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Former AZ Rep. Gabby Giffords (corurtesy

Gun control is a loser, politically speaking. Which is why Democratic politicians haven’t been speaking about gun control for quite some time. Instead, they’ve been polluting the airwaves and internet with talk about “gun violence prevention.” And “gun safety.” And the big one: “I believe in the Second Amendment but….”

As I said, the gun control lobby’s effort to cloak their civilian disarmament jihad in Orwellian doublespeak isn’t going too well. So they’re doing what Democrats do when their rhetoric conflicts with the will of the people: they’re doubling down on mainstream media misdirection. With the help of highly-paid consultants, of course. Politico’s Dems urged to retool their guns message tells the [tall] tale . . .

While Democrats think they have a winning election-year issue, a group led by former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.) and her husband, Mark Kelly, is pushing to rebrand their effort — based on poll and focus-group data — in the hope that it will take root in an American culture that has long accepted gun ownership, if not revered it in parts of the country.

Gun control for gun owners! Fudds of the world unite, your “gun safety” is at hand! Like this:

With that in mind, representatives from a broad mix of progressive groups sat around a table last week at the Washington offices of Global Strategy Group, where they received a tutorial on how — and how not — to talk about guns. Leading the lesson were top officials from Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC, the campaign wing of the group Giffords and Kelly founded after the Sandy Hook massacre . . .

“We’ve stepped away from a debate about guns that was sort of postured pro-gun or against-gun,” said Peter Ambler, the PAC’s executive director, “into one that’s centered around data-tested ideas like the background checks that we know increased public safety and save lives, but don’t sort of disapprove of the individual gun owner and don’t disapprove of the responsible use of firearms in society.”

“Don’t sort of disapprove.” Even when the antis are telling the truth about their lies, they’re lying. And it’s no more “Let’s take on the NRA” for Dems. They’re going to . . .

Stick to stressing “the gun lobby” as a special interest out to “protect the profits” of manufacturers, Pollock told the assembled representatives of Priorities USA, NARAL, AFSCME and the Senate and House Majority PACs. A strategist from the Democratic side of Google’s political consulting operation was also there.

Wait. The”Don’t Be Evil” folks at Google are taking money from left-leaning orgs to tell them how to use the world’s largest search engine (and its ancillary social media companies) to further their progressive agenda? I wonder if that has anything to do with charges, a la Facebook,  that they’re skewering their news feeds to left-leaning sources? I also wonder if there’s a Republican side to Google’s political consulting organization.

Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC spokesman Mark Prentice said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has also been briefed on the new strategy, as has the House’s Democratic Policy and Communications Committee. Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) distributed ARS’ glossy new strategy booklet to every House Democrat last week, according to Prentice, and they’re planning briefings for the Congressional Black and Hispanic Caucuses, as well as the LGBT Caucus.

I’ve got $100 cash money for anyone who can email [email protected] with a PDF or JPEGs of that tome. Meanwhile, we now know why Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has been so quiet lately.

“Essentially, we co-opted their language,” [Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Dave] Walker said. Similarly, another point stresses that “as adults, we have a responsibility to make our country a safer place to live.”

ARS’ strategy also subtly suggests that its allies are overplaying some strategies. “Relying on victims’ and survivors’ stories alone can amplify feelings of hopelessness,” its strategy booklet cautions.

“Mothers have also been powerful advocates for stronger gun laws, but we need to show through our messengers that they are not the only ones who want to reduce gun violence,” it advises, before suggesting bringing in more men, gun owners, hunters and experts like ER doctors and police.

There’s more, but you get the picture. And if all this smacks of an organized, well-funded conspiracy to degrade and destroy Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, that’s because it is.

Just don’t expect the mainstream media to stop waving the bloody shirt for their friends in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex. They like blood and guts too much. See that picture of Gabby Giffords at the top of this post? Same one sits at the top of’s post.

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  1. Until I saw Robert’s real photo, I had imagined him to resemble Jeremiah Johnson for some reason.

    • I will just say this, if that bald freak had used a different brand of ammo or was over by an inch or two she would not be here to cause us and our rights harm….Just saying that as a fact and not an insult…

      • That’s no good, then the anti-gunners would have an effective martyr. “Remember Gabby!” the call would go, and rally support just like “Remember the Alamo!” hardened the resolve of Texans. No, keeping our enemies alive to embarrass themselves is the best plan.

  2. So waste more money and time cause what we are doing isnt working. Apparently what they need to do is open their eyes…. Americans arestarting to wake up and realize what its really all about.

  3. I remember reading their last “strategy booklet” a couple years ago. I think it’s available on TTAG somewhere. That being said, anti-gunners have a hard time sticking to their own recommended play book. They’re too emotional. The only reason gun control has any real support in this country is because of the never-ending anti-gun puff pieces by the propaganda wing of the DNC media.

    • Reading it now- “But our opponents make an argument grounded
      in values like freedom and the right to defend one’s family. Gun violence prevention
      advocates need to meet the gun lobby on this playing field and make a values-based
      counterargument. ”
      In other words, to hell with logical reasons to defend oneself. We need to make things up to fool them!

    • Aside from their political path, I have to give Mark and Gabby credit for putting up with all the rehab and staying together. I don’t know if they truly believe what they’re selling, but we all know where the money is, given their situation.

