit
      UN is a non governmental oganizarion that is not supposed to overreach our constitution .
      The militia clauses allow us to have military grade weapons or we cannot defend against a tyrannical government t that does have them ! No matter what you me liberal moron gun control people say .. This is not about hunting .
      This is about protecting ourselves as we are under a UN takeover . An illegal one ! Stand your ground!! ! Volunteer to get your county or join your county committee of safety . In Massaschusetts .

    • Our constitution does not specify what weapons us civilians can or cannot be armed with so these weapon ban laws cannot be affective to us because no law can be made to override our constitutional right to bear can’t ban any specific weapon of choice from the public if our constitution does not specify exactly what weapons we choose to gtfo with this dumb shit

      • That comment is complete fallacy! Please check the Gun Control Act of 1968… In it is the statute that defrauds felons of their weapons. If one group can be disarmed like that, you are different.

    • I have read many of these comments and feel that now is the time to take on this form of oppression before it is too late! ANYONE that attempts to disarm or limit our ability to purchase firearms to protect ourselves and our country, IS the enemy and is conspiring with those whom wish to overtake us and murder us, Period. This AG must be immediately removed from office, transported to Guantanamo Bay, intensely interrogated in order to find whom else she is conspiring with, and then tried by the citizens of this country for treason, domestic terrorism, and many others, and if found guilty, SHOT! We must not allow these terrorists to take our country away from us, it is ours, not theirs!

        • refrain from comments like this.
          your comment is EXACTLY like the message, those politicians will use, to justify even worse bans, Like ammo bans or gun powder bans. Where they exempt themselves from the same ban. Because you just made a credible threat on their lives.

          And your comment was outside the scope of free speech. you were suggesting telling someone, they should murder someone else. in other words indirect “death threat” If you do not understand what I am saying.

          And I believe it is also against site TOS.

          Not to mention I been reading that police are starting to crack down on those threatening on social media regarding leaders and law enforcement .

          Tsk Tsk

          Lets be civil
          Or they will get more desperate and before you know it, we are repeating Hitler history and the Nazi movement that got out of control, and thus Hitler couldn’t stop it, and we wound up with the holocaust derived from the T4 program..

          I am pro self defense and defense of community.

    • I don’t line in the peoples republic of MA, but I do wonder, how many citizens would it take to pull off a coup at the state level? Hmmmm. Well, once upon a time on America, the state’s have the Fed. Gov’t it’s power and the people of the state’s were the sovereign. Now, regardless of the fact this is still technically true, the people of MA will crawl into their shells and do nothing. However, knowing the founders of each state set up their state governments as being subserviant to the people, it would be enjoyable to see the people rise up and take their power back. WE OUTBUMBER THEM PEOPLE! What is it going to take before you all wake from your slumber and take our states/country back?

    • I don’t live in the peoples republic of MA, but I do wonder, how many citizens it would take to pull off a coup at the state level? Hmmmm. Well, once upon a time on America, the people knew (and no longer have a clue other than what they are told by the Feds and the media) that the state’s gave the Fed. Gov’t it’s power via only what was specifically enumerated by the Constitution. The people also used to know that the state’s Held the power over the Feds. Now, regardless of the fact that this is still technically true, the people of MA will crawl into their shells and do nothing. However, knowing that the founders of each state set up their state governments in a manner similar to the Fed. Constitution in most cases. This provided that the people are the sovereign in our system of gov’t. They state and Fed gov’t. Are technically subserviant to we the people. Oh well, it won’t happen, but it would be enjoyable to see the people rise up and take their power back. WE OUTNUMBER THEM PEOPLE! What is it going to take before you all wake from your slumber and take your states/country back? Remember, when in the course of human events, a people that still share a similar culture, values, but where that is he only thing that ties them and their government becomes tyrannical, …”when the gov’t becomes destructive of these ends, it is the peoples duty to abolish and throw off such governing and to set up a new gov’t in its place.” Paraphrasing Jefferson from the declaration of course, but dammit people. It’ is damn near time now isn’t it?

    • I think Smith and Wesson should move their entire operation. The state of Massachusetts receives millions of dollars in taxes from Smith and Wesson Corporation. So it’s okay for them to profit from the manufacturing of these weapons but it’s not okay for them to sell them in their state.

  1. So now they are not just going after features, but actions.

    What about part interchangeablity? What if the only similar part is a roll pin or screw. Is the whole rifle banned?

    I thought the law was pretty clear that banned rifles had to have similar cosmetic features to the ones listed.

    Another 3 year long court battle begins…

      • Democrats love Islam so much, MA citizens should take a page from Islam and chuck some acid in their faces. It’s totally legal because it would be “Islamophobic” to condemn them for being violent!

        • careful there pub, the FBI trolls these boards looking for lawbreakers who suggest violence against Americans.

      • Banned here as well ! You could also be charged with a thought crime for uttering so called hate language to politcians in authority. As well as be charged by your local police department for domestic terrorism, threatening, and inciting mayham! You’d be summoned to your local police department, without a lawyer of course, or actually arrest or criminal charges. Probably issue a surrender order for all firearms and weapons…With a revoked FID/LTC….

        • Awww it would be a shame to waste all that money feeding them when with just a little piece of clothesline we can put them out of our misery

        • M1a is banned in quite a few of the great states. Not sure why, but it is. It was probably used in a shooting once…

          Can’t wait until there is a shooter using a mini 14/30, shotgun with rifled barrel, blackpowder revolver, etc.

        • I believe that would still not matter, as the text establishes the exemption as pertaining only to the 8 referenced bans. I don’t believe the M1A falls under any of those, making the exception (or lack thereof) unnecessary.

        • Katy,
          I wasn’t talking about the M1A.
          The list of guns listed as “assault weapons” are “included but not limited to”.
          The exceptions listed were for guns that can not accept a detachable magazine capable of holding more than 5 rounds. The Mini 14 therefore is banned.

      • John, what makes you think they won’t expand the definition to include the Mini-14?

        “If a gun’s operating system is essentially the same as that of a banned weapon, ….it’s a ‘copy’ or ‘duplicate,’ and it is illegal.”

        AR-15 — Gas-operated semi-auto action that uses a gas port on the barrel to redirect some of the propellant gasses from behind the bullet to an expansion chamber, where the gas pressure is utilized to move the bolt rearward against spring pressure, allowing unassisted extraction and ejection of a fired case and feeding/chambering of a new round, readying the weapon to be fired again at a moment’s notice.

        Mini-14 — Gas-operated semi-auto action that uses a gas port on the barrel to redirect some of the propellant gasses from behind the bullet to an expansion chamber, where the gas pressure is utilized to move the bolt rearward against spring pressure, allowing unassisted extraction and ejection of a fired case and feeding/chambering of a new round, readying the weapon to be fired again at a moment’s notice.

      • John, what makes you think they won’t expand the definition to include the Mini-14?

        “If a gun’s operating system is essentially the same as that of a banned weapon, ….it’s a ‘copy’ or ‘duplicate,’ and it is illegal.”

        AR-15 — Gas-operated semi-auto action that uses a gas port on the barrel to redirect some of the propellant gasses from behind the bullet to an expansion chamber, where the gas pressure is utilized to move the bolt rearward against spring pressure, allowing unassisted extraction and ejection of a fired case and feeding/chambering of a new round, readying the weapon to be fired again at a moment’s notice.

        Mini-14 — Gas-operated semi-auto action that uses a gas port on the barrel to redirect some of the propellant gasses from behind the bullet to an expansion chamber, where the gas pressure is utilized to move the bolt rearward against spring pressure, allowing unassisted extraction and ejection of a fired case and feeding/chambering of a new round, readying the weapon to be fired again at a moment’s notice.

      • According to the new rules, mini 14’s, M1’s, and even the Remington 7400 would be banned, as they are all gas operated semiautomatic rifles. Just like the AK and AR.

        • Doesn’t every semi auto in rifle caliber in existence use a piston or di gas system? Doesn’t that mean all semi auto rifles, except pistol caliber blowbacks like the cx4, are banned?

      • Just make sure all of your Min-14 magazines are purchased with Ruger Mini-14 mags only. The combo mags that also fit an AR would make the MINI-14 a copycat since is uses interchangeable parts.

        What about all the rifles that I can put an AR sling on ? A sling is an interchangeable part. Scopes, too.

        Accessories manufacturers need to start packaging their accessories, Not for use on any weapons determined to be assault weapons or assault weapon copycats.

        Hey Mass of two shettes, how are you going to define interchangeable parts ?

    • Actions / interchangeability portion, is a way to outlaw almost all modular guns, that would be made after this act, by the AG.
      There is only so many ways to create an action of firing a cartridge.
      And there is only so many ways to do modular firearms.

      The reason for wording like this is it forces the firearm industry to start from scratch in regards to redesigning firearms. Because none of the components can connect the same way as the banned list of firearms.

      The AG, is trying to force the old method of single purpose firearms, with NO interchangeable parts. Which is Prohibitively expensive and space wasting. Not to mention more firearms to keep track of.
      In other words: legally infringing on the second.

      this AG definitely needs to lose their job.

      The states that are pro-gun must limit the power of the AG so a “single person” can not rewrite laws in this fashion.

      If the ATF were to interpret this, the same way as the AG way of thinking, then all Civilian guns that were scaled down versions of military firearms would be banned outright. because they would be “Copy cats” As the AG insisted.

  2. If these people will not respect our rights, we need not respect theirs.\, arrest them without charges, hold them in a prison for the rest of their lives.

    I am not joking.

    If they can violate our rights, why should we not do the same?

    Forget the lie of “moral superiority”, only losers and cuckholds talk of such nonsense.

    • There’s no moral superiority in caving to evil, but I don’t know that an ersatz prison will do the trick. I don’t think Massholes will resist, but you can be sure this is coming soon to a Clinton or Trump DoJ.

      Oh, and the muscle behind this law will be the MA police. How many cops do you think will resign over this or refuse to enforce such an unconstitutional law? Does TTAG want to run some more pro-police agitprop? Tell us all how the cops are on our side?

      • “… you can be sure this is coming soon to a Clinton or Trump DoJ.”

        I can be sure this is coming soon to a Hillary Department of Justice. I cannot say the same about a Trump Department of Justice. What evidence do you have to support your claim about a Trump Department of Justice?

