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“Illinois Governor Quinn is asking for a state law to outlaw assault weapons,” reports. “The governor endorsed what he calls the ‘Illinois Public Safety Act’ during a news conference on Chicago’s south side Sunday. The law would ban the sale of both  large-capacity magazines and military-style rifles [ED: Which have been used “over and over” to kill people, apparently.] The only exception would be for Illinois residents who already own what the governor calls assault weapons.” Wow! Nice to see a tautologically skeptical press, for a change. Anyway . . .

“They could keep them but only if they hold an Illinois Firearms Owners Identification card. Those card holders would only be allowed to sell or transfer their gun to a family member. Quinn says some Illinois cities are seeing wars being waged on their streets. The governor says an assault weapons ban would help.”

Yes, well, he’s wrong. A fact of which downstate voters will no doubt remind him as and when.

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    • Personally, I think it is just a distraction to divert attention from the out-of-control violence in Chicago — and the fact that gun-control policies have failed as they always do.

  1. I live in ny obviously. Illinois residents, don’t let what happened to us happen to you. Illinois is predominately rural, Chicago is not nyc . make Quinn understand there is a political price to pay, in ny there sure isnt.

    • This is simply an election stunt. He’s in a big fight this year for the governorship. The IL legislature won’t take this up before November, that much can be guaranteed.

    • “Don’t let Illinois turn into New York.” “Us downstate voters are gonna show ’em!”

      There are 102 counties in Illinois. In 2010, Pat Quinn won three of them. One of them was Cook County, the other two…who cares.

      I’m not going to skip the election or vote for him, and I’m going to tell all of my friends to vote for Rauner. But don’t pretend like downstate voters are going to Send Quinn A Message. The past four years have been evidence enough that he doesn’t give a crap, and he has no reason to start now. The only way Quinn loses is if he loses Cook County.

      • Yup. Illinois has the exact same problem as New York–a massive urban center that outvotes the rest of the state. Chicago, and most of Cook County, has been solidly democratic party for more than a half a century.

  2. No surprise. It’s an election year… his Repub challenger is not going away…Illannoyd’s largest city is taking the heat off L.A. for gang-warfare publicity…The democraps ideology is on full display
    IL residents are CCW’ing

    • This.

      He’s just trying to draw attention away from his misappropriation of NRI funds before the upcoming election (and hopefully arrest)

      • Hm. Think they’ll get three in a row?

        Sending former Governors to prison probably cuts waaay down on pension costs, and heaven knows Illinois could stand to save the money.

  3. Of course it will help–I can see it now: “Oh, darn, better call off the drive-by, they just made our magazines illegal…” Except I don’t think they generally use those kinds of guns in the first place. BTW, doesn’t that picture on top just scream, “Posturing buffoon”??

    • “BTW, doesn’t that picture on top just scream, “Posturing buffoon”??”

      Um yea, you took the words right out of my mouth, er off my fingers 🙂

    • Posturing, indeed. I always cringe when I see distraught sad faces (probably hired) standing next to a politician. I can just see them sitting behind their desks, pouring a bourbon and telling an aid to “Go out and find me some poor people (this clown probably did use those exact words) to stand next to me at the press “show”.

    • I think criminals care about laws quite a bit. There’s an entire class of criminals who spend most of their time proposing, passing, or signing laws.

      Oh…you probably meant gangbangers…not politicians.

  4. He’s down in the polls for this November’s election and i trying to rally his Chicago base. Unfortunately, all this will do is rally downstate conservatives to the polls in November. He just kissed his already low chance of re election goodbye.

    • This will drive some downstate democrats to Rauner. He’s apparently banking on Cook County to win the election, which is dumb. I, for one, hope he keeps yapping about this.

      • Cook County has never been a swing region in Illinois. It always votes along the party line. Buttering them up right before the election while eliminating the rest of the state is exactly the sort of stupid I like seeing out of the Democrats.

        • And their vote totals always tend to come in last, after they see how many votes they need to swing the election. Otherwise, Bill Brady would have been governor for the last four years.

          Governor Potato Head is grasping at straws. My major concern with Rauner is that he’s really tight with Tiny Dancer.

