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George Zimmerman's Kel-Tec PF9 (courtesy press release:

Late last night, George Zimmerman created a listing on our web site for the gun from the Trayvon Martin case four years ago. Mr. Zimmerman alerted news organizations that began reporting on the listing first thing this morning. Listings on the web site are user-generated, exactly like social media posts. Mr. Zimmerman never contacted anyone at prior to or after the listing was created and no one at has any relationship with Zimmerman. Our site rules state that we reserve the right to reject listings at our sole discretion, and have done so with the Zimmerman listing . . .

We want no part in the listing on our web site or in any of the publicity it is receiving. prides itself in being a safe and legal way to buy and sell firearms online in full compliance with all Federal, State, and local laws. proudly supports the Second Amendment rights of the American public. will not be fielding press inquiries regarding this matter.

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    • Caught the listing while it was active, but not yet open for bidding. Truly hate speech in the ad. Blamed blacks, a guy he calls B. Hussan Obama, and inflated the historical significance of the gun.

      I can think of some good uses for this Kel-Tech. Can you?

      • You know what I think you are the racist, making shit up about someone you don’t know, using your own below average form of reading comprehension to just make shit up out of thin air, or did you need to have your mommy read that stuff to you because the words had too many letters?

        Yea asshole I think I can think of a good use for it, to shove it right up your ignorant cowardly ass.

        How do you like that?

        • He isn’t making anything up. This is verbatim copy from the original ad.

          And yes Zimmerman should do us all a favor and kill himself

  1. I’m surprised this even went as far as it did. Truly disappointing–but glad that they figured it out. Better late than never, I suppose.

  2. Their site their rules. Not surprising – If I was GB in no way shape or form would I want any of the retarded media shitstorm involving this.

      • I understand why he’s selling it, but do you think it would have sold at some amount higher than $5,000? He needed that much just for an opening bid, and lord knows what the reserve price was set at. Yeah, GZ was in the news a whole lot but he ain’t exactly Al Capone or John Wayne. With the politics around it, I wouldn’t want anything to do with that gun either, let alone pay for it. Heck, I wouldn’t take it (assuming I had to keep it) if I were paid to take it.

      • Yes, his name is cancer, which is why I can’t figure out why it’s still his name. It only costs a couple hundred $ to have it legally changed. 99% of people would never figure it out. Although he’d still be looking at a career in either roofing or food service. Pretty sure most any comprehensive background check would reveal the name change. Still, save him a lot of headaches.

        • Zimmerman hardly lived an exemplary life before the Incident. But he wasn’t a criminal either. By all accounts he was an ordinary man who had the bad luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The events can be debated endlessly, and likely will be as people continue to make political hay out of it. What I find galling is the extent to which the media, at the urging of his family, went out of their way to crucify Zimmerman. They framed the “White on Black” when Zimmerman is a multiracial person who is half Jewish, and half native Peruvian. They kept insisting Zimmerman was “white” or “identifies as Hispanic” or “a white Hispanic”. They doctored photos of Zimmerman to make him look whiter and used pictures of a preteen Martin before his decent into thuggery. The media continued to insist on Zimmerman’s whiteness well after live footage made it clear Zimmerman looked like any light skinned person of Hispanic decent. And when mob opinion failed to put Zimmerman in jail, the media set about destroying his life. I don’t condone Zimmerman trying to profit from the Incident, but at this point I can see how cynical and bitter he must be about the whole thing. His life is wrecked and there is little to nothing he can do to recover it. The left leaning media will continue to push the narrative that he killed a helpless teenager who “din do nuffin.” I doubt very few of us would do much better under similar circumstances.

        • You forgot the part where his girlfriend (sorry, but… ugh) told Piers Morgan that Treyvon thought Zimmerman was gay and that was why he was looking at him, so he decided to go ‘whoopass’. Treyvon was gay bashing. Needless to say the girlfriend never showed up on TV again.

  3. If Z had been approached by a buyer or had interest he could have and should have handled it privately. Him putting up a public auction and hyping it through news media is about the tackiest and most distasteful way of going about it I can imagine.

