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Click here to read the Report of the State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Danbury on the Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and 36 Yogananda Street,  Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012. The report is 48 pages long but not so long on many important details. No 911 call transcripts. No pictures. Here’s the bit about the police response in the Executive Summary: “The response to these crimes began unfolding at 9:35:39 a.m. when the first 911 call was received by the Newtown Police Department. With the receipt of that call, the dispatching and the arrival of the police, the law enforcement response to the shootings began . . .

It was fewer than four minutes from the time the first 911 call was received until the first police officer arrived at the school. It was fewer than five minutes from the first 911 call, and one minute after the arrival of the first officer, that the shooter killed himself. It was fewer than six minutes from the time the first police officer arrived on SHES property to the time the first police officer entered the school building. In fewer than 11 minutes twenty first-grade pupils and six adults had lost their lives.

Fewer than this. Fewer than that. That sounds an awful lot like spin (i.e., obfuscation) to me. The “abbreviated timeline” on page 14 says that the police received the first 911 call at 9:35:39. An officer made the scene at 9:39. Although the report states that the “last gunshot is heard” at 9:40:33, it does not say that it was the last gunshot fired. The first officer enters the building at 9:44:37.

There simply isn’t sufficient detail about the actual police response—especially as we learned last week that the first officer on the scene parked 1/4 mile from the school and waited for backup before entering the building.

We now know that responding officers spent time apprehending someone who wasn’t involved in the shooting:

9:39:34 – Newtown officer encounters unknown male running along the east side of  SHES with something in his hand . . .

As noted above, on December 14, 2012, there was a concern that there may have been more than one shooter. This was based upon a number of factors:

1. The initial police encounter with the unknown male outside SHES;19
2. Reports by school personnel during the shooting on a 911 call of seeing someone  running outside the school while the shooting was ongoing;
3. The location of two black zip up sweat jackets on the ground outside of the shooter’s car;
4. The discovery of an Izhmash Saiga-12, 12 gauge shotgun and ammunition in the passenger compartment of the shooter’s car. A police officer moved this shotgun and ammunition to the car’s trunk for safety purposes;
5. Shell casings that were located outside of the school; and
6. The apparent sound of gunfire coming from outside of the school;

Clearly, the report is attempting to provide justification for the fact that the first responders didn’t enter the school building immediately, in accordance with department active shooter protocol. And again, check the wording on the “last gunshot heard.” This delay may well have cost lives. Here’s what happened inside the school.

Throughout the rest of the school, staff and students hid themselves wherever they happened to be at the time they became aware of gunfire. The staff used various ways to keep the children calm, from reading to having them color or draw pictures. Those hiding in rooms closest to the shooter kept silent. Some people were able to escape out of the building prior to the police arrival and went to Sandy Hook center, nearby residences, or received rides from parents going to the school or from passersby.

This raises important questions about the shelter-in-place lockdown instructions given by the staff to children. I’ve said it all along: gathering kids in one place does little more than create a target-rich environment. [I’ve told my kid to run like hell to get outside the building and away.]

Gun control advocates are sure to seize upon details on the amount of ammunition Adam Lanza carried during the attack. Here’s the inventory from the last place Lanza fired his guns, classroom 10:

Officers found two-hundred-fifty-three live rounds on the shooter’s body: one-hundred-sixteen 9mm rounds, seventy-five rounds of 10 mm, sixty-one rounds of 5.56 mm and one 12 gauge shotgun shell. Officers also seized forty-six 5.56 mm live rounds. This consisted of fifteen from the rifle, one from the floor and thirty from the magazine under the body of the shooter, as well as thirteen 10 mm live rounds (nine from the Glock and four from the floor). Officers also seized forty-six 5.56 mm live rounds. This consisted of fifteen from the rifle, one from the floor and thirty from the magazine under the body of the shooter, as well as thirteen 10 mm live rounds (nine from the Glock and four from the floor). There were forty-nine expended 5.56 mm casings seized and one 10 mm casing from classroom 10. Total live rounds seized were three-hundred-twelve and total expended casings seized from classroom 10 were fifty.

The autopsy reports that “No drugs were found in the shooter’s system.” That’s a bad thing, not a good thing; Lanza probably had been given prescription drugs at some point. I’ll write more on the psychological aspects later. For now, one thing is certain: the report is a whitewash in terms of the police response. Not good enough.