        • Trump has endorsed “AW” bans. There is zero evidence is he pro 2A. He’s a lifelong Democrat who supports gun control and national health care, among other pet issues.

          But as a Kool Aid drinker, I’m sure you expect him to “make America great again.” Sort of like “hope and change.”

        • Trump said that he “is the law and order candidate”. No doubt, he will act for whatever recommendations the politically appointed police chiefs of liberal bastions put forward. The “law and order” folks I’ve run across tend to be flippant in regards to the Constitution when their new favorite laws conflict the ratified restrictions placed on government.

        • When Charlton Heston was elected NRA President he made comments on MSNBC that he preferred classic shotguns. He did not understand the issue of the Second Amendment and the reasons why the so-called “assault weapons” are the exact type of arm protected by the Second Amendment. In 1939 the United States Supreme Court said they did not know a lot about what the Second Amendment protected. They used the phrase “not within judicial notice” whether a certain type of arm was protected. Then they went on to say the one thing they were sure of was that “when called the militia was expected to appear bearing their private arms” of the type then in current military service.
          Today that arm is the Armalite AR 15 or similar rifle in the NATO standard caliber.
          When the SCOUS rendered the HELLER opinion in 2008, the right to keep and bear arms was found to be a right of the individual without any requirement for current military service in the National Guard or active duty in the Army or Marine Corps. That is because it was the ability of the People to form a militia when necessary to defend the Constitution as described in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by the Second Amendment.
          When the Congress was drafting the Bill of Rights in 1789 there was an amendment offered to add the words FOR THE COMMON DEFENSE thus;
          A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms for the common defense shall not be infringed.
          It appears these four words were submitted just to establish legislative intent because the Senate did not keep a word by word record of actions, only motions, bills and amendments were recorded. The intend was shown when the amendment was rejected.
          Should the country be invaded and government fail, the unorganized militia could form and fight off the invader and re-establish the government that was destroyed by the invader. The security of the free state depends on the ultimate possibility of the people to band together as they did in 1774 in Massachusetts with the Minutemen. Today’s Minute man and woman would need their privately owned assault weapons, kept at home safe from confiscation by the invader in order to secure the condition of freedom.

        • It’s pretty stupid to vote anything other than Trump at this point. Trump *may* push gun control. Hillary *will* push gun control. And if Trump does go after guns, I withdraw my support and support someone else. That’s what I did with Paul Ryan when he f&cked up.

      • Yup! Agreed! Your more likely to suffer a frightening experience with a multi-cruiser traffic stop *(local/city/state.)* by your choice of Massachusetts police agency..Sans the Environment Police —–because we still don’t know what they do…Don’t except to storm into a local police department and demand your 2nd amendment rights…If you want to leave unscathed…..Hostile statist bureaucracy….

        • Boat Nazis. That’s what they do. They harass people who are fishing and enforce boating rules.

    • Because you’d wind up fighting the local/state “Blue Wall.” And you’d be painted as an “NRA domestic terrorist attacking LEO’s…a Lone-wolf with no army…” And in Massachusetts you lucky if you can own a “Double barreled shotgun! ” Let alone some form of low capacity longarms….Or even a pistol…Cause everything goes through your local police department for permissive permits….By appointment, and applications….And hostile statist bureaucracy……

    • Great point, but, hard o wwithout 2nd Amendment militias and good firepower….oh, sorry, that’s exactly why the politicians try to limit you r weaponry , and then eventually remove it. Then you will be a slave instead of a sheeple, and as you sit in a FEMA camp, or are the victim of armed criminals, you will wish you would have cut the cancer of tyranny out before it was allowed to spread.

      This is not just directed towards gun owners in Mass only, the American populace has pretty much allowed apathy and comfort to control them and in doing so, has allowed traitorous politicians to pass liberty destroying legislation.

      We all know this is really not about a certain rifle?

      This is about control of the people and a people. And, rifles don’t shoot people, evil people who have forsaken Biblical moral foundations are bearing much fruit of disobedience to “nature’s God”

    • hahahahaha. Seriously though, you might have a point here. It would be freaking hilarious to watch the imbecile try and logic his way out of that corner.

      • Depends on the language of the ban in MA. Specific piston ARs are legal still in Maryland because the operating system is different, and major parts (bolt) are not interchangeable. Ruling is posted on Md state police web site-q&a section. Primary Weapons specifically.

    • Apparently your “AR” is actually an “AK” instead, since it is a piston gun. Banning the AR and AK results in banning all piston and DI firearms.

    • There is nothing to comply with. You wont find an AR/AK on a gun store shelf, so unless you buy from a private sale, most likely out of state or off the books(MA requires private transfers go through FFLs now) you are stuck with little to no chance of buying an AR/AK. The gun stores are complying by law… I was an FFL in MA up to Dec. 2014, glad I got out! SC is much better.

        • It will depend on how much of a stickler the FFL is. I was in my local FFL just the other day and overheard the manager telling his employees that going forward and sales of long guns to CT residents would need to be via a CT FFL and not over the counter any more. The reason given was that the laws in CT are in flux and the out of state FFL simply doesn’t want to deal with the risk of missing a change.

          While FFLs can sell long guns (never pistols) to an out of state resident, I believe that they are obligated in some degree to ensure that they are selling the out of state resident a gun that is compliant with the law in their state. This means that unless a MA resident finds a FFL who is willing to play fast and loose with the law, they may be out of luck.

          Furthermore, it’s illegal for private citizens to transfer any gun to another person who is not a resident of their state, so again, unless you find someone willing to break the law, you are SOL if you live in MA and want to own a banned gun.

        • You can buy long guns, rifles and shotguns, in another state but only if the sale and possession is legal in your state of residence. You can buy a handgun in another state if it is shipped by common carrier to an FFL in your state of residence where an ATF Form 4473 will be completed and any state waiting period will apply.
          So far, there are no restrictions on moving to another state where your rights are considered important. I suggest Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and Alaska.
          It is actually easier to list the states that should be abandoned for that states’ fate due to a loss of much of their tax base. Kansas and Oklahoma would appreciate the increased population and clout in Presidential elections.
          I’m sure that the Minutemen are spinning in their graves, concerned that the spirit of freedom is being crushed in Boston.

        • In order to buy a gun, it has to be legal for you to own in your home state. They check your driver’s license when you fill out the 4473.

        • We can sell long guns to any legal buyer in FL. As to the legality of that firearm in the buyers state it makes no difference to us. If the buyer passes the background check they can buy the weapon. State laws that violate the spirit of the second amendment are not our concern.

        • When I lived in MA, I had mixed experiences with out of state purchases. I figured that it’s none of there business what’s on the approved list. Some were cool, some refused sales.

      • I don’t believe that private transfers have to go through an FFL. Private transfers do, however, need to be entered into the FRB registry.

    • JDS, read the FEDERAL law very carefully before stating that the buyers state laws don’t apply to the sale.

  3. This is why we need Trump in office to push for federal negation of these retarded laws. Make it a federal felony to enforce any state gun laws and make it punishable by the death penalty.

    • Ha, good one! Trump is more likely to issue one of these orders than he ever is to fight for gun rights.

      And where would the President get the authority to start executing people who violate his unilaterally created laws? You people happily embracing authoritarian fascism are not doing the Constitution any favors. I’m all for radically reforming the Federal government, but creating a dictatorship is a pretty backwards way of achieving that.

      • +100

        Too many “Constitutional Conservatives” only support the Constitution when it allows something they like but act like Obamabots when it doesn’t.

      • pwrserge said “push for federal negation”. I took this to mean push Congress to pass a law or get the AG to take the existing laws to the courts, not just announce some tyrannical decree.
        I’d be all for this, but like you, I doubt a president Trump <vomits slightly> would do anything to improve gun rights. At best, I’d guess he’d stop the degradation.

      • Oh, stop the bullshit. Hillary Clinton will be infinitely worse for everyone’s rights including the Second Amendment than Donald Trump will be. It isn’t even close.

        In fact, if Hillary is elected I would say the odds of a civil war breaking out during her presidency are about 50-50.

        • How does the saying go? Sometimes things have to get alot worse before they can get better. President Hillary would result in the greatest run on guns and ammo EVER guaranteed! And when everything is illegal nothing is 🙂

          Sometimes the TyrannyOfEvil(Wo)Men is a godsend to help us end the incremental slide into the abyss.

      • Absolutely right. It scares me how many folks are pro “let’s round up all the politicians we don’t like and bury them alive in hog poop! Yeah ! Merica!” But don’t take the time understand what our Constitutional rights really mean for every citizen. Dangerous times we live in.

        • “People who reject the Constitution have no constitutional rights.”

          Oh, really? And their natural rights just go poof? Under what authority? Is this Constitution our new god?

        • You can’t hide behind the legal protections granted by a document you reject. It’s why I think Islam doesn’t have 1st amendment protection.

        • Huh? Those protections are not exempted. Fortunately, you are not arbiter of such things.

          I’ll make it real easy for you. Those constitutional protections reinforce natural rights. Point blank, are you stating that these people have no natural rights?

        • Excellent point, John. As soon as we start saying that rights do apply to these people and don’t apply to those people, we are basically saying that they’re privileges, not rights. And if they’re simply privileges that can be taken away, what’s to keep those privileges from being removed from all of us?

    • The sad fact is All the politicians who helped to create this new law and also all the politicians who voted for it have broken their ‘Oath of Office’ so all you are suggesting is really just a new law that makes it against the law to break the law.

      This ‘Oath of Office’ breaking is punishable as it is considered Treason

      And Good Luck with that…

    • Sorry to burst your bubble but your out of touch with reality.

      Trump Is a Con-man. He will say what ever you want to hear, with a straight face. If you challenge him, to clarify, he threatens to sue you, to shut you up, so you don’t scrape too deep into the con. Knowing that He will do whatever he is thinking at the moment he does it. But at least I don’t think he has a record of “conspiracy to commit murder”. like Hillary has.

      I still suspect Hillary and trump are working together. To get Hillary in. Since Hillary is too corrupt and a “murderer by conspiracy” to get in on legit merits. State department connection to CIA departments, regarding drone strikes, and using private servers to hide the activity from FOIA and government oversight.

  4. Wow. I don’t need to tell all y’all, but the ar15 is a semi-automatic centerfire firearm, nothing more.

    If they can ban this, then can ban every semi-auto rifle there is.

