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In this extremely disturbing video out of Abilene, Texas, a heated dispute over the disposal of a mattress leads to gunfire. The shooters, Johnnie and Michael Miller, have both been charged with the first-degree murder of the third man in the video, Aaron Howard. Howard apparently had a baseball bat (not obvious in the video) but was otherwise unarmed.

The person recording the video is Howard’s fiance, Kara Box. Threats were exchanged on both sides before John Miller fired his handgun. His son then followed up with a shotgun blast.

When District Attorney Jim Hicks saw the footage, he said: “Video evidence like this is always graphic and very difficult to watch. But, it is consistent with the charges.”

Both Miller men are currently out of jail on a $25,000 bond.

“You [the Millers] deserve to spend your lives in prison,” said Ms. Box. By the looks of it, there’s a good chance of that.

Here’s a news video featuring an interview with her:

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      • They were all a-holes for the way they handled this but the father son duo are toast. They were not on their property and had a duty to retreat, call the cops, and handle it that way. If the dead guy was on their property a different story. Three low gene pool idiots are now out of circulation.

        • “the father son duo are toast”

          Depends who’s on the jury. I can easily see a hung jury. The father was very calm and kept telling the guy to calm down and back away. The dead guy was out of control and threatening to kill them.

        • Depends who’s on the jury. I can easily see a hung jury. The father was very calm and kept telling the guy to calm down and back away. The dead guy was out of control and threatening to kill them.

          I don’t see it happening Danny. They shot him over a mattress. They could have just walked away at any time.

          Stand your ground is to defend against assault, not to take a shirtless fatty stroll to go confront the neighbor over trash while brandishing, hands on guns.

          A gaggle of trailer tards is what this is.

        • Stand your ground is to defend against assault, not to take a shirtless fatty stroll to go confront the neighbor over trash while brandishing, hands on guns.

          I agree with this. They were all running their mouths for a long time. Stand your ground is about defense when you’re life or great bodily harm. These people stayed around and around and around. They were not in fear.

          This was a murder, they are trash and should be in prison for decades to life. Completely unnecessary.

          • They were not in fear

            Maybe, maybe not. But when the dead dude grabbed a baseball bat and came after them, all bets were off.

        • Danny, you can’t sit there and escalate a situation as all involved did and claim you were in fear. If shirtless fatty threw a punch at orange shirt and orange shirt defended himself with the bat, orange shirt would be arrested for assault and battery or murder if he killed him with the bat.

          If you start a fight with someone, then that person attacks you or puts you in fear for your life, you don’t have the legal right to defense because you started the fight. In this situation, it looks like all 3 were the instigators, so none would be able to claim self defense.

        • Why am I not surprised that Danny L Griffin doesn’t seem to have a problem with two armed shirtless imbeciles “standing their ground” in an alley way behind their residence and asserting their constitional right to set their equally imbecilic new neighbors straight on the life and death issue of whether or not a set of twin size box springs should be disposed of in the trash dumpster. Dumb and his dumber offspring chose to remain and further confront and taunt the obviously unhinged raging idiot. Daddy & Junior could have easily just turned around and waddled their fat @$$€$ back into the house. Nothing even remotely reasonable about their actions

        • I agree with Danny…. this could easily be hung jury or conviction depending on the jury. I’d say not guilty, only because orange shirt guy threatened to murder them several times then acted acording to that threat. If shirtless guys went there to murder orange shirt guy, there never would have been a conversation. They made it clear that they had weapons for self defense and any time they referenced using their weapons in the conversation it was in the context of self defense. Self defense (shirtless guys’ intentions) and murder (orange shirt guy’s intention) are two very different things. DA will have to prove that shirtless guys went out there with the intent to kill orange shirt guy and that will be hard to sell that to a jury when the victim is screaming over and over again that he is going to kill them both.

        • Gonna agree with Danny, the baseball bat throws a monkey in the wrench. They might have to plea it down because of that bat and the threats to kill them. The fact that they walked over brandishing both a handgun and a shotgun means there’s no way they get a hung jury, though. They walked over to intimidate the guy, and ended up gunning him down when that didn’t work and he attacked them with a bat. No good guys here.

        • @ Sgt Bill
          Stand your ground law in Texas doesn’t dictate that you have to be on your property or you have a duty to retreat. Where did you pull that line of BS out of? Let me take one guess.
          The law says that you have no duty to retreat from the area where force was used as long as you had a right to be there. He had a right to be in the alley.
          In my view, they were threatened with bodily harm repeatedly. If they had not be armed, they would have been assaulted.