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  1. >fewer than four minutes from the time the first 911 call was received until the first police officer arrived at the school.
    >fewer than five minutes from the first 911 call, and one minute after the arrival of the first officer, that the shooter killed himself.
    >fewer than six minutes from the time the first police officer arrived on SHES property to the time the first police officer entered the school building.


        • Nope, if they are government employees then they are civilians. Citizens are non employed by the government.

        • “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”

          Since we have hordes of “public officials” now, it is only right to remove citizenship rights from all government employees. They need to suffer some loss if they wish to live off the sweat of the citizen’s brow.

          • Oh, so you’re not saying that people employed by the government aren’t citizens, you’re advocating the removal of their citizenship during their service.

            Yeah, good luck with that.

        • You Mr. Miller are a complete and utter fool. The Constitution extends universal citizen to anyone born on U.S. soil. You do not get to change the definition on your whim, and the definition does not change because of what you feel like. This definition of citizen ensures our equality to disenfrancise citizenship based on government employment goes against everything this country is, was, or we hope ever will be Go take a civics lesson and come back when you’ve learned something.

        • IIRC, military personnel and cops are also in the government employ. Remove their citizenship as well? My company works on government contracts – by extension, better take away my citizenship as well. Perhaps I won’t have to pay income tax anymore.

          • Nope, illegals still have to pay taxes. Drug dealers are supposed to pay taxes on their ill-gotten gains. Nobody escapes the long arm of the IRS.

      • Heh? What is the benefit of an ‘armed citizen’ over a teacher? So they can walk the hallways looking tough? I’m pretty sure nuts want to kill kids; teachers are close to the kids… seems like a good position to be in if you’re armed and ready to fight!

      • I couldn’t disagree more. Many teachers ARE ex-military. And many are recreational shooters and hunters. And some are both. My father is a substitute teacher, retired military and one of the best shots I’ve ever seen. I guarantee you that Lanza wouldn’t have gotten far had Dad been there and packing his trusty 1911. Or he would have died trying.

        Regardless of their status, teachers have a RIGHT to self defense, and as much right to carry as anyone else. Yes, they probably should have a little extra training on how to engage a BG in a school environment, but a teacher who wants to pack should be able to. Period.

    • Dont forget the 3-4 minutes from Lanza shooting out the glass on the front door to the police dispatch receiving the phone call!

  2. 26 dead in 11 minutes, in a situation with a VERY prompt police response.

    What do we learn from this?

    Well, if you’re anti-gun, you have no real solution to offer.

    If you’re comfortable with guns, the solution presents itself.

    • >fewer than five minutes from the first 911 call, and one minute after the arrival of the first officer, that the shooter killed himself.

      So, 5 minutes total from first 911 to Lanza already dead. It would seem the whole thing went down in a lot less than ten minutes, start to finish, even allowing a slight delay from first shots to someone dialing 911.

      • It sounds like from that timeline that he killed himself before the police even entered the building. Another example that shows the police do not stop or prevent crimes, but just investigate after the fact.

        Crime victims are the “first responders”.

        • With the ‘fewer than’ removed:

          “Upon the receipt of the first 911 call, law enforcement was immediately dispatched to the school. It was four minutes from the time the first 911 call was received until the first police officer arrived at SHES. It was five minutes from the time the first 911 call was received until the shooter killed himself. It was six minutes from the time the first police officer arrived on SHES property to the time the first police officer entered the school building. ”

          They COULD have entered before he killed himself, but apparently did not.

    • I think we need to make it clear that we are not criticizing cops when we harp on response times. The fastest (and most expensive and burdensome) police force in the world could not respond fast enough. It is also not a criticism to point out that most of the function of law enforcement is to find and punish those who have committed crimes. It’s not that they are bad cops, that’s just reality and the nature of what they do.

      • we are not criticizing cops when we harp on response times.

        That’s true. We aren’t. However, if the poor dears are so sensitive that they think we’re being critical (god forbid) unless we tell them otherwise, maybe they don’t need to be cops.

        • ^^ this. I get so sick of cops justifying everything they do because “they need to make it home at night.”

          So does that mean that just because I took a job 30 miles away from my house, that I should install a cow catcher on the front of my truck and plow all traffic out of the way on my commute? After all, that would make MY life safer, of course at the expensive of everyone else.

          If you became a police officer to serve your community, good for you. If you became a police officer to “fight crime” then you’re just another dickhead on a power trip.

