BREAKING: ‘Mass Casualty Incident’ as Car Rams Waukesha Holiday Parade, Reports of Shots Fired

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A vehicle has reportedly rammed spectators in an annual Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Police are evacuating the area after reports of multiple gunshots being fired.

Some reports indicate the shots were fired from the vehicle that rammed the parade-goers.

Remember that initial reports in these incidents are frequently incorrect. More as information becomes available.

UPDATE: There have been multiple fatalities and a “person of interest” has been taken into custody.


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  1. What’s in the water in Wisconsin? It was a xmas parade. Likely an SS/antifa incel wanting pay back for his pedo brothers getting shot by Kyle.

      • Hey clown, there was justice in the not guilty verdicts. Fomenting violence like your comment is unacceptable. Praying that karma finds you…

      • I would go easy on the sarcasm for awhile. I for one have spent too many nights working on broken people – watching someone intentionally run over children isn’t something any of us are used to.

        • Trucks of peace have been well known for decades they just usually involved vbied. I get the feeling this will be messy (in terms of what happened and what narratives are desperately spun) and a bit beyond the media’s ability to memory hole

        • Appears to be line 2 the criminal misuse of a firearm and a vehicle or more like a vehicle and a firearm.

          1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

          2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

          3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.
          criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

          3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

        • The perp is supposedly in custody. Wait and see what the police say.

          But such an action is not beyond the more extreme and less self-controlled antifa blm members.

      • Perhaps, but more likely simply an opportunistic gathering of people for the attacker to take advantage of.

        Let’s get all the facts before rushing to conclusions.

      • They will deny it an attack on Christianity. Just as they will deny that a terrorist attack was committed by Muslims. There are simply a large number of people who refuse to recognize the truth.

        • the truth would destroy democrats chances for 2024.

          The Democrats don’t need any help to destroy their chances in 22 OR 24 they’re doing a fine job on their own… With POTUS running in the mid 30s and VP in the mid 20s approval they are pretty much screwed already and they just keep piling on the crap… You know it’s bad when they start talking about Buttjugg as a potential candidate in 24… Yeah bring it on…

        • When they say Police have not ruled out terror it usually is a terrorist
          attack. But we can’t blame the FBI, because the FBI is swamped
          investigating all them dangerous parents who complained at school board meetings, and if it is a terror attack, the federal government
          is very busy trying to classify it as depression, or whatever excuse
          they can come up with. After all what can go wrong with open borders. Lesson here is regardless of who it was, don’t leave home without your licensed gun. Just never know when you might need it.

    • jwm,

      I have several cousins who live in Wisconsin. As far as I can tell, all of them are pretty far Left on the political spectrum. And it worked for them historically since virtually all of Wisconsin (with the exception of a relatively small area of Milwaukee) historically has enjoyed astonishingly low violent crime levels and relatively low tax levels.

      I can only imagine that they may begin to wake up in the coming months and years.

      • What an idiotic statement. All states have low crime compared to small pockets of urban centers. Which btw vote democrat…… D.c was pretty peacful until a democrat shot a republican at the Ford theater!

        • Jeff,

          “All states have low crime compared to small pockets of urban centers.”

          That depends on your idea of “low crime”. I have always lived outside of “urban centers” in suburban and semi-rural areas. All of the following have occurred at/on my semi-rural properties:
          — Sexual assault/kidnapping a girl from my property
          — Stolen car crashed in front of my driveway
          — Attempted break-in to my home
          — Burglary at my home (stolen tools from my garage)
          — Petty theft/vandalism at my home
          And my neighbor three doors down was victim of a violent armed home invasion about four years ago.

          All of those events occurred in “nice” non-urban areas without any factors “inviting” those events to occur. And countless others in my state have had somewhat similar (although a bit less severe) experiences. I do not consider that “low crime”.

          I can assure you that my experience is NOT commonplace in semi-rural Wisconsin, at least not historically (according to my dozens of cousins who live there).

  2. Reports are they hit the “dancing grannies”. Who’s got Reindeer jokes?!

    As for the whodunnit/why I’ll withhold judgement until the perpetrators are caught.

    Until then, it’s just off-color (can I say that these days?) commentary while we playing the waiting game.

      • On this one the websleuths probably are correct what with that car being found and all but I’m still going to wait.

        The whole thing’s totally nonsensical from what I’ve seen. The videos of the incident raise more questions than they provide answers.

