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KOB News is reporting that there has been a shooting at the Aztec High School in northwest New Mexico. Reports indicate that three are dead, apparently including the suspected shooter, and at least a dozen more have been injured.


San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen told reporters that three people believed to be students died Thursday at Aztec High School. He said the shooter also was dead but didn’t say whether the suspect was among the three.

Police said the suspect in the shooting at Aztec High School has been identified and is “no longer with us.”

It is unknown at this time who the suspected shooter is and what their relation to the school might be. There also is no report on the weapon used, or whether the suspect is one of the three who have been reported as being deceased. Stay tuned for more information.

New Mexico school shooting leaves three dead, 15 injured

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    • No, there’s always a chance it wasn’t the gun and that it was in fact a person who committed the crime.

        • Since you both COMPLETELY missed the point lemme ‘splain. I think we can do away with the SUSPECTED part when a bad guy is killed doing a bad thing. I think it’s a pretty sure thing he did it.

        • Because U.S. law enforcement and/or military personnel have never shot an killed an innocent suspect during an event right?

        • Yes if “awesome” is now a synonym for vacuous and trite… this inane “guns dont kill people, people kill people” NRA nonsense slogan has been around for decades… its hard imagine how dimwitted and boring you have to be to think it was somehow interesting to repost… whos more of a DB, the original poster or her cheerleader…

        • DandD continues to show some people are just born stupid and cannot shake it no matter how hard they try.

    • Because of liable, although the person may be caught in the act.
      Because of attorneys and the law you can’t call a spade a spade!
      Too much P. C. BS!

      • No it’s because of the 6th amendment (a wonderful thing, albeit not upheld properly).

        You know, the whole innocent until proven guilty thing…

    • Progressivism in our country can mean that a few might be willing to dope up a madman and send him out with a gun in an attempt to create the next soap box for liberals to push for more senseless gun control. We have already seen how careless the Liberals were when pursuing their globalist agendas but we can also see their moral high ground crumbling beneath them.

        • Yep, I sure did make a mistake. I went to cut and paste, and I cut off the last letter of a word.
          Know whose fault that is? My fault. Let’s fix that typo:

          1) Hey Michael Clarke: You’re the stupidest person in the world. The whole world!

          2) Hey Michael Clarke: When’s the last time that YOU admitted you made a mistake?

        • The odds are actually quite good given the high frequency of crimina shooting events and the infrequency of gun legislation. Plus the legislative aspect takes time allowing for a greater chance that a negative event will overlap the legislative public timeframe.

          I’d put the odds at about 97% so you can all put away your tinfoil hats.

        • Thanks for funding my food stamps and welfare to buy vodka cocktails, I appreciate it, gives me extra time to tutor yall since I never have to work : D

      • “What if somebody, or somebodies, are collecting an inventory of wackos, just waiting for the politically fortuitous time to send them into battle?”

        Shuuuuuure. Cuz that’s exactly how the world works. Nefarious conspiracies that always seem to work against what you want. Why never the other way ’round do you think?

        • Who would have ever thought the Attorney General and Justice Department would have the ATF facilitating illegal arms sales to criminals involved with drug gangs so they could take them across the border to another sovereign country (and ally) where they would be used to commit crimes and kill people for the nefarious purposes of pushing an anti-gun legislative agenda. Nah… that’s just too unbelievable.

      • You don’t need to collect whack-jobs, there’s a steady supply. Control of communications will let you promote a recent event whenever you need to.

        That said, read Farenheight 451. Yeah, book burnings and erasing history. Also, permanent e-mediated distraction, and universal surveillance creating an inventory of sketchy distractions to be deployed when they need one.

        • When you can’t choose which modern literary dystopia to live in, we seem to have chosen “all of them.”

        • Since no one really reads books anymore, how about all the editing going on with the History Channel. They put something out 10 years ago and when they do it again, it is edited to reflect what today’s Big Bro wants.