    Z may not be a murderer or a racist but it is pretty clear at this point that he is a certified ass clown.

  4. I’m glad Gunbroker made the call to pull this.

    Regardless of what one thinks of the original events, this was tasteless and crass, and would be actively hurtful to the cause of the 2nd amendment in an election season like this.

    It didnt help that Zimmerman’s posting came off like a computer generated angry old man rant trying to hit every political buzzword possible.

    The guy is a shit magnet, he seemingly cant stay away from drama, and the less we have to do with him, the better.

    • I wasn’t aware there was a “we”.

      Whatever “we” is, you can count me out. I don’t fit into many “we”‘s.

      GZ can do whatever the f he wants to do with his firearms without my opinion or criticism. This is none of my business.

      • “We” as in gun owners and 2A proponents. He’s providing political gold for the anti’s, and while he has the fundamental right to do so, the less associated anyone is with him, the better, and its clear Gunbroker came to the same conclusion.

    • Really? It was a legally owned firearm, carried legally, and (after a trial and an insane stupid media shit storm) legally used in self-defense.

      What exactly would be wrong with this sale? If anything it should provoke thought in the average dullard who knows nothing about it.

      I really don’t blame Gunbroker, they have enough other perfectly great auctions and want to avoid dealing with this. But what is wrong with the same itself?

      • It might have been a good shoot, it might not have been, I dont know, thats not what Im concerned about. It could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that it wasnt a good shoot, which is why he isnt in jail. That’s good enough for me on that count.

        However, what we’re talking about in this instance is some dude trying to profit off killing a kid in a neighborhood scuffe for political and self enrichment purposes.

        That is odious, regardless of whether the shoot was good or not, and feeds the anti’s political agenda by giving them a perfect target that they can paint us all with.

        • feeds the anti’s political agenda by giving them a perfect target that they can paint us all with.

          Aw, that’s cute. You think that if you just avoid doing things the antis disapprove of, they’ll leave you alone.

        • Again, I’m not sure who “us all” is.

          You realize by now you aren’t speaking for me?

          I let GZ live his life. He doesn’t affect me in the least. If he wants to sell his gun, he can sell his gun. The antis can kiss my a$$ either way.

        • The scumballs’ worthless “parents” are trying to profit of the death of their little darling.

      • I think that is his point with the whole WE thing. GZ was legal owner and found to be within the constraints of the law with his use of deadly force. Just like any of us gun owners who choose to carry a weapon. Just like any of us responsible armed citizens may have to do he took a man’s life in self defense. The rub comes in with him offering to sell the gun as not just a make and model. He is selling it as an instrument of pop culture significance because it was used in a shooting. It is exploitative and may come off as boastful. I don’t like it, but here is the thing. 1st amendment right allows him to be a boastful exploitative dumb@ss. We don’t have a right to now be offended. We do have a right to not buy his weapon. We do have a right to not read his auction. Our rights and control stop there. I understand why GB took it down, and to be honest it certainly does not hurt our image have it gone. Never the less it is his right to do as he chooses with the weapon though it is a poor reflection on WE the lawfully armed responsible citizens.

  5. Jeez, it’s his property, is has collectible value whether this is in your tastes or not, someone might really want that, selling his property is not illegal as long as he follows the rules. Where is the problem with this, the dude needs the money.

    I don’t get all the hate for this.

    • It’s the way he went about it. This is still a very controversial issue. There are ways of selling things without drawing maximum attention. He could have used an auction house or a broker. He could have sold it to a third party. What he chose to do was put it on gunbroker advertised literally as ‘the gun that killed Trayvon’ and then call up all the national media outlets and let them know “oh yeah, the gun I shot that kid with? I’m trying to make a profit off of it now!” Of course it’s going to piss people off. It would be like Pontius Pilate holding an auction for the spear that pierced Jesus.

      • Oh I agree that there would have been smarter ways to go about this, but I think we all know this guy hasn’t always picked the smartest thing to do in lots of areas.