  4. I attended Mark and Gabby’s panel discussion at the VA statehouse a couple of months ago. I was there with the VCDL, and we were all carrying and all had our big orange “Guns Save Lives” buttons on. To our surprise, Mark and Gabby came over and introduced themselves to us specifically and assured us they are 2A supporters and gun owners. They were very nice.

    However, the VCDL was not allowed a place on the panel and was not allowed to speak.So much for 1A. Then the panel launched into the most anti-gun discussion I could imagine. They want more than even the Democrats that did the sit-in were asking for. The list includes:
    > UBCs with no time limit on completion
    > Ban on so-called “assault weapons”
    > Magazine capacity limits
    > Laws that require, under criminal penalty, an immediate report of every change of ownership of a firearm, be it sale, gift, inheritance. theft or loss.
    > Laws like CA has where anyone who knows a gun owner can report them to the police as being mentally unstable and they can have their guns confiscated and gun rights revoked for up to a year, with no due process and no input from mental health professionals. In fact, a rep from the mental heath profession was on the panel and she said her professional community will not participate in such proceedings because it violates doctor-patient confidentiality and the group agreed. So you can be declared unstable by mental health amateurs, without you knowing about it, have your house raided and your guns taken and never see it coming. Then it is up to you to fight it in court and the process for that is vague in the law.

  5. The Progressive Change Machine never sleeps. The rest of us just to be left alone to live our lives. Progressives scheme 24/7 how best to interfere with that.

  6. This only works until the next tragedy. They literally can’t help themselves when there is blood on the street. The mask comes off every time.

  7. What we’re seeing is called “frame alignment”. It consists of taking the narrative/political agenda of one issue (gun control) and melding it with another, often completely different, issue like gun-safety. Militant vegetarians for instance transformed themselves into animal-rights activists but their real hidden-agenda—prohibiting people from eating meat—never changed. Gun-controllers are attempting the same shuck-and-jive. They may talk about gun safety, but their hidden-agenda continues to be prohibiting citizens from owning guns. The Giffords are perfect example of this. While the narrative may appear to change, the symbolism never does. “Commonsense gun-safety” measures always point toward some kind of gun-prohibition.

  8. Make America safer by putting criminals and gang bangers behind bars. Problem solved. Why does this seem so difficult to understand? Oh, right…I can think for myself.

  9. “An important art of politicians is to find new names for institutions which under old names have become odious to the public.” -Talleyrand

    It’s funny how often the gun control lobby feels the need to rebrand itself.

  10. Gabby Giffords is amusing. She was nearly murdered by a fellow leftist, and then she wakes up and double-downs on the Progressive ideology that motivated her attacker. She joins the “ban all guns” street gang. Her husband is caught purchasing the type of gun they want to outlaw. So, to deflect criticism, she claimed they bought the gun to prove a point, and they always intended to give it to the police when done. (Yes, she essentially admitted to committing an illegal straw purchase.)

  11. “…another point stresses that “as adults, we have a responsibility to make our country a safer place to live.””

    What is wrong with making it safer by owning firearms?

  12. Dems and guns…they just don’t give up. And NEVER admit that they don’t know what they are doing.

    The BEST 5 years under the Dem AR ban ALL had higher AR death tolls than just the last 5 years in a row. And the most multiple shootings during a presidents terms…occurred under Clinton and, you guessed it…Obama.

  13. More Liberal doublespeak. Warp the message to fool the masses and get what they want. Liars, users, slime. Period.

  14. “I also wonder if there’s a Republican side to Google’s political consulting organization.”

    Maybe they’ll split their page so you can type your search into the left text box or the right text box.

  15. Gabby thinks whatever they tell her she thinks. Not to be insulting to the
    woman. But they just point her toward the cameras and as a victim of some fool that misused a firearm, we should listen to her thoughts on our gun rights. It’s not working for me.

    • She can “count to potato!”….

      I feel sorry that she had a bad luck of the draw and all, but she’s merely a mindless sockpuppet, being directed by her masters, miles from cognizant of the effects of her tard-mumbles for the press.

      It’s really disgusting when you think hard about it.

  16. Anyone with half a brain can see that we need more gun control. Oh, Sorry Gabby.


    Fortunately, I’ve got a whole brain, and I know how to use it too.

  17. Since practically all of the shooters in the news the last several years are democrats, why don’t we ban democrats? That would save more lives than banning guns.

  18. I used to think that all of that liberal talk about “gun violence” was just bullshit. But then, just the other day, I overheard my Glock talking to my Sig Sauer about “taking care of” the cat!

    I washed both of their mouths out with Hoppe’s No. 9. ?

    • I practice gun reform in my house. I keep them locked up (for their own good) and only let them out occasionally for good behavior.

  19. Instead of Rebranding what is an irrational fear and frankly political pandering toward an idea that has proven to be flat wrong, these people should be working on the majority of real violence including gun violence. Oh, and BTW, it’s not the gun. Look at where most of the violence is happening and how and you’ll find it’s not legal guns (almost never a rifle or AR) and it’s not widespread at all. It’s concentrated is very poor areas of major cities. Of course it’s the spectacular outliers that make the news but those are rare compared to the hundreds of violent and deadly crimes that happen every day in places like Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans and so many other places forgotten by these self proclaimed do-gooders.


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