      • Should be a testable hypothesis. Chart legislation as it proceeds through the process against events. There are other possibilities though. I believe it has been pretty much proven that major media has been co-opted for political goals. It may be they emphasize/deemphasize coverage of events to kill or promote legislation. Actually i would say that has already been demonstrated. Not just on 2nd ammendment civil rights. Also should be testable. The underlying issue is the fairness of arbitrary restricting some rights for law abiding people that have a right to self protection. National reciprocity would be the right thing to do. Restoring rights to law abiding doesn’t mean you support criminals.

    • I feel really sick to my stomach that I’ve become as cynical as I have, and my thoughts go out to the families of those injured or killed in this attack, but yeah…

      HPA -> Las Vegas attack
      Reciprocity -> This attack

      I too am starting to wonder about the coincidences.

    • Not really surprising!!! We all know how this works. My problem with all of these School shooting is that Teachers & Administrators are defenseless!!! WHEN WILL THIS COUNTRY START PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN??

    • The odds are pretty good, actually. Don’t forget:
      1) The fact that there is very often a gun bill or issue being ‘worked on’ in the legislature, by either side.
      2) The fact that these shootings happen regularly, seemingly independent of outside issues. This one isn’t particularly dramatic, either.

      Thinking that this is anything less than a regular coincidence is like when people start to think they’re psychic because they thought about the phone ringing and then it does a couple minutes later.

    • When you slow-walk a bill long enough, a shooting will eventually happen… (admittedly more frequently seeing as nut jobs are stirred up these days)

    • We should just ban government schools. We could solve our gun violence problem, and our education problem, in one go.

    • As I’ve said: Gun control is like trying to prevent drunk driving by keeping sober people off the road.

    • We should ban boring childish fools who think spreading ARs around so we can shoot it out with the next mentally ill mass shooter is a rationale approach to public safety.

      • It actually is compared to your libtard solution to hide in the corner sucking a thumb crying for the police to protect you while also having guns while not only you are killed by the psycho but the police literally shoot themselves in the foot because your precious government is less trained in firearms than your average gun owner.

      • “.. spreading ARs around”

        Is there a line or something to get in on this give away? Or do we take one of those little tickets with the numbers like at the deli? A clipboard or something to put our name on a list?

  1. Ha. My first thought after yesterdays vote was “watch there be a shooting tomorrow.”
    I’ve pretty much had it with the parameters of my life being determined by a bunch of whiny assholes and their pointless feelings.

    For Christmas I want Trump to tweet out “F@ck your feelings.”

    • Shire-man gruntstyle makes a t shirt with just that phrase “F*ck your feelings” printed on it. might I suggest purchasing said shirt and sending it to the president on behalf of all of us?

  2. So , apparently the Charles Bronson movie ‘ TELEFON ‘ is real …. looks like sleeper agents can be activated at will once programmed .

  3. Boy what are the odds? National Reciprocity just passed the House of Representatives and the very next day there’s a school shooting! Seems to be a pattern here, they push hard for new gun control, it fails, we push hard for gun freedom, it starts to succeed, there’s a mass shooting, the pro gun bill dies and more gun control gets introduced, rinse, and repeat. I’m so sick of this never ending feedback loop!

      • HPA and baseball field shooting
        Share act and Las Vegas shooting
        Reciprocity and Aztec School shooting
        Nothing to see here folks, move along.

    • Definitions are tough to address, but by goverment standards there have been over 40 mass shootings this year. The fact that one happened today is not impressive or unusual. Especially since if it had happened before the bill passed the House, people would still be claiming conspiracy. If it had happened a week from now, the same claims would arise. If I say that a full 25% of homicides happen within the week of a full moon, that’s not impressive either.

      There have been plenty of shootings that happened when a gun bill had not just passed one house. But those get filed away while suddenly the fact that this happened around the same time suddenly is abnormal?

    • Witness the dumbest of the dumb trying to think, grappling with the difference between coincidence and conspiracy, and naturally when it fits their delusions deciding to believe that chronology somehow indicates conspiracy… and no doubt imagining that there being no extant evidence for their fantasies is itself further evidence of the conspiracy since the conspirators wouldl of course conceal their covert op…

      … these are the 71% of uneducated white guys who voted in President Gump and made our country the laughing stock of the world…

  4. Well …. at least all our questions about Las Vegas have been answered ! /s

    Like Nevada , I’m sure New Mexico will now feel the need to ” Do Something ” to restrict Freedoms.

