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GLOCK markets their handguns as exemplifying perfection — a claim that their sales numbers would seem to support. Improvements on perfection are always welcome, though. Last year GLOCK came out with a new twist on their existing G17 and G19 lines, expanding the “MOS” or Modular Optic System to these most popular models they make. We got our hands on some samples ahead of time for a review and Jeremy absolutely loved it, making the G19 his new everyday carry gun. It looks like our readers agree and have namedthe G17 / G19 MOS 2016’s Reader’s Choice Award winner for Best New Handgun.

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  1. I’ve only tried three pistols including a Glock so my pool is kind of limited, but he Glock 19 (gen3) is exceptionally comfortable in my hand. Shoots great one handed with 115gr? loads.

    My only gripe is that the mag/grip sticks out a little bit depending on how you carry it.

    I would love to have a red dot on mine buuuuu that pesky thing called priorities gets in the way.

        • Yes! And before anyone gets butt hurt, I’m just teasing. I won’t carry a glock but if you do… God bless you. I also have a Dodge and have been known to crack on Chevys and Fords.

    • Why a red dot sight?
      Precise aiming with two-eyes-open while focusing on the target, which is what pretty much everyone does during the adrenaline dump of a deadly threat.

      To expect anyone, even a highly trained shooter, to focus on the front sight and line it up with a rear sight during a DGU, is simply unrealistic.

      • I’ve lined up sights on DGUs and DTUs. It’s entirely possible. Heck, if pepper spray cans had sights I’d line those up, too.

        We had a guy on my shift tonight investigating a felony hit and run at a residence at night. An 80 pound pit bull came out to “great” our guys. Our cop pulled out a Taser X2 and went 2/2 (for a total of 4 probe impacts) on the advancing, aggressive dog. Handguns are a lot more accurate than Tasers, which are more accurate than OC spray.

        The dog is fine, although it likes cops even less than it did before. And we also found our suspect, who pretended not to be home but came out after she heard her dog yelping.

    • It has also gone bang every time I needed it to, it hasn’t failed to chamber a round, broken, or anything else so far, 9mm is the most plentiful bullet in the world and its almost as cheap as dirt! After market parts too. 🙂

      I generally stick to Glocks and ARs because they work. I’ve managed to ram a magazine into the receiver of an AK, the M9 I used in CMCC(usmc) might as well have been a shotgun, and the last shotgun I looked at refused to chamber shells reliably on top of being a pain to take apart.

      Make a product that works and is at a good price point… customers will flock to you 🙂

      In response to Curtis in IL

      Exactly, I would love me a red dot because the last time I mag dumped at something I completely missed it. I also missed everything around it too haha…

  2. When I saw ‘glock MOS’ I assumed ‘MOS’ meant it was a police model… an interpretation I bet they encourage for sales.

  3. Ruger. Beretta. Smith&Wesson. Springfield. Kahr. Bersa. Ruger. Heckler&Koch. Walther. CZ. FN. IWI. Browning. SigSauer. Canik…. Ruger.
    Many companies all across the world that make perfectly serviceable -or even great – handguns. I REFUSE TO JUMP ON THE GLOCK BANDWAGON!!!
    (Rant completed)
    Ruger! (ha!)

  4. The choice is more of a reflection of the popularity of Glock and it’s cult following. I voted for the P320, which is far more innovative than anything Glock did, even though my choice of plastic striker fired handguns remains Springfield.

  5. I picked up a non-MOS G17 a few weeks ago. I find it to be a boring pistol.

    Typical of Glock no malfunctions in the first 500 rounds. Accuracy is perfectly acceptable etc.

    The only real complaint I have is that it rubs on the middle finger of my right hand when I shoot it because it doesn’t quite for my hand flawlessly. The result is that when I do have flyers they’re low and left as opposed to my usual straight to the right. A pair of Mechanix gloves solved this problem and it’s not really even a problem until I’ve put a number of mags through the gun and it’s rubbed a raw spot on my finger.

    I would also consider changing out the sights for shooting past 25 yards, but other than that it’s a standard Glock. Solid, dependable, accurate and boring. You’ll either like it or hate it because it’s a Glock, not because it doesn’t work well.

    • Exactly! They are no frills reliable duty pistols, its there when you need it and works as-is right out of the box. Its not a competition pistol, show piece, fashion statement, or really anything other than a mundane, reliable gun.

      • Interesting that it affects a lot of other people too. It’s weird because I didn’t detect it when gripping the pistol. In fact I didn’t detect it at all until I was three mags or so into shooting the gun. Going back and just looking at the gun I don’t see what the actual problem is but I know it’s there.

        • Well I have boney fingers so I figured that was the reason.
          I’ve never gotten a blister there so I don’t worry about it. It doesn’t seem to affect my accuracy since the trigger finger is the only thing moving in my hands.

        • I didn’t get a blister. The thing wore a hole into my hand. Feels like runburn but sans the skin right where my middle finger meets it’s first knuckle. It’s like a dog that licks neurotically until all the skin is gone.

          Uncomfortable, but unlike the dog I can stop it.

    • This is a common problem. A lot of manufacturers offer grip stipling and reducing the size of the bulky GLOCK trigger guard. Do not use a dremel tool or you will incur the wrath of Dyspeptic.

      I may eventually do this to a few GLOCK lowers, but it isn’t high on my priority list.

  6. It seems glocks are tweaked and modified far more than any other pistol. My PPQ took a Backstrap change and I reversed the mag release. I didn’t change barrels,trigger,grips,or anything else.

      • as in “odd”?

        i know some tweakers that need to tweeze.

        this is an old model with optics, with an overwhelming voter base. the austrians hacked the database to get an ugly, fugly old hag elected. at least she can still spit reliably.

      • The Q stands for Quick, but for you it can stand for Quip.
        Walther sells an exceptionally accurate threaded barrel and spring kit for the PPQ. The gun doesn’t need trigger parts replacement just to allow reasonable accuracy. In all, it’s not a bad gun. I have no reason to prefer the 19.

    • That is what makes Glock so popular. You can buy one and then proceed to turn it into a brand new gun!

  7. I equate a Glock with a shovel. Perfectly serviceable tools well designed to do what they were built to do. Both tools generally lack any redeeming aesthetic qualities, I don’t brag about owning them to my friends and I wouldn’t spend much money improving either one. They’re both simple to operate, reliable and easy to maintain. I am just as likely to fill a safe with Glocks as with shovels, but I’ll never let go of my G19. Sometimes you need a shovel.

  8. I’ve had one red dot, one red laser and one green laser fail this past year, probably from recoil, all new purchases. Anyhow, I watched a YouTube vid with the accomplished shooter Rob Latham that said your main focus as a shooter should be trigger control, not focus on the sights. In particular, he says that most trainers get it wrong when they tell new shooters to focus on the front sight and squeeze the trigger. I followed Latham’s advice and tremendously improved my times and accuracy. Start with dry fire and learn to press the trigger FAST without jerking the barrel. I won’t post the YouTube link here because that might violate site policy but do give it a whirl. I carry a Glock 23 which is very similar to the G19.. first two times with the new G23, my results were very bad. Now, it’s easy peasy to hit most anything I’d need to hit with proper technique. Don’t look for the latest gadget, look to improve your technique for the best results.


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