    • I’m pretty sure the sentence “The only exception would be for Illinois residents who already own what the governor calls assault weapons.” will do something else…. sell a figurative (and possibly literal) ton of just those guns.

    • This is the same tactic that Obama is using.

      The mainstream press are stupid crazy for gun control. They will drop everything they’re doing, everything they’re covering, to fawn and lick the shoes of a politician that proposes gun control.

      The Democrats have figured this out, and now, every time you see a Democrat start getting into a tight spot with the press (ie, the press are finally starting to cover the scandals and malfeasance of a Democrat), said Democrat will come out with some pronouncement about gun control.

      Poof! Instantly, the press changes their tune and they start adoring said Democrat again. It works every time.

      The press are simply too stupid to see that they’re being played like a piano.

  5. I’m from CT and agree with woody. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN. Because boy has it cubed our inner city gun violence (all sarcasm)!!!

    • Yes, I’d be very curious to know exactly what percentage of ‘urban violence’ has spent casings from 5.56/.223, .308/7.62×51, 7.62×39, or 545×39 left behind (or the same for bullets removed from the injured and/or dead). How about none (or such a small amount as to make it statistically insignificant)?

  6. I’m sure the more scurrilous members of the state will rejoice at this. In my eyes the PTB have allowed the situation to get to this point by non enforcement of gun laws along with the lack of distinction between gang bangers and law abiding citizens. It’s the same crisis creation by government we see on a national level that allows for the veiled denial of rights and the eventual confiscation of guns

  7. The nice thing about Illinois is that rural districts have enough votes to stop anything like this from getting past the legislature. In fact, we just banned new local “assault weapon” and magazine bans last year. Somehow, I don’t see him reversing the trend when his party is on the defensive in Springfield.

  8. If it wouldn’t be so rude I would have asked them “was the young girl killed by a legally owned registered modern sporting rifle that was purchased after the owner passed a background check?” If the answer was “no” then I would propose that they put their efforts into fighting the true causes of much of the crime they face. The true cause of much of Chiraqs crime is poverty and the breakdown of the family.

  9. Oh yeah, definitely, cause rifles and carbines are used in so many murders, smh.

    My copy of the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics says that they were used in less than 1% of all homicides. Clearly that’s the best segment to target.

  10. High capacity?? You mean the standard one that came with it. If the nonsense goes through have Rahm order CPD back to revolvers. The union would make sure he goes the way of the dodo. All the dead people that vote would actually stay in the cemetary.

  11. Outlaw and confiscate all Hi Points and you may actually get somewhere with inner city violence. Just a wild ass guess, but SCARs and ARs are probably not the preferred gat of gang bangers. But fixing the gang violence problem isn’t really the point of this exercise, is it?

  12. Not sure if this Buffoon read or heard what happened in Colorado a while back when another governor thought this was a good idea. Yes, we downstate voters are tired of his failed regimen.

  13. This should be ZERO surprise to anyone.

    This started with the SAFE ACT. CT made a copy and used it for their laws. MD took a copy and adopted it for their laws and so on. IL, another democratic strong hold, is just doing the same damn thing all the other democratic strong holds have done. They believe (and probably are not wrong) that the courts will uphold the bans “in the interest of public safety” The magic words they will use.

    We all knew they would do anything and everything to go around the 2a, and here it is.

    Nope, no surprised, just amazed it has taken them this long — wait until they push this to be at the national level. At least one DNC candidate will offer this up at the national level.

    And SCOTUS — LOL! don’t make me laugh. If it comes to a vote, there will be no blind justice, John Roberts will vote with the liberals on this.

    There has been enough BS in the last few weeks that I hope gun owners are finally angry enough to vote for their rights.

  14. We’re keeping up the fight here in Illinois. Rag on us all you want, but in 2013, when many states went full retard, Illinois stood strong. This doesn’t have a chance.

      • IL had majority votes for CCW for years. The 7th Circuit gave us the supermajority to overcome our home rule laws and ensure state-wide carry. We are not Cali or the East Coast.

    • You can only win if you vote out enough people including the Gov. in order to not make this happen, otherwise you are screwed. Many will vote for this and Bloomberg is waiting on the sideline to help pay for this.

