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“Killed with a gun.” What would it mean if someone read a list of all the people who died in automobile accidents, following each name with “killed in a car.” That cars are dangerous? Certainly. But would the litany of the dead (not to mention the tens of thousands seriously injured and maimed) stop Americans driving cars? No it wouldn’t. Driving a car a risk – benefit trade-off that most of us make every day of our lives, so that we can live our lives to the full. Of course it’s not the same. Automobiles serve a useful purpose. Guns don’t. Unless . . .

you count all the times an American used a gun to protect life. Or the number of people who live in peace and freedom because an armed populace prevents the rise of a tyrannical government. That’s an analysis that the civilian disarmament movement does not do. They will not admit the many benefits of gun ownership. Can not. Instead, they wave the bloody shirt with sanctimonious serenity. Slow dancing in the blood of victims gunned down in a “gun-free zone.” Innocents who might have been saved by the proverbial “good guy with a gun.”

“No one’s trying to take away your guns,” the sister of a teacher murdered by Adam Lanza insists. But no matter how earnestly she says it, the statement is, in fact, a lie. MAIG and their followers want to take away Americans’ guns. They want to ban “assault weapons.” They want to prevent ordinary Americans from carrying handguns for self-defense. They want to stop those who do from carrying “too many” bullets—until they can be prevented from carrying any.

Strangely, Miss Soto glimpses the fact that her logic is flawed, admitting that “universal background checks” may not have saved her sister. “It’s a bigger picture than that,” she prevaricates. And that is the truth—as The People of the Gun would tell her if she’d let them. The truth is that the liberties we enjoy come at a cost. The life we cherish must sometimes be actively, violently protected to survive; by those who find themselves directly in the line of fire. The best way to do that? With a gun.

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  1. 11,000 homicides with guns. 50,000-2,500,000 crimes (assault, rape, homicide) stopped with guns. If you ask lady justice guns are here to stay. If you ask crooks guns have to go.

    • I think the “killed with a gun” sentence is a bit short. I’d like to see something like “killed with a gun, by ….”. You’d see interesting lists:

      – Killed with a gun, by himself.
      – Killed with a gun, by ABC the gangbanger.
      – Killed with a gun, by Dick C., the hunter.

      Or even more interesting, “killed with a gun, by …, in …”:

      – Killed with a gun, by XYZ the burglar, in New York City.
      – Killed with a gun, by ABC the gangbanger, in Chicago.

  2. Agreed. You could say killed with a car, hammer, hands, a bomb. Isn’t that they were murdered by a mad man enough. Maybe I missed the part where they say, ” Killed with a pressure cooker bomb.”

    We need our version naming the people saved by a gun.

    “Saturday, June 15, in San Bernardino a homeowner shot and wounded the burglar after he tried to attack the homeowner late , police say.”

    STANTON, Calif.—A 72-year-old Southern California grandmother who shot at—and narrowly missed—a man trying to break into her home said Tuesday she was shocked at the attention her action was getting but does not regret defending herself and her husband, an 85-year-old World War II veteran who uses a wheelchair.

    LAS VEGAS (KSNV MyNews3) – Metro police are seeking a suspect today after another suspect in a home break-in attempt Friday night was shot and wounded by the homeowner. The break-in attempt occurred about 9:15 p.m. in the 4200 block of San Alivia Court, near Southern Highlands and St. Rose parkways.

    The homeowner shot at the men as they attempted to break in, police said. The suspects ran, leaving their backpacks, police said.

    There you go.

  3. “No one is trying to take your guns” has officially surpassed “common sense restrictions” as the go-to phrase that annoys me the most. Of course, the child who said it probably has absolutely know idea how many times we have watched local, state, and federal actors try to do exactly that over the years.

  4. At least 100,000 people are killed each year by catching infections in hospitals from staff who have failed to follow sanitary hygiene procedures ie washing their hands before seeing the next patient. We must start a cause going from hospital to hospital and we should use a private politically themed bus.

  5. My uncle died drag racing when I was 4 and he was 19. It devestated my mother and my grandparents. Two close friends of mine died drag racing when I was 18. One of my best friends had his brain left on a telephone pole, the other was dismembered when the car was ripped in half hitting a second pole. In neither event did anyone blame the cars for these horrifc tragedies.

  6. There’s no “may” about it, universal background checks would not have saved anyone in Sandy Hook, just like they wouldn’t have saved anyone in Aurora, or anyone at Virginia Tech, and the list goes on.

  7. I would posit more way people are irresponsible with cars (texting, talking on phone, drunk, high) than have ever been irresponsible with guns. My sister just got a new car and it has a big LCD in the middle that shows that facebook crap on it for crissakes. How in the hell is that safe?

    In the last three months I’ve almost been t-boned twice by idiots on their phone blowing a red light and not even knowing it.

    • My radio and heater controls are a touch screen. Stupidest thing ever put in a car. If not for the steering wheel controls, I’d have killed myself and/ or others by now.

  8. Forget “killed by a Car” how about “killed by a government”.
    By the time you finished reading the list there would be a few million more names to add to it.

  9. well, at least she is right about one thing. It IS bigger than Sandy Hook. I’m all for the people of individual states deciding whether or not THEY want to close the gun show loop hole. Who am I to tell them what to do? We have to stand up to the continuing power grab of the Federal government and demand our sovereign states protect us.

    • Background checks are performed at gun shows. There’s no loop hole for purchasing a gun there and not going thru a background check.

  10. Who thinks the NRA should counter this ad?

    “While true as in the MAIG video these people were killed with a gun, i offer you this:
    (insert name here) was saved by a gun,(insert name here) was saved by a gun,(insert name here) was saved by a gun,(insert name here) was saved by a gun (repeat till blue in face). these are just a few of the many who everyday are saved by good people with guns but go unnoticed.”
    And yet refuse to accept it and try to limit these peoples capacity to protect themselves and others?Whose side are you really on? Because its not the side of the people you claim to protect.


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