        • husband went back to his truck to get a bat and then came near the two men. shooting justified end of story

    • The stupid out of control dead guy deserved what he got. He was doing all the threatening both physical and verbal. I really don’t have a problem with this shooting. The father, I will predict, when a jury sees and hears all of the evidence they’re going to decide that this was a self defense shooting because the dead guy kept threatening to kill both of them and put bullets in their head. The only place I have a problem is the son letting loose with the shotgun. His actions do not look defensive, unless there’s something that we do not see, that’s out of frame in the video that prompted him to shoot.

      • How was what the son did any different from what a cop would do? If someone attacks a cop with a baseball bat and the cop shoots, the assisting cop with his gun out would shoot as well, no?

        • if you listen again you can hear the old guy say, “…if you…I will kill you”. In most jurisdictions he and his son would have a duty to retreat and not stand there with guns over a mattress dispute on public property. They don’t look like the types that can afford a high priced attorney. Public defender is going to have them plead guilty to 2nd degree murder or 1st degree manslaughter and each get 10+ years.

          • Depends. If you come at me with that bat I’m going to shoot you. Sounds reasonable. Did the dead dude raise the bat to swing at the father’s head? He obviously thought the father wasn’t going to do anything. The girlfriend obviously thought the father wasn’t going to do anything because she recorded the video instead of calling 911. They were both wrong. They both chose poorly.

        • You guys are missing a key ingredient.

          The shirtless man boobs duo, didn’t just happen to be at the trash can with guns. They came to the trash can, shirtless, with man boobs, with their hands on the guns already. They were not shouldered, they were not holstered. The guns were in their hands, and they took those to the trash can. That makes them the instigators. Yes, the guy that was shot was asking for it – begging for it. And their mistake was they gave it to him, and now they get to go to prison – I would make bets on it. Confident solid bets.

          When I go armed outside my house, I don’t go shirtless with a gun in hand. Big no no.

          • Not exactly. The father had his gun holstered originally. Apparently when he drew it and held it by his side the son retrieved the shotgun.

        • Yea I was just going to say, that according to multiple articles I’ve read the guys firearm was hidden.

          Not to mention this women has a SERIOUS credibility issue, a list of lies already told:
          They weren’t they’re children
          He wasn’t her husband
          He didn’t just throw the bat over their heads (it hits the dude in the video)

          The dead dude also had according to his Fiance “Intermittent Explosive Disorder” so who the hell knows what he was going to do, he could have simply walked away himself, instead he threatened to kill, shoot, and hurt people.

          It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out (in like 2 or 3 years) I could easily see a hung jury.

        • Guys. They are defending a trash can. If he is that psycho, why push him over the edge over a trash can? Just call the authorities and let them handle it.

          • You talking about the woman? Because she was the only one with a phone and apparently she thought World Star Hip Hop fame was in her future.

        • Yea I was just going to say, that according to multiple articles I’ve read the guys firearm was hidden.

          Are we watching the same video???

          Whatever happened to don’t draw your gun until you plan on using it. He stands there, both of them, for minutes with guns in hand, fingers on triggers.

        • “How was what the son did any different from what a cop would do?”

          He wasn’t a a cop. Nor was the loser father he was supposedly protecting. Neither am I or most of you. But even if I or any other upstanding law-abiding citizen opens fire as a secondary after a primary shoots, the secondary is going to have a hard time claiming self defense; even if the primary is justified.

        • Anonymous, if you read what I said, “Yea I was just going to say, that according to multiple articles I’ve read the guys firearm was hidden.” This was at the start of the confrontation before the video was rolling.

          The video by the way which is intended to paint the Orange shirt guy in the best possible light, yet he still comes of like a lunatic.

          Several articles I’ve read stated that shirtless father took the trash out with his pistol, given orange shirt guys history this is no surprise if the neighbor knew anything about him, he then removed the bed out of the dumpster since according to local laws furniture isn’t suppose to go in the dumpster, Orange shirt dude then came out and started going psycho, Shirtless father drew his firearm, Orange shirt dude keeps being psycho, Shirtless son comes out to back his father, Orange shirt’s fiance comes out and starts filming.

          Again, this is what I’ve read from several sites.

        • Anonymous, if you read what I said, “Yea I was just going to say, that according to multiple articles I’ve read the guys firearm was hidden.” This was at the start of the confrontation before the video was rolling.

          Then that’s fine. He should have kept it hidden. and not taken it out to hold it finger on trigger. Skippy shouldn’t have fetched a shotgun either. To prevent escalation, you keep your gun open carried holstered, or concealed – not in your hands. Pretty sure the law reflects that concept too.

        • Anonymous, you have no idea what happened before that tape started rolling, there are plenty of scenarios that would warrant the gun being pulled out, by all accounts the aggressor was orange shirt dude, who has a history of violence. Brandishing isn’t illegal everywhere, and pulling a firearm can be seen as defensive.