  3. Interesting reads, the Saiga is new. Apparently had a 10mm though, even before the incident I thought that was merely a myth, such as this 22LR people speak of.

    • The Saiga is not new. That’s what there is helicopter video of the cops removing from Lanza’s car in the parking lot that had the entire freaking world hyperventilating about an AK-47 for like four hours that day. Saigas look like AKs, dontchaknow.

    • It was known right away once the confusion cleared that he shot himself in the head with the 10mm Glock. That is why there is 1 spent casing. That also tells you where he shot himself. Of course now the building is torn down.

  4. “The total weight of the guns and ammunition from the shooter at SHES was 30.47 lbs.”

    Honest question: Is this something LEOs actually investigate after crimes? I’m trying to think of a scenario where this would be relevant info.

      • Never seen that one before. You kind of have to use weight with drugs, because most are not able to count in another uniform way (even with weight it’s not entirely uniform). But guns are a little easier to count.

    • The guy was 6 feet tall and weighed 112 pounds. A scrawny guy. The point of weighing the guns and ammo was to show that he could carry all of it himself, which helps prove that there was no accomplice who helped him get all those weapons and ammo into the school. See, it is relevant.

      It really is not that hard. You just need to think about it for a little while.

        • It’s irrelevant now because he could carry everything involved at one time, making an accomplice unfounded, HOWEVER in the total of guns & ammo in the school alone was more than what a guy of his build could conceivably carry as far into the building as it was, then the likelihood for another shooter becomes a possibility. Its something you don’t know until you figure it out, and once you do, you see that it is irrelevant, but not until you know.

  5. No drugs in his system because he refused treatment.
    He had the misfortune of having a disorder many don’t understand well, let alone know how to treat. So the meds he had been on came with side effects he could not tolerate while giving him little benefit. Hence, his refusal to continue.
    I suspect there was growing tension about this. Coupled with growing bitterness over the dim prospects of a normal life, this no doubt pushed him to lash out as he did.

    • So the meds he had been on came with side effects he could not tolerate while giving him little benefit. Hence, his refusal to continue.


      • My entire medical career in mental health. There are clinical hallmarks that, in small number, make the rest of the picture and history quite predictable. Because everyone is unique. Just like everyone else.

        The number one cause for non-compliance with psych meds are side effects.
        The other reasons apply more to bipolars and schizophrenics who report feeling like they are stripped of their true essence and persona when the meds they are given alleviate their symptoms – side effects or no.
        Asperger’s Syndrome is poorly understood. Often mis-categorized. Frequently misdiagnosed and thus very often mistreated. With that come the above mentioned reasons for noncompliance with meds.
        Sadly, it’s a very common story.

        • Because I have two family members in the mental health system in CT (Well, one now since one member decided to kill themselves, while in state care)

          I agree with your assessments about the drugs and I would say misdiagnoses and playing a guessing game with drugs at least in my view is common.

        • DrVino, I’m not doubting that meds can cause side effects. But how do you know what that little prick was taking or supposed to be taking? Not what a similar patient was prescribed, but what he personally was prescribed. As far as I know, that info has never been published.

          Furthermore, there’s no evidence that Lanza had Asperger’s. There is only the unsupported statement of an unidentified Newtown cop and some of Nancy Lanza’s friends that the little bastard had Asperger’s. I can understand a mom saying that her son had Rain Man syndrome rather than admitting he was schizophrenic, but that doesn’t make it true.

        • The report confirms he had Asperger’s. Probably from medical records. But I did not need the report to say that. He has (had) and Asperger’s Facies. Not all patients with this diagnosis will have this feature, but it may be related to the disorder needing to be parsed out into sub categories or it may be related to severity of disorder.

          Because the place where I work is something of a quarternary level care practice, we see a lot of people with this kind of diagnosis and we see what is and is not tried as far as meds go.
          Again, it’s a pretty consistent picture.

        • DrVino, page 30 of the report also very clearly says that
          “Reportedly, the shooter did not . . . take drugs, prescription or otherwise.” Not just that he didn’t have them in his system on that day.

          Any statement that this shooting had anything to do with SSRIs or any other drugs has no basis in fact.

        • Generally, meds don’t work with Asperger’s nor Autism spectrum unless there is some other issue as well.

        • “Asperger’s isn’t even a diagnosis as of the release of DSM V. It’s gone. History. Only Autism Spectrum Disorder remains.

