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Yes, you may have seen an earlier compilation of Spencer’s EDC gear. Apparently he’s a man of many moods. This one — featuring the snubbie, Pez and Zotz — is a little more old school. Whatever works. See the rest of this Everyday Carry grouping below . . .

  1. Sturling chronograph watch 
  2. revolver speed reloader 
  3. Saddleback Leather Sleeve Wallet
  4. Sterling Silver Aztec calendar ring 
  5. Kershaw Emerson CQC 6K 
  6. Pez Dispenser silver glow
  7. Dude Stick – premium all natural beeswax lip balm
  8. Apple Zotz 
  9. Gray wool skinny tie H&M
  10. Zebra F701 ballpoint pen
  11. Leatherman Micra 
  12. Taurus 38 Special

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    • What’s up with all these dudes and their lipstick in these pocket dumps? Is this how metrosexuals roll?

      • I know a lot of guys who were stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, lip balm or chapstick is necessary sun block for your lips overthere. The chapstick followed a lot of guys home.

        • yeeeah, sure, somehow I doubt that all of these lip balm sticks are vets anymore than the guys carrying “field notes” are cops.

    • I thought that was a definition of carrying a revolver and a “speed strip”, not a “speed loader”.

      On the other hand, I usually just carry a 5 shot revolver and no reload. I guess that makes me just a raging lunatic (either that or a realist).

      • Same here, although I do put five extra rounds loose in my change pocket. A speedloader is just too bulky. Too small of an improvement to justify the big ole’ clump. I figure if I do fire off all five, I’ll have to hunt cover anyway, so I’ll have some time, and I’d hate to get killed because of an empty gun.
        Then, I figure to be reeeeal careful with the last five…

  1. Mmmnnyess Jeeves, old chap, do load up the snobby and prepare my fighting trousers. London seems a tad salty this eve.

  2. Yeah, but does he carry a reload for that Pez dispenser? ‘Cause you can’t be too careful.

    • Or a ring for that matter.
      I’d submit my EDC but it’s pretty boring compared to most pictures submitted here.

    • Next we’ll be seeing colored ribbed condoms and salad dressings : -(

      • Maybe if I put some condoms and condiments in the picture, mine would have a shot at making it??

        • Take a look around the “Everyday Carry” website… Metrosexuals come to mind?

  3. Love the revolver. Say what you will but a Detective Special or a Taurus like his is simple, reliable, light and easy to carry. And you never have to Wonder if there is one in the chamber, where is the safety etc. Failure to feed? Never.

  4. I can’t get behind the wheel gun. Own a couple as range toys, never carry ’em.

    Just too many problems with a wheel gun IMHO.

    • What “problems” have you had with a wheelgun that are so serious? Racking the slide? Failures to feed, extract, eject, bent mag lips?
      The only problem I have ever found with a revolver is if you can manage to get sand into the hammer well or behind the trigger.
      Other than lower capacity, OFC. One just accepts that, or not, depending upon just how many rounds that one thinks he might need.

      • Both .38 Specials that I own broke rapidly after I got them and both in the same way. One was a Taurus one was a S&W, both were NIB, neither survived more than 50 rounds before being sent back for warranty repair.

        I pushed the cylinder release and heard/felt a “snap” from the gun and the switch lost tension. After that the cylinder couldn’t be released so the gun could not be reloaded. I had to slide a small screwdriver into the gun behind the cylinder to release it and remove the casings. This does not engender confidence from me. I want a gun, not a an expensive fistpack/very small club.

        Further, if you’re in a situation where you actually NEED to be shooting, slow burning primers can be a huge problem in a revolver. In a semi-auto you eject the round and just let it burst, which unless a piece hits you in the eye, is relatively safe. It’s not going to kill anyone.

        In a revolver however, bringing up the next round to the barrel moves the slow burner out of alignment with the barrel but the round is still contained by the cylinder. This means it either fires in an uncontrolled manner or, if your gun is built in a way that puts something in the way of the round the gun can blow apart in your hand when that cartridge goes off.

        As I said, fun at the range, but I never carry one.

  5. Sure is a pretty picture. I’m sure it got lots of likes from people on Instagram.

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