    Which is course is exactly what they want. Am I wrong or are they really ramping up their anti-firearm activities more than they ever have? And at that, they are doing this in an organized and coordinated fashion, from coast to coast.

    I don’t care about any of these arguments, none of them are important. My question is this.

    Why do they feel the need to take these firearms away from us? What is it that they plan to do that having us unarmed makes easier for them to do?

    These guns are committing no crimes. Law respecting gun owners (the only ones who this law applies to) are committing no crimes.

    There is no reason for any of us to ever learn the answer to that question.

    And this is the very thing the second amendment was written to address.

    We should be able to arm ourselves with the exact thing that may be used against us, should that ever come to happen. Be it attacks by criminals, agents of other nations or our own government.

    • Today, they want to ban all semi-auto firearms. Tomorrow, it will be the deadly lever action rifles, pump action shotguns, and revolvers. Look at Australia.

        • Wow Karl. Dating yourself.

          I haven’t thought about that jingle in 20 years.

          Thanks for putting it back in my head.


      • Massachusetts has always held education in high regard (look at the 114 colleges and universities stuffed into our state). And while some of you will dismiss that as a bunch of liberal brainwashing (you’re not wrong, btw), the truth is it sinks in after a while. People around here like to learn. And after being scared by the news (and a terrorist attack) they now want to learn about guns. And the more they learn, the less they like what they see. We live in a state that once defined courage in the face of adversity and almost certain death. Today, we mock other people’s problems as ignorance and laziness while failing to recognize our own.

        We’re not stupid. We know we’re being played by politicians, bullies who’s only goal is to funnel tax dollars to their bank accounts (ask RF about corruption in New England politics). But we’ve been ignorant. We simply chose not to learn about the things that scared us. The internet and new media has expanded what we can learn, and what we have learned is that our concept of freedom is that it’s something somebody else died for.

        Despite our AG’s best efforts, that will change. We are learning too much, too quickly. We now know that an “assault rifle ban” is a ban on opposing criminality itself. It’s what our government thrives on. We now know that our lives are not as important as Maura Healey’s ability to alter them at will. As we re-learn about our responsibilities to keep ourselves and our communities safe, we will demand the right to do so as well. We’re not looking for a civil war. We’re looking for a revolution.

      • +1

        Every government is staving off civil war, revolution, and rebellion from the moment of its founding. I think the powers-that-be finally realize just how close these things are.

    • You make very good points!!! Something MUST be in the works!!! Is it a coincidence that Obama just signed an executive order for the UN to use leathal force on American citizens?

      • So you can throw snark around, good for you.

        Irregardless, am I wrong about the onslaught of gun control efforts from all angles? Really, this is just an observation, looking at the facts over recent history. Am I wrong?

        If all men are created as equal, and if governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, and yet this same government seeks to disarm the people, giving themselves full advantage over abuse of the governed, I still ask the question; to what end?

        I do not trust them. I think I will keep my firearm, and as I do not seek to force other men to do my will, to hand their property and money to me under threat of my gun, and I expect to be treated the same in return. This is equal.

        But when they demand that I disarm, and say that they will do no harm to me, I still ask the question; to what end? If I am breaking no laws and harming no one, why then do they need me disarmed?

        It’s a damned good question.

        And if my distrust is misplaced then I will be happy for that. But still armed. This solution harms no one but those that seek to employ force and theft.

        Who has ever said, let’s just trust the government to do the right thing, and to do the good thing, and to do the wise and the prudent thing, and not gone on to say to themselves, gee, I sure was right about that!

        This is the same government that has spent 16 trillion of your dollars on waste, fraud and abuse. Allowed national security lapses by HRC to go not just unpunished, but to seek to have that same person elected as supreme leader. The same people that couldn’t do diddly about the Boston terrorists even after they were warned by Russia, the same people that OK’s the hiring and arming of Mateen, and who then just ‘ooops’, lost track of his wife, and on and on it goes.

        Is anyone here seriously saying, ‘yes these are the people we need to trust with our very lives’?

      • Read the EO. It says no such thing. I’m no supporter of Obama and his EOs, but let’s tell the truth not spread lies. That makes us no better than them.

    • As a resident of Cali, I would just like to welcome the fine people of Massachusetts to our new combined shithole of Massafornia/Calichusetts! Bonjour! Hello! Hola! Willkommen! and Bienvenu.

      This is no joke, the combined efforts of the anti firearm groups are being spearheaded and making headway due to the rebranding efforts of the Giffords spiffy new campaign. They are achieving their objectives because they have the media on their side, politicians, lame ducky Obama and shotgun Joe, and a large number of law enforcement officials as well. With each new assault on cops, the gun control push feverishly gains volume and now, political traction. Non-compliance is an answer, but is it the correct answer? In this day of the surveillance state, in which the words we communally type here are most definitely recorded and attributable to our real identities, it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to see that with a few more incidents, we can easily be put on the same lists that we decry for lack of due process under a Hitlery regime.

      • Leave room for New Jersey & Maryland. They won’t be far behind. NJ has an “Assault Weapons” ban based on certain models (including the M1 Carbine) and certain cosmetic features but I’m sure our legislature will pick-up the Ma. idea shortly.

      • This is going to end up exactly like we have always been worried about–people being kidnapped from their homes in the middle of the night under the color of law because they spoke out or organized against the government. You can either hide in your basement waiting to be picked up or you can figure out how to take the fight to them. They want all gun owners dead or imprisoned so the populace can be weakened for the next stage of the cultural revolution.

        The left is attempting a full-on takeover right before our very eyes and the people in that press conference are just foot soldiers for that cause. Either the rest of us will resist while we are strong or we will resist when our backs are completely against the wall. But make no mistake, we will end up resisting because it will touch each of our lives and we won’t be able to avoid it once our livelihoods are cut off. This is classic Marxist-Leninist doctrine. You will know someone who “disappeared” who will either be dead, or indefinitely imprisoned without due process because they dared to own guns or opened their mouths at something they saw going on that was clearly wrong. They already have enough laws do to this to us, they just need the revolt to turn up the heat.

        • I consider myself quite far to the left on the social issues, but when it comes to taxation and gun control I am quite conservative. I’m sick of people trying to pigeonhole everyone that might vote for a democrat on some occasions. It’s sad that the same people who won’t take away our guns want to continue the war on drugs and ban abortions.

    • No.. Democratic voters messed you up, just like they messed Cali up. The last time I checked New England was a Democratic stronghold.
      How does it feel to lose your independence in a place where it all started?

      • It feels the way it will feel when Hillary comes calling to your state when she wins/steals the election.

        The tide is turned here against our precious 2nd Amendment, we are outnumbered by a heavy populace more interested in following Pokemon Go into the wilds than a well educated, well armed critically thinking people.

        As a single person, I didn’t bring about this change, I always respected firearms ownership and disagreed with increasingly draconian laws, but how does a single man make a difference, HERE? Leaving is the only answer I found. You can absolutely blame me for my stupidity for voting Democrat as a younger man, I accept that responsibility, nor will I shy from it.

        Yes, I was wrong. But my response is, when I leave here, I don’t take that naive world view with me, I leave it buried with my hopes for a peaceful life.

      • Democratic voters didn’t mess us up (to a degree yes), but the blame should be laid with our politicians, specifically the GOP governors that got the ball rolling in CA, stabbing their constituents in the back. Gov Reagan signed the Mulford Act and instituted wait periods. Gov Deukmajin signed Roberti-Roos into law in ’89 after the Stockton School Shooting, not to mention that President Bush then banned the importation of Chinese firearms and ammunition the same year. Gov Davis (D) was one of the first to sign major laws against gun owners, but the GOP governors that preceded him laid the groundwork.

        My point is not to argue with you, but to show that it has been a joint effort by both parties, with all politicians ignoring their OATH to preserve our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The two party system is a fallacy used to divide the people with partisan rhetoric and it works very, very effectively. We are doomed. Detroit is the microcosm for the rest of the US and the future, with no middle class.

        I wish it wasn’t true, I wish there was a party that wasn’t bought and paid for, that did represent the American worker and taxpayer, but all that is long gone. Sir, we are facing sad times and the sooner we wake up, the better… but it shall never happen, the masses buy into the media and the partisan rhetoric, they are so easily controlled.

        • A major difference between Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, all political leaders in fact, is that some learn from their mistakes and some just double-down and expand their mistakes.
          Ronald Reagan as California Governor did sign a waiting period law but he saw that crime got worse. Ron learned and did not make the same mistakes again. Even with some bullets in his body he still maintained his position on the stupidity of gun control
          Charlton Heston was NRA President and was loved by NRA members for his “From my cold dead hands” speeches. He had supported assault weapons bans against ugly black guns. But he learned.
          Bill Clinton got the 1994 Assault Weapons ban passed and by 1994 he said it was why Democrats lost control of the Congress. But he and Hillary have not learned.
          President Obama has studied teh Constitution very carefully, looking for loopholes and weaknesses. AS he told teh Russians in 2012, he’d be unrestrained by the need to get re-elected so he could go all out to imposed with his pen all sorts of executive orders.
          Many of the People have not learned that there is no social security when the money is worthless. The People have not learned that you can’t just print more money, that you can’t borrow money by selling bonds to Japan and China because they have learned thAT A $21 TRILLION NATIONAL DEBT CANNOT BE SUSTAINED.

        • @Jim:

          Not to be a contrarian here but the national debt is indeed something we can deal with if we get some fiscal sanity in DC. It wouldn’t be the most fun but it’s easily doable. The problem is that we won’t do it because it would require making decisions that politicians don’t want to make.

          The real killer is not the national debt it’s the unfunded liabilities that have been wracked up by every level of government and now total over $200 Trillion.

  5. TAVOR’s are not on the list, so there you go. Heck, TAVOR’s didn’t even exist at the time of the ’94 AWB . . . . .

      • I wonder about this.

        The law says “…or if the gun has components that are interchangeable with those of a banned weapon…”

        Now, “component” is defined by Webster’s as “a constituent part” or “one of the parts of something”. And Webster’s defines “constituent” as “one of the parts that form something” AND “an essential part”.

        Consider: if you remove the mag from a gun you still have a gun, do you not? An AR or an AK can in fact be loaded one round at a time without a magazine attached to the rifle and it WILL fire that round. Therefore under the definitions of the words used, it’s not “an essential part” and therefore magazine is not a component, it’s an accessory. If this is the case then the interchangeability of the magazines is not covered by the law and is irrelevant to their definition of a “copy” or “duplicate”.

