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“A man under 24-hour surveillance by anti-terrorism investigators was shot and fatally wounded by a Boston police officer and an FBI agent Tuesday morning as he threatened them with a large, military knife, authorities said. Usaama Rahim, 26, attacked after he was approached in Boston’s Roslindale neighborhood as part of an ‘investigation that’s been going on for some time by the Joint Terrorism Task Force,’ Police Commissioner William B. Evans said at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.” That’s from the Boston Globe. The Fibbies are being closed mouthed about why Rahim was being followed, but made a point of assuring the public that there’s no immediate threat. Feel better?

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    • The obvious point is never trust the government. No matter which of the two sides who appear to be represented in these comments is correct, i.e., the agent and cop were jackbooted thugs who overreacted and murdered a guy they didn’t have to, or they only took out a dumb underling while accomplishing nothing to stop a terrorist plot in which he was potentially involved (or both), you still shouldn’t trust the government.

  1. Fix your headline: Boston man murdered after confronting government goons who have been following him, it should have been a defensive gun use.

  2. “No immediate threat” Yeah as if they would really tell us anyway. There could be an immediate threat and the government wouldn’t tell us while Obama tries to disarm us.

    • BREAKING…Williams & Sonoma and other high end kitchenware stores will now have to apply for FFL’s and perform background checks on purchasers if they wish to continue selling “military style” highly sharpened high quality steel kitchen knives. Wushtoff and other fine european cutlery manufacturers will be subject to strict import regulations and must file all blades flat before being eligible for import. Final edge sharpening may only be performed by a licensed distributor once in the US.

    • New lexicon: “knife violence”, “assault knife”, “these knives are made for one purpose only: to kill”, “they cling to their Bibles and their military-style knives”, “that big knife is just a substitute for his small penis”, and “real men don’t need knives”.

      • Such a high capacity knife, at that!

        Where’s Mom Demand Action demanding that no one needs more than three inches to get the job done?

    • “Military” as an adjective used to make anything sound more dangerous.

      Actually, I think I own one of those ontario spec plus bowies (Come to think of it, I own way too many knives…).
      They’re good blades but so far as I know they aren’t issued by any military.

      • Same thoughts exactly…. Just like ARs, if it LOOKS remotely “military” then its incalculably more dangerous than an old fashion Bowie knife.

    • Can’t have another prisoner added to Gitmo during the reign of the Islamist Nobel Peace prize winner.

  3. Extra funny points if the government goon was using a full-auto MP7: man defending himself with a military assault knife murdered by heroic public servant with a personal defense weapon.

  4. CNN Wolf Blitzer just now … “a HUGE MILITARY knife !”. Get ready folks..I can see Rep Chuck Schumer all set to hold a press conference !

  5. Schumer is now the senior Senator from NY. After Dingy Harry Reid finally leaves, Schumer may be the Senate Minority Leader.

    • Yeah, I suppose they could have just let the guy carve on them a little first, give him a sporting chance.

      • Maybe they should quit accosting people on the street. The citizen should have every right to defend himself from armed government employees. The rights of a citizen are more important than the safety of a government employee.

        • What makes you any different from a sworn officer defending oneself from a deadly attack?

        • For one, regular people don’t accost and harass people, then murder the victims when they resist.

        • You’re right, I’m sure they just ran up on him and started to wantonly beat him with their nightsticks. But I’m sure you were there any know exactly how things happened without any flaw in your recollection of the events. Get bent dude.

  6. Knive that large are already prohibited for carry in the bay state. If I remember right it’s any blade over 2.5″.

  7. @DZ, do I feel safer? Not personally because I don’t live up there. But for those people up there, it’s a big plus. One more shit head down. Good job FBI and coppers!

    • Only “bad guys” are investigated by the feds! Summary execution for thoughtcrimes! MURICA!

    • Why don’t you go ahead and take a sharpie to that part about “due process” in the Constitution?

        • True, but you would think that a 24 hour FBI surveillance would be ready for him and be able to take him down for proper interrogation.

  8. Odds this guy was encouraged by fed informants/officers? Odds they needed a quick excuse to start tapping all phones again (as if they stopped)? In any case, keep ’em comin’ as incompetent goobs, please.

  9. At least he had the good sense to buy a decent knife. That’s an Ontario Knife Company blade.

    Great stuff!

  10. IS Dan implying that this was a bad shoot?

    Because someone comes at me with a Ka-Bar style knife I am lighting him up like the 4th of July.

  11. Good glad the cops killed another sub human piece of trash one less shit bird we have to worry about

  12. “We were able to do this with data collected under the patriot act.” in 3, 2, 1….

  13. Why is it some gun owners questions any lil’ fart that goes on in gov’t when it comes to gun rights, but then completely trust said gov’t when it comes to ‘terrorist activities’? Is it because ‘terrorist activities’ give you a better platform to advocate gun rights? Bugs my mind that some claim 2nd amendment as a check to gov’t, but are all okay with bulk phone collection and destroying their 4th amendment rights in the name of the gov’t fighting ‘terrorism’. I mean, you’re more likely to get strike TWICE by lightning in your lifetime than being killed in a ‘terrorist attack’.

  14. Getting a bit tired of seeing that knife in the pics like it’s a bad thing. For cripes sake, it’s a standard bowie knife. More specifically, it’s an Ontario SP1 Marine. It’s what I have and a fantastic alternative to a Ka-bar. I guess the fact that it is a “black” knife makes it more dangerous?

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