          I am frankly shocked that people do not focus on the culpable behavior of Adam Lanza’s mother. Her encouragement of Adam’s shooting practice, her casual storage of her guns, her failure to keep her own immediate defensive firearm out of Adam’s hands by locking her bedroom door during sleep and otherwise wearing her pistol 24/7 if it was not in a secure safe, was reprehensible. Securing guns from the mentally ill isn’t that complex. Securing guns while remaining armed can be achieved. She didn’t bother. My view. Adam was both mentally (socially, emotionally) incompetent, and angry with his life. She knew it. She didn’t face it. That is the source of the tragedy.

          Adam didn’t “snap.” He was never not broken, and she knew it. Events like Newtown are extremely rare in a population of 300 million. I like to think it is also extremely rare that a head of household acts as Nancy did. Guns aren’t a means of therapy for the mentally incompetent. They are tools for the mentally stable.

    • I refuse to sympathize with someone who goes into a school with the intention to shoot a bunch of kids. On an intellectual level I can understand how we need to study someone like that, learn how they snapped to try and prevent it again, but using terms like ‘push’ and ‘lashed out’ seem to betray the enormity of the situation and belittle the nature of choice in the matter.

      “Free will” is a difficult topic, and I’m happy to talk about determinism in a philosophical context, but I *choose* to believe he had a choice, and that he should not be considered anything less than a deviant loser and forgotten. I save the nice words for those who struggle with mental illness without killing a bunch of kids.

      • The words I used are absolutely objective but do speak to the dynamics and motivations at play. In no way do they justify Lanza’s actions.

        Bring a bottle of scotch and in an hour I’ll demonstrate that “free will” is largely a philosophical construct. We may make choices, but even the way we make choices and or our capacity to make them is largely predetermined by our neurobiology. My favorite example of that is the adage that there really is no choice in “drug of choice”.

        • Agreed. And the Summary Report agrees also. Their conclusion was that although he had severe mental problems, nevertheless, the way he planned the crime so well, so far in advance, and hid his plans from everyone shows that he knew it was wrong to do it. “He even waited until his mother returned from New Hampshire”.

          I’m no clinical psychologist (I read a lot of scientific stuff), but I think he had more than just Asperger’s Syndrome. That was a diagnosis several years ago. I think by the time he committed this crime he was schizophrenic, Reference his Obsessive Compulsion for extreme cleanliness, and withdrawal from every other human being, even his mother. Schizophrenia is a disease that primarily is seen in young men, and gets worse as they move from their teens to adulthood.

          What do you think, Dr. Vino?

  6. Article on HuffPo (one of many), still gets details wrong. Ammo for the Bushmaster was 5.56; they’re still reporting .223.

  7. The police are lying to cover for Lanza’s rich father at best.

    At worst… well… I’m not even going to bother with how much they could be lying about, we all know that since there has been no court case and any potentially guilty parties are dead they could, theoretically just make the whole thing up.

    I don’t want to believe it, but until they produce some actual information from Lanza’s family and people who knew him, it will gnaw at me. The silence regarding the entire Lanza clan is deafening. All we hear from are the family of victims, calling for the stripping of your rights to save the children. We should care about where this alleged perpetrator came from and how he came to commit such a heinous act.

    • What? Let’s see, Adam had no contact with his father or brother for something like 2 years. He was in care of his mother, and was an adult. The rest of the family has nothing to do with this.

    • If you had bothered to read the report, it mentioned that they extensively interviewed his father and brother, as well as unidentified sources who knew him throughout his childhood. Yes, unidentified, because the identified sources have already been harassed and threatened by the nuttier of the conspiracy theorists.

  8. Sounds like the mom had no damn clue he was crazy and kept him and the rest of the family familiar with firearms. I can hear Fienstein cackling from here in Florida.

    • Actually, there are plenty of reports out there about the mom and Lanza’s educational history. She new he was going down hill.

  9. Yeah we’ve known for months that a Saiga-12 (Canra-12) was in the trunk, but still get to hear all the time “abloo abloo, didn’t you hear the AR-15 was still in the trunk?”

    Anyone who owns an S12 knew what they were looking at when it appeared on helicopter video during the immediate response, being pulled from the trunk and cleared by an officer.

    • I think I personally cleared that misconception from at least a dozen and a half people, by showing them the video, and then showing them pictures of an AR, an AK, and a Saiga-12. It’s amazing to watch them go, “OH….”