        Regardless, serious accusations are going to fly all over the place without facts and that’s even more dangerous than usual at this point.

        • “The whole thing’s totally nonsensical from what I’ve seen.”

          Eh, more like the Left ginned-up hate, and being pissed-off means someone is less likely to be thinking straight.

          A perfect formula for getting someone else to do your dirty work…

    • Hey dummy, if this was a white Trump supporter the media would have posted every single thing about him including what he ordered from Starbucks this morning already. Try again snowflake.

    • Darrell E. Brooks, black male, late 30s is the suspect in custody in Waukesha. Know black nationalist and BLM supporter. Recently released on bond.

  3. They’ve gotta learn, dont just stand there staring at the oncoming lights. Run for the ditch .
    Was it an F150? I bet it was an F150, probably had a rebel flag,a cooler full of Milwaukee’s Best and playing country western too.

      • From behind, red SUV. Fakes claiming a white hippie guy in a old Subi Forrester did it are already making the rounds on Twitter. Original image is a Silver subi posted to a message board in 2017, red color was added.

        Obvious fake was obvious. Wrong car type/age, wrong angle and the photo was taken in full dark when this event happened in the light.

        Video of the the actual event, plows through a pretty good number of people from behind the group, homie even slows down to make sure he doesn’t get high centered on bodies.

    • A Rebel Flag in the land of DamnYankees? Come on.
      Even the most radical on the Right do not want to see Dancing Grannies run down.

    • I saw the few seconds of video aired by Fox. The SUV came out of nowhere, came up behind a squad of girls waving flags, and ran right through them. With all the noise around them, the victims had zero idea they were in a killing field.

  4. This is what you get when people can open drive modern assault vehicles with high capacity fuel tanks. Somebody sue Ford and AAA.

    • You forgot the oil companies that made the gasoline, the tire manufacturer, the air compressor manufacture company, oil filter company, windsheild manufacturer, and the fully automatic transmission company. Could be a ghost transmission and high capacity with overdrive !

      • Was the vehicle registered? Did the driver have a state issued license? Are there calls for MORE control on F150s? Where are the calls for universal background checks on pick-up truck purchases?

        Vehicle is a red Ford Escape? Oh, never mind…

  5. Watching various news reports.. only MSNBC saw fit to do a split screen with emergency vehicles on scene in the left window and Kyle Rittenhouse in the right with “CONSEQUENCES” on top. Guesswork or wishful thinking?

    • Consequences?

      For what? Not giving them what they want from that obvious political prosecution?

      Salty and heartless MFers…

    • MSNBC fomenting race war, like good progressives. I’ve refrained from accusing BLM and Antifa for this – things are going to get really ugly if they did it. Better if it turns out to be a Muslim jihadist, really.

    • in MSNBC’s twisted “value system” this would be payback for the judge in Kyle’s trial banning htem from the cuirt facility for breaking the rules about jury tmperint/intimidatioin. One of NBC’s paid operatives had been following the slealed jury bus away from the courthouse, windoes covered, ran a redlight trying to keep uio and got ticketed for that. then the cop asked him WHY are yuo following that bus, and he spilled the beans.. my bosses at MSNBC told me to follow the bus and try to contact individual jurors…. a clar violation of law relative to jury trials. This was reported to Judge Schroeder, who immediatle banished MSNBC from the entire courthouse property for the duratioin of the tiral.. and NBC head honchos are miffed they got caught AND faced sanctions. Judge also promised a through investigtion into the entire incident wiht likelyh charges being filed. MSNBC wiht hand in cookie jar, now mad at Dad for ctching them, taking action, insulting them thewarting their evil plans… so payback IS in order. Per MediaThinkStink.

  6. Just saw this on a news network. There was no mention of gunfire but they did say there was a ‘shelter in place’ order. That was a bit confusing till I read this article here. Thanks TTAG. The video they showed looked like it was a police SUV. But the video here looks different.

    • Well been watching a brainless flick on Netflix. Thanks for the info. Does Wisconsin have a death penalty? Asking for an enemy…

  7. Retaliation for the Rittenhouse verdict. Naïve to think otherwise.

    These people a straight evil. Period.
    There is nothing to debate.

  8. So, the most relevant question is, “What is the motive for this attack?”

    Is it “retribution” for Kyle Rittenhouse verdict?