          Orange shirt guy could have walked away at any time as well, he didn’t, he escalated it until he got shot due to his own actions, of course had orange shirt guy followed the laws none of this would have happened.

          Every time these cases come up I am absolutely horrified by the people who ignore evidence, it only goes to prove that the old adage “better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6” is absolutely bunk, if Anonymous and sich were doing the judging you might as well be carried by 6. You two have not only ignored evidence, but you don’t even seem to understand why people would carry to begin with.

      • Both of the Shirtless Wonders were Armed, the Bellicose Guy wasn’t. Do the phrase “Stick and Stones” come to mind. When does Shouting at someone else become Lethal Force. Shirtless Father Shot First, Twice. Before the Baseball Bat even began to move…

            • That’s immaterial. The dead dude is dead because he was an out of control idiot.

              A couple of years ago a man and woman here in Michigan thought a pickup truck was driving too close on their tail, so the husband slams on his brakes and brake checks the guy a couple of times (which is beyond stupid). When the opportunity arose the pickup truck went around them quickly. They all got stopped at a stop light ahead so the husband exits his vehicle and confronts the old dude in the pickup, yelling at him, and takes a swing at the old guy through the truck window. The old guy shoots the husband dead in the middle of the street in broad daylight.

              We were discussing the incident on a Michigan gun forum and the wife learns of it and begins posting in the thread. She said that it doesn’t matter what her husband did, it didn’t warrant him being shot dead. The point is that is immaterial. She kept saying, “but he [the old guy]can’t do that.” I told her, “yes he can and he did. What happens to the old guy, whether he gets convicted or not, doesn’t matter. Your husband is still dead because he acted like an idiot.” She never got it and kept saying, “but you can’t do that.”

              Maybe she gets it now. I wonder if bellicose guy’s girlfriend and brother get it now. It’s too late for the dead dude to get it now. Don’t act like a raging lunatic and threaten other people. You want to get shot? That’s how you get shot.

              • And the Two IDIOTS with Guns weren’t. As someone else said, the two had the option of walking away, they DIDN’T and only Escalated the problem to the Final Conclusion. Somebody getting KILLED…

              • You know who escalated the problem? The dead dude when he kept yelling and threatening armed men. And then he further escalated it by retrieving a weapon. As I said before, he won’t do that again.

              • All the Dead guy was doing was “Yelling”, the Two Beauty Queens had the Firearms. They were in control of the situation. I suspect they were also Drunk. It was Their Call all the way through the confrontation…

        • Really? They were in control of the dead dude? He wasn’t even in control of himself. The dead dude could have walked away, too. But for the sake of argument let’s say you are 100% correct. So what? Dead dude’s still dead. You need to understand that important point. Maybe the father and son get convicted, maybe they walk. That’s immaterial to the guy getting shot multiple times and assuming room temperature. As I said, he won’t act like that again.

          • They had the Guns! Bellicose Man “Didn’t”. Somebody getting in your face yelling at you “Isn’t” a Threat, if your the Only Ones that are Armed…

            • Dead dude was armed with a bat. He was not shot until he retrieved a weapon and came after the father and son. Had he not began an attack on the armed pair he would have lived to be an a-hole to someone else another day. Like I said, he won’t be doing that again.

        • If having guns in hand is all it takes to control people why would cops or military’s have to shoot anyone?

          oh and the dude had a bat, a weapon, something all involved parties agree on.

          • You just made the argument! If there’s a Police Force all decked out with Body Armor and Protective Shield and Helmet. And some “Schmuck” starts Yelling at you. Do you have the Right to Kill the Schmuck for “JUST” Yelling At You…

        • Some Schmuck wasn’t just yelling, he was armed and threatening to kill, talked about getting a gun as well. A point that all involved parties admit to, but you keep ignoring.

        • Do you even understand what a baseball bat is? It’s a third class lever. A good swing can apply upwards of 6000 pounds of force upon impact, more than enough to cave a skull in. When you start gearing up to swing at someone with one, while screaming about how you’re going to kill them, if they put you down like the mad dog you are, they’re doing the world a favor.

      • So, you completely ignore the treats of the father and son saying they’ll shoot the guy? All three were idiots but only 2 of the idiots fired shots. This was not self defense. At a minimum they were mouthing off back at the guy and provoking him as he was to them. They’ll be convicted and they should be.

    • Both parties are clearly degenerate hotheads. However, this should easily be a justifiable homicide once all of the facts are taken into consideration.

    • No one just walked away. Handgun, shotgun and baseball bat how did they think it would end?
      Everyone gets a stupid prize.

      • If you’re holding a bat and repeatedly threatening to kill two guys who both have guns in their hands and you just keep pushing, what do you expect to happen? Even without knowing how this confrontation ends, it’s 99.9% predictable.