        It’s the media again here – pushing people to do things their way, that’s why it was pulled, gunbroker knew there would be bad publicity over that, and frankly I think the media should just eff off and if people on this side of things just kept on ignoring them everyone would forget this by Fri afternoon.

        But I also think GZ doesn’t deserve a bunch of hate thrown up at him as long as he is following the rules and keeping out of trouble, why shouldn’t he sell it? Gunbroker might have made a nice little fee out of this, win win win.

        • Zimmerman’s history is proof enough that he doesn’t have the skills to stay out of trouble. Everything this guy touches turns to shit.

          I don’t want to ever have to kill someone, even though I continue to prepare myself to do that should it be necessary to save my own life or the lives of others. If it ever becomes necessary, I believe that I would not be inclined to act in a boastful manner or seek to profit from any notoriety that may come with it. I certainly hope that would be my attitude.

          Zimmerman is lucky to be alive, but his actions show that he has learned nothing from any of this.

      • There are ways of selling things without drawing maximum attention.

        Um, if you’re trying to sell something at maximum profit, maximum attention is exactly what you want.

        Don’t like it? Don’t bid.

        • Yeah exactly.

          People are funny whose daily needs and livelihood are provided by capitalism, then when an individual tries to make money on something they get mad because . .. . . why? . . . Some douche on TV said it’s bad?

          I had no interest in bidding on it, but whatever, rule of law.

      • I often like to exaggerate the circumstances when I’m trying to figure out if something is right or wrong, so I can’t blame you for comparing Jesus to Trayvon Martin. But seriously? I wouldn’t say it’s even fair to compare him to an average black man/teen, let alone the theological Savior of the planet.

      • Fortunately, you don’t decide anyone’s wisdom level. The dude can do whatever he wants with that firearm. None of your or my business.

      • Yea ‘q’ we saw your contribution earlier, thanks for that.

        You were great on ‘Days Of Our Lives’ too.

  6. Gunbroker took the high road, good. The negative publicity would outweigh the positive.

    I’m actually glad they took it down, now the lefties haven’t a leg to stand on with their rants. A gun-related sales channel chose principles over monetary gain…

      • Unfortunately, no. A citizen could save Ladd Everitt from certain doom by utilizing a judicious amount of firepower, and CSGV would still be ranting about how “guns are evil”.

      • Unfortunately, people are slow learners. Acquiescing to lefties only empowers them.

        By doing this, GunBroker is explicitly endorsing the leftist agenda.

        When the left knows that people can be shamed into compliance so easily, they will try it more often.

        Now that lefties know that GunBroker is publicity-shy, what do you want to bet they’re targeted with a media campaign for some other, lesser matter in the near future?

        Never apologize. Never back down.

    • Making business decisions based on publicity implications is the pragmatic road, not the high one.

  7. I’d say that GB wasn’t making any sort of political statement by hosting the auction but it is by cancelling it. Have any other guns from famous killings been auctioned there?

  8. We pay millions every year to visit museums and ogle all manner of weapons used in the killing of others.
    I think it’s hypocritical for folks to get all worked up over this.

    • Yup. FBI has its own museum in D.C. that contains many criminal weapons. How come they don’t have to be ashamed, but Zimmerman should?

      People should mind their own business.

        • Showing my age. I toured there in the 70s when I was a kid.

          I presume the military museum up at West Point is still operating, right? And the Naval museum in Pensacola? The Smithsonian. Plenty of places glorifying weapons of war and violence.

    • There’s a difference between visiting a museum to see items of historical significance, and some dude trying to make a buck off a gun he used to kill someone in a very shady neighborhood scuffle and trying to make it out to be aome watershed historical moment and harp about how he’s going to use the money for political purposes.

      • In a free country, one man’s “trying to make a buck” is another person’s “items of historical significance.” Like it or not, the Zimmerman trial was a watershed moment in recent history.

        Whether Zimmerman profits off it is his own business. There’s nothing wrong with profit.