    Anti – gun California poison is spilling over it’s borders.

    • Doubtful. NM doesn’t have a professional legislature. The legislature isn’t currently in session and Suzana Martinez isn’t going to call a special session over this.

      Next year, being an even numbered year, the legislature has a 30 day regular session (it’s 60 in odd numbered years) that starts January 12.

      That won’t get anything done either since this year they didn’t even get their budgeting done in 60 days and they had to have a special session to fix that.

      • New Mexico is very left leaning, unfortunately the people there believe the democrats are the same that they were 60-70 years ago.
        The poison from the west coast has spilled over and is spreading across the state. Santa Fe, Taos, Albuquerque, Las Cruses have fallen!

  5. “Michael Clark”, if that’s not a phoney name, the idiot who posted a comment above, actually is the stupidest person in the world. The whole world!
    Whenever you hear the words Michael Clark, ask yourself if you’re about to hear

    Maybe TTAG should do what Road and Track magazine did. R&T has been around for decades, and it’s the best serious car mag in the world. It just got sick of being infected by stupid people, it s***canned the comments section. Maybe magazines and websites are better off without it.
    Well, morning break is over, and I do have a real job, so I won’t be checking in again. I may miss some snippety comment about me. I couldn’t care less.

  6. “Michael Clark”, if that’s not a phoney name, the idiot who posted a comment above, actually is the stupidest person in the world. The whole world!

    Maybe TTAG should do what Road and Track magazine did. R&T has been around for decades, and it’s the best serious car mag in the world. It just got sick of being infected by stupid people, it s***canned the comments section. Maybe magazines and websites are better off without it.
    Well, morning break is over, and I do have a real job, so I won’t be checking in again. I may miss some snippety comment about me. I couldn’t care less.

    • “… Car and Driver has been around for decades, and is the best car mag in the world…”


  7. ITT: a noticeable lack of sympathy for the victims. Also a superabundance of paranoid theories that give political groups way too much credit for being able to coordinate anything.

    Now I realize that the TTAGtards that are spouting off about anti-gun conspiracies are not the majority of readers here…but they sure to make it easy to assume that as a group, gun-owners are completely nuts.

  8. (Cut-and-paste error in my last comment fixed in this one.)
    “Michael Clark”, if that’s not a phoney name, the idiot who posted a comment above, actually is the stupidest person in the world. The whole world!
    Maybe TTAG should do what Road and Track magazine did. R&T has been around for decades, and it’s the best serious car mag in the world. It just got sick of being infected by stupid people, it s***canned the comments section. Maybe magazines and websites are better off without it.
    Well, morning break is over, and I do have a real job, so I won’t be checking in again. I may miss some snippety comment about me. I couldn’t care less.

  9. How convenient. I wonder how long before the FBI starts covering its tracks… er… “assisting local law enforcement in their investigation”.

    I don’t believe any shooting is a coincidence anymore.

  10. i really wish banning guns would stop this but we all know it wouldn’t. i have made the decision to not enroll my kids in a school that does not have armed police officers on the grounds at all times. Thank god for ESTEM schools here, actual Little Rock Police Officers at their school every day, all day.

  11. Im not surprised this happened again like I predicted a month back when some NRA lunatic went on a rampage in texas and I won’t be surprised if another NRA-nut job goes postal within the next few days or months from now.

    So tell me again why this does not happen everyday in Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia every day?

    Are you anti-american snowflakes going to stop drinking your kool-aid talking about how your debunked more “guns save us all”. When are we going to talk about promoting the freedom of americans right to be safe and not worry about going to school, work, business or errands without the fear of the day being possibly their last day on earth when some nutjob hooked-up on NRA or TTAG fake news propaganda goes on another killing spree?

    Are do I have to wait after the next dozen or hundred gun-reich sponsored acts of genocide for you to see the light?, No?

    • Get bent, troll.

      Show us on the founding documents where we have a constitutionally protected right to be safe.

      Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem.

    • What news station is saying the killer is a NRA member? how do you know that is the case, the shooting just happened… Oh, that’s right, it’s only you saying it.