      If there is a fund to prevent this, I will gladly donate

      • Google Bruce Rauner and give him money. But I think he is fine on cash. We need to focus on getting out the vote.

        • Vote for Quinn, because he’s already stated he wants to make the “temporary” income tax hike permanent and raise it even, but hasn’t done a single thing to solve IL money issues besides raise taxes.

  15. The WORST GOVERNOR IN AMERICA. and the worst president ever. Yeah I live south of Chicago. My son( who lives in Maryland) asked me if there’s an assault rifle problem in Illinois. NOPE. They LIED last year after 13 were shot in a park (POINT BLANK) including a small child . NO FATALITIES. The police claimed the gangbangers used an AK47. Sure…I can guarantee it was a 22caliber. What are the odds? I can get all the mags I want in Indiana. Quinn is ripe to be kicked to the curb…and MY congresswoman Kelly-who Bloomberg spent $2000000 to elect. Yep there’s a hell of a lot of anti Chicago sentiment.

  16. Everybody jump on the “Let’s do SOMETHING train!” Of course, that SOMETHING may not be useful, but we will be doing SOMETHING and that is always better than doing NOTHING, right? Right? Hello? (crickets) BOLD NEW IDEA… ADDRESS THE REAL ISSUES. Warning, it is MUCH more difficult than setting a random number for how many bullets I can have to defend myself or picking a few accessories or features that make a rifle magically more lethal.

  17. So this genius believes that the best way to prevent what happened in Chicago the past few weekends is to ban the weapons that criminals are probably not using? Also, magazine capacity laws don’t do crap. Most criminals don’t get a chance to unload 17-18 rounds out of their handguns when they shoot. Plus magazines are fairly durable. They don’t just go away over time. I have M1 carbine magazines from WW2 that still work flawlessly.

  18. So glad that I escaped from there. When I moved, I sent letters to all of my state congress-critters and said that I was taking my Engineering Degree from one of the top schools in the nation, my guns, and all my future earnings to a state that would welcome all of them and not require me to register like a low-life sex offender for wanting to own said firearms.

    Moved to FL (though I’ll be moving to another gun-friendly state soon) and haven’t looked back. It kills me whenever I drive home I can be armed for 1170 of the 1200 miles I drive, but as soon as I cross that imaginary like that cuts through the cornfields and roads, I have to de-gun (luckily the new CC law in Illinois-istan fixed that somewhat). Hopefully the family wises up and escapes into Indiana soon.

  19. “Assault weapons” are already banned. Oh. You meant semi-automatic rifles? My bad.

    But then, what will police use when they can’t use their ARs?

    Oh, you mean this only applies to lowly average citizens (plebs) and not the police? Well then.

    If only criminals would comply with the law, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Oh wait. Well darn, I guess this ban won’t solve anything. Again. Still.

    Tell me again, how exactly did the previous AWB impact crimes? It didn’t? Well gee, that’s enough reason to try again, yes? The definition of insanity (or stupidity) folks.

  20. Just when I thought I would get an AR or AK.
    I bet every “evil” assault rifle in this state gets sold out by 10 am tomorrow..

    • Internet, man.

      I made my first online gun purchase this year, and I was rather pleased with the experience. Wasn’t too happy about the $75 FFL fee though. Hopefully your LGS is more reasonable.

        • I’m in Springfield. Everybody’s about $50, but the shop I used was $75 for new guns. He was nearby, and already on file with the site, so I just ate it.

  21. If only the state of Illinois could be split into two segments. Those in the small land mass near Lake Michigan and those for the rest of the state. Why does south Illinois have to be spoon fed chiraq’s proposed legislation? No one in the rest of the state wants it. Let’s blanket the entire state with legislation only the weirdos in Chicago want.

    • I like the idea of separating large cities off from the states and having them form their own city states. Then they could stop screwing up the rest of the state with their idiotic ideas.

    • Us here in IL have been talking for years to oust Chicago (Cook County) from rest of the state, a few state reps have even started legislation trying it but it never got anywhere….imagine that. This may be the straw that breaks the camel back as it were though. Us in the southern part are getting tired of Chicago dictating rest of the state especially since they are the worse part of the state (IMO). Quinn should of never gotten re-elected last time and hopefully will not this time. Viva la Resistance.