        I mean, I could take the light off of my AR (not currently on the gun actually) and mount it on my 10/22. Does that mean the 10/22 is banned as a copy of my AR?

        I see no way this stands up in court, but either way they’re rapidly going to find the need to flesh out their definition.

        • It appears the 10/22 would also be banned, given that it is a semiautomatic rifle of any caliber that accepts a detachable magazine capable of holding more than 5 rounds. It’s a sad day when they outlaw a 10/22 as an “assault rifle”.

        • @Madscientist:

          You are correct about the 10/22 because the rules which they reference only had a carve out for semi-auto .22 rimfire weapons that fed from a tubular magazine. So something like a Marlin 60C was exempt but a 10/22 would not be.

          So, I will keep the same argument and change the firearm in question. Under their reading, would removing a light from my AR and attaching it to my Mossberg 100ATR or Browning T-Bolt thereby render that gun a “copy” or “duplicate” of the AR? What if I did something silly and put it on the rail of my Ruger Gunsight Scout?

          I seriously doubt they’re prepared to make that argument. But hey, I’m no mind reader so maybe they are dumb/ballsy enough to attempt such an argument.

        • It doesn’t matter, because the primary effect of the law is to terrify sellers out of carrying guns that could possibly be banned. No FFL is going to risk the fury of the AG over an unproven technicality.

      • Um, no.

        The law states “copies or duplicates.” Using the same magazine does not make it a copy or a duplicate. They could never argue in court that a Tavor is a copy or duplicate of an AR15 – nor would they want to, as they would lose.

        While an MCX looks like an AR15, a Tavor does not. Neither does a SCAR or RFP. None of those are banned under the law.

        • It specifically says “using the components of”, and like I said above, no gun seller is going to risk their business and freedom based on a theoretical technicality, unless they have lots of money for defense or simply don’t value their business and/or freedom.

    • I know Styer AUGs were on the original ban list. Did they make it onto this one? No interchangeable parts with ARs or AKs. Even the mags are different if you didn’t convert to NATO.

  6. “…if the gun has components that are interchangeable with those of a banned weapon, it’s a “copy” or “duplicate,” and it is illegal. ”

    The bolt action Ruger Precision Rifle and Mossberg MVP both use AR-15 pistol grips, if I’m not mistaken.


    • Their law does say that bolt-action rifles are legal regardless of whether or not they have parts that are interchangeable with an AR or AK platform.

    • That is wishful thinking on her part.

      If the wheels change between a BMW and a Corvette, that does not make the BMW a copy of a Corvette.

  7. Ms. Healey needs to leave the country, immediately, and never come back. And take her little pet war with her.


  8. Here’s the major question, since the MA AWB specifically refers to the Federal AWB, which is no longer in the 18 USC 921, and 922, does their ban actually ban anything that is not specifically listed as banned?

  9. Ruger is smiling. They haven’t figured out that Garand patterned rifles will do the same job. Some would say they do it better.

  10. Illegal & unconstitutional !throw the bums out !!!! Take this country back from the liberal scum ! How about sensible scum control instead of gun control!

  11. Alright riddle me this: If all “copies” are to be banned, including those that have the “essentially the same operating system”, wouldn’t that mean ALL semi auto rifles are banned? The Mini-14 uses a piston op rod and rotating bolt, just like the AK. Different aesthetics, but essentially the same operating system. Nearly all semi-auto rifles are DI or piston driven and have a representative that is on the banned rifle list — ergo, all semi autos must be banned.

    Does the AG want to do a blanket ban on all semi-auto rifles and gamble in court to see if she prevails? Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but I think this is setting up for a big loss for the antis if they want to play this game.

    • Depends on the Presidential election and the makeup of SCOTUS after the election! If Hill wins, the SCOTUS is gone for decades, if not generations! Don’t be surprised if the Kenyan ends up on the SCOTUS too!!

    • Yup. Violence is fast becoming the only option, but that’s a catch 22. Once you become violent, they know exactly how to deal with you.

  12. What about Remington 700 series semi-auto rifles that use detachable magazines … and for which 10-round after-market magazines are available? Do they use the same operating system as an AR? (Are they direct impingement or something else?)

  13. Various models of the Kel-Tec Sub-2000 carbines use Glock, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, and SIG Sauer magazines. If the Sub-2000 is an “assault weapon” under MA law, did MA just outlaw many Glock, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, and SIG Sauer handguns?

    • “Various models of the Kel-Tec Sub-2000 carbines use Glock, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, and SIG Sauer magazines. If the Sub-2000 is an “assault weapon” under MA law, did MA just outlaw many Glock, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, and SIG Sauer handguns?”

      New Glocks have been illegal to buy in MA since 1998.

      • Incorrect – they’re illegal for FFL’s to sell to people who aren’t police officers. People can sell post-’98 Glocks to one another (including police officers to other civilians), and FFL’s can carry and sell them to cops. I believe it’s actually related to a consumer affairs issue, where each handgun has to undergo tests and have certain features (a 7 or some pounds trigger pull, for example), a drop test and, I believe some kind of temperature test Glock was concerned about. It may actually not even be illegal but in violation of some rule. Regardless, I bought my 19 while I lived in MA – had to pay $600, but it was perfectly legal.

  14. Hmmmm, didn’t see anything about Roller Lock guns. We did a couple guns for a dealer out there that were Mass compliant.

    To the Mass AG. Stick it up your ass. Manufacturers will always do what we can to help US Citizens exercise their rights.

    I can’t wait for the letter from the Mass AG.

  15. I’m in Massachusetts and I am sick to my stomach. This was a backdoor, out of left field action on the AGs part. All I can see now is I hope somehow, someone, I’m looking at you NRA, GOA, GOAL, to take this to court and fight it!

    • If such a lawsuit got to the United States Supreme Court right now, at best they would issue a 4 – 4 split decision which means the lower court ruling would stand. At worst, they would uphold the ban.

      This is why we CANNOT give the election to Hillary! She absolutely WILL appoint U.S. Supreme Court Justices that will uphold such bans … and even worse. Whether your like him or not, vote for Trump and pressure him to appoint U.S. Supreme Court Justices who will uphold the Second Amendment. Will he appoint Second Amendment friendly Justices for certain? I don’t know. What I do know for certain is that Hillary will NOT.

  16. Man! Sucks for MA residents, but for some reason, I feel empowered knowing that my three gun stable is illegal in some states.
    Glock 19 15-1, Mossberg JM Pro 12 gauge semi automatic 9+1, and CMMG MK4 RCE semi auto 5.56 30 + 1.
    Dianne Feinstein says I don’t “need” them. When the government says you don’t need something, you better stock up on it.

  17. Healy is a rabid leftist. She is leading a lawsuit to suppress free speech. In going after oil companies she is even attacking think tank consultancies like Alex Epstein’s.
    This woman’s partner is a judge.
    Be afraid.

    • The MPX and Evo aren’t rifles, they’re pistols shaped like rifles. But don’t worry they’ll be coming for those soon enough as well.

  18. So, we’ve moved beyon banning entire classes of items in common use to entire classes of technologies in common use.

    Through the looking glass, here. Expect bans on information or means of production, next. Before long, it will be illegal to know how an AR functions. Sorry folks, but your government has gone insane and is no longer capable of making rational decisions.

  19. Comment for the picture in the article…

    “Looks at Wardizzle with amazement….wonders why special uncircumcised operator LVOA rail suddenly makes AR 15 worth $3K.”


  20. This case needs to be litigated. If we don’t fight fascists like this in the courts, we may have to fight them in the streets. Just because the attorney general does have the so called authority to interpret the law, does not mean this new interpretation of the law is not unconstitutional.

    If I was going to attack this I would call the interpretation of the statute an as applied violation. That is the statute is not unconstitutional on its face, but it unconstitutional as applied. That is the statute bans a total class of weapons in common use, that are not dangerous and unusual.

    These weapons are even assault weapons, yet they are very much in common use and nothing about them makes them any more dangerous than any other firearm. This feels very much like the hand gun ban that was struck down in Heller.

  21. The State of Massachusetts allows their Attorney General to modify existing laws without involving the state legislature? Weird.

  22. If a gun’s operating system is essentially the same as that of a banned weapon

    Well then that would be a ban on ALL semi-automatic firearms. Nobody’s coming for your guns though… Damn traitors the lot of em.

  23. Interesting how the removal of features such as flash hiders and telescoping stocks does nothing to reduce their lethalness…. but adding those features to a standard semi-automatic rifle magically transforms it into a super lethal assault weapon.

  24. Infringement continues unabated, without recourse…government laughing at every citizen gun owner while demanding compliance. Welcome to the new America where your rights do not exist, subject to a whim and a pen.

    • Not just semi auto rifles, but all guns…handguns and shotguns.

      And, to make it really smart, ammo manufacturers should stop selling to LE Agencies as well.

      And…anyone that manufactures accessories or any tactical gear whatsoever.

      Our “culture war” is fast becoming a “logistical war.” Choke the .gov of their supply line when they try to choke ours.

      And oh yeah, any gun/shooting related manufacturer in MA should leave the state. Kill a few MA jobs and take the tax revenue somewhere else (with offers to pay for relocation of existing employees, of course).

  25. Massachusetts, where the people can’t be trusted with firearms, but the government can. Massachusetts, where criminals have untraceable guns and citizens are hapless victims. Massachusetts, a state where the problem of killing with a gun isn’t addressed, it’s swept under the rug with the brute force of bans,

    Congrats voters, you put fear, government control, power of criminals over good, and self determination – you put the Mass in Massachusetts.

  26. “And note: the AG does have the authority to make this determination; it was litigated by the pro-gun group GOAL some 12 ago.”

    The case was litigated and decided on a “rational basis” standard — which was rejected in both Heller and McDonald.

    Any new regulations will be subject to a higher standard of review. Frankly, I don’t see how any firearms approved by the legislature twenty years ago and sold in volume since then can now be banned, especially when the ban is subject to heightened review.

    Healy will lose this case just like she lost the Caetano case banning stun guns.

  27. Is a magazine a “part” under this definition? Could you build an entire new type of rifle that utilizes AR-pattern magazines?

