Portland store window riot protest
(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)
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From the AP

Portland police Friday night declared as a riot a demonstration downtown against the acquittal of a teen who killed two people and injured another during a protest in Wisconsin.

The protest of about 200 people was declared a riot after protesters started breaking windows, throwing objects at police and talked about burning down the Justice Center, KOIN TV reported.

The protesters gathered following the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, 18, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Portland Police Bureau Chief Chuck Lovell said shortly after the verdict that officers were working on plans for Friday night and the weekend, KOIN reported.

By about 8:50 p.m., about 200 protesters had gathered in downtown Portland and blocked streets.

By 9 p.m.., windows were broken and doors of city facilities were damaged. Police tweeted objects were being thrown at officers in the area., KOIN reported.

The police tweeted: “A crowd has gathered near SE 2nd Avenue and SE Madison Street and participants have begun breaking windows and damaging doors of city facilities in the area. People are throwing objects at police officers in the area.”



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  1. The left when a white person shoots black person: rioting and shouts of BLM and racism.

    The left when a black person shoots a black person: *crickets*

    The left when white person shoots white people: rioting and and shouts of BLM and racism.

    Me: *scratching head in disbelief*

    • Portland is a perfect place for their riots. Leftists smashing the businesses of leftists. Perfect. Stay over there, smashing your own windows.

        • Federal taxpayer dollars are on the way to Portland to Build Back Better, as we speak. Shmucks pay again.

      • Portland is a perfect place for their riots

        Because, who cares what they do in Portland? Just another “beautiful day in the neighborhood”…

        • I have quite a few god friends who live there, and THEY hate this nonsense. It seems to them that their city has been stolen from them. WHO is standing up for THEIR interests? One family Ive known for yers happened to l live i near enough the riot zone, they woke uo oh dark thirty one morning with a mob on their front yard, screaming, ,throwing things. He got his AR made sure it was ready but they laiThey had bought that house to rehab and flip. They were nearly done. He moved his wife and kids into a small loft in a friend’s big shop, he fniished the house and some dummie bought it for a fat profit for him. They lived in the loft for nearly a year, then he found a plum job in Montana and moved there.

          But so many others.. there are now parts of Portland I will simply not go, more I won’t go at night. Or on my bike.

          And PCB “officers” just stand there and watch, dodge the bricks, take some fun vids, and tweet.

          It ALL comes down onto WHeeler in the end. And HE does not get it, because he does not WANT to “get it”.

        • I have quite a few god friends who live there, and THEY hate this nonsense.

          Perhaps instead of asking WHO is standing up you should be asking THEM what they are willing to do to stand up for THEIR rights… No one stands up for me and my rights AND I don’t ask nor do I EXPECT anyone too… I take care of myself, I take steps to secure my property, I participate in local elections and I vote for the people whom I believe have my best interest at heart… If they do all that and it’s not working out for them there is nothing I can do to help them from several thousand miles (approximately 3000)
          away… If they won’t hold the local cops and city government accountable for ANTIFAs presence that is another problem in itself… You won’t see ANTIFA or BLM rioting and burning businesses where I live… Why? Because we the people won’t put up with it, we are armed with both firearms AND the rule of law, not to mention a Governor who won’t put up with their BS… Grow a pair, if the cops won’t/can’t do it then do it yourselves… Last time I looked throwing feces and urine along with rocks and sticks is “assault”, arson is a felony and considered wanton endangerment and looting/theft can range from misdemeanor to felony but ALL are reasonable cause for self-defense… Those clowns are the school Bully, punch them in the mouth hard enough and often enough and they WILL go away…

        • Same here. I used to live south of Portland about 20 years ago, had friends in the suburbs, and I spent a fair amount of time visiting. It is NOT the same city now.

          Similar story with Seattle. Used to go there whenever I could. After what happened there in 2020, never going there again if I have anything to say about it.

  2. “The protest of about 200 people was declared a riot after protesters started breaking windows, throwing objects at police and talked about burning down the Justice Center,”

    news flash – protestors use violence to protest violence

    Republican congressman Madison Cawthorn is offering Rittenhouse an internship, and telling supporters to “be armed, be dangerous, and be moral” while exercising the right to self-defense.

    • Gotta disagree. It’s a protest until the first window is broken, or the first molotov is thrown, or the first bystander or cop is assaulted. It is at that point that it becomes a riot. I’ll point out that in Kenosha, there were protests all day long, prior to the rioters going crazy. Those may, or may not, have been the very same people. But, demonstrations are good, riots are bad.

      March and chant all you like, but be prepared for the bad actors in your crowd to turn things to pigshite.

      • Protesters protest during the day peacefully. No one harms them. Then Antifa and the opportunists come out a night, creatures of the dark, faces covered to avoid identification.