      • As another one downstate, the biggest problem with getting rid of Chicago is that that we’d have to pay whichever state takes them far too much money to get it off our hands.

        Who’d take that money pit willingly? And they’ll never willingly take their hand out of our pocket.

  22. The States that are seeing “Mao-like” dictating of illegal policy (make no mistake, it might be “policy” but it is not a valid “Law”) must reach a seemingly obvious and immediate realization that they have to unite together and in unison with the NRA, GAO etc. in efforts to contest and eventually overturn the UN-constitutional mandates put forth by these corrupt “governments.” To sit idly by is unconscionable on so many levels…Here in MO. we too had to go through a lengthy drawn-out fight/process prior to establishing State-wide CCW (Local, State and Supreme Court all saw litigation fights).

    Understand one thing, Obama, Holder, Clinton, Pelosi, Biden etc. and their colleagues on the State level not only think that 2A should be regulated by the Feds but, moreover, by the freaking United Nations!

    Fight now or capitulate and disgrace the memory of our Great Nation’s Founding Fathers and the many heroes that followed all fighting the good fight to uphold the sanctity of the greatest government (philosophical) document ever written, namely, the U.S. Constitution!

  23. Allright asshat how many of YOUR murders in chitcago were committed with a fully automatic assault rifle.
    What was that ZERO how can that be. How many of your murders were committed with STOLEN weapons
    by hood rats that (oh my) are NOT legal to carry or own a fire arm. What was that ALL 98% were illegally obtained and illegally possessed. Oh by the way 100% of your hood rat murderers don’t follow ANY law.
    So what is the purpose of your proposed ban. It is to disarm the law abiding citizens. MOLON LABE jackwad you want mine come and take it.

    • Yeah, the amount of any long guns used in crime scenarios is just staggering. I am sure an AWB is really going to cut the crime rate in the inner cities. People in this video look like the brain trust.

  24. Don’t they already have a prison cell waiting for him? I mean, hasn’t every IL governor been arrested and imprisoned for one thing or another the past few decades?

  25. Hopefully he run his anti gun mouth and loses. He’s down 3 points. I dont see this helping him. Illinois has much bigger problems than gun control though.

  26. Chicago is the largest city in Illinois. Chicago has a very strict AWB (bout the same as the NY Safe act) and a magazine capacity limit in Chicago is 12 rounds. In 2012, there were 532 murders.

    Aurora, is the 2nd largest city in the state. It has an AWB (more strict than CA, can’t have AR-15’s at all) and a 15 round magazine capacity limit. In 2012 there were 0 murders.

    Just south of Aurora are the cites of Montgomery and Plainfield. Neither city has a AWB or magazine capacity limit. Montgomery has not had a murder since 2004, and Plainfield has not had a murder since 2000.

    Logically, if Chicago want’s to lower its murder rate, it needs to get rid of its AWB and magazine capacity limits.

    • Let’s not even get into the fact that big cities naturally tend to have moar violence regardless simply because there are more people. More people = more crime, period.

      • My point is that the murder rate in Chicago is a Chicago problem. Most of the Suburbs (Aurora, Schaumburg, Gurnee, etc.) don’t have anywhere close to the number of murders even with less restrictive gun laws. Applying a Chicago “fix” (ignoring that the AWB wont fix anything) to the rest of the state is not going to do anything but piss off the gun owners of the rest of the state.

  27. Hey Jeff in Illinois…I buy rifles in Indiana. A 1 day wait-no transfer& pick it up. Plentiful cheap AR’s & AK’s. If you live anywhere near Hammond Indiana there’s Cabelas, Blythes in Griffith( MY FAVORITE)and Westforth in unincorporated Gary. And others. They’d be happy to get your Illinois business.

  28. Well, the trend of “campaign’s” and sneaky state laws being rolled out is shaping up as the gun-rights battle of 2014 election, a lot of noise and hot-air, going nowhere, but serving a purpose as Obama’s promise to his die-hard true believers, and the corrupt Chicago crowd who know very well that ‘gun control’ lets them avoid the truth.

