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Despite the orange hair and the vacant expressions, a jury has found Aurora theater mass murderer James Holmes guilty of murder in the first degree. Jurors were apparently unpersuaded by his attorneys’ arguments that he was schizophrenic and suffering a psychotic episode when he killed 12 people and injured another 70 during a screening of Batman on July 20, 2012 in a designated gun-free Cinemark theater. It’s worth nothing that Holmes . . .

was force-fed meds to “protect other prisoners.” His lawyers argued that the state did so made their client appear sane – so that he could be pronounced mentally fit enough to receive a death sentence. After reading Holmes’ graphic 29-page “manifesto” and considering his pre-mass murder behavior the jury pronounced Holmes legally culpable for his horrific crime.

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  1. If I remember correctly, there’s something in the Constitution about a speedy trial. How the hell is THREE YEARS a speedy trial?

    • His lawyers either asked for continuances or agreed to the Government’s requests. I suspect the Defense dragged their feet hoping for a miracle.

    • It doesn’t mean quick start-to-finish, it means an arraignment in front of a judge in a reasonable amount of time. Trials take as long as they need to demonstrate evidence, present testimony, and give the defense and prosecution time to rebut.

      • We had 100% irrefutable evidence that he was the killer (hell, he was caught in the act). That doesn’t take three years of bullshitting to prove. Just another example of our corrupt “justice” system really being about lawyers / judges all getting huge paychecks for doing very little work.

        • There’s also the right to confrontation of witnesses, present witnesses in your favor, and all that other stuff. Even as obviously guilty as he is, I’m okay with the government not getting to rush things like this.

  2. Who cares? He was apparently waiting to be arrested after the shooting, lolling around in the parking lot. Croak him on the spot. He must have had accomplices. The story was that he received a phone call and that apparently started his programming. His psychiatrist apparently had him pumped full of Scopolamine. The perp isn’t important, but who programmed him and why? This theater is not far from Columbine, where the two psycho kids shot up their high school. They putting something in the water there or what?

    RIP to the victims.

  3. There are so many charges the judge is still reading. Local media says it will probably take up to 90 minutes to read them all.

    Now for the endless appeals.

    Much of the delay was due to defense maneuvering, by the way. Pretty standard in cases like this.

  4. Too bad he couldn’t go out like mohammed today-10 times the virgins during ramadan( I DO think joker was batshite crazy)…but I’ll volunteer to execute him(if it goes that far)…

  5. Anybody notice his new muj beard? What’s the over/under on him being a new Moslem convert by the time his Hollywood produced biopic film is released…

    • Ah, the Woodchipper — Supernatural-evil-destroying tool — par excellence:

      Rufus: So you just happen to have a bamboo dagger blessed by a Shinto Priest laying around?
      Bobby: Wood chipper.
      Rufus: Oh, okie dokie. Wood chipper. That pretty much trumps….everything.

    • LOL. I was listening to the radio show Wilcow Majority at the same time I read your comment, and the radio host was talking about putting the Charlotte Racist shooter through the wood chipper.

  6. The guy planned his mass murder for months, taking the time to acquire guns and ammo and then building and planting bombs to booby-trap his own apartment in an attempt to kill more people.

    Crazy? Sure, but not legally insane. He knew exactly what he was doing. Burn him. None of that lethal injection sh1t — that’s the way you put down a sick pet. This bastard deserves to burn.

    • While I don’t necessarily disagree, I feel a firing squad would be most appropriate. Perhaps by a series of .22 short rounds spaced at 10 minutes apart.

  7. I’m still curious about his alleged use of body armor. It seemed a safe bet that was usual media nonsense. Before the gag order was issued the only things we know he wore had virtually no protective capability. I would assume the defense would point if the body armor stories were false. Does anyone know what the facts are?

      • It came out in the coverage after the initial sensational reports that it was just a vest with no armor.

  8. No matter what be his punishment here on Earth, an eternity rotting in Hell will suffice.

  9. Should walk him out back and place a round in each extremity and then a gut shot, then a lung and just before he expires one in his jaw.

    • Torture and murder won’t bring back his victims or dissuade other people from following in his footsteps. All it will do is drag us down to his level.

      Part of holding the moral high ground is that we overcome our baser instincts and act in a civilized manner when others do not.

      • It’s not about civility or bringing back love ones. This man planned murdered 12 and wounded 70+ And rigged his apartment with explosives to murder more. He tortured the survivors lives by searing in their memory, the horror of that moment. CO has spent millions of dollars for a trial for a jury of his peers to determine if he was sane. They confirmed he was sane. Now the state will clothed, house, allow exercise and feed this man for no less than 15 years and perhaps the rest of his life all on CO taxpayers. Not a nickle will go towards the victims to help them recover.

        There were no morals exhibited by the shooter and once convicted of the charges, thus giving due process, and no doubt of his guilt, justice should be swift and with malice.

        • Death by torture does dissuade others from committing similar crimes. And I think it is the most appropriate punishment in this case.
          Unfortunately, the Constitution forbids cruel and unusual punishment.

  10. Find out who his cell mate is and get him a couple of cartons of cigarettes to ensure he gets treated “properly”.

    Humane treatment is for members of humanity. Once you cross the line like that its open season.

    They should let the survivors and family members rip him apart mob style.

    Or manufacture a torture machine and let him rot in it for the next 15 years.

  11. We don’t have to understand the reasons, who, what, why and all that. And while our emotions are pretty understandable, when you get right down to it, we just have to deal with it. It’ll take time, too long of course, but he’ll get what he has coming eventually. And when we’re done with him, we’ll just have to trust God will have mercy on his soul. That’s pretty much about it. Of course, he is indeed guilty and most certainly not insane enough to not know what he was doing. He clearly planned all this with malice aforethought. Maybe his psychoses motivated him, but don’t mistake that for not being able to distinguish between right and wrong.


  12. I was in a movie theater, armed, enjoying a movie with my oldest daughter, as this verdict was being read. Seemed fitting.

    Now expedite the appeals, and use him as a test subject for restoration of public hangings for murderers.

  13. This guy’s cold, calculated planning for his murder rampage made any chance of an “insanity defense” impossible from the outset. The bright red hair and vacant stare was just bad acting on his part and likely calculated, as well. If the same Jury that convicted him in 13 hours deliberation after a weeks long trial doesn’t give him the Death Sentence, I’ll be surprised.

    Colorado has Executed only ONE person since 1977, so this guy will probably get many years on Death Row to write his “How I did it…” autobiography while Appeals drag on. Colorado uses Lethal Injection. So, the Jury could sentence him to Death without being overly concerned the sentence would ever be carried-out and get credit for a tough gesture. If the Jury really wants him dead, they should give him Life in Prison without Hope of Parole, and other Prisoners would probably kill him for the notoriety. Kind of an interesting situation.

  14. Knowing some in the joint I think the meds were for his own protection not theirs!
    If PC Colorado is true too form, he will be out on Parole after 40 Years of being a model citizen of the Inmate population!
    He deserves a death by inches, however being humane just put a bullet in the back of his head instead of clothing, feeding, housing and Medical care. reason is it would save money may be a buck vs hundred of thousands

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