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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to gun control. When she announced her run for the presidency two weeks ago I posted a little round-up of all the comments she has made on the record about her desire for things like mandatory registration, assault weapons bans, and that gun owners are potential terrorists. It seems that she is taking things a step further now, as her campaign has hired the Minnesota state director of the Michael Bloomberg funded gun control  group “Everytown for Gun Safety” to manage her Minnesota campaign.

From MinnPost:

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has hired Scott Hogan as the Minnesota organizer in its 50-state “grassroots organizing campaign.”


According to his Linkedin profile, Hogan received a master’s degree in public policy from Indiana University in 2011 and has been working as Minnesota’s state director and campaign manager for Everytown for Gun Safety, which works to end gun violence.

Gun control is going to be a hot button issue this election cycle. With the widening divide between red and blue states over their approach to firearms laws, the only way Hillary could hope to win over some of those red or purple states to her side would be to ignore that issue completely. Hiring high profile people involved in anti-gun organizations to manage your election campaign in an entire state is probably not the best way to go about that.

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    • No it hasn’t. I’m a member of several grassroots organizations, like the NRA or C4L. In these groups the hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dues paying members join, support, and turn out for events, because they passionately believe in something.

      Groups like EfGS, with a rich sponsor and little, if any, support from suburbia, are astroturf organizations.

    • yep Grassroots means a movement created and supported by the people.

      not created by elitest, funded by billionaires with an agenda and or using paid protesters to create a roaming Fake movement for the cameras.

      shes a UN vontrol/agenda21/NWO B@$#%, joining up with Commucrat Bloomberg. both are willing to and have in the past Broken Laws and ignored Laws to Further the End of our nation. to them the constitution is toilet paper and congress is just the Roman Senate of old, bought and paid.

      Killery and Bloomturd are both Traitors.

    • Agree with the others. The word hasn’t (yet) lost its meaning just because a bunch of people misuse it deliberately.

    • Especially when the Koch Brothers fund “grassroots” movements all across the country for the Republican Party, the term *is* meaningless, I agree.

      • Ah yes, the favorite lefty Bogeymen: the Koch brothers. If you want to see actual Astroturfing, try a labor union, Michael Bloomberg, or George Soros. The Koch brothers barely make the list.

    • Yup.

      Public support for gun control is as low as it’s been in my lifetime.

      If Hillary wants to make it a campaign plank, she’s welcome to it.

      She’s always had terrible judgement.

      • People are fickle, and public opinion is malleable. Hope that the next high-profile random violence (such as Sandy Hook) doesn’t happen right before the election. Of course, we all would like for such to never happen again. But given human nature and history, it WILL happen periodically.

        Making a big issue of gun control seems crazy, given Bill’s previous experience. I hope she’s just being stupid.

        • I’m sure the Obama administration will manufacture something along the lines of Sandy Hooks.

        • hillRy is not known for being the sharpest knife on the drawer. She is known for lies deceits and cover ups. She is a murderess, a proven liar and a tramp/ lesbian.

  1. I’m holding out for extraordinary failure on her part. I want to see her so thoroughly embarrassed she retires from politics for ever. I can dream, can’t I?

    • Not to creep you out or anything, but I have the same dream. Just to clarify, I want Hrod to lose in a humiliating landslide to Walker, Cruz, or Paul. I want Hrod to be so demoralized that she never run for politics again. And I want Democrats to be so demoralized that they fold as a party. That way, Independents and Republicans would have to compete for the least intrusive government.

      • Not creepy at all. If enough of us share that dream and go vote, it could happen. In fact, I think I’m going to change my voter registration to dem so I can vote against her (closed primaries in FL).

  2. Ok…it’s not about Hillary’s anti gun stance. The real issue is American will elected the next leader of the free world…..

    Do the citizens of this great nation want a female President conducting the Country’s business in the Oval Office where just 3 yards away another woman gobbled her man goo….? That will lead to an angry, vengeful woman.

    Be afraid, very afraid.

    • I have no problem with a female Secretary of State running for president. Her name is Condoleezza Rice. Unlike Clinton, she didn’t earn her qualifications by rustling up hookers for her husband.