      “When are we going to talk about promoting the freedom of americans right to be safe”

      There is no right to be safe.

      “do I have to wait after the next dozen or hundred gun-reich sponsored acts of genocide for you to see the light?, No?

      You should see the genocide numbers for heart disease and medical/hospital errors.

    • Dude, please pick a shorter name. Also, you’re grammar and mannerisms seem to change a lot. Could it be you’re just a profile name that gets passed around by various trolls?

    • There was your mistake. You don’t have a “right” in this country to be “safe”. You have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is why if someone wants to take any of those things away, you still have the best tool for the job to stop that person(s). You make your own life here and “you” make it as safely as possible. It is no one else’s responsibility.

    • Even if it were possible to remove all firearms from society, and it’s not, the following is the kind of society we would have. The biggest, toughest thug would fear no one. The second toughest thug would fear only the toughest one. And so on until we reach the very old, the very young and the weak who would fear everyone. When private individuals can go armed, a thug who wants to mug an old man has to worry that his victim may pull a pistol out the the basket on his walker and shoot the thug dead. You want the old guy to be helpless so that the thug can do what he wants.

    • The same Europe that has packs of roving rape gangs?
      The same Japan that has police that will call murder “suicide” because they cannot figure it out?
      The same Canada that dumped a long gun registry because it cost billions and did absolutly nothing?
      The same Australia that seized a man’s property because he defensed his family from an attacker with an UNLOADED .22 rifle?

      So civilized…..

      • IIRC, Japan also has parks essentially dedicated to suicides, mummified pensioners preserved in the guest room so their heirs can keep collecting the pension of “110 year old Grandfather-san,” a hugely pervasive and influencial/powerful gangster subculture, government-backed cover-ups of ongoing mass-poisonings by industrial pollution (actual poisonings, not Erin Brockavich stuff), and IIRC, juryless trials before a magistrate and a +90% conviction rate (which is at least applied sparingly as opposed to over zealously). In short, Japanese culture has always had a very dark, very ugly underbelly due to the chronic economic stress of overcrowding, and the remainder of that culture has always been largely dedicated to covering up that ugliness with attractive veneers like overwrought politeness and expensive social programs/infrastructure and under reported crime (and public health) statistics.

      • I’m not familiar with the Australian example you cited. Was the father in trouble because he failed to jump through all the hoops required for gun ownership or because he used a gun to defend his family? An even more fundamental and important question is would he have found himself in the same predicament had he defended them using some other tool (e.g. a cricket bat)?

  12. Oh criminals not follow the “no gun zones” in new mexico ??

    Schools…except in vehicle if older than 19 (


    NMSA 1978, fourth degree felony)

    Public buses (


    NMSA 1978, misdemeanor)

    Whoever commits unlawful carrying of a firearm
    in an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic
    is gui
    lty of a fourth degree felo
    History: 1953 Comp., § 40A


    2.1, enacted by Laws 1975, ch. 149, § 1;
    1977, ch. 160, § 1; 1999, ch. 156, § 1; 2007, ch. 158, § 1; 2010, ch. 106, § 1

  13. Speaking of FAKE news …. KRQE – Ch. 13 says NO other injuries as does NM State police.

    The headline source of 15 injured seems incorrect.

    Surely , they will correct it promptly ….. next week.

  14. With that many injured, it was most likely a while before a gun for defense showed up. That’s a shame.

    Who are these people who insist on keeping protective guns away from soft targets? How many dead before they give up their insane attachment to a fatal utopia that doesn’t exist? They don’t get killed in their secured buildings and communities behind walls with people with guns. Maybe let people who can’t secure others to protect them, the option to protect themselves?

