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“A federal judge has granted John Hinckley, Jr., the man who shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981, full-time release from St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C., where he has been in treatment since the shooting. Judge Paul L. Friedman delivered the ruling Wednesday, granting him full time convalescent leave to begin no sooner than Aug. 5.” Hinckley, of course, also gravely wounded James Brady during the attempt on Reagan’s life, which gave rise to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Hinckley has been given controlled periods of release from custody for years now. Or as one so-called expert describes it,

“In terms of the management of insanity acquittees, generally, it is common to have this very carefully titrated doses of liberty approach, with gradual doses of freedom and a fairly tight monitoring system,” explained University of Virginia law professor Richard Bonnie, who specializes in mental health and criminal law. “That is the model.”

Jodie Foster was unavailable for comment.

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  1. He’s done his time. Anybody want to go to the range with him? Give him his 2a rights back?

    • Hard cases make bad law. That is pretty funny though, and I am definitely not getting in line to go the range with him.

    • Why should someone who is so crazy that they attempt to violently end the lives of other men ever be allowed back into society?

      What is this ‘treatment’? Do you believe some doctor who says this man is ‘better’?

      Is there something this man can ever do to the benefit of society?

      If you are allowed the freedom to be placed back into society you should indeed have all your rights back.

      This man should die of old age in a cell.

      • “Why should someone who is so crazy that they attempt to violently end the lives of other men ever be allowed back into society?”

        So you’re in favor of imprisonment for all cops and soldiers?

        • Publius, increase your fecal consumption.

          He’s getting out because he’s not only a hardcase useful idiot (D) plant. He’s also a (D)-nation hero for single-handedly softening the heads (any pun intended) of both “moderate” and liberal Brady Bill a-holes.

          Plus, the (D)’s know Hillary is going to lose and they need some street muscle for their dictatorial plans. If GITMO can be emptied, St. Michael will need to return to clean up after these people.

          “Quis ut Deus? Serviam!”

        • P.S.
          Where are all the conspiracy theorists on this one?

          If we faked the lunar landing, how the living F did Hinkley get a round on Regan’s vitals [in a relative crowd of people] and (an I can’t believe it wasn’t fatal) headshot on Brady when half or less of Regan’s SS team couldn’t have hit Hinkley at that range with Hinkley’s “pawn shop” POS revolver?

          anyone? Bueller?

    • Incorrect. He has not done any “time” as punishment for a crime. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

      He has been institutionalized because his mental illness makes him unable to participate in the general population.

      To your sarcastic point, I suggest that no “doctor” should sign off on his release without being willing to give the guy a gun and remain within target range for a few hours. If he is not mentally sound enough to be trusted with a gun then he should remain locked up.

      • “If he is not mentally sound enough to be trusted with a gun then he should remain locked up.”

        … or maybe the SS could assign him to Hillary’s security detail. She might learn to be polite to people who are expected to jump in front of a bullet for her, or maybe Hinckley would snap and shoot her with something bigger than a .22.

        • Hillary’s secret service detail is practicing a new drill, it’s called, “get out of the line of fire”.

    • “Give him his 2a rights back?”

      This has been suggested as appropriate for *criminals*, with which I agree. Nobody I know of has suggested that certifiably crazy folk should have their rights restored. Just BTW, I was raised in Williamsburg, and have worked in that mental hospital. Friends still there have reported seeing him around the city for years, unescorted, unsupervised. He has now been released to his mother, who must be over 75 by now, what happens to him when she dies?

    • Two scenarios for you here ;
      #1. He goes and gets himself Caitlaned ( you know , Bruce Jennered ) , or for the completely ‘ out of the loop folks , gets a sex change and becomes a heshe a wannabe , a Johnsetta . Then he starts stalking Jodi Foster again , you know as Johnsetta , and when he can’t win her affections , he shoots Trump .
      #2. He shoots Trump .
      Timing is just right , don’t you think . I’m sure the ( Right Wing Doctors ) have cured him by now .

  2. One thing I never understood, other than the whole thing of course, is how exactly this was supposed to impress Jodi Foster or even the character “Iris” if one has trouble differentiating between movies and real life.

    • I don’t think this guy would ever be on Jodi’s radar. I believe she prefers chicks.

    • I don’t think his real motive was simply to impress her by killing Reagan. I think his thought process was that while he believed she loved him, she was not interested in him because he was a “nobody.” So his idea was that if he were famous on a national level for trying to kill a political figure he would be worthy of her interest and love. I think there was also somewhat of a suicide drive underlying it; IIRC, and it’s been a long time, he wrote a note a couple hours beforehand explaining that he expected to be killed and how it wouldn’t have happened if he’d been worth noticing.

    • Because he claims that he thought he was Travis Bickle.
      Travis shot a politician, so Hinkley needed to.
      If you don’t completely understand the explanations an insane man gave for his actions, that’s probably a good thing. 😉

  3. Nut plea kinda backfired, huh. Death would have been more humane. I wonder what the taxpayer bill was for this??? Somebody crunch the numbers.

  4. look up how Hinckley was a friend of the Bush family. The shooting was a warning to Reagan that he’d be a good puppet to the Elites (who the bush satanic family was owned by) or the Elites would truly knock off Reagan and put their desired puppet (bush) in office

    • I thought the Virginia Gov. signing 200k pardons individually to give felons their voting rights back was pretty telling…

        • No, he is now individually signing the rights restoration documents to circumvent the VA Supreme Court ruling.

        • Great! I wanna see that he *personally* signs his name 200,000 times. Wanna bet? I bet I haven’t done that in my 70 year life, total.

  5. Stevor- it’s guys like you that make TTAG such a fun read. Don’t let them put you back on your meds.

  6. Rehabilitation success story. It only takes millions of our taxes to bring him back to the village.

  7. So does this mean the Brady bill will be retracted the same moment he is released? Yeah, I thought so.

  8. What could go wrong with this guy…

    He is the liberal Psychiatric community’s poster child. He shot a conservative icon. The liberals went all out to “rehab” this guy. Utter nonsense.

  9. “Attempted murder” of Brady? He might be walking around right now if this cretin hadn’t put a bullet through his head. And I believe his death was labeled a “homicide”.

    • Still not guilty BROI. Nobody now says he is no longer insane, just that he is under control.

  10. I’m not a doctor, but he must be cured. He hasn’t shot anyone for 35 years! Liberal logic.

  11. Wasn’t he caught with pictures of Jodie Foster several times over the years?

    Ya gotta feel for her since she was not even twenty years old when this nut ball tries to kill Regan to get her attention.

  12. So what is Hinckley going to do to support himself? Does he have a place to live set up or is he going to be sleeping in a box on the sidewalk? Does he have any sort of income to buy food or is he going to be eating at homeless shelters?

    All of this sounds like a bad idea as most cases of mental health are involved because we have a broken system.

    • He comes from a well to do family. I don’t know how that translates to his financial status but he did not start in the hood.

  13. The purpose of punishment is to correct behavior. If he’s been treated and has a panel of experts clear him to live at large, I’m okay with it. DOes it mean that he won’t snap again? There are only a few guarantees in life……..

  14. Before he was released he was shown a 8×10 glossy of Trump, and then they told him Trump was bumping Foster.

  15. Equal treatment under the law. Found not guilty because of insanity (which is obviously not clear cut – in many states the defense would not have worked under their definition of insanity). Served 35 years. I’m not saying I’d be happy to have him move in next door (although I guarantee I’m the best shooter on my street) but he served the time he was given under our laws.

  16. Considering the unpopularity of the two main candidates for president, maybe they figured “what’s the worst that could happen ?” I’m just saying.

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