      • Don’t hold your breath. She refuses to run against “the sexiest State Attorney General in the United States” Kamala Harris for the senate seat being vacated by Barbara Boxer.

        • Unfortunately for Americans, she and others like her reveal their good character by wanting nothing whatsoever to do with this freak show. And so we get some pretty bad choices come election time.

    • I bet the Clintons have had as much “intimacy” has the Underwoods in House of Cards. They’re just another “power couple”.

      • Power Couple is spot on. Recalling Monica doing the dribbley gribbly Hillary pimped Chelse between her and Bill and walked hand in hands on the White House lawn.

        She’s a PHC. And must be defeated at all cost.

        • “And must be defeated at all cost.”

          She was defeated last time.

          Look what we got.

          Her replacement could be worse…

        • She wasn’t defeated, at the direction of the DNC she yielded. It’s the reason for the coronation.

      • *House of Cards Spoilers*
        The Underwoods ARE intimate though, at least in the first two seasons. They have threesomes with their bodyguards!

        • I watched the first season, their intimacy was sharing a cigarette. They used each other’s power to get what they wanted. They banged what they were actually attracted to. Hence the need for a threesome.

    • There is no free world, just nations that have successfully fooled their populaces into believing they’re free.

      America is free-ER than the others, but that’s like saying you’re being strangled by velvet rope rather than piano wire.

  3. Hillary is going to self destruct not that the alternatives are any better on guns. I thought Martin O’Malley was going to be this cycle’s Hillary killer but after the Baltimore riots I think he is going to be done. His term as Mayor was the final nail in the city’s coffin and he did such lousy job as governor that they elected a Republican. Still, I would like to see a Walker-O’Malley race. Two governors with radically different views on tbe role of government. It is what a Presidential campaign should be like.

    I will be moving to Wisconsin in a month or so to help solidify conservative control.

  4. So they’ll fail, then? Just like Everytown did? Maybe they’ll find a way to add a Boston bomber to their list of “supporters”.

  5. Everyone, especially the press, believes Hillary is unstoppable, but in reality she’s the next McGovern. By her crowding out the field in the primaries there’s going to be some very angry Democrats who would rather stay home then vote, unless the opposition is so hideous to them they hold their noses and pull the lever for the Hildebeast.

    The Republicans need to field a very likable moderate who’s tolerate on social issues. If not their going to get crucified by the media and give the election away. No Republican is going to vote for Hillary. The hard right needs to suck it up and support a moderate or the pants suit takes the White House.

    • Moderate (aka RINOs) are no different than dems. I would prefer a man/woman with strong convictions that is capable of explaining in simple terms where he/she stands.
      I’m kind of tired of moderates. To me seems like another term for having no strong position on any issue or just liars wanting to get elected.

      • In a presidential election you only need a handful of states and 6 percent of the middle. Adults in both parties understand this, but the Clinton machine already made this decision for the Democrats. Republicans need to capitalize on this error and field a moderate.

        It’s a simple question. Do you want a moderate that’s fairly decent on 2nd amendment issues or would you rather have Hillary? How you “feel” or want you what is not important. Listen, and understand. The Hildebeast is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until it’s President of the United States.

        • John McCain was a moderate. Mitt Romney was a moderate. Do you not see any problems with your logic at all?!?! No one wants another pathetic F’n moderate who stands for nothing! A moderate cannot win! They cannot generate any level of excitement or support! I’ll take my chances with Cruz, Paul, or Walker any day over (another) Bush or god forbid Christie! You can keep your moderates!

        • Republicans lost the Presidency the last two times because their moderate candidates picked VP candidates that no rational person would want as a VP. Most voters realize that the VP is just a step away from the Presidency. I cannot imagine Sarah Palin or Cruze being our President. Either one would be terrible. If the Repubs can avoid picking far right candidates for VP this time around they might have a chance at the White House. OHOH Hillary picking someone for her campaign that backs more gun controls is also a very stupid move and may just give the Republicans a chance. That is, IF they don’t screw it up again. Both parties have the same issue. Giving in to the extreme elements in their parties tends to make their candidates unelectable IMO. We will probably end up picking the candidate who makes less stupid decisions than the other party’s candidate. Like the last two Presidential elections.