      Winning minds, one tiny brain at a time.

      • surely I don’t care enough to load up charmap just to satisfy cryllic pedants. but more seriously, the CT police report just calls it a “Canra-12”

  10. A report written by government enforcers detailing the government enforcers’ response to and assessment of an incident that serves the interest of the government enforcers’ overlords. Yup, I’m sure there’s nothing but truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in that report.

  11. “…twenty seven homicides…” Wasn’t the 27th the suicide of Lanza himself? Are suicides counted as homicides for the purposes of investigation or other legal purposes?

  12. The way I understood the law in #5 Brady ranked Connecticut, was that they had an assault weapons ban and magazine capacity restrictions, yet violations of those two laws are not listed in the report’s “DETERMINATIONS OF CRIMES COMMITTED”

    Does anyone have an explanation for that?

  13. It took about a year for this to be released…..sorry if I don’t believe a word of it.

    Regardless of what really happened that day, the choice to delay the release of this report is part of promoting the anti-gun agenda.

  14. The public deserves the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This summary from Sedensky falls short.

    The summary sticks to the “we still don’t know why” while leaving bread crumbs to vague areas.

    It does note that they are busily working to redact much of the real report.

    • You appear to be under the fanciful impression that life is not a chaotic bitch goddess that refuses to reveal all her used tampons to whomever asks.

      That is… we can’t know everything about every tragic event. And we certainly can’t know how a crazy person thinks.

  15. There is an inconguity in the report. under “- Weapons on Shooter and Ammunition in Classroom 10 ” they report 61 rounds found, then the next line says 46

  16. Here are my three big takeaways from reading the report. One, the shooter did not exhaust his supply of ammunition or targets. Based on the time line, I would conclude that he ended his life as soon as he became aware of the arrival of police or shortly thereafter. This would add credence to the argument that most shootings end when armed resistance presents itself. Two, the presence of several partially loaded magazines and loose ammunition found on the ground suggest that the shooter was having difficulty loading or operating the weapons. Three, and the biggest one of all, is that based on the evidence collected at the home, the shooter had been planning this for some time and had prior access to the firearms. In other words, he didn’t just snap one morning and go on a rampage. He had been dwelling on this and researching his modes and methods. The mother’s failure to see any of this and to restrict access to her firearms indicate a lack of parental care.

    • The problem is that he killed her. That gave him time to gain access. Plus, he destroyed various hard drives etc. which limited what could be discovered about his latest activities.

    • He refused to allow her into his bedroom, and rarely came out of it. When he did he rarely spoke with his mother. Yes, she did allow both of those to continue, but those are the main reasons that she didn’t know his plans.

      Instead of doing things that would have forced him into improved mental health, she went along with all of his wishes, which allowed him to rapidly sink deeper into his insanity. As I see it, she is a classic example of a loving mother, desperately trying to help her son through an extremely difficult problem. I blame her, but I also sympathize with her.

  17. The staff used various ways to keep the children calm, from reading to having them color or draw pictures.

    In what Bizarro World is this a plan for saving kids’ lives? “Hey, kids, there’s a maniac in the building and we’re taking fire! Please open your books to page three of ‘Duck Duck Goose.'” Unfvckingbelievable.

    • The only thing I can think of is to avoid having them scream and attract the attention of the shooter.

      When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything is a nail.The converse, I suppose, is that when all you have is a crayon, every problem looks like construction paper. I know a lot of teachers, and most of them are not warriors and would default back to what they know… which is probably not that helpful in that situation.

      Luckily such situations are more rare than cable news would have us believe.

      • Single story building with every room having windows opening out to either the courtyard or the outer school grounds. I guess that just never occurred to anyone, eh?



        • The original plan for Columbine was to set off some bombs and get the students running outside where they could be picked off… I assume that’s where it comes from.

      • They were probably following procedure in a lockdown situation. There would be no to know how many shooters there are or if there are more waiting outside, no teacher would want to send scared and panicked kids into a trap and dozens of running kids makes a hell of a big target

        • This is actually something me and teacher wife discuss a lot. Her school follows the very same lockdown type procedure, and I’ve been doing my best to try to inject some critical strategic thinking into the automatic protocol.

          Her classroom has 2 floor to ceiling windows that open, so I’ve argued that if she heard a shooter say, on the other end of the hall, that she should evacuate all the students out those windows. She (and apparently the school) argues that there could be one or more shooters outside waiting on that. For the life of me I don’t understand not escaping a KNOWN threat because there COULD be a threat elsewhere. Makes absolutely no sense to me.