    Of course, everyone will get outraged, and that will serve as the real purpose- a distraction, so we all don’t look to closely at the economy, Obamacare, IRS/NSA/EPA abuse of taxpayers rights, or the absolute debacle that US foreign policy has become. Then they get to blame it all on the NRA.

    Here is why you will never see the StateRunMedia speak the truth about the real problem in Illinois- gangs, because …RAAAACCIIIISSSTTT!

  29. We don’t call him 3 county Quinn for nothing… He only carried THREE counties in the last election. The man is a bad joke.

  30. Stop arming negroes. Observe what happens to the statistics. God help me if this isn’t Politically Correct. But not breaking down the stats is disingenuous at least and hopefully not intentionally fraudulent.

    • The Drug War doesn’t care what color you are. That blacks are involved in crime in the U.S. to the extent they are is incidental to out specific history. If you could put on your wizard outfit and wave your magic klan-wand to disappear ever “negro” on the planet, it wouldn’t change a single crime statistic. A quick glance outside our borders will quickly highlight that fact – unless you think if the Mexican and Central American problems are a consequence of their negroes being armed? That you can even boil your entire worldview on crime down to an ignorantly simplistic equation, that “negroes”+guns=crime, while ignoring every other variable, speaks volumes..

      • Nonsense.

        Take a look at international homicide rates.

        Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest murder rates in the world.

        And outside Africa, it’s not just an issue in the US. Throughout the western world, the descendants of Africans have murder rates far higher than the other inhabitants. African-Canadians make up less than 4% of Canada’s population, but commit more than 25% of the murders in Canada. Blacks make up 3% of the population in the UK, but make up almost 17% of the murderers. London is about 10% black, but blacks commit almost 80% of the gun crimes there.

  31. I hate to say it (and i know it sounds incredibly racist) but outlawing black people would have a much greater effect on battling crime then outlawing assault rifles. I’m not suggesting that we actually do that, but we need to then look at the real causes of crime and attack those instead of red herrings.

    • Being black does not cause crime. Saying so demonstrates ignorant, child-like simplicity to you opinions. When the desperation of poverty meets the opportunities afforded by a black market, you get crime. Look anywhere in the world, an you find that to be true, regardless of the ethnicity of the locations poor. Its policies that exacerbate both poverty and sustain black-markets, that channel people in to crime.

  32. LOL Sorry I have to laugh. A Public Safety Act which will do absolutely nothing for public safety, except of course make it worse. Another corrupt bureaucrat paving the way for criminals to do more damage than they already are. Great job governor. ROFLMAO

  33. Most crime in Chicago is done with cheap .22 and .32 caliber pistols. And then some have fully automatic MAC-10s that no ban will ever stop. Another pointless law targeting “assault weapons” used in less than 1% of all crimes. Keep going after the low hanging fruit and doing nothing. Albert Einstein already explained your obsession with doing the same idiotic thing over and over and expecting different results: insanity.

  34. Waitwaitwait a second. They constantly blame gun purchases in surrounding states and straw purchases for their crime, then they blame assault weapons (rifles are used in a vast minority of homicides) and high cap magazines (most firefights only involve a few rounds).
    Is there anything they haven’t blamed? Even after blaming multiple things, all proposed legislation does absolutely nothing to stop the illegal gang violence. I hope they interview the police chief and ask him if an AWB would actually solve anything.
    With that said, hopefully rural Illinois will save the state and help make him lose his job.

    • Well, yes. There IS one thing they haven’t blamed. They haven’t blamed their broken, progressive ideology that invariably results in crime and violence every place in the world that it has been attempted throughout history.

  35. Does anyone know IL politics well? I thought I remembered that IL was trying to pass conceal carry for years but because they didn’t have a super majority, and only a majority, they couldn’t override the governor’s veto. Would the state legislators even pass? Not to mention Chicago’s assault weapon banned is being challenged in court.

    • Yep, we keep hearing about those “pro-gun democrats” but there never seems to be one spotted in the wild.