  15. Scant information on the fakenewz…mostly about StewartSmalley whining. Greatest sympathy for the victims. Oh and HOME SCHOOL😫😡😖

  16. A couple of posters have said that personal safety isn’t a constitutionally protected right. In my opinion, being able to live your life in peace and safety is a fundamental human right. Our founding fathers must have agreed since they specified protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the reason for governments to exist. Unfortunately, the best efforts of a competent, conscientious government fall short. With rare exception, the best it can do is to punish an offender after the crime has been committed. It cannot reverse the trauma suffered by the victims. That requires preventing the crime in the first place or, at least, interrupting the perpetrator before he completes his crime. There aren’t and never can be enough police to reach this goal. Even though it isn’t and shouldn’t be their responsibility, protection unavoidably falls on the victims themselves. This requires two choices by society. One is to place the victim’s welfare above the criminal’s. The other is to permit prospective victims to possess the tools they need to defeat a criminal attack. United States law does pretty well at the first. Force is permitted in legitimate cases of self defense although the defender may have to spend a fortune in court afterward (e.g. George Zimmerman). We have made only partial progress toward the second.

    • A right to live peacefully is different than a right to be safe. One is a goal that can be worked toward using a framework of personal liberties and government authority to manage the motives of individuals away from conflict and toward mutual success without undue interference, one is an impossible promise routinely offered by tyrants. Franklin viewed liberty (of which life is the most important part) and safety as contradictory goals, as far as policy. As a corollary, I’d argue this means that enforced public safety is a contradictory goal to the individual right to life. Kind of messed up to think about it like that, but in the end I am selfish and therefore more greatly value my own personal safety than that of society at large (and I expect most rational individuals would hold a similar view if they bother to think about it)

      • I view peace and safety as part and parcel of each other almost to the point of redundancy. If you are living in peace, you are automatically safe because no one is attacking you. On the other hand, with the proper tools and skills, you can ensure your own safety even if the criminal element won’t leave you in peace. What Franklin was warning about is trading freedom for the false promise of safety which is beyond the ability of those making the promise to deliver. He added that those who are taken in by the false promise will soon find themselves with neither freedom nor safety.

        • Franklin meant no such thing in that often referred quote.

          “It was a tax dispute between the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the family of the Penns, the proprietary family of the Pennsylvania colony who ruled it from afar. And the legislature was trying to tax the Penn family lands to pay for frontier defense during the French and Indian War. And the Penn family kept instructing the governor to veto. Franklin felt that this was a great affront to the ability of the legislature to govern. And so he actually meant purchase a little temporary safety very literally. The Penn family was trying to give a lump sum of money in exchange for the General Assembly’s acknowledging that it did not have the authority to tax it. It is a quotation that defends the authority of a legislature to govern in the interests of collective security. It means, in context, not quite the opposite of what it’s almost always quoted as saying but much closer to the opposite than to the thing that people think it means.”

      • Reminds me of the “Negative” rights vs. “Positive” rights viewpoints. There was a push to promote “Positive” rights. “Positive” rights being, for example the “right” to “feel safe”, vs. The “negative” right to the means of self protection. In the real world you can never make everyone “feel” safe or be safe, no matter how much you do, whereas the “negative” right to be able to act and have the tools to act in protecting yourself is actually empowering and psychologically and physically beneficial. The “positive” right of “feeling” safe was a never ending vicious cycle of increasing control over people to make them “feel” safe yet making them increasingly vulnerable to harm that could “only” be “prevented” by more restriction of rights through increasingly controlling legisation.

  17. We need to stop publicizing the name of the shooter and why he did it. These idiots want to go down in history. If we ignore them, do not give their name out or the reason they did what they did, maybe no one will follow in thier footsteps.

  18. “another school shooting”?

    (or… should that be “another HOAX shooting”?)

  19. Someone I used to babysit goes there. Luckily he had an eye appointment today and wasn’t in school today.

  20. It is a pleasure, joy and a benefit to be able to post comments to articles. To read other people’s opinions and comments about specific topics is enlightening at times.
    Would be great if everyone would just state their position on the subject matter of the article and not berate, degrade or insult others. Yes some opinions are just plain looney but they have the right to be a loon. Simply write your position in a coherent manner without reference to others and no insults please. Let your comments stand on its own merits.

  21. “There also is no report on the weapon used”
    Could not have been an AR then. If the “black gun of evil” was used, there surely would have been reports playing it up, and saying how an “automatic assault weapon” weapon was used.
    Antigunners are always too eager to let the public know, when the weapon of choice is anything that fires more than one cartridge without reloading.

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