  28. I am so glad I moved out of MA two years ago, SC is considerably better on gun rights… Hopefully Ralph is right and a case is brought and won against this nonsense, but the “Assault Weapons” ban has been in place in MA since 2004, so even reversing this is still far short of getting rid of the stupid left in MA politicians, not to mention the Approved Handgun Roster which is its own matter. As a previous FFL and firearms trainer in MA, I would suggest moving if at all possible. Its only gonna get worst.

    • I am glad you found temporary peace, but unless we soon head off what is going on, we are all going to be experiencing the terror of out of control government. There will be nowhere to run. The US South may hold out the longest, but this is a war brewing here, make no mistake.

    • the “Assault Weapons” ban has been in place in MA since 2004

      That’s a common mistake. The AWB has been in effect since 1998. When the federal AWB expired in 2004, the state’s 1998 AWB became confusing since it incorporated the exemptions and definitions in the Federal AWB, and they were gone.

      In other words, once the federal law sunsetted, there were no more exemptions. So, the state AWB was passed in 2004 to include in its own exemptions and definitions.

  29. This will likely do about as well as California trying to ban ‘AR and AK Series rifles’.
    When California put it’s ‘assault weapons’ ban in place it named several manufacturers and models by name and tried to be inclusive by banning similar rifles as ‘AR Series rifles’.
    This was found to be unconstitutionally vague and thrown out in Harrott v. County of Kings (25 P.3d 649 (Cal. 2001) which found:
    “This case amply illustrates the difficulty an ordinary citizen might have, when a gun’s markings are not listed in the Identification Guide, in determining whether a semiautomatic firearm should be considered an assault weapon under the AWCA. . . “

    “Our interpretation of section 12276, subdivision (e) is reinforced by the rule that a statute must be interpreted in a manner, consistent with the statute’s language and purpose, that eliminates doubts as to the statute’s constitutionality. (Hughes v. Board of Architectural Examiners (1998) 17 Cal. 4th 763, 788.) “A law failing to give a person of ordinary intelligence a reasonable opportunity to know what is prohibited violates due process under both the federal and California Constitutions. (Grayned v. City of Rockford (1972) 408 U.S. 104, 108; People v. Heitzman (1994) 9 Cal. 4th 189, 199.)” (Kasler, supra, 23 Cal.4th at pp. 498-499.)”

    “Ordinary gun owners of reasonable intelligence, Mr. Harrott contends, cannot be expected to know whether the differences between their semiautomatic firearms and the assault weapons specifically listed in section 12276, subdivision (a) are, in the language of section 12276, subdivision (e), only “minor.” However, our interpretation of the AWCA avoids this problem. To determine whether the differences between their firearms and the series assault weapons listed in section 12276 are considered to be only “minor,” gun owners need only consult the California Code of Regulations.”

  30. It’s a good thing that the good people of Massachusetts can just travel over the border to another state and buy whatever rifle they want. Laws like this weaken the legal system.

    This is also the reason why we do not want background checks in other states. No paper trail of when and where the guns were bought. Everything gets grandfathered in when there’s no paper trail.

  31. “They sell guns without a flash suppressor or folding or telescoping stock, for example, small tweaks that do nothing to limit the lethalness of the weapon.”

    If those features do nothing to enhance the lethality (not “lethalness”) of the weapon, then why did your dumb asses ban them in the first place?

  32. The reason that rabid socialists admire radical Islamists is their total control of their populace and use of heinous tactics to enforce their will on the masses and sap any will to resist. Their thinking is what led to mass murder by some of their idols: Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Castro and Chavez. They would not hesitate to do their own “purging” if they thought they could get away with it. In addition, the only logical outcome of the new religion of “global warming” is a massive, violent decrease in the population.

    It is very revealing that while the Federal Government is preparing for widespread “civil unrest” by arming up Federal Agencies (with full-auto weapons), they are pulling out all the stops in disarming the population.

    I propose a law whereby Federal Agencies are prohibited from owning, using, training with, storing, procuring, possessing (etc….) ANY weapons not widely available to citizens in the most restrictive State.

    It would be VERY EASY to use the left’s own arguments against them to get such a bill passed. After all, how many of these real weapons of war are “lost” or stolen on an annual basis?

    The government cannot be allowed to have an advantage over the citizenry in the possession of infantry weapons of the most common and useful sort for their intended purpose of killing and wounding on a battlefield, which is the essence of the 2nd amendment- organized resistance against tyrannical politicians and their misuse of the powers in which they have been entrusted by the citizenry.

    Should there ever be an armed revolution in this country to restore our freedoms (and I hope it never becomes necessary), I would hope that the leftist politicians and their minions would be the first targeted.

  33. Let me make a comparison of several guns/ammunition to put into prospective the stupidity of most of these public officials!! First of all the AR-15 fires a .223 bullet the heaviest being 75 G.

    In most states you can’t use a .223 caliber rifle to hunt deer because it is considered not a adequate kill round and may only wound it! In close quarters there are many guns that are much more deadly than a .223 round! A pair of semi-auto pistols, one in each hand, with large magazines ether 9 mm or 45 cal would be a death shot with every round!!

    The worst would be a magazine fed 12 gauge rifled barrel pump shotgun loaded with 0 buck rounds!! Each 0 BUCK shell puts out 15 pellets the same size as on .223 bullet and the rifling spreads out the pattern quickly that at 15 ft distance it would be circle of more than 5 ft. Shooting into a crowd with several 10 round mags would be really bad with a hunting shotgun!

    Guess what the Rough Riders had going up San Juan Hill in Cuba many years ago? Winchester pump 12 gauge shotguns!!!

    • Your .223 bullet data is incorrect. There are 77 grain and 80 grain match bullets available for this caliber.

      • Those heavier bullets will fire from an AR 15, but due to the required COAL, they would have to be fed single shot as the maximum COAL fed from the AR-15 magazine is 2.260″.

    • When are you going to understand? They don’t care about reason or logic or rational thinking. They want all guns banned and those who refuse to comply killed or imprisoned. That is the goal. That haas always been the goal. Whoever is pulling the strings needs gun owners gone before the next measures can be implemented.

  34. Hey looks like HK rifles (roller delayed blow-backs) and VZ58s are still allowed. Everyone go out and buy G3s!!!! But seriously… this is outrageous

  35. So in doing so, the Massachusetts Attorney General contradics herself as well as revealing the REAL agenda of the gun grabbing liberal left.

    First they define an “assault weapon” as having certain characteristics which somehow make them “more lethal” and therefore should not be legal to purchase by private citizens.

    THEN she goes one step further by demonizing so called “copycat ar15 rifles” which do NOT have things like flash supressors, collapsable stocks, bayonet lugs, etc., and says that the absence of these features do NOT make these rifles any less lethal than the so called “assault rifle” version.

    She states what any halfwit already knows, guns and particularly rifles, are lethal weapons, PERIOD. And the REAL plan is to eventually ban private gun ownership altogether. They count on our stupidity!

  36. If I lived in the state I’d sue the attorney general for infringement of constitutional rights. Not only will this negatively impact law abiding citizens but also the companies that produce the rifles

  37. This is it, the ultimate counter-argument to that tired line about how “nobody’s coming to take your guns.” MA just banned all sorts of receivers. Not features, not mags, the component defined by the ATF as the fuggin firearm itself.

    I used to think people in these states were just misguided idiots. That mask has fallen off since 2012. These people want to see everything that makes the USA unique destroyed in the name of international socialism.

  38. Better get a drill press or Bridgeport so we can start making our own from 80% lowers. They can stop parts being shipped via mail since they don’t have to go through a FFL.

  39. Thats the lost states as ny, commifornia ect that can only be stoped white forcing on court and federal level 🙁

  40. Manufacturers and associated industries:

    No more sales or support to ANY government agency in Massachusetts.

    The only meaningful, peaceful response.

    Time to choose a side.

  41. “If a gun’s operating system is essentially the same as that of a banned weapon,”

    So in short, all semiautomatic firearms are now illegal to sell in Massachusetts. Since they all operate the same way as that of a banned firearm.

  42. This crooked AG just admitted that features like flash suppressors and telescoping rifle stocks do not affect the lethality of the gun. Therefore there’s no validity in listing such features as reasons to ban guns.

  43. Hey our manufacturers should not sell AR’s Q and a local or state agencies who’s state wide policy tries to restrict the sale of AARs to the general public in anyway shape or form
    Contact any and all AR manufactures and tell them to stop selling and servicing ARs to local and state agencies that restrict our second amendment rights

  44. Uhh, excuse me. But how in the HELL does an attorney general have the legal or constitutional authority to ban these rifles?!? Why in the HELL isn’t the local sheriffs move to REMOVING this person from their office? This is a CLEAR indication that the state of Massachusetts’ government has fallen to internal corruption. This is LITERALLY what the 2nd amendment was made to prohibit from these kind of action.

    My apologies if I sound kind of hyperbolic or extremist here, but how in the hell can this be considered anything BUT a grave violation of the rights of the people of Massachusetts?

  45. Concerned citizens should be writing letters to people like that chief of police. He probably won’t listen, but he may understand that to create a massive civil uprising in the US is not in anyone’s best interest.

    My takeaways from the press conference were that it was stocked with only one side of the discussion and that this is not an honest way to create public policy. It is a ramrod, and it is exactly what regular people are so tired of. It’s like the left wants peaceful citizens to revolt so we can be swatted down and we probably will revolt because we will have no choice soon.

    As far as the other speakers, the dad whose son died–very misguided. A pawn in the game who has lost all sight of reason in his grief. It is shameful that a veteran, in the state of Massachusetts where Paul Revere himself made his famous ride to warn other citizens that the British were coming to seize guns and ammunition, could fall so far and so badly!

    The reverend guy just wants to end violence. He sees no connection other than to firearms? Useless idiot, then. Guns are not the problem in MA, especially not rifles.

    The VPC guy spewing the new “weapons of war” rhetoric, while a cop stands behind him carrying the same weapon of war in a holster and all the other cops have AR-15 “weapons of war” in their cars. So that rhetoric makes utterly no sense, nor does the idea that we can be free and at peace in a nation where only the police and military have the guns. And then there was the endless drivel about “civilians” as if everyone in that room, including the cop, was not is exactly that–a civilian! This sort of elitism is remarkable and completely predictable from Marxists. They don’t want debate, they don’t want facts, they don’t want reason. They are just Terminators hell bent on banning guns.