  3. Seriously though. It may be visibly going on in Portland, and being displayed in Kenoshia, but where I live you can almost see the waves of anger radiating off some people over this.

    This morning I made a quick run to the grocery store to pick up something my wife wanted. I had been doing some work around the house so instead of changing clothes and dressing for concealed carry like I would usually do I slapped on an OWB holster quickly and open carried. The tension was very thick from some people, one guy followed me around the store just to make sure I knew he was angry. One lady smiled at me and lifted the edge of her shirt to show an OWB holster with her Sig Sauer, then she her shirt edge behind the gun so she was open carrying. I got some stares from people like they were trying to stab me with those stares. people in the parking lot avoided me, one couple stopped, turned around, and went back to their car and kept looking at me. There were a few others around open carrying too, but I saw people in the store that I knew concealed carry.

    • It’s a bit odd here and I mentioned this a while back. SC passed the open carry law August of this year if you have the State permission slip.. (CWP) I have yet to see anyone open carrying in my area of the Upstate.
      That being said I don’t think anyone would care one way or another. Not a great many progressive/Democrats/Leftists/Karens here. Heck, I may give it a go one time just to observe but my bet is people would think I’m some kind of law enforcement. I would think it depends on how you dress and that includes the holster. A black highspeed, low drag kydex contraption vs my leather cross draw car holster.

      • I also live in upstate SC and have carried concealed IWB for years here and Ohio. I have not carried open in SC just because I don’t like people knowing I have a gun. It’s personal for me. I do admit I am a lot less anal about making sure it is totally concealed. Sometimes I just pull my shirt out a little to cover the grip. I agree most people down here don’t seem to really care one way or another.

      • I no longer OC much for personal reasons, but I used to all the time. There were 4 or 5 of us in a surprisingly small area at the time and yet we never ran into each other outside of planned gatherings.

      • This is the first time I’ve seen it this way in the around 30 years I’ve carried here.

        Usually here no one notices or cares if you open carry. Occasionally an anti-gun person says something or might give ya a look, but overall nothing really notable happens with open carry here. We don’t need a permission slip to open or conceal carry here. You are welcomed to carry open or concealed in most places here.

      • skateboards are violence!

        a skateboard has the capability to injure or kill many in a short amount of time and everyone with a skateboard is a potential murderer.

        we need to regulate skateboards

        skateboard-control is needed.

        the number of skateboards is epidemic and a public health emergency.

        skateboards get into the hand of criminals too easily, and “ghost skateboards” make it too easy for people to get skateboards.

        A lot of criminals skateboards come from private sales of skateboards, these private sales need to be banned.

        no one needs an assault skateboard

        no one needs a four wheeled skateboard.

        skateboards use should be subject to permitting.

        the constitution never said a person has an individual right to a skateboard, only that a well regulated skateboard team could have them.

        mandatory buyback for skateboards now!

        Just about anyone can walk into Walmart or anyplace that sells skateboards and walk out with one no questions asked and some of those people are convicted felons or have severe mental health issues. Universal background checks for skateboards are a necessity.

        When will the mass-skateboarding in this country stop! When! Oh the humanity!

    • “I got some stares from people like they were trying to stab me with those stares.”

      Just give them your biggest shit-eating-grin in return and start to chuckle… 😉

    • Yeah, I’m clear about how Marxist ideology distorts reality and manipulates the distortion as propaganda for agenda purposes but still trying to wrap my head around how they turned an egregiously seriously dangerous and deadly felony like violent Mob rioting looting, and burning into something ‘understandable’ in a modern ‘woke’ society? I remember in 1968 when Chicago’s Mayor Daley gave an order to police to “shoot to kill rioting looters on sight”! And there wasn’t any outrage or censure in terms of some stupid impeachment of Daley. The city was burning and it had to stop immediately. Then in the Detroit Riots they brought in units recently returned from Combat Duty in Nam Infantry or Marines or to conduct ‘clearing’ of high-rise apartment rioters who sniped and shot up the city and police during those ’68 riots. A lot of ambulances and body bags but those hard-core boys didn’t waste any time or fuck around letting these dangerous anarchists get away with terrorizing and putting the citizens under siege. I remember seeing old news films of a squad of soldiers carrying early A-1 versions of the ‘Kenosha Kid’s M-4 version as they stormed the building complexes. Order was restored forthwith. In Chicago, After Mayor Daley’s order and a period of hot and heavy gunfire between marauding looters and arsonists up and down West Madison street’s Commerical area curfew was established and peace was restored. And the famous Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitations immediately moved out collected up the dead looter bod…, I mean garbage in the Windy City which was also known for its considerably clean streets and neighborhoods for such a large metropolis.
      Oh, and back then at demonstrations, you didn’t DARE throw shit at CPD. You even looked like you were picking something up to throw you suddenly screeched to a stop in pain and You were thrown… in the Wagon. There were no high tec equipment demos, tactics or tasers. But that nightstick–especially the fiberglass ones– hard across your ass fixed your rioting clock real fast.