    Is it a random spree killer/s?

    Is it a Muslim attack on Christians?

    This has me thinking that I may start carrying my .44 Magnum revolver (with 6-inch barrel) on my chest holster when participating in any outdoor gatherings in the next several weeks. I can only imagine/hope that six shots of 240 grain softpoint bullets with a muzzle velocity upwards of 1,300 feet-per-second will have a fair chance of disabling the engine of a vehicle on a rampage.

    • Get a hard cast or FMJ my friend. Never can be too careful. God help us all, hopefully you never have to do that!

    • 10MM hard cast lead 220 grain… does not need to penetrate the engine block, just the windshield (drivers side)…

      • Loved it when I got to try one out but have fun with finding ammo. With that said I would still want one especially with the range of 9mm bullets that can be used in reloading for the cartridge. Snappier than 9 but I found it to be much less than 40

      • When I’m not carrying a .357 revolver (which is most of the time), I carry a Glock 32 .357 SIG. The former is for the rural area I live in, the latter is for when I (infrequently) travel to the closest large metropolitan area.

        Right now, .357 SIG ammunition is more available and cheaper than .357 magnum, but trying to score a .357 SIG pistol is almost impossible.

        • How did you like the 32? Only got to try out the 31 but it did seem like a good overall design. Also if legal/easy for the area gunbroker usually has a few oddballs floating around.

    • Your .44 mag will not stop a car anytime soon; it is hard to do even with a 45/70, 50cal or a full auto 5.56. The best way to stop any vehicle is to shoot it in the driver.

      • Officer Bill,

        I am aware that stopping a car is difficult with any firearm platform short of .50 BMG.

        I figure that shooting large and heavy bullets should be able to penetrate into the engine compartment and (hopefully) disrupt vital engine systems such as the electrical system (especially the battery) or fuel delivery.

        I only mention that strategy simply because it seems like I have a better probability of hitting something in the relatively large target area of the engine compartment compared to trying to hit the relatively small target area of a human torso or head in a speeding vehicle.

        Any way you slice it, it is a dire situation and all options are rather poor options.

        • 50 bmg doesn’t stop momentum………..stops the engine and much of anything behind it from working but it takes a lot of force to physically stop a moving vehicle unless physical barriers get involved which sucks for many things one deals with on deployment.

    • “Is it “retribution” for Kyle Rittenhouse verdict?”

      According to, that looks like a tentative *yes* :

      “On another MathBoi Fly Facebook page belonging to Darrell Brooks, in the name Jay Brooks, he wrote about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict; that trial occurred about an hour away from Milwaukee and Waukesha. To be clear, Waukesha police have not given a motive for the Waukesha parade tragedy.”

      ‘Dancing Grannies’ and under 10 y/o kids sitting on the curb waiting for Santa to pass by, being crushed to death.

      Someone *really* needs to have a chat with those folks about the messaging they’re using. It’s the wrong kind of ‘effective’, unless that ‘Rapper’ is a secret Trump supporter…

    • “Is it a Muslim attack on Christians?”

      Well, is reporting ‘religious’ comments on a page the alleged attacker controls, so…

  9. A local TV news show had a caller (a black male) describing the driver as a black male with dreadlocks. Take it for what it’s worth.

  10. Supposedly the cops shot at the SUV to get it to stop. Their 9mm bullets probably bounced off the windshield. They should have stuck with .357 magnum. 9mm won’t cut it for what’s coming …

  11. There are people who simply hate civilization. And they come in many different forms. If the Press wants us to see the truth?
    They will let us know. If not then start guessing. They did what they could to cover up the facts in The Rittenhouse case.

    • “There are people who simply hate civilization.”

      I’ll lay money on naked hatred of the political right.

      Take my demented troll and up the hate 10,000 percent, and that’s what we are dealing with…

    • “They come in many forms ” , indeed.
      I saw a barred owl sitting on a fire hydrant last night, heard some coyotes yodeling, there where 3 dead deer on the highway, and who’est unto me a dead possum.

    • Possible domestic terrorism?

      But, The President, DHS and the FBI have all been telling us that the “White, male, conservative domestic terrorist” is the deadliest threat to our nation.

      • “White, male, conservative domestic terrorist” is the deadliest threat to our nation.

        OR is it “climate change”? Just repeating what the Waukesha cops said…

  12. Too bad some 17 year old AR-15 toting boys with strong ties to the local community weren’t available for security. Seriously… That’s a shame they weren’t.