    All this reminds me of another time in US history–the teetolaters. The same type of people went out and made what turned out to be a horrifying moral crusade against alcohol. We all know how it turned out. Tens of thousands dead, millions of lives upended, all for a bs cause that should never have even been attempted.

    Folks, if we want to keep this country we’re going to have to fight for it. There’s no getting around it anymore. The enemies of freedom have spoken loudly and clearly that they intend to chip away at all our rights until there are no rights. I don’t want it this way, but I will never be intimidated, either. That outrageously smug Attorney General needs to be brought back in touch with the idea that governance is not rule by decree over a bunch of peasants but that American leadership is at the will of the people. The re-interpretation of law is what a Soviet bureaucrat would do. It has no place in a free society, which obviously ours is no longer.

  46. “They sell guns without a flash suppressor or folding or telescoping stock, for example, small tweaks that do nothing to limit the lethalness of the weapon.”

    Wait… Did they just ADMIT that the ban focuses on features which have NOTHING to do with the lethality of the firearm?

    • An economic boycott is the key and Smith & Wesson and Kahr need to leave and find more friendly 2nd Amendment states. While it’s not easy, gun owners need to find another state to live in. Other gun owners need to boycott visiting the State. Even progressives listen when their money is at stake.

        • I just got back to Fl from 4 days in Boston, hours ago. I had to make the trip but I’ll never go back.

  47. As a former resident of both Massachusetts and California I am very happy to be living in the free state of Arizona.

  48. I wonder what their definition of “component” is. For example, do rail-mounted sights count? If so, did they just ban all rifles with Picatinny rails?

  49. The manufacturers should stop marketing ANY firearms in states such as this. When honest, law abiding citizens of these states can no longer purchase any type of firearm to defend themselves they will get up and start voting these politicians out of office and help replace the current “you’re going to do as I wish” officials out and replace them with “representatives of the people” that actually do represent the wishes of the voters. This applies to all jurisdictions represented by politicians that only serve their own interests as soon as they get in office.

    • It is more than just the will of the people at stake here. The people can be fooled, the mob is dumb. Underneath that is 225 years of US legal tradition being upended, and really, these rights being trampled date all the way back to the Magna Carta! This is the kind of stuff America’s forefathers were so pissed off at the king about–rule by decree, ignoring the written laws, ignoring precedent and basic civil discourse. “Sue us” is all we get, and then a liberal judge 9 times out of 10 just rubber stamps the nonsense, which is exactly what the King’s Governors and judges did to the American colonists!

  50. FWIW, I can think of one “assault weapon” that should pass both tests with flying colors. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the “Canadian AK”, aka Vz-58. No interchangeable parts whatsoever with AK, not even the mags; and the action is short-stroke tilting lock, again nothing like AK.

  51. “THANK GOD MASSACHUSETTS HAS A RINO RUNNING THE SHOW !!! MASSACHUSETTS RINO/ governor Charlie “The Barker ” Baker…Definitely a DemoCRAP, just warming the govs chair…..

  52. “We recognize that most residents who purchased these guns in the past believed they were doing so legally, so this directive will not apply to possession of guns purchased before Wednesday.”

    They didn’t just believe they were doing so legally. Until this diktat, they WERE doing so legally.

  53. But they claimed that it WAS the flash hider, bayonet lug, telescoping stock, barrel shroud, pistol grip, etc.. that made these weapons extra lethal.
    Now they don’t?

  54. This situation is much like George Wallace’s “Stand in the Schoolhouse Door” in favor of the reprehensible practice of segregation. The MA AG is using state laws to usurp civil rights and citing some phony moral imperative. It is unconscionable.

  55. It is truly sad that the birthplace of the American Revolution has turned into one of the most wimpy and cowardly states in the entire Union.

    Perhaps the entire battle road area including Concord and Lexington should be separated and removed from control of the embarrassment that has become the State of Massachusetts. It could then be given over to a state in the South that recognizes and supports liberty and the Second Amendment. Texas would be a reasonably good place to put this, and they could administer this “remote county” fairly, and Texas is big enough its citizens would be in no danger of having their votes significantly diluted by the poisoned atmosphere of Northeast. One thing is for certain, Massachusetts doesn’t deserve to be caretakers of the landmarks of one of the most courageous and important of times in the history of this Republic!

    • Yes, but the Massachusetts compliant rifles (like the ones in my safe that were bought in MA) were not “assault weapons” as defined in the statute, so possession was legal.

      • Right, and now an executive fiat has changed that and made all semi-autos illegal. Meanwhile stating that the cosmetic features which all the liberals agreed were the naughty bits were never the problem. It was a huge bait and switch all along. It’s doublethink right out of “1984”–the ability to hold two completely contradictory ideas in one’s head simultaneously being able to pull one out at a time and agree that it is sensible and then immediately being able to pull out the exact opposite thought while immediately forgetting what you believed before.

        • “now an executive fiat has changed that and made all semi-autos illegal.”

          No, not yet. Right now, the B!tch is focusing on the sale of the rifles, not the possession.

          Which is exactly the opposite of the statute, which held that the possession of rifles with the banned features that were purchased after the enactment was illegal.

  56. They used the term “assault” liberally (pun!) in their law yet none of the firearms specifically listed are truly used as such by any military force, anywhere in the world.
    I bought all of mine yesterday, even the ones I have yet to take possession of.

  57. Good!
    Now the liberals there have opened themselves up to an “attack” by ISIS (which is really a branch of the CIA)

  58. If they want all of these type of weapons banned, then manufacturers should stop selling and warranting these weapons to law enforcement agencies in that state or any other state that makes these laws. What is good for the citizens is also good for the government.

  59. I can only hope that any Gun Companies located n Massachusetts leave for more friendlier 2nd Amendment states. Also as in California, all pro-gun residents flee to gun friendlier states, and leave bot states to criminals, and their anti-gun victims.

  60. Not a lawyer, or legal expert, but didn’t realize that state AG’s can rewrite or re-interpret existing laws?

    • No, they cannot do that. Well, unless of course, the US became a dictatorship where government bureaucrats simply ignored the Constitution. That would never happen here…in America. Right?

      Can you imagine if our country, with the most powerful military in the world with enough nukes to destroy the world several times over, ever became an insatiably hungry socialist dictatorship under the rule of the Progressive elite…the Liberal Fascists…who think they know how everyone in the world should live? Wow, what a world that would be?

      It is hard to believe isn’t it. We are really becoming the world’s worst nightmare. By God, we better win this election.

  61. Democrats gonna Democrat. Grabbers gonna grab.

    Footnote: to NFA whiners, there IS A FRIGGIN DIFFERENCE between Democrats and Republicans. Stop spreading pro Democrat misinformation.

  62. A lot of people miss the point here, a non-elected official is making laws, rules and policies the people do not want.

    This person is without any process of the government making regulations that affect people, their lives, their business’s and the ability to protect themselves. Without any action by the population on whether they want this he is going directly against the second amendment.

    Last time I looked it said government of and for the people!!!!!!!!! We are the government…..

    If the people of that state want those laws it is within the states rights to a certain extent. How about having something called a VOTE!!!!!!!!

  63. Democrats continue to blame gun crime on pro-gun groups like the NRA and on law-abiding gun owners who have to fight democrats tooth and nail just to keep their constitutional rights intact. Democrats don’t have the guts to place the blame where it REALLY belongs, which is squarely on the heads of the criminal elements that infest those groups who are a large part of THE DEMOCRAT CONSTITUENCY!

  64. Show me this alleged ‘ authori – tie ‘ to invent laws like King Gorge !!

    They can’t …. B A N ….. those NATURAL RIGHTS , that always pre-existed the state.

  65. I bought one in January. It’s sitting in my safe. I haven’t even fired it. Other people found it odd when I try to tell them I bought it because I knew there would come a time when I wouldn’t be able to in Massachusetts. They didn’t believe me…

  66. It seems that AG Healy has forgotten the roles of Government branches. Legislature makes the Laws, Judicial Interprets the Laws, and Executive enforces the Laws.

    Since she is part of the Executive branch, she is to enforce the Laws AS WRITTEN. The courts will interpret the Laws for her, and if there are changes that need to be made, the Legislature will change the law.

    Also the ban may be moot, as the Federal law it references no longer exists, and since the States AWB does not include the old Federal law, but references it, those portions should be effectively blank. If the Legislature had intended for “copies”, and “duplicates” to be defined they would have defined them. The AG can not define those terms, only the Legislature and Courts can.

    • the Federal law it references no longer exists

      The 1998 Massachusetts AWB incorporated the Federal AWB. When the Federal law sunsetted, MA enacted a new 2004 AWB that stands on its own.

    • Trucks are exempt ….. they are needed to bring food ‘ catering ‘ to your betters…. at TAXPAYER cost of course.

  67. Because there have been so many people killed in mass shootings in Massachusetts., due to the sly nature of gun manufacturer’s.

  68. “How the Nazis Used Gun Control” The Weimar Republic’s well-intentioned gun registry became a tool for evil. The perennial gun-control debate in America did not begin here. The same arguments for and against were made in the 1920s in the chaos of Germany’s Weimar Republic, which opted for gun registration. Law-abiding persons complied with the law, but the Communists and Nazis committing acts of political violence did not. In 1931, Weimar authorities discovered plans for a Nazi takeover in which Jews would be denied food and persons refusing to surrender their guns within 24 hours would be executed. They were written by Werner Best, a future Gestapo official. In reaction to such threats, the government authorized the registration of all firearms and the confiscation thereof, if required for “public safety.” The interior minister warned that the records must not fall into the hands of any extremist group. In 1933, the ultimate extremist group, led by Adolf Hitler, seized power and used the records to identify, disarm, and attack political opponents and Jews. Constitutional rights were suspended, and mass searches for and seizures of guns and dissident publications ensued. Police revoked gun licenses of Social Democrats and others who were not “politically reliable.”

    Read more at:

  69. What other laws will the Massachusetts AG legislate by executive fiat without consent of the legislature. Obviously she does not believe in the separation of power clause.

  70. Maybe someone in Massachusetts can tell me how she can do this without the legislature or Governor’s input.

  71. Just so everyone is aware. All guns stores here in Mass have said that they believe this new reading of the law means ALL semi-auto Rifles and Shotguns can no longer be sold. The AG did not make it clear other than the BS in that article.

