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Shots rang out late last night in Fort Myers, Florida outside a night club that was holding a “Swimsuit Glow Party” that was open to all ages. The shooting happened at the end of the night when party-goers were leaving the club and being picked up by their parents. Sixteen people were reportedly treated at the local emergency room, victims as young as 12 and as old as 27. Two people are confirmed as dead following the shooting. There is no information at this time as to a motive, but three people are being questioned in connection with the event.

From the nightclub’s Facebook page:

We are deeply sorry for all involved. We tried to give the teens WHAT WE THOUGHT WAS A SAFE PLACE TO HAVE A GOOD TIME. Ages 12-17. There was armed security as well as full security,inside and out. As the club was closing and parents were picking their children up…..that’s when all this took place. There was nothing more we could of done az you see it was not kids at the party that did this despicable act. Our condolences to all parties involved.

More information as it becomes available.

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    • Mixing 12-17 years at an all night party of any sort is tempting fate. Throw in the gang banger, hip hop angle into the equation and you have a proven recipe for violence. Need proof? Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore, New Orleans, etc.

    • I have a friend who carries his LCP in his speedos wherever he goes swimming. I prefer to swim at my own pool, where I have quick access to my speargun.

    • It was not “all ages”, it was 12-17. It was a *nightclub*, for adults, which took a night to attempt to do something nice for local teens, no alcohol, lotsa security, seems like a valid attempt. But still, I betcha the shootings were over drug deals, by gang-bangers.

    • This makes more sense now.

      At first I was thinking what sort of place, nightclub or otherwise, that caters to under age youth would need armed security? Then I watched the video, all questions answered.

      • No need to watch the whole video. You can figure it out in the first 5 seconds. As usual whenever large groups of could of been Obama’s sons get together high speed pieces of lead materialize out of nowhere.

    • Way back in the day I did event security at a venue that hosted different genres of music.

      With most of the different genres, what few fights broke out, we could handle with our own people and not have to call in the cops.

      When the Rappers came to town? Pretty much guarenteed that the fights that broke out(mostly between black and hispanic gang members, or thier wanna be’s) would be classified as a riot and cops would need to be called out.

    • It’s a code word popular with Stormfront,skinheads and KKK losers JAlan.You know-trailer park residents and the neck tattoo low IQ crowd-with the ugly obese girlfriends…

  1. Armed security and the shooter(s) still breathing? Man Florida is a strange place, refuse to protect children? My ass would have been dumping rounds into that douchebag, weather I lost my life or not, children’s safety should always trump an adult life to protect them, my condolences to the parents, and apologies for the cowardly “armed” guards.

    • Drive by shooting big man, drive by. You going to shoot at an exiting vehicle with crowds of children everywhere?

    • Having worked in a similar establishment I can tell you its not that simple.

      When the shots ring out, everyone is engaging in furtive movement. Mix that with extremely densely packed bodies, and it could be 5 minutes before you can even gain line of sight to the shooter – much longer than these attacks typically last.

  2. My Brother in Law knows this place. It hosts gang banger events and this one was apparently for the children of said gang bangers. Nothing good will happen with a crowd of gang banging idiots at 1am.

    • I watched a couple of youtube vids, thought the atmosphere was more Gangsta Rapper than Gang Warfare, but the performers and the crowd looked pretty monochromatic to me.

      • Good luck finding the white kid in that photo. He’d be beaten senseless before he made it to the bathroom. There would be 50 watchers hollerin’ and uploading it to WorldStar. The news media would ignore it, like it has hundreds of times.

        Buddy of mine was part owner of an establishment that served a black clientele in a rough town. He and the other white owner dared not set foot in the business if it was open.

        • I was in a joint like that in New Orleans in the Ninth Ward. Fortunately, the people who took me there were black and well known there, because you can believe I was getting the evil eye.

  3. And the bloody flag waving begins again, I can see it now…
    “BAN GUNS!! For the CHILDREN!!!!!”

    Germany suffered another terrorist attack tonight. As awful as those attacks are, hopefully it will cause more folks not to vote for Hilary

    • Ummm, no Tile Floor. If this turns out to be black gang activity, I doubt this will get much exposure by the main stream press beyond a brief mention in the local media. Very little national exposure.