        There are ways to solve conflict without violence. This ain’t it. This is a textbook example of how to wind up dead or in prison.

      • I agree with Don and DJ. Massive altercation over a trash can. A gaggle of tards these are, all of them.

        They all mutually escalated the situation.

  1. You left out a whole bunch of the story. The dead man was a dangerous nut. This is his interaction with a mailman from his Facebook page(sorry in advance for the wall of text; that is the way he wrote) :

    “So this afternoon Right as I wake up and before My medications I am checking On house Walk into the kids Room And see a Person In front Of the kids window..So me I go outside find out its the mailman and tell Him for the last time stay away from the kids windows We have asked you multiple times not to walk between cars an windows because You might get shot …….Being as How we have 2 girls that are children not to mention a little boy ..I believe its in my right to Protect these children from Perverts an Pieces of shit in this world. I also live down the street from a place where thefts murders an assaults have happened in the past. He told me because I wouldnt let him walk that way that he would not deliver the mail and would just send it back I tried calling the usps before walking down to make sure to get him On recording refusing to give me my mail he refused to say anything. so I called him a Bitch an a coward for not repeating what he said and I went Home….15 min later My home was swarmed with Police banging on my door Scaring Emegail so I had Kara leave with Emegail because my medications had not kicked in and I was getting overly anxious with the police.Tried calling Grandma only to realize well shes out of town. I asked if they had warrants they said they didnt need one as they continued to bang on my door profusely an hide away from my sight which I called them on multiple times. I told them I have a mental issue they needed to leave I did not want to talk to them and they insisted on causing me emotional and mental strain along with the physical strain of my heart not being able to slow down over an over.I told them you can call my caseworker I have the files verified of my disorder all you have to do is leave my property because you do not have a warrant I walked thru them and left MY OWN HOME because I did not feel Safe. I left long enough to allow my meds to kick in and calm me down before coming back discovering they were still there SO I showed them the video of exactly what I said when I walked down the street to him.. They are now reporting that I made a terroristic threat when I told the mailman to stay away from the girls windows because he might get shot..I also have had Adult Protective Services called stating that I am not in my right mind 3 hours after all transpired I told them I am fine and asked why they were calling they said because Abilene Police Department called saying I was a danger to myself.. Not anyone else to myself.. I am so sick of the harassment everytime APD shows up to my door …I DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER MY DOOR I DO NOT HAVE TO TALK TO YOU IF YOU DONT HAVE A WARRANT GET THE FUCK OFF MY PROPERTY …..then louder then louder then louder till I HAVE no hold back. They stand there laughing as I have a breakdown they refuse to leave stating they dont have to have a warrant..I need a Lawyer I have the videos Im tired so tired of them not allowing me to calm down…I told them I would talk to a detective after the report was made…and still they woiuld not leave…I am tired of losing my mind to stressful situations So I went and got medicine for it only for APD not to allow me to stop an take to walk away from situations they refuse everytimeI got arrested a year or so going thru withdrawals from my meds telling the officer I needed them only for him to refuse an charge me with a disorederly conduct which I cannot control without my meds.. I admit it I take my meds I do whats right only to have APD numerous times keep me in mental Strain..”

    It seems the dead man also has an arrest record as long as my leg.

  2. Dunno about Mz Box, but my main feeling about the menfolk is, I don’t think I’m gonna miss any of them. In her case, I have suspicions that she would have done better to use her phone to dial 911 from a removed location.

    • I had the same thought. Why were the police not called when the neighbor allegedly pointed a gun at this guy’s son and yelled at him? I really think, especially with all of the nonstop threats, that the decedent had an anger management issue and a screw loose or two. I suspect his daily meds may have something to do with the latter. On the other hand, the neighbor could have clearly walked away and called the cops instead of shooting this maniac. The murder charges are appropriate, although a self-defense argument will undoubtedly be raised. Is this a “stand your ground” state?

      • True, but Orange Shirt also threatened them repeatedly that he would relieve them of their arms and use them against them. The man was unhinged. He clearly was not stymed by the presence of two armed men, so what would leave you to believe he would drop the issue if they turned their backs to him? The moron also charged them head on with a bat, and was shot for it.

        You can’t ascribe normal people logic to enraged morons.

  3. Where was the Baseball Bat again? I looked at Both of the Hands of the Orange T-Shirted Guy and saw NO Baseball Bat or anything else that could be described as a Bat…

    • Sich,

      In most of the video, the deceased has no bat in hand. Around the 1 minute, 56 second point of the video you can hear the deceased say, “Give me that gun.” and then a couple more words and then you can clearly hear him say, “baseball bat”.

      I believe the baseball bat was a few feet away in the first part of the video while the deceased was ranting and raving. Then, I believe the deceased picked up the baseball bat and moved toward the two suspects.