      • All you told me is that you like losing and dont care about the direction of the country. And that you dont understand who is really a moderate, and that you sound like you have misplaced ideals in many social issues.

      • IMO, before you ever actually get to that point(not just campaign promises), the obstacle of having a two party systems needs to be moved out of the way.

      • Perhaps the optimal candidate would be someone who has a solid conservative/libertarian record but is not too edgy in the way he comes across. Rubio looks like the ideal candidate except for his openness to amnesty. Cruz is solid, but I wonder if he is a bit too edgy. Paul I could live with despite his isolationism, but he doesn’t handle the press well. I wonder if Walker might be the right guy.
        We have to remember, in politics winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

        The establishment wanted the left-most candidate they could find; but neither McCain nor Romney had the fight in them necessary to win. Clearly, either one would have been better than Obama or Hillary but still not good presidents.

    • “If they don’t nominate a moderate, they’re going to get crucified by the media”.

      Your belief in the fairness of the media, makes me sad for you.

      • Ed Zachary.

        And to the other genius:

        “The Republicans need to field a very likable moderate who’s tolerate on social issues, LIKE MCCAIN, OR ROMNEY. If not their going to get crucified by the media and give the election away. No Republican is going to vote for OBAMA. The hard right needs to suck it up and support a moderate or 7 years after 9/11, an islamo marxist takes the White House.”

        /fixed it.

        • Notice I said a “very likable moderate”. Mitt Romey’s problem was Mitt Romey and nobody was going to vote for grandpa, especially with that abomination from Wasilla in tow. Thanks for playing, please try again.

    • He may be able to relieve himself, but anything requiring higher function is suspect.

      Just another get my coin while I can mindless F@@k.

  6. Does it really make a difference?

    Was anyone REALLY on the fence about supporting her? (Good lord, I hope not. Even my left-of-Stalin classmates don’t.)

  7. She’s just building anti-2A cred, scooping up a known grabber before somebody else does to build support for the inevitable demo primary.
    No big deal. Minnesota has gone for the Democrat candidate every Presidential election since Nixon. Not once did Republicans deliver the state for Bush 41 or 43. It was the only state to not go with Reagan in 84. Minnesota went with Obama in 08 and 12. They even voted for Jimmy Carter….twice. So its not like Cruz was going to carry the state anyway.

  8. It occurred to me just now that perhaps HR Clinton doesn’t truly give a crap about guns, and Barack Obama doesn’t give a squirt about same-sex marriage or immigrants or healthcare or M855 ammo or global warming. Perhaps some conservative politicians don’t really care about gun rights or abortion. Perhaps — just perhaps — they’re all merely cynical, power-hungry politicians who milk issues people care about for political advantage.

    If that’s even partly true, maybe gun control is going to be this election cycle’s get-out-the-vote gambit.

    If it’s even partly true, HRC’s hiring of Bloomberg’s Minnesota director says an awful lot about her intentions and her approach.

    There’s plenty of cynicism on both sides of the political divide, but it seems like the ones who are the most sincere are Ralph Nader, Bernie Sanders and the Libertarians. And that’s probably why they have no chance.

    Aaaand…at this point, what difference does it even make?

  9. She’s going to be the biggest boost for gun sales since king obuma. She’ll make him look like a small time girl scout cookie seller when she’s president. Her pervert hubby screwed gun owners real good, and she’ll do the same.

  10. Living in mn I can tell you that liberal gun laws are pointless. In mn there’s a 7 day waiting period unless you get a permit and no one sells unless you have one so by default everyone is just getting a permit to carry and carrying

  11. Maybe she will get caught red handed with her tongue up some little thangs snapper and loses her appeal.
    I was reading some things about her and if we think we got King Obama in the White House now, god help us if the HildaBeast gets elected.

    • True on the last part.

      Obama is just a convenient, inept tool, 80 percent moron and 20 percent evil. He despises American values because he’s just as brainwashed and simpleminded as any other leftist tool.

