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Scene outside the supermarket. Via

British news outlets are reporting that a man walked into the Mercadona supermarket in As Lagoas, Spain, shouting “Allahu Akbar,” before opening fire into the air and then at a policeman. It doesn’t appear that there were any casualties.

Officer Carlos Perez, who was already at the supermarket, revealed he was fired at when he tried to stop the attack.

The 38-year-old revealed the attacker was only apprehended after his colleagues arrived.

He said: “I had the impression that he ran out of ammunition.”

The attacker was allegedly carrying “gasoline and gunpowder” in his pockets. Despite that, the Daily Star calls the attack a “botched robbery” although offers nothing to support the assertion. The shooter apparently been arrested; his identity and motive have not yet been formally confirmed.

According to a survey of international gun laws maintained by the U.S. Library of Congress, gun laws in Spain are characterized as being “highly restrictive.”

The bearing of arms by civilians is not considered a right but a privilege that may be granted by the government if legal conditions are met…. Different types of licenses are required according to the type of weapon to be used.  Firearms licenses for personal security are restricted to those who can prove that a real danger to their security exists. Automatic weapons are strictly forbidden to civilians.

Firearms must be kept in safe, locked, and secure storage.

Depending on the type of license issued, Spanish citizens may be limited to owning as few as five firearms. Or, of course, none if they lack the approval of the Spanish state.

As Lagoas is located in northwestern Spain, north of the Portuguese border.

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  1. Ran outa’ boo-lits you say? Generalisimo Franco approved? They’ll probably declare “emergencia” like their neighbors to the north?

  2. I went to college (1980’s) with a kid from Spain.
    His family was extremely wealthy, and his Father was in government
    He had a carry permit. He said you were limited to 40 rounds of ammunition per year for your carry gun and To buy replacement ammunition, you had to turn in your spent brass.

  3. Hey Europe: Had enough yet, or do you want to keep with the Eurocrat elites who have gotten you into this mess?

    I’d ask America the same thing, but I guess President Trump might be the answer to that question. We’ll see if he manages to get anything done regarding national security.

  4. Fired into the air?

    That’s not normal procedure for these guys… unless it’s a theater with people in the upper rows.

  5. A thought. One fine morning, the citizens of Mecca look into the sky to see the USAF Thunderbirds sky writing, in gaily colored smoke, their favorite religious saying. The T-Birds fly away, to the amazement and delight of the citizens.

    Shortly thereafter, there’s a blinding flash.

    A few decades later, souvenirs of molten glass are sold in roadside stands within the region.

  6. Just stop! Islam is the religion of peace! That Muslims practice the religion of piece (as in they’ll blow you to pieces) is just semantics. Move along. Barack “Hussein” Obama says Muslims are great so you have to believe him and ignore the fact that he is one of them.

  7. Nothing says “I am a serious and competent terrorist” like a handful of bullets fired into the air and a pocket-sized container of gasoline.

    Sounds more like a Middle East wedding celebration than an attack.

  8. I’m Spanish and just wanted to say that no one in Spain is talking about a terrorist attack/attempt. The guy was mentally retarded and had no links at all with ISIS or any other terrorists…

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