  13. News Wisconsin motto: Come to Wisconsin for the sights, stay for the crazy.

    5 dead and at least 40 injured, none of them shot but just from being run down by a car

    But Gasp! a car used purposely to injure/kill innocent people. Ya know, that car thing anti-gun stats and dacian say never happens.

    Now the 40 injured will join the ranks of the around 2,000,000 injured annually in car crashes/incidents that did not die immediately as the result of the crash/incident where at least 3/4 of those will later die as a result of their injuries yet they will never be counted in the death stats for car deaths. This makes death due to car crashes/incidents greatly more annually, by literally millions, than all of the gun related deaths annually including those from “mass shootings”.

    We need to regulate car ownership now, have universal background checks for people who want to own a car, we also need to pass laws requiring a person undergo a background check before they can buy gas for the car. Its pretty obvious that cars are far more dangerous, cause more injury and death annually, then all the civilian ownership guns in the U.S. put together that have been manufactured in the last century.

    • “This makes death due to car crashes/incidents greatly more annually, by literally millions, than all of the gun related deaths annually including those from “mass shootings”.”

      should have been

      This makes death due to car crashes/incidents greatly more annually, by literally a million at a minimum, than all of the gun related deaths/injuries annually including those from “mass shootings” and “suicides”.

      clarification: “…where at least 3/4 of those will later die as a result of their injuries…” – the number varies and ranges from ~1.2 million to ~ 1.7 million will die as a result of, or complications from, or indirectly from a condition caused by or directly related to, those car crash/incident injuries annually.

      • which means overall that legal gun owners and legal guns in society are greatly safer than having vehicles on the streets/roads. Considering injuries from car crash/incident that later kill the victims, a person is 137 times more likely to be injured or killed by a vehicle than they are by a gun.

        Why isn’t Biden doing something about these “mass vehicle killings” every year?

  14. This individual they have in custody was released on bail two days ago. Theres a news report out there that he was fleeing the scene of a knife fight he was involved in elsewhere. That being said he chose to drive into the crowd he chose to run people over, when he’s convicted he needs to face the death penalty.

  15. “The motive is not clear. David Begnaud of CBS news tweeted that, according to a law enforcement official, the parade suspect was “fleeing another scene – possibly a knife fight” before injuring 40 people in the parade. “Several LE sources say preliminary: Wisconsin incident appears to be vehicle fleeing a separate crime scene (stabbing) when it plowed into parade. One person in custody. Investigation ongoing but so far no initial link to terror or the recent Rittenhouse verdict w/@tom_winter,” NBC reporter Jonathan Dienst wrote on Twitter.“

  16. When does the media start calling this guy a racist? I won’t hold my breath. He’s probably enraged BECAUSE of the media and the pols. They probably radicalized him. This is what those liars are doing to us.

  17. Two open felony cases and STILL released on bail (guess THEY believe in the presumption of innocence) facing felony possession of a firearm case and bail jumping from 2020 also assault, domestic violence and reckless endangerment? Supposedly fleeing an altercation involving a knife so he just drives through barricades and mows down a bunch of kids and old women… THIS will add a couple of pages to his rap sheet/résumé…

  18. Typical dem run city, where the evil doers are the victims and the victims are the racist radical patriotic law abiding citizens that had it coming! Kyle R had it figured out. FA and FO!

  19. The Waukesha, Wisconsin, police chief shot down reports and suggestions that parade terror suspect Darrell E. Brooks was fleeing from police when he rammed revelers during Sunday night’s Christmas parade and said that it appears Brooks intentionally ran them down with intent to inflict carnage.

    And why not, the guy was just released on $500 cash bail for beating a woman and running her over at a gas station for refusing to get in his car… This guy should be shoved in the face of EVERY race-baiter of any color who ever made a comment about white privilege… Of course, this story is DOA at CNN and MSDNC…

  20. MSM has not disappointed… Black racist, Burn Loot Murder supporting, wanna-be rapper scum INTENTIONALLY runs down a group of people participating in a fucking CHRISTMAS parade and the MSM describes it as an ACCIDENT(?) and an unfortunate CRASH(?)… Guaranteed by Friday this wanton act of murder that has so far taken 6 lives (the youngest just 8 years old) and injured up to 40 more will have never happened…

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