        GunBroker is only encouraging hoplophobia.

      • There’s a difference between visiting a museum to see items of historical significance, and some dude trying to make a buck off a gun he used to kill someone in a very shady neighborhood scuffle and trying to make it out to be some watershed historical moment and harp about how he’s going to use the money for political purposes.
        Governments sort of do this with weapons in museums which were used in shady international scuffles to promote political purposes.

  9. Boom! Headshot.

    Good on them for bouncing the listing. This kind of stupidity (callously playing on a tragedy to make money) only garners hatred and disgust and paints us all as nut jobs.

  10. Gunbroker=Politically Correct wussies.

    I have NO doubt that Gunbroker’s principles surrendered after being threatened by President Valerie Jarrett who would’ve ordered her minions at the BATF and IRS to harass the website and it’s sellers.

    I for one would be honored to own the handgun used by a law-abiding citizen and victim of a brutal assault to “put down” one of Miami Gardens most violent offenders.

    • When did Trayvon Martin become one of the areas “most violent offenders”? The kid wasnt perfect, but who the hell is at that age? He was hardly a hardcore thug with an extensive record of violence or arrests. Likewise, Zimmermann went out of his way to engage with this kid when he could have let the whole thing go long before it escalated to violence and nobody would have been the worse for it.

      What sort of fantasies are you projecting here? Do thoughts of shooting teenagers excite you? Your post comes off as someone who fetishizes killing.

      Gun broker just didnt want this shitmagnet drawing drama to their site.

      • You are out of your mind!

        He tried to bash GZ’s head in on the concrete! This was proven in court man. Do we really have to retry an open/shut case of self defense that was examined by the Local/State/Fed/Civil/and “Media” Court and discovered to be… open/shut case of self defense?

    • I always thought they were supposed to go down through the mag well, not through the barrel, but like you, have never considered using one.

  11. The naysayers here criticize Zimmy, an American patriot and victim of violent crime yet I don’t hear a peep out of them about Saint Skittle’s mammy, Sabrina Fulton, exploiting her son’s timely death for both financial and political gain. The fact is Skittles “mother” has set up a “charitable foundation/slush fund” which I guess it’s more lucrative than scamming men found on online dating sites and has been actively campaigning with presidential candidate and notorious gun-grabber Diane Rodham aka “Hillary Clinton”.

    • Zimmerman went out of his way to unnucessarily put himself in a situation where violence was likely to occur, whether or not the shoot was good. Hard to have lots of sympathy for him there.

      That said, just because he’s shitty doesnt mean the kids mom cant be shitty too, but she’s not the one trying to hawk a kel tec for 5K right now either. No matter which way you slice it, regardless of the shittyness of others, this was a crass and disgustimg thing to do, particularly in the way he did it.

      And, lets be honest, the dude is a shit magnet who cant keep himself from getting involved in something stupid every few months.

      • Don’t be a “cuck”. The fact is Zimmerman was acting in the best interest of his community when he saw and followed the “suspicious” person prowling in the shadows, peering in windows in an area plagued by break-ins, it’s no coincidence those burglaries stopped once St. Skittles was “made good”. George has been stalked by not only violent domestic terrorists (Nation of Islam/BlackLivesMatter) who put a “bounty” on his head but also deranged Occupy Wall Street “activist” Matt Apperson who attempted to assassinate him while driving in rush hour traffic. Yeah Zimmerman’s the problem, NOT!

        With the threats to his life George Zimmerman is the poster-boy for “National Concealed Carry Reciprocity” which Donald J. Trump has promised to sign into law once it reaches his Oval Office desk. We, the law-abiding citizens of this nation, must not be encumbered just because we crossed “state lines” and entered an unfriendly (anti-gun) state.

        • Actually, the jury found, and all of the (undoctored) evidence and testimony showed, that Trayvon pursued Zimmerman. These are the unanimous findings of a jury of his peers after an exhaustive trial, and people still repeat the myth (that Zimmerman pursued) as if it were fact.

        • I guess that makes me a wingbat too. Whatever.