  18. I don’t know what to feel. Sad. Unsure why the cops were seemingly crap. Probably because they’ve never had to deal with this. Maybe a fair amount of shock on their part.

  19. No way he could have fired 50 rounds in 5 minutes from 3 guns if he only had 10 round hunting-approved rainbow magazines… so obviously the solution is to ban high-capacity kitten/baby polar bear assault weapons.

    I saw a guy qualify the quick-n-dirty AQT at an appleseed with a single shot bolt-action .22 once. Magazine size does make a difference, but a well-trained individual with any cased ammunition can still terrorize a gun-free-zone if the victims have no means to self-defense, no matter what gun/magazine the shooter is using.

    It’s not the gun stupid, it’s the guy holding it…

  20. Thanks Robert.

    The bottomline – the cops cant save you in time.
    This is no surprise and not a reflection on the cops- its just physics: distance/speed = time.

    Absent armed guards or teachers on site- you have to make your own distance.

    Key takeaways to teach our kids:

    1. Dont huddle where the shooter can find you.

    2. Run like hell, and jump the fence to get out.

    I’d add another lesson learned from Beslan-
    for school or mall shootings where there “may” be more shooters than one-

    3. Run away from gunfire, but break free of the crowd as soon as you can –
    they may be herded into a kill or capture zone.

  21. Funny, why didnt the report identify that Ms Lanza had the guns in a gun safe as per CT law, hmmmmmmmmmm, wonder why that was ommitted as surely they would have identified this in such a thorough report eh! Oh thats right, they want to say later how careless she was, as if that would have stopped the little monster, got it!

  22. 26 killed with 50 shots of 556 in 3 areas with shots fired for breaking in? That is incredible. The load out is also incomprehensible. I am not saying its not true, just astonishing.

    I am questioning the group hunker down theory in school lockdowns. Not a good policy.

    • I agree with you! Bunker down is not good policy. I ask you this though: if you had three guns 30+ lbs of ammo and gear, and the massive adrenaline dump that must accompany an act like the dbag was committing, and you were a scrawny little video game nerd, could you really shoot accurately enough to make 26/50 hits on human, moving targets?

      I’m not putting my tinfoil hat on, but that is a small round count and a high hit rate in a short amount of time.

      • That has been troubling me as well. That’s a lotta gear for a scrawny little shit. It must’ve taken him forever to move around the school, since I don’t see him being much for endurance either.
        God do I hate this kid, in the rarest ways one can hate a person they’ve never met.

        • I can’t comment as to a connection if any between video games (fyi:I don’t play) and the perp’s actions but the report DOES establish a considerable preoccupation with them. It also mentions he played a physical game and built up quite a bit of stamina. It seems reasonable to conclude that his high hit rate was at least partially related to his gaming experience. The other is of course all the victims being huddled together, which I commented on elsewhere.

          However, the original facts remain, regardless of how desperately the progs want to deny it. You are your first keeper. The progs think the government is their keeper.

          I don’t think we need to require armed teachers/security, but we certainly ought to do away with that silly feel-good crap about gun-free school zones. It’s right up there with the Kellogg-Briand pact that outlawed war in 1925. That one really worked out well.


    • Read again later in the report, there were 155 rounds fired in total at the school, the report shows max possible 126 hits on the victims, but that isnt correct either until there is a count from the coroners report.

  23. It actually makes me mad that it took them longer to bother going into the building after the last shot was heard than it did to arrive. Seriously?


  24. hmm…just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday…wonder how many folks will miss the report all together.

  25. After reading the report, a number of observations:

    1. You are your own first responder. Still true, always has been, always will be. The progressives will simply never be able to grasp this stunningly simple concept, but that doesn’t change the facts. I commented above about the kids in the other classrooms. The reason they do that is simply that they think 20 kids all running in 20 different directions is somehow worse than 20 kids all huddled together, submitting to whatever fate has in store. Again, a progressive mindset failing.
    2. The perpetrator killed himself before law enforcement entered the building. What’s not mentioned is where the first officer to arrive was located, what that officer did or did not do, and whether or not the perpetrator was aware of said officer’s arrival. Again, you are your own first responder.
    3. Gun safe? What gun safe? Come on, we’re not stupid. Yes, it appears the mother (who was clearly an enabler in almost every way, shape and form) failed to properly secure her firearms, but for some odd reason this highly relevant information was completely left out. Why?
    4. Probably not really relevant except to his obvious mental illnesses, but wow 6 feet tall and 112 pounds? I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone so skinny. One wonders if he ever ate anything at all (of course) or not. Perhaps that’s why they mentioned the total weight of everything he was carrying?