  36. This should be the campaign ad;
    “Governor Quinn thinks you are to blame for the horrific situation in Chicago, and wants to punish you for it. He has proposed EVEN MORE limits on your right to keep and bear arms, while ignoring the actual criminals who are burning Chicago to the ground. And while he is busy destroying traditional American values in Illinois, the democrats in Washington are egging him on… (cut to Hillary “people shouldn’t be allowed to hold a point of view,” then split screen the two side by side).

    Then, you know, republicans, bald eagles, (real) football, apple pie, etc.

  37. We are here with congressmen Robin Kelly and many people from the community to let the people of Illinois know that are strong and we are going to support a very important law. It is called the Illinois public safety act. It is designed to ban assault weapons in our state, put a limit on high capacity ammunition magazines, and enhanced background checks for those who want guns. During this time of a violence epidemic where a very special Illinoisan lost her life about a block away from here. A wonderful woman Tonya Gunn; the mother of destiny. We the family of Illinois stand with the Gunn family and all the other families have been afflicted by violence in our state. It is very important we understand that part of fighting against the violence is to put a ban on Assault weapons. Assault weapons have been used over and over again to kill people. On this block, Tonya Gunn went to a barbecue last Sunday she was with her friend for life Annette Scott. They both went here because their grandfathers uh lived here – uh grilled here. For years and years. It was a family barbecue and I had a chance to visit with the Gunn family yesterday and saw firsthand the devastation caused by this violence and it is important we do something about the violence… That is as american as it gets. We cannot have anyone put in jeopardy when they are celebrating the independence of our country.

    Ok… so we have:
    • The state of Illnois is strong and going to support this new law (even though it’s not a law yet).
    • The State of Illinois is a family
    • There is a violence epidemic in Illinois
    • It is important everyone understand that part of fighting against the violence is to put a ban on Assault weapons. (Was Tonya killed with an assault weapon or a pistol?)
    • It is important we do something about the violence.
    • Grilling on the 4th of July is as american as it gets.
    • We cannot have anyone put in jeopardy when they are celebrating the independence of our country.

    Violence – (noun) – behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

    So we are going to fight violence by banning… assault rifles and high capacity magazines. Violence is a behavior. How is that going to be addressed by “banning” rifles that look scary (to governor Quinn and congresswoman Kelly) and high capacity magazines? What a charade. We have governor Quinn letting everyone know they are a family, a strong family, and Illinois is a violent place. The solution? Ban guns (certain types of guns). Followed by everyone should be safe while grilling on independence day. Is it just me or is it kind of ironic that everyone can celebrate independence day by doing what everyone else does (grilling) and feel safe that these dangerous guns are “banned.” Why not just skip to celebrating independence day with banning things.

    Since we are going to propose arbitrary bans. I think we need a ban on lavender purple stripe ties. Because it would reduce violence. Look at this devastated family. Look at this child. We are strong. We are a family. We grill together on the 4th. Lets ban things.

    • After Googling with no contrary results, I feel that I can safely say that Tonya Gunn was killed by a handgun.

  38. Wait a second – I thought murder was already illegal?

    Actually, since this happened in Chicago, I thought firearms were already illegal too?

    You know what I think “needs to happen Federally”? Nothing. Or maybe just a giant “pre-emptive shush” in the direction of people like these.

    As for Chicago – Hang them out to dry. You don’t like living “in a war zone”? Move out.

    • Oh, but the Feds (especially Dear Leader’s Esteemed Uncle Jeh) is going to fix that by turning 700+ destitute, disease-ridden illegal aliens loose on Chicago’s streets. By a tremendous stroke of luck, they left their assault weapons and high capacity clipazines back home, so things should quiet down in Chicago by the weekend..

  39. The congresswoman was funded by hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bloomberg money. Illinois already has universal background checks so her actions in Washington will be futile in Chicago. In addition, Chicago already bans semi-automatic rifles. Everything they are seeking is already in place. It is nothing but political posturing. The Republican candidate, Bruce Rauner, is 10 percentage points ahead in the polls.