          I wonder how many thugs think twice now before attacking some old white dude or lady. The Trayvon effect. Screw the thugs.

  12. I never thought I’d see the day when gunbroker would crawl off to it’s safe space to suck its thumb.

    The site should change its name to ballbroker.

  13. While I agree GZ’s actions in trying to sell the gun like this were in poor taste, and agree gunbroker should have pulled it; what if it was the tommy gun used at the valentines day massacre?

    I find myself strangely unable to feel the same about that gun. Maybe it’s because in the GZ case the seller was actually the user? Maybe if that could be the case for the tommy gun I would feel the same.

  14. $5k is a bit much IMO. I’d buy it for $2.5k to maybe 3. If nothing else, it would be a reminder that we no longer live in a functional republic. Anyone that watched the actual trial vs the news coverage would see that the man never should have been charged.

  15. Good on them. Shame on Zimmerman for exploiting a tragedy. Yeah, I don’t think he was in the wrong, and Trayvon definitely didn’t seem the angel he was. But the loss of human life– no matter how justifiable– is not something to be exploited or celebrated.

  16. So much anger directed toward Zimmerman. He was acquitted-remember? I wish him well. He does NOT represent anyone but himself. Maybe George should set up a “go fund me” scam-er page…

    • Some people on here seem to have a lot invested in defending GZ’s asshatery. Because he was justified in a self defense shooting, they feel he is entitled to behave in any crass sort of way he wants without criticism from the POTG.

  17. If I had a Keltec I would want it gone too. Yeah, the guy is dumb but whoever pays 5k, or 5 dollars is the dumber in this pair. The thing that makes me really mad isn’t his fault, the dude isn’t white. Obama is a half/half, did the media ever call him white? If I was Z, I wouldn’t worry. Theirs always Armslist.

  18. The Lamestream Media is still posting photos of Saint Trayvon as a 12 year old in the news coverage of this topic.

  19. This whole thing is just comical.
    Just remember, Obonzo made this thing go on the national scene and arranged a Soviet Show Trial to put all gun owners on political trial to further his gun control schemes.
    I just love the Liberals going off the wall on this one.

  20. Zimmerman did lawfully defend himself but he clearly was looking for trouble by being a neighborhood Barney Fife. He needs to leave the area and change his name. He is not doing gun owners and gun rights any favors.

    • GZ probably doesn’t have a problem with his name or the area where he lives. Why should you?

      He has already done a bunch of law abiding folks a favor, via the Trayvon Effect (thugs thinking twice).

  21. I’m just dumbfounded that there are actually people out t here stupid , enough to have a good word to say about this idiot, it’s debatable whether he acted in self defense or not, my opinion is not…that being said, it doesn’t matter our wonderful (haha) legal system found him not guilty. .that being said, I can’t believe there are those out there who think just because this clown was biracial that he can’t be a racist, one has nothing to do with the other, my opinion, yes, he appears to be racist. And finally, what makes him the no class scumbag of the earth that is so despised today is all of his disgusting actions even after he was acquitted of murder, he could have and should have been grateful he got away with murder, literally, and just walked away and led a clean life and bother nobody. ..but he couldn’t do it, he seemingly loves putting his name out there as if he and he alone thinks he’s a celebrity I don’t guess he knows or cared how hated he actually is. Honestly I’m surprised no one as capped his ass because he has taunted enough people, I don’t advocate violence but in this case I could understand it especially because he won’t just let travons family rest in peace, he enjoys rubbing salt in their wound. He’s got a big target on his back and with this latest actions I think it’s so disgusted, disturbing and insensitive that I almost wish something would just happen to him already because I’m sick of hearing his name. He brought all this on himself with his hunger for attention, he should have just let it go and there would still be haters but there would not be near as many because I am embarrassed to say I am actually one of the people who thought he should be found not guilty. I am embarrassed to say this but I had my reasons and I don’t know how I feel about that now but I do know for all of his actions after the acquittal this just is not a nice person and he doesn’t deserve to be free amongst people who are law-abiding citizens and would never even think to try to make a buck on the back of a poor dead boy.

