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“A Harvard-educated lawyer who works for Gov. Cuomo was shot in the head when he was suddenly caught in the middle of a Brooklyn gunfight before Monday’s West Indian Day Parade, authorities said. First Deputy Counsel Carey Gabay, 43, who was appointed to the post in January, is now on life support as doctors prepare to harvest his organs later in the day, law-enforcement sources said.” The shooting occurred in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. For the geographically impaired, that’s part of New York City, one of the most gun-controlled locales in the country . . .

“It was just totally random. Some guy walked up and was spraying bullets everywhere. I can’t believe it. He was a good guy, he just didn’t deserve this’’ said Gabay’s weeping younger brother, Aaron McNaughton, who was with him at the time.

It is, of course, a terrible tragedy that a father-to-be would be the victim of such a senseless act. And before the usual suspects spout their sage advice in the comments about the need for razor-sharp, head-on-a-swivel situational awareness, by all accounts this was a random act of violence that even the keenest spidey senses likely wouldn’t have mitigated.

Mr. Gabay seems to have been unfortunate enough to have been at the wrong place at the wrong time in which one morally bankrupt individual, lacking in cultural guardrails, decided to settle a dispute by opening fire in the middle of a crowd. It can happen just that quickly and Gabay paid the price.

There is virtually zero chance that the shooter had a license to carry his gun (which was also likely procured illegally). And despite the city’s famously restrictive gun laws and the state’s vaunted SAFE Act (giving “New York State the toughest, strongest protections against gun violence in the nation”), all the governor’s horses and all the governor’s men can’t keep those who would obtain and use firearms illegally from doing so. All their grandiose pronouncements to the contrary. Just ask Mr. Gabay’s soon-to-be widow.

[h/t Dirk Diggler]

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    • When what they’ve done doesn’t work, it’s empirical proof they haven’t done enough of what doesn’t work.

        • And that’s arguably the most charitable interpretation, since I don’t think anyone in government is actually stupid enough to believe that gun control laws will prevent criminal violence.

    • Or it’s possible he had nothing to do with it, seeing he was appointed well after the SAFE act was passed.

      I worked for a governor’s office one (during 9/11 actually), and the attorneys’ main duties were things like determining municipal right of way.

      But I guess we’re doing “death penalty on suspicion” here. Nice.

  1. If only we had Universal Background Checks with magazine capacity limits and cool-down periods with mandatory safety training and regular mental stability checks none of this would have happened.


    But seriously….

    My condolences to the family for their loss. I hope they catch the shooter and deal with him very harshly.

  2. He did not deserve that. I will pray for his soul and ask God to grant his family healing and peace. May he rest in peace.

    • Anybody else sick of third world scumbags coming here to replace our culture with theirs? As if theirs is so superior they had to escape it.

        • @ Dan. Truth isn’t racist. Gun violence is predominantly a black and hispanic thing. So color tends to range from ebony to ecru, but brown is just easier.

          It’s not like there were 50 white guys shot in Chicago this weekend. It;s blacks and hispanics shooting blacks and hispanics.

          You can shriek about racism when the Triads, Yakuza and Aryan brotherhood start racking up comparable body counts.

        • That is a racist statement. It isn’t what “they” do. There is a criminal element that fights for turf. They are 2% of the inner city community. The next 4% are followers. The remaining 94% are hostages. They would move out but you don’t want them living near you because they are brown and you are white, (I suppose).
          Ever visit a Federal or local prison or juvenile hall? Plenty of white people with the same lack of parenting. White children of single moms. White drug and alcohol abusers. To a man or woman each convict blames someone or something else for their situation.

          Seems you are setting yourself above these brown people. Why would you do that? Missing something in your upbringing. Don’t like your circumstances? Did a brown person cause you to not finish high school or make it hard to afford college?

          Stay off of Fox & MSNBC!

          Know what? All whites aren’t racist.

          • Good to see comments like yours.

            I cringe when reading comments here that castigate an entire class (non-whites, atheists, religious and yes even politicians and anti-gunners) that don’t represent the intended cohort e.g, all whites v. Aryan Brotherhood types.

            Ironic too because anti-gunners put all of us in the same bucket of evil rather than just citing the criminal element that happen to use guns.

  3. Condolences to the family.

    This will not end well for The Peoples Republic of NY.

    Condolences to the legally abiding populous.

  4. “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”

  5. Multiple shootings and stabbings at this “celebration” of West Indian culture happen every fvcking year, like clockwork, since it began. 2014 saw five shot with one dead, and that was just during the parade. In 2013, at least two people were shot. In 2012, two people were stabbed to death, and two others were shot. In 2011, two police officers were injured by gunfire.

    The West Indian Day Parade: Celebrating the culture with blood and gunfire for 40 years.

      • Actually ban that particular one. As Ralph stated, something happens during that parade/festival every year. If it was a lottery you would win every year betting that a stabbing or shooting will occur. It was actually more peaceful when Gambino ran the show now all the west Indian gangs just take the day as a way o seek out rivals