  40. Just sent this to his office. I won’t stand for this.

    The recently announced public safety act is a joke. The governors plan to ban “assault weapons” (semi-auto rifles), & “high capacity” (standard) magazines will do nothing to stem the violence on the streets of Chicago or in any other place in Illinois for that matter. Anyone that can read a fact sheet knows that statistically speaking so called assault weapons account for less than 1% of all firearm related deaths. The majority are done with handguns. These aren’t stats generated by some right wing extremists. These come from the FBI. I feel as though this is nothing more than a political statement to make himself look good to the people of Chicago and give him a boost going into the midterm elections. If he pushes forward with this I will be contacting my representatives & do everything in my power to gain support to oppose this drivel. Last but not least I will personally campaign for his opponent Mr. Rauner. Chicago may have more people than the rest of the state but they are not the only people that matter. Thank you for your time. Have a good day.

  41. You would think that the people in Chicago would stop and say “Wait, wasn’t she shot with a stolen pistol? What is this man talking about? Assault weapons are already highly regulated under the NFA. These scary looking black rifles he talks about. They’re semi auto. They aren’t used in hardly any crimes. I was mislead. I was lied to. Well, he’s got my vote!”
    Seriously, what’s wrong with people. No, I know the answer. My grandmother used to think the world was coming to an end. The reason, she would sit and listen to an emergency police scanner, constantly, all day long. These sheeple sit and watch the nightly news and that’s their entire world as they know it and of course we all know that it must be true if it’s on the news.
    It’s terrible when anyone dies, and especially a child, but when are these people going to start doing something that will actually make a difference.
    Jesus, how stupid can they be?

  42. Crime is about to start falling dramatically in Chicago, as concealed carry licenses are issued. Better get some new ant-gun laws passed, Democrats, so you can try and take credit for the decrease.

  43. United States of America Bil of Rights
    Amendment II

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    Definitions as They apply in this instance:

    People = A Citizen of the United States
    Keep = To have or retain possession of.
    Bear = (of a person) carry.
    Infringed = actively break the terms of (a law, agreement, etc.).

    The second amendment is a statement of duality, in other words it is a two part statement. The first part of that statement says that the Militia is necessary. The second part of that statement is that people are able to have and carry arms and that shall stand under all circumstances. any law that impedes that right is a blatant and direct violation of the principals this country was founded under and the intent of the framers as well as the Constitution. I do not recall the constitution stating anything about as long as I can provide just cause for having a firearm or ammunition or anything about as long as the government knows exactly who is in possession of firearms and what firearms they possess…

    There is ONE PLACE AND ONE PLACE ONLY in the entire Constitution of the United States of America, where the Founders felt it important enough to insert and emphasize…the right …..”shall not be infringed.” When reading the 2nd Amendment, or any Amendment, it is very important to keep in mind that the Amendment does not create the right to keep and bear arms. The 2nd Amendment merely recognizes that the right already existed before the Bill of Rights was added to the original Constitution in 1789. The 2nd Amendment therefore confirms the existence of the right and emphasizes that the government shall not infringe upon that right. Since the 2nd Amendment does not grant the right, repealing the Amendment could not take it away. James Madison, the architect of the Constitution, expressed concerned that adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution might be wrongfully interpreted as limiting all other rights not mentioned and open the door to government trying to assume powers it did not have. Since the powers of government are limited to those specified in the Constitution and all other powers are reserved to the States or to the people, Madison felt that a Bill of Rights was not needed. For example, if the 2nd Amendment did not exist, the right to keep and bear arms still would because the right itself is not created by the 2nd Amendment. The Amendment merely acknowledges the right. Suppose the Amendment was repealed? Would the government have the power to infringe upon or confiscate arms from the people? No such power exists in the Constitution, the place where the government derives its power. The purpose of government is to protect people’s rights not destroy them. Despite Madison’s logic, he eventually agreed to the Bill of Rights because of pressure from the States. In United States v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542 (1875), the Supreme Court ruled that “the right to bear arms is not granted by the Constitution; neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence. The Second Amendments means no more than that it shall not be infringed by Congress, and has no other effect than to restrict the powers of the National Government.” This meaning is strongly confirmed by the historical background of the Second Amendment. We look to this because it has always been widely understood that the Second Amendment, like the First and Fourth Amendments, codified a pre-existing right. The very text of the Second Amendment implicitly recognizes the pre-existence of the right and declares only that it “shall not be infringed.” As the United States Supreme Court said in United States v. Cruikshank, 92 U. S. 542, 553 (1876), “this is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence. The Second amendment declares that it shall not be infringed. BOTTOM LINE: “All laws or regulations, whether federal or state, which infringe upon the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to keep and bear arms are null and void and unconstitutional. Not because the 11th Hour says so, but because the Constitution says so.”