      And of course, that’s what we paid them $9.50 an hour to do. Just can’t figure how it got so complicated and stupid today? But at least the exoneration of the “Kenosha Kid” might encourage some common sense to push back on all this nihilist commie mental illness spreading throughout the land…

    • “Send in the scoops!!!”

      “As you surrender your body, what music and visual imagery would you like to experience?”

      “I wanna hear the ‘Glenn Miller Orchestra’ and I wanna see cops beating up hippies!” :

  4. Portland is reaping what Portland sowed. Until they punish rioters, it will continue at the least provocation.
    Business owners should guard their properties and dispatch anyone who attacks them.

    • Well BLM is a bunch of race baiting worthless p.o.s. They should be treated as domestic terrorists and treated accordingly.. America is putting up with way too much b.s. A little less condemnation and more holding people accountable.. #fuckBLM

  5. 200 rioters? They could have rolled that bitty little group up in half an hour. Portland wants riots. They like riots. They riot over the weather change there.

    Nobody cares if they riot in Portland.

    • Hmm…I have a fakebook friend who lives across the river in Vancouver,Washington. He seems unconcerned. Ho hum. Nothing really bad south of Chiraq. It’s amusing having homie get all bent out of shape on my ILL CCL groups. I’m quite ready.

      • former water walker I guess your ‘friend’ is nice and safe across the river there in Vancouver WA. Maybe he and you should take a walk to Portland and see what is really going on?

  6. The BLM ANTIFA rioters have in the past actually firebombed the 911 operation center at the Justice Center in Portland, they firebombed the condo tower that Mayor Wheeler lived in, (he moved out after the attack to protect his neighbors from the ongoing threat) and have repeatedly firebombed the headquarters of the Portland Police Association.

    Some might recall that the deadliest mass murder by a single assailant in US history was the Happyland Social Club fire. The weapons used were a match and a pop bottle of gasoline. It is all to easy to imagine the horrific carnage that could result from a rioting mob torching a high rise apartment or condo tower at all of the exit points. This is especially true if the rioters are standing by to assault evacuees.

    The rioting ANTIFA BLM mobs’ favored technique is to douse the contents of a garbage dumpster with gasoline, light the dumpster on fire, then use the dumpster as a shield as they push it towards their intended target. This technique was being demonstrated by the rioting mob at Kenosha when Kyle Rittenhouse employed a fire extinguisher to foil their plot. This of course provoked the attempts to retaliate by killing him.

    Obviously; becoming personally involved by extinguishing a dumpster fire will provoke a violent response. Employing deadly force to protect yourself will provoke demonization and malicious prosecution. Anyone who might intervene anonymously by employing a rifle from long range to shoot a few of the most violent protestors will be demonized as a murderer. Even those who claim to support the Second Amendment will forget the Biblical example of Esther and abandon anyone who cares to employ effective tactics.

    I say let our cities burn. Let the Democrats radicalize and politically indoctrinate our police and military. Meekly surrender when the storm troopers who have been seduced by Critical Race Theory begin rounding up white people, or at least white males, loading them in boxcars and livestock cars, then shipping them off to concentration camps where they will be treated to cyanide showers. It will be a repeat of the genocide in Haiti, but at a nuch grander scale.

    • “I say let our cities burn.”
      You are probably too young to remember the 70’s.
      TOO MANY innocents were injured during the burning of “Watts and other inner cities by their own residents and leftwing antagonists.

    • “The rioting ANTIFA BLM mobs’ favored technique is to douse the contents of a garbage dumpster with gasoline, light the dumpster on fire, then use the dumpster as a shield as they push it towards their intended target.”

      Simple solution – Remove the caster-wheels on the dumpsters…

      • Ooooo. I bet no one ever thought if that, Geoff. At which Ivy League school did you matriculate?

        Just kidding. You’re an idiot 🖕🤡!

        • Troll is upset that if Geoff’s excellent idea is carried out it won’t be able to push dumpsters around anymore. Go back to mommy’s basement you little bitch.

        • “Ooooo. I bet no one ever thought if that, Geoff.”

          ‘a real man’, what a joke!

          A real man would be living a life instead of hanging out in mommy’s basement (Thx, muc!).

          No one here likes you, so why you continue to hang out here demonstrates the mental illness you suffer.

          Personally, I want you to suffer. Suffer long, suffer hard, as I and everyone else here treats you like their own personal punch-toy, like this one :


          That’s you, an inflatable idiot that keeps coming back for more, no matter how many times someone metaphorically punches your fuck face in.

          I wish to assure you, you will grow tired of this *long* before I will.