      Black on black violence and murder doesn’t fit the liberal/Regressive narrative that only white racist cops actually kill blacks and only white racist gun owners hunt down innocent black teenagers, ie the “white hispanic” George Zimmerman “hunting down” proven street fighter and gangster Trayvon Martin.

      • Came here to say this. Fortunately, you are way more eloquent. I will add that 12 year olds out at a club past midnight don’t fit the media narrative either, as this would highlight the failings of the ghetto community.

    • Catholic / Protestant dispute. Clearly. Likely a turf war started by a recent Catholic potluck on Protestant turf.

  4. So, the videos represent the culture/life style BLM represents and expects white folks to at least try to understand? I’m going to hang tight to my white skin privledge and my way of life because, among other things, when people in my neighborhood talk to me it sounds like english and I can understand what they are saying. And could somebody please explain to me why gangbanger/rappers are always grabbing at their junk.

  5. Shots “rang out”??? Who says that? Shots don’t ring (although your ears will afterwards).

    • Vanilla Ice. When he heard such sounds, he proceeded to take hold of his 9mm handgun. Unfortunately, all he heard were shells quickly falling to concrete – clearly the after effect of the bell-ringing sound he heard earlier.

        • Yes, but unfortunately the boulevard was smitten with gridlock, and he was unable to effect his escape.

        • Not to worry as the proper authorities showed up and proceeded to arrest those engaged in the act of profiting off of the sale of illicit chemical compounds made strictly to alter the mind of the person who ingests them in unspecified ways.

  6. The dead to wounded ratio was a dead giveaway for me. Turns out, it’s a Jamaican joint and it was gangbanger night.

    • Also, the cops didn’t do as good a job keeping the medics out for 3 hours to make sure everyone with so much a paper cut had fully bled to death.

    • In a nice white town (where such a club wouldn’t even exist) I wouldn’t care. However in hoodratville? No thanks.

      • Lose the racist bullshit please.
        I’ve been in plenty of “white” towns where far worse happens – the issue is NOT race.

        • Statistically my 12 year old daughter would be more at risk around blacks in a gang ridden area than whites in whiteville.

    • Parenting fail….

      …letting your 12YO daughter go to a nightclub in a swimsuit until 1AM filled with guys upto 27YO.

      What could possibly go wrong?

      • I assumed those 27 year olds were the security or workers. Besides, my daughter would fire off some 22 rounds lol

  7. Jus’ Chiraq on any given weekend(this one was HOT). No big thing chicken wing. What kind of parent?-a sh##ty one. Meanwhile another attack in Deutchland…

  8. Let’s see. A swimsuit party in a club so bad that it had its liquor license revoked last month. What could possibly go wrong?

    Here’s a fb post from a young man who attended this party: “I Don’t Want My Family To Have To Work No 9-5 Job Or Worry About Anything”

    What? Pro-tip: stay away from people and places like this.

  9. I live 10 minutes from this place. Local media has called it possibly gang related and there was other shootings that night that may have been connected. Maybe some type of gang retaliation. Fort Myers is not a big city, but we have a large poor black population that contributes to most of the crime and gang related problems. As a community I feel we’ve short changed this portion of our population which leads them down this road of gang violence.

    • “we’ve short changed this portion of our population”

      Yeah, if you were fair, you’d increase their taxes in order to put two officers with ARs on every street corner until the gang problem dissipates or is exterminated.

      • That may help where the two officers are. I don’t care about the current generation of gang members. The best thing would be to just lock them up. My issue is with the cycle of poverty and helping the next generation. Segregation ended just what 50 years ago? We should be doing more to help educate and help these young blacks find jobs. I’m not for giving stuff to them for free. Give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he feeds his family for life. That’s all I’m saying.

  10. The two dead have been identified as Ste’fan Strawder, 18, and Sean Archilles, 14. Police say it was gang-related (no sh!t Sherlock). The area around the club seems to be a favorite place for informal dealings in pharmaceuticals and live fire target practice.

  11. Gang related in a hooded out area. No surprise.

    I wish such a place existed when I was a teen, just without all the hood rats lol

  12. Not 50 people dead? Huh… I guess the cops didn’t do as good a job keeping the medics out for 3 hours to make sure everyone with so much a paper cut had fully bled to death.

  13. 2016 show s the need for removing 51%/liquor/bar”s, public transportation “and all other off places” as mandatory priority for the next time that should never exist 🙁


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