    Some are staying open until 11:59 so people can panic buy.

  72. I’m not well versed in political procedures, but, isn’t there a way to impeach these public officials from their positions when they make bad decisions? Here in Commiefornia, no one walks around “freely” toting their “assault looking weapon” over their shoulder. Neither do the bad guys; they hide in dark places with the weapons they get through a non-legal process.

  73. Here is some of the language posted by the MA AG: It is applying to semi auto handguns and shotguns as well, see 1) on line two.

    A weapon is a Copy or Duplicate and is therefore a prohibited Assault weapon if it meets one or both of the following tests and is 1)a semiautomatic rifle or handgun that was manufactured or subsequently configured with an ability to accept a detachable magazine, or 2) a semiautomatic shotgun.31. Similarity Test: A weapon is a Copy or Duplicate if its internal functional components are substantially similar in construction and configuration to those of an Enumerated Weapon. Under this test, a weapon is a Copy or Duplicate, for example, if the operating system and firing mechanism of the weapon are based on or otherwise substantially similar to one of the Enumerated Weapons.3 A weapon is not a Copy or Duplicate under this Guidance if it meets one or more of the exceptions ((i)-(vii))contained in the statutory definition of Assault weapon in Section 121.42. Interchangeability Test: A weapon is a Copy or Duplicate if it has a receiver that is the same as or interchangeable with the receiver of an Enumerated Weapon. A receiver will be treated as the same as or interchangeable with the receiver on an Enumerated Weapon if it includes or accepts two or more operating components that are the same as or interchangeable with those of an Enumerated Weapon. Such operating components may include, but are not limited to: 1) the trigger assembly; 2) the bolt carrier or bolt carrier group; 3) the charging handle; 4) the extractor or extractor assembly; or 5) the magazine port.If a weapon meets one of the above tests, it is a Copy or Duplicate (and therefore a prohibited Assault weapon), even if it is marketed as “state compliant” or “Massachusetts compliant.”The fact that a weapon is or has been marketed by the manufacturer on the basis that it is the same as or substantially similar to one or more Enumerated Weapons will be relevant to identifying whether the weapon is a Copy or Duplicate (and therefore a prohibited Assault weapon) under the applicable test(s).

    • That won’t work in MA, pro-Constitution folks are out numbered in the voting game, which only leaves one recourse…….

  74. This website is poorly run. Video ads are showing up on this webpage that play by themselves and make it difficult to stop them. This has been going on for years. I won’t be back.

  75. Every Massachusetts resident (and other others) should call the Governor’s office ASAP and continue to call until Baker intervenes in this absurd action. His number is 617 725 4005

    • Good luck with that. He is still celebrating his decisions to sign the transgender bathroom bill and to avoid the Republican convention.

  76. Looking on the bright side… if you bought a “post-ban” gun in MA, maybe you can now add back the “bad” features, since it is an eeeevil “assault weapon” already!?

  77. Just curious — how many people in Massachusetts have been killed by people using either an AR or AK in the past 12 years since the 1994 AWB expired? Is there an epidemic of killings in Massachusetts using these rifles?

    • You are arguing facts, they are arguing emotions. In full retard Democratic states were they have the majority, facts do not trump emotional IQ. Feelings run supreme to any factual argument you make.

      Just like in CA, they have a majority and will whatever the F they want to — you are in the minority in your opinion — what are you gonna do, your opinion does not count and the law does not count because they say so.

      Fight in court, sure, no problem. The state needs money for a law suite they can simply borrow money or tax the crap out everyone. you need money, you are begging for money and creating event where people come and give you pocket change — sure, you can raise a million, but it will be years before you do. In the meantime, they have the color of law on their side.

      if the Democrats love one thing, that is tyranny. While they may rail against it when they don’t like something, they are all in when it is something they want.

      This is exactly the crap that has given us Trump this year.

  78. They sell guns without a flash suppressor or folding or telescoping stock, for example, small tweaks that do nothing to limit the lethalness of the weapon.

    maybe becuase the definition of a true assault rilfe has nothing to do with how the weapon looks or how ergonomic it is to operate but rather is defined by its capabilities.

    the defintion of assault weapon as published by its creators the brady foundation is’

    ANY WEAPON that has a detachable box magizine with more than 10 rounds and any two other of the following features; 1 A pistol grip, 2 folding or telescoping stock 3 flash suppressor or 4 bayonet lug

    the term assualt rifle is defined by the us military and dept of justice, you know the two government agencies that use assualt rifles everyday so why would they not be a credible source of information on the subject, define an assault rifle as such; a RIFLE firing an intermediate cartrige with selective fire capability. in other words it is not just semi auto only as the ar 15 is.

    so to put it mildly the ar 15 is not an assault rifle nor is it a weapon of war, in fact any anti gunner out there want to take a shot at this question, if the ar 15 is a weapon of war, please list teh dates it was used by the us military? do not include the m16, m4 or car 15 assault rifles as they are not ar15’s and the ar15 is not any of them.

    now lets not forget something folks, the attorney general does NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY to alter, interprit,recind, resrtict or repeal any law. they only have the athotity to enforce said law. so this regulation should be a non issue. of course living in a socialist hell like mass, laws don’t mean anything to the beauracrats holding power, regulations are only for the phlebs.

    • Now that the term “assault weapon” is getting nothing but yawns in most circles, out comes the new scary catch-phrase “weapons of war”. It never ends.

  79. Wow, what crap. So an AG can make a determination and basically make law without any public opinion.

    Bunch of idiots in MA and I thought I lived in the most idiotic state right over the border in CT.

  80. “On Wednesday, we are sending a directive to all gun manufacturers and dealers that makes clear that the sale of these copycat assault weapons is illegal in Massachusetts…”

    For the sake of all that’s good and holy I hope manufacturers include all Massachusetts law enforcement and national guard in the AG’s directive.

  81. I issue the following decree and determination ==: No attorney general shall use more than 1 pre-approved word per day. Verbs and nouns are ALL now illegal ….. You see no A G ‘ needs ‘ all those words anyway , so banning them DOES NOT violate the First Amendment – Free Speech Rights. — I am Internet ‘ Guy ‘ , so MY word is LAW .!!

    Sounds Absurd when applied to other ‘ Rights ‘ now don’t it ?

  82. I’m glad I live in the common wealth of Kentucky. Here we have yet to go full retard and vote into office one of these anti freedom politicians.
    Currently the open homosexual,
    Jim Gray is running against Ran Paul. He wants to disarm the state except for the guns his father gave him. I’m sure Bloomberg is partly funding his campaign.

  83. this is the height of ironic. gun grabbers are mad, because gun makers complied with the law by making “small tweaks that do nothing.” but that is exactly why gun rights activists hate assault weapons bans. they are defining guns as more dangerous, based on attributes that are cosmetic in nature. the legally defined “assault weapon” is no different from “regular” rifles.

    i really hope it does not take too long for this twit to get sued. for an AG to arbitrarily redefine the law is an extremely dangerous thing to allow.

  84. Clearly unconstitutional, whether a court says so or not. Clearly against natural law, no matter what anyone says. An unjust law is no law.

  85. Ah, rule by decree, ex post facto laws, and denial of natural rights. This all sounds vaguely familiar… How much longer can we avoid implementing Rule 308?

  86. I live in RI, no semi autos are illegal here, yet. I tried to buy snap caps at a Bass Pro in MA. They would not sell them to me. I needed their bullshit permit. I NEVER spend a penny in that shithole state. They are Massholes, they are very proud of that title, and they should be, they have worked very hard to earn it.

  87. Why would anyone live in Massachusetts? It’s been a total Nazi Liberal state for decades.The Kennedy’s homeland and the state that protected Ted after his manslaughter of Mary Jo Kopechne, no questions asked.

    Move, my friends. Get out of there before they send the police to kick down your doors for not voting Democrat.

    • Great thoughts for sure, but, how do you propose to do such a thing and put these traitors in their place? The police are commanded by their masters, (and of course, fearful to lose their job, pay, benefits, retirement) to “enforce” all laws on the books. VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY few cops have the balls to say no to enforcing unConstitutional laws, and put their careers on the lines……sooooooo, you say let’s put these folks in their place…great! How do you propose to do that?

      If you are living in Mass. (My home state, Northampton/Amherst area), you are surrounded by over educated bean heads with so many degrees from universities, hippies and new age folks, you know the pacifists….and a population of liberal, progressive, collectivist who worship obummer and hitlery. Problem is, there is no unity, no organized “constitutional militias” and now they are oppressing the green and firearm, the very firearm the founders would have in mind if Constitution was written today.

      In the Nanny states like MA, NY, CA, CT, NJ, RI, etc. Sadly their is no turning back now, they are past the point of no return.

  88. Well folks, if you live there… is it not time to use the second as intended?

    Which Patriot group will get this started?

  89. So glad I live in the great state of Texas and we have a very pro gun/ 2nd amendment
    “Come and Take It”

  90. How are they getting away with this? I thought these guns are legal now? How can the states say it is illegal when the US government says they are legal?

  91. An absolute infringement upon the second amendment. What part of “…the right if the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed” do they not understand? And if the AG is not going to take away your guns, how will they get guns off the street? Confiscation is inevitable after a ban like this.

  92. Someone needs to use an AR-15 on her !! Like most leftist politicians, she feels free to shit all over YOUR Constitutional rights because she doesn’t FEAR you…..that needs to change!

  93. Well, this will sure create a demand for AR-15s in Massachusetts. Black market, here we come!

    Hard to believe this is the birthplace of the American Revolution. Maybe it will be again!

  94. As a resident of New York, this is terrifying. The AG here could do the same at any time. At least those of us who live north of Westchester (and not in Albany County) know our LEOs have no interest in enforcing this kind of junk.

  95. I feel so bad for my brother who lives in Must Anarchy, I mean Taxachusetts, oops again, $h!thole is what i meant.

    Im unfamiliar with how an AG has the power to do this. Can anyone explain? Also how can it be reversed? How is constitutional to do this and is it something that is voted on? Very confused…

  96. The Attorney General doesn’t have the authority to decide one day at lunch that a formerly legal product is now suddenly illegal. This won’t make it through the first serious court case.

    Unfortunately, she doesn’t care because it’s taxpayer money. My money. The bitch.