          Now, go get your shine box, little boy… 😉

    • “Well, it’s Portland.”

      You have to admit, that’s a brilliant racket they’ve concocted out there –

      No one dares to complain, or they will be targeted by the thugs.

      I’m really surprised no out there yet has found out who those folks are, and passed that info along to folks who enjoy solving problems like that.

      If they ever find their ‘leaders’ being systematically ‘picked off’, one-by-one, it won’t take long for their rank-and-file to make the connection between thuggish violence and and waking up in an ER with a lack of some teeth and a few broken bones. And if they consider scars as a badge of honor, they could one day simply *disappear*, never to be seen again, feeding the catfish in the Hood river or Lake Oswego.

      A few of their leaders evaporating on them will make some of them reconsider their personal life choices… 🙂

  7. Well I just read the rag newspaper called the Oregonian, the biggest newspaper in Oregone, & their trying to downplay the Portland riot. According to the rag newspaper, only 100 protesters were there & not one mention of broken windows, looting, or any interaction between the Po Po & themselves. Just yelling & posturing.
    But that’s Oregone for ya. Politicians in this state really like polishing turds, mainly because businesses are complaining & leaving.
    But the homeless & punks need something to do when they get cold & wet.

    • “Well I just read the rag newspaper called the Oregonian, the biggest newspaper in Oregone, & their trying to downplay the Portland riot.”

      Well, of course!

      That ‘newspaper’ and the folks that work there have no interest in being targeted like the attacked businesses were attacked.

      What needs to happen is the citizens deciding ‘enough is enough’ and dealing with what the police refuse to deal with…

        • “…Wow Geoff. You make an excellent point”

          And here we see the demented troll jumping up and down and screeching like a chimpanzee and flinging his poo.

          Guess what? When you fling poo, all you get are fingers that smell like shit… 😉

  8. The biggest problem with the riots is that it encourages the people to move. They will then vote for the politicians who support and encourage this behavior, and thus pollute the good and safe places with their kind of politicians.

  9. There’s nothing wrong with a tactical retreat. Some areas of the country are lost. Imagine conservatives leaving these areas for battleground states. They’d never lose another national election.

  10. Well apparently they made no arrests and that is precisely why they riot there over every issue that bothers them. If there are no consequences for violent behavior then what happened is completely predictable. Sad state of affairs that these politicians have so little respect for the people who live in that city and have had their businesses and lives destroyed. They come to my town in Colorado and pull that nonsense they get arrested and if they don’t get arrested there is a high probability of them getting shot. No one should have to put up with the destruction of their personal property or a violent attack.

  11. Throwing stuff at police is a sign the cowards are keeping their distance. Damage to buildings, etc. indicates cowards have moved assault and battery down on the list…for obvious reasons.

    Rioting over what was clearly concocted charges followed by a jury not buying BS shows just how sick in the head the rioting punks are. Fortunately there are self defense laws. Knowing when, where and how to use those laws is crucial. In others words if you are not cornered, take cover or leave and call the police…if your local police has not been defunded.

  12. There were also protests in Kenosha, larger protests in New York and Chicago, and in Columbus, Ohio about 100 people showed up for a protest there.

  13. The money shot on the Portland TV stations last night was the remnants of the police riot squad (they all resigned a few months ago) bravely retreating into the sally port while the rioters hurled various objects and abuse upon them.

    It reminds me of brave, Brave, BRAVE Sir Robin’s encounter with the three headed giant.


  15. Marissa Alexander. Alexander, an African American woman, didn’t cross state lines looking for trouble. It found her. Per her testimony, after fleeing her abusive, estranged husband after he broke through a locked door and shoved her to the floor, she fired a warning shot at him. No one was hurt.

    She was sentenced to 20 years.

    A perfect and not usual example of white privilege (Rittenhouse) and a black woman getting the book thrown at her for her use of self defense when no one was even hurt.

    • dacian, First, you have condensed her case into three short sentences.
      Second, you have lied about her sentence. She was sentenced to THREE YEARS and was released in 2015.
      Third, she fired a “warning shot”. At the very least this is the crime of RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT. You canNOT fire warning shots. Warning shots go through doors, walls, windows etc and endanger people. For you to use deadly physical force in a case like this the threat has to be imminent, i.e.: the threat has to be other than verbal or a text which the “threat” was.
      Fourth, the Appeals Div of the Florida Courts, reversed the original conviction because of an improper jury instructions.
      On January 27, 2015, Alexander was released from a Jacksonville jail under a plea deal that capped her sentence to the three years she had already served. She pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated assault for firing a shot in the direction of her husband. She also agreed to serve two years of house arrest, wearing an ankle monitor. She will be allowed to work, attend classes and take her children to school and medical appointments. Her case helped to inspire a new state law permitting warning shots in some circumstances.

      So much for your “white privilege” nonsense.


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