      But Hillary’s 100 percent evil. She despises American values because they keep her from absolute power.

      Obama would sell out the nation because he’s a petulant child. Hillary would sell out the nation because she honestly doesn’t care.

  12. It took me a while to figure out when she got her face lift. It had to be when she supposedly fell and banged her head. that was the excuse they used for the bandages on her head. She will not stop running, she doesn’t have any more morals that Slick Willie. I can remember when Bill was first running for President and the Jennifer Flowers issue came up. My wife said that she should divorce that SOB, and I replied to her, if she wants to be the First Lady, she won’t. I never dreamed that old Crow would run for the Presidency herself.

  13. As a WA State resident and seeing my firearm liberty get hammered but the lies and propaganda of the Bloomberg/Everytown total bullshit, I’m concerned. Everytown members are trained to tell outright lies. I engaged a millionaire member (nic hanouer) and was appalled by his insanity.

  14. “…has been working as Minnesota’s state director and campaign manager for Everytown for Gun Safety, which works to end individual rights.”


    Well, considering the Clinton fanbase has ignored blatant treason, I doubt this will make a difference.

    • The fan base is terrifying. I was teaching a group how to implement PGP and one guy disrupted the lot to go on some “but the terrorists can use it!” tirade.
      I made a comment about how privacy makes us all secure and threw in a joke about Hillary and her private server which she wiped for her own privacy and security.
      He immediately peppered his statist pro-NSA ranting with caveats for the “only ones” like her and her cronies. I’m a threat to national security for using PGP but Clintons server wiping is necessary for a free state.

      These clowns must be Americas version of royal worshiping anglophiles. Kneeling before gods vessel on earth and all that crap.

  15. This election, the Democrat Party is playing for all the marbles, and it is going to be vicious. She is hiring loyalists for her campaign…people who will do radical things to get her elected. Any Democrat elected as President in 2016 will lead to the fall of the second amendment, and they know it. The next president will be appointing at least 1 and likely 2 Supreme Court Justices, and if they appoint leftist, they will redefine the meaning of the entire Bill of Rights. Essentially, the US will fall to the Democrat Party, and it will take a revolution for We The People to take I back. We cannot lose this next election.

    • Absolutely correct. It is incumbent upon every conservative and libertarian to recognize that the perfect is the enemy of the good and support whomsoever the Republican Party nominates as obnoxious a thought as that may be.

  16. First she will maneuver to finish off The Constitution, your rights, not just the 2nd Amendment, but all. If she is not impeached in her first four years, she will prevail over all. I think the woman is criminally insane, but, I don’t think she is stupid.

  17. Shouldn’t we hold those we elect to our highest office to a slightly higher standard of morality, honor, and trust? Honestly, is this the best person to embody those principles that the Democrats can find? And what does it say about the 35% of voting Americans who will vote Democrat no matter what? I am aghast that someone of such low character and moral judgment could find ANY support in this country. Excuse me, I need to go puke…

  18. Nixon’s shenanigans didn’t result in anyone being killed like Benghazi. He didn’t make 100’s of millions of of uranium speculating involving the Russians. She and Slick Willy should be properly investigated, indicted, tried and if found guilty, get the Rosenberg treatment.

    • Exactly Blue Bronco. “In the last days…traitors.heady and highminded”. They make Barry Soetoro look like a PATRIOT…

  19. May the Great Implosion and ass kicking be awesome but beware. For the Uber-Left the wind whispers “Warren”.


  20. Anyone voting for this woman, will be part of a living hell! She represents all that is evil in our country. Her insane desire to be President is downright scary! With the backing of big money from the likes of George Soros, who also supported Obama, should give one cause to stop and think. Control of everything you think, say, or do will be her sole purpose, if she becomes President! That’s how most democratic/socialist operate!

  21. Hillary is not known for being the sharpest knife in the drawer, but is known for lies , deceit and cover ups. She is worse than Obama and will further advance the Alinsky agenda if given the chance . Wake up people.

  22. why should we even consider a nomination of Hillary. She is a suspected murderess, a proven liar and a tramp. Do we really need someone like that? Have we fallen so far?


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