  22. You are all a bunch of spineless sellouts who don’t support GZ. Good for him and I wish him a successful auction.
    Remember, the next person victimized for using deadly force to protect themselves could be you!
    Y’all need to learn what solidarity means.
    I’m disappointed in Gunbroker for their cowardly act.
    Courage is in short supply these days. Imagine the courage GZ exercises everyday now just to live. He’s got more courage than y’all sell outs have combined.

    • There’s a difference between not supporting his DGU, and not supporting the cringeworthy ways he’s been acting ever since.

      • I won’t fault or criticize George Zimmerman for his money-making ventures after all thanks to the Liberal media and Obama and their smearing and persecution of him, Zimmerman, he IS “unemployable”, virtually incapable of earning a living.

        The fact is no business owner could hire Zimmerman without facing the wrath of “the Left” ie. boycotts, vandalism, negative publicity and possibly even assassination attempts (remember there’s a “bounty” on George’s head). Additionally there’s no way Zimmerman can start a business of his own, first because he’s broke due to all the legal fees incurred in defending himself from the “wrongful prosecution” ordered by the ghetto-pandering Community Agitator & Caliph of Chicagostan, Barry Hussein Marshall-Davis/Obama and second because If Zimmerman applied for a loan no bank would dare touch him again for fear on incurring the backlash from Liberals/Progressives along with audits by the Treasury Dept (remember what they did to firearms dealers?).

        If George Zimmerman succeeded in starting a business I believe just like Conservatives/TEA Party members and their treatment by the IRS/FBI/BATF/OSHA/Agriculture Dept/FEC/Treasury & In-Justice Dept/OSHA he would immediately find himself being harassed by a myriad of federal, state, county, and local agencies some of which we’ve never even heard of who would be determined to drive him out of marketplace.

        It’s my belief that George Zimmerman should be applying for Federal “disability” benefits claiming he’s unable to work due to all the “stress” and suing both of the ghetto thug’s (Trayvon Martin’s) parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, for failing to properly supervise their criminal gene bearing offspring after all BOTH have “charities” and are raking in the dough from public appearances, donations and “licensing” their son’s image.

  23. Ha! Looks like it got pulled again.

    Zimmerman shouldn’t have tried to turn this into a publicity stunt. SMH

    • Back up again? This is a roller coaster of happy good fun times. Whatever. Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

  24. The Court Ruled not guillty. GZs character and some of his money making efforts are laffable. Thre point I see is this blood gun was removed from GB so the company could avoid further adverse media coverage. Do you hink GB would remove Jessie James guns, Dillengers, Bonnie & Clydes? How about all those World War and Conflict firearms, should they be pulled? War firearms my have a degree of anonymity but can be tracted.

    GZs ad was tactless but he was trying to market it for the most bucks based on its history. The removal has the tone of political correctness, uses gun grabber logic that a gun is evil or used for evil deeds even after the Court Ruled it was legal defensive gun use.

    There sure was a big push by our community to get military 1911A1s into the hands of CMP, to be sold like 1903 springfields and M1s. We need to be careful what stone we toss in the water as ripples go far and wide.

  25. The problem is not Zimmerman.

    It’s not gun owners.

    The problem is the people who are too scared to be associated with him. Political correctness runs deep, even in the gun community.

    Just remember that trying to appear nice to leftists isn’t making them respect you, if anything, it shows that you are weak in their eyes.

      • You are not required to be associated with Zimmerman.

        Plenty of other people (gun owners included) already do. And Zimmerman will come out as a winner again because political correctness and tone policing cannot hold out the truth.

  26. I don’t see how choosing not to let your auction site become a platform for an attention seeking ass clown to once again display his lack of class and walking around sense is the equivalent of political correctness. I don’t care for censorship either but some of you take any action meant to avoid being front and center of a stupid shitstorm as political correctness. In that sense, you’re just behaving like the flip side of the SJW’s.


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