  97. If you think about this, at the stroke of pen the attorney general could change ANYTHING. Oh all these guns that are grandfathered and still legal – NOT ANYMORE. Why stop there, they can go full monty and just ban anything and everything at the stroke of pen. This is unchecked power. At the stroke of a pen she could decide that anything is hate speech, you can’t buy soda or cookies because it will make you fat, could ban pick up trucks because they use to much gas.

  98. we should mail the MA AG junker 30 round AR mags..not the good ones, mind you…and then remind her that she is currently in possession of a banned magazine ans she should turn herself in.

    next weekend I will be visiting some friends in MA, and I will be smuggling a few dozen 30 round AR magazines to them. catch me if you can!

  99. Granted Mass’ has some weird laws, but like others I wonder where she gets this legal authority?

    Since FBI stats don’t show rifles (any rifle) to be a problem there (or any other state) I have to wonder if they are just sitting the stage for eventual confiscation? You know, put this in place for now. Then when some lunatic finally uses an AR for something horrible there they’ll say “sorry, but the sales ban did not work so now we have to ban the possession of any AR/AK like rifle in the state.” Frankly the more I think about this I bet this is their sick plan.

    Oh well, the people of Mass keep voting these idiots into office. Elections have consequences. It’s clear CA, NY, MA, RI, NJ, CT are going full retard on guns. All politics and emotions versus rational, civil, fact based discussions.

    Seems the writing is on the wall and the time has come for 2A folks in Mass to have a Massexit (cred to whomever came up with that 1st). If you’re a safe responsible gun owner we’d love to have you in the south where we have much more sensible laws. You could also move north to the freedom of VT, NH, ME. Considering the taxes and cost of living there in MA/CT/NY/NJ you may find the move will pay for itself rather quickly.

    I’m so glad I live in Kentucky (aka Guntucky) where we can own anything we want that doesn’t break federal law. We have a good CCDW program, reasonable laws, a very 2A friendly environment, guns galore, yet we routinely rank in the top 10 safest states when it comes to violent crime – odd how that works out.

    Good luck Mass’ folks, I feel for you. Maybe this is a court battle you can win, but I think the writing is on the wall for an all out AR/AK ban there. When that doesn’t work out, they’ll keep banning more and more types of firearms.

  100. Talk about extensive. So if the weapon is say a bolt-action that takes AR magazines, it is then still a “copy.”

  101. “…. the term assault weapon shall not include:……. (vi) any semiautomatic rifle that cannot accept a detachable magazine that holds more than five rounds of ammunition.”

    So, in theory, a semi-auto with a fixed 5 round mag would be legal.

  102. Clearly she is interpreting the definition differently than what was intended originally.

    “Assault weapon”, shall have the same meaning as a semiautomatic assault weapon as defined in the federal Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, 18 U.S.C. section 921(a)(30) as appearing in such section on September 13, 1994, and shall include, but not be limited to, any of the weapons, or copies or duplicates of the weapons.

    “copies” and “duplicates” was intended to mean reproductions that both look and function like the originals.
    It does not say “approximate copy or duplicate” BUT unfortunately, because of the way it is worded, she covered her ass.

    The legal definition of duplicate is pretty straight forward as to mean “identical”

    On the other hand, the legal definition of the word “copy” includes one synonym that makes what she did legal……”likeness”

    Because copy=likeness=resemblance in legal terms, the guns do not have to function like their assault counterparts…..they only have to resemble i.e. look like them.

    The woman looks like a snake. The woman acts like a snake, but unfortunately, the snake outwitted the law.

  103. I would hope that the fine folks at Smith & Wesson, Savage, Colt, US Firearms Manufacturing, Connecticut Shotgun and any other manufacturers in MA will finally realize that they, nor the tax revenue they bring in, are no longer welcome and choose to move to another State. I have no idea how S&W (Manufacturer of the M&P15 series of AR products) would be able to even continue manufacture under this new status. If they build it and ship it anywhere, aren’t they “selling” it?
    I hope that NO manufacturer will provide any semi-auto, MSR or AR platform rifles to any public or government agency in MA.

  104. Fortunately I live in a state that never required any application to the government ti exercise a citizens right to keep and bear arms(Vermont). Oh, and by the way, WE HAVE ONE OF THE LOWEST VIOLENT CRIME RATES OF ANY STATE IN THE UNION! If those ‘Wizards of Smart’ want to remove our right to protect ourselves then they all should be sued by anyone who is harmed by firearms, motor vehicles, knives, etc. Oh and their right to have armed protection should be removed first….

  105. Hey what do you want from a Democrat Controlled State filled with egg sucking dog good ole boys, vote Democrat they want too F**k us all equally but oh laws don”t apply too them!

  106. The issue is beyond the type of gun. Its that all you people just want to kill people. Don’t you get it? Right now we have little recourse to an elected official or appointee when “doing their job” but still we must find a way in press, public opinion, and legal form to take these actions down. I don’t like you because you carry gun that will only kill people (my definition), since the gun is only made to kill people (my definition), I want the gun removed from society, since I am in a position of power I can put my ‘right’ to protect public safety ( non-right ) over your constitutional right to own a gun that yes, is in part made to kill people; to kill someone that attacks me or mine. Add to this the fact that [probably] more ARs are used for hunting, recreation target shooting, and competition shooting; that the AG putting a assumed right of government to put public safety over the right of any to personal safety and then this is the stance all of use including NRA, GOAL, 2a Comm and others need to take. This is a civil rights and abuse of power situation and with an AG only looking to follow a democratic agenda. There is no concern for the people. If there were, Miss AG would be handling her office based on facts rather than active discrimination of us all based on a political party agenda and this supported by false facts and made up reasoning. This from an AG no less and this from someone that took an oath of office. Bottom line is your ability to manipulate the system for ‘public good’ does not trump my rights under both our declaration of independence and then in also as set forth in our constitution.

  107. (iii) any weapon that has been rendered permanently inoperable or otherwise rendered permanently unable to be designated a semiautomatic assault weapon;

    Pop the gas block off the AR, tac weld a shallow spot over the gas hole. Instantly legal for sale again.

    Owner can purchase the AR completely legally as now it is a manual operating firearm. Purchaser of the firearm can procure a gas block and lightly file off the tac weld over the gas hole. Anyone asks – they purchased that firearm prior to 20 Jul 2016.

  108. What a bunch of crap…… They just weakened a state. If they think that they have improved the safety of law abiding citizens they are out of their minds! They just handicapped them…… If a criminal wants an assault weapon, guess what? He will get an assault weapon! Now, we are screwed…. Thank God I got my AR already and have enough ammo to provide half the marine corp. Let them try to take it from me.

  109. If these are called “weapons of war” that do not belong on our streets, then why are the police still allowed to carry them? Who are they at war with?

  110. This worthless B**** is why leftists are despised and hated.

    The weenies in Mass. are so spineless they’ll take it without a wimper.

    When the economy crashes, wouldn’t it be poetic justice if this b**** was yanked from her vehicle by the restless natives and was beaten right then and there, because she had no means of defense?

  111. Which firearm of mine doesn’t “assault”….?

    12 and 20 gauge Shotguns, semi-automatic 45 ACP handgun, AR-15…..

    All hold multiple rounds. Most have exchangeable magazines…. It’s only the black one that looks menacing that you gun HATER’s pick on. Bad people will do bad things and disarming law abiding citizens puts us all in danger.

  112. About time some sense comes to those that feel like they need assault weapons to show of their “liberties” or “constitutional rights”. Really? You need an AK to prove that you are free? It’s rediculous. There arent any assault weapons allowed in Canada at all. How many mass shootings happen there? Give it up already, the world is tired of hearing about you trying to keep weapons that you don’t need. Buy a pistol and a shot gun, that will keep you safe enough if you are really that scared….

    • You’re a clown. Pure and simple.

      You don’t GET to tell ME what it is I NEED or WANT.

      Got that jackass? You progs will get yours in DUE TIME.

  113. I went to a gun store today can’t buy anything that’s gas powered semi automatic that means you can only buy pump action bolt action or revolver as of now bullcrap moving to Rhode Island

  114. Moved from MA to California, that was a mistake. Now I just moved up to Boise, ID. I love it here. New law went in affect on July 1st, concealed carry without a permit, they do not recognize Obama care, and it is against the law to enforce any new federal firearms laws. You can purchase and own any size magazine, suppressors, fully automated firearms (with tax stamp of course), and liberals are shunned. I will never move from here. People are friendly, have strong family values, and love our country, and protect what it stands for. I couldn’t ask for a better place to raise my son and support my family.

  115. Does the state not know that an AR-15 is not a assault weapon. It shoots 1 bullet at a time just like a pistol and a rifle. AG better go back and do some more fact checking.

  116. if you fail to see the irony of a gun ban being enforced
    by men with guns, then you will never understand why the 2nd Amendment was written in the first place.

    • TC,

      Yours is the best comment of the thread (so far). Far, far too many people don’t see the irony. 8~(

  117. What a scum-bag! this is NOT legal!!! Who in the hell does she think she IS! GOD! Only God can take our right away!!! time to HANG the BITCH!! for TREASON!!! When the terrorist that THEY are letting in strike, I WILL be going for target practice with my AR-!5 I am from N.H A FREE state from communism. And I WILL defend our constitution and fellow citizens when the timw comes. That’s why they want to disarm us, so we will be sitting ducks, FUCK YOU SCUM-BAGS!!!

  118. It seems to me that the federal ban allowed those weapons that had a pinned and welded flash hider, a pinned stock, and the bayonet lug removed. That was the same ban Massachusetts adopted. That is why those weapons were compliant within the ban.

    Maura Healy’s actions were politically motivated to coincide with Hillary Clinton’s visit to Massachusetts Friday where she may announce her choice of running mate. You can expect to see Healy’s hand intertwined with Crooked Hillary celebrating her brave action protecting people from dangerous bayonet lugs and adjustable stocks. Rally at the Statehouse Saturday. The legislature is appearing for an emergency vote on an unrelated matter so perhaps some of them will help spank the overreaching AG.

    How do people think the second amendment has anything to do with the establishment or service to a militia when a militia is clearly established and provided for in the articles of the constitution? The militia is to be trained and uniformly armed by the government. The second amendment protects individual citizens from being disarmed because of the well trained militia established in the constitution.