    I used to work mental heath care for several agencies as a caregiver and later, supervisor. I ran an ISL (small apartment or house with 1 to 3 clients) with a staff of 5 to 8 employees – did all the training, paperwork, doc appointments, bills, etc. THANKFULLY the risk to employees and the public is very low, but agressive and dangerous individuals are certainly out there among you. Although my agency provided only adult (age 22+) services, which is where this perpetrator could have ended up.

    I wonder about that. Some of the individuals I worked with retained the the right to vote even though they had been declared legally incapacitated by a probate court judge and guardianship awarded to either relatives or the public administrator. I can think of a couple former clients that could probably have gotten a firearm if they’d thought to do so. (They were definitely the smart ones. Those were always the most problematic too.) Others were just simply dangerous because of their physically violent behavior and/or size – firearm wouldn’t have mattered.

    I never had anyone quite like Lanza, though. Maybe one kid with Prader-Willi (boy did he have some behaviors) but that’s about it. (Note: PW and Asperger’s are completely different disorders.)

    Clusterfvck is about all I can say in the end. The sad and frustrating part is the fact that so many people who really know better are using it all to drive their agendas, when the bottom line is that it’s simply a tragedy that fortunately, happens very, very rarely.


  26. I could have saved the good state of Conn the money, time, and effort. Here are my conclusions:

    Adam Lanza was batshit crazy.
    He killed a lot of people that day.
    Ain’t nothing anyone could have done that would have prevented such an explosion.

  27. So he fired a total of 156 rounds in 11 minutes
    (8 outside, 16 lobby, 2 hallway, 80 classroom 8, 50 classroom 10), using a total of 8 magazines (including the one in the 10mm)
    So an average of about 14 a minute, with 6 magazine changes.

    Tell me again how using a semi-automatic with standard capacity magazines enabled this? One could fire at the above rate with a single shot break-open and zero magazines…at likely greater lethality per shot.

    Stop blaming the object people, and blame the psycho.

  28. I maintain that these clowns carrying absurd amounts of ammo is a symptom of their disconnect from reality. “Of course i’ll have time to burn through two hundred rounds in three different weapons before the cops show up in about ten minutes!”

  29. I’m not buying (or selling) any conspiracy theories, but I do find it odd that this killer would have even taken a 12 ga. shotgun with him. I’m a good sized man, myself, well over 6′ tall and barrel chested. I’m not Mr. Olympus or anything, but still that’s a fair amount of solid body mass and a 12 ga., even with 2 3/4″ shells of birdshot, still packs a punch you’ll feel. Even with an ATI stock and proper stance and grip technique, you know you’re firing something powerful. It seems so out of place then that this mousy little waif of a kid would even pack a shotgun. But then again, who knows? He’s crazy.

    • I imagine that when he got out of the car and started picking up all the guns and ammo, he thought “This stuff is getting heavy. What can I leave here? The shotgun is hard to shoot and heavy. I’ll leave it.”

    • What are you shooting, a single shot, break open Stevens? In that case, ouch. A heavier semi-auto doesn’t kick much at all. That Saiga looks fairly hefty, so I’ll bet it doesn’t kick much. Besides, when you are amped up on adrenaline, you don’t feel the recoil.

      • Ahh…his was a semi? You’re right about recoil on that. I’ve fired, but never owned, a semi-auto shotgun. So that wasn’t in my thinking. I’m simple and old school on that one, just a basic Mav 88 pump.

    • Well, one, he wasn’t a bright kid. Two, Saiga’s don’t really kick that much compared to a pump. I’m not saying he could handle one, because i know nothing about him, but as shotguns go, they’re really easy on the shooter.

  30. I know for a fact that the killer (i refuse to acknowledge his name) filled a prescription for fluoxetine(Prozac) only a couple of weeks before the event. I was in a position to gain access to this information, and as a result I’ve seen the record with my own eyes. I will not go into any further detail. I have no lawful way to provide proof of any of this. I just thought some might find it interesting.

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