    United States Constitution Article VI

    All debts contracted and engagements entered into, before the adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation.
    This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.
    The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.
    Article VI of the Constitution makes federal law “the supreme law of the land,” notwithstanding the contrary law any state might have. In the important 1958 case of Cooper v Aaron, in which the Court considered the efforts of state authorities to block integration of Little Rock’s Central High School, the Court unanimously declared, “No state legislator or executive or judicial official can war against the Constitution without violating his undertaking to support it….If the legislatures of the several states may at will, annul the judgments of the courts of the United States and destroy the rights acquired under those judgments, the Constitution itself becomes a mockery.” Federal law, not state law, is “the supreme law of the land.” Despite the efforts of some states, even today, to “nullify” federal laws they disapprove of, few things in constitutional law are any clearer than the fact that any such efforts are grossly unconstitutional. What remains a much more difficult question under Article VI is when a state law or action, which is at least arguably consistent with federal law, in fact creates sufficient conflict so as to justify finding it “preempted.”


    The preemption doctrine derives from the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution which states that the “Constitution and the laws of the United States…shall be the supreme law of the land…anything in the constitutions or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.” This means of course, that any federal law–even a regulation of a federal agency–trumps any conflicting state law.

    Constitution of the State of Illinois

    Subject only to the police power, the right of the
    individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be

    (Source: Illinois Constitution.)

    In other words The right to bear arms is the Law of the Land and the Law of the Land cannot be usurped as per Article VI, to do so would be an act of treason.

  44. Lets see the statistics of how many “assault weapons” are used in these shootings quinn…

    Oh right. You probably dont have any (as usual). You could start from subtracting from the 393 deaths from all rifles and coming to a conclusion from there.

    Just sign the law into effect and make it appear to your low information voters that “you are doing something” about the problem.

  45. i moved out of illinois after liveing there for 45 years got tired of a holes like quinn there gun laws will never work i moved to kentucky were they have common sense about owing a pistol or rifle.

  46. While I will enjoy seeing Mr. Quinn enter federal prison in the footsteps of his predecessors, Bruce Rauner hasn’t shown any pro-gun tendencies and, being a close acquaintance of Rahm Emanuel, there’s little chance he has any.
    Many Illinoisans watching the gubernatorial election believe that Rauner is a plant; a Democrat placed out there by the Machine in Republican guise (we were forced to elect Mark Kirk to the US Senate because he’s the very best we could hope for- the definition of a low bar).
    Apart from some business background, little in the way of conservatism or right-leaning philosophy has been shown to the public.
    We depend on the Illinois House to hold back the tide but the demographics, population distribution, and electoral districting will make it difficult.
    Cook County is over 40% of the state’s population, and much of the surrounding metro area has been expanded by the migration of Chicagoans, carrying along their big-government bent.
    And let’s not forget that Chicago has all along been the epicenter of the modern US gun control movement, only now being somewhat displaced by the megalomaniac from New York. There is still an enormous amount of money there.

  47. Study Of The Federal “Assault Weapon” Law

    The congressionally-mandated study of the federal “assault weapon” law found that: “At best, the assault weapons ban can have only a limited effect on total gun murders, because the banned weapons were never involved in more than a modest fraction of all gun murders.” (Urban Institute, “Impact Evaluation of the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act of 1994,” March 13, 1997, p. 3.)

  48. This is really a Hail Mary to get him into the margin of error. The reality is that Quinn doesn’t need to actually win the election. All he needs to do to stay in office is to get within the margin of error. If he can do that then what Cook Country corruption won’t give him in votes, the re-count process from the challenge will.

    I’ve said for 15 years, at least, if conservatives want to win the office, they must win the election beyond the margin of error.

  49. Quinn is a liar, just like all democrats, including the America hating obama. The guns he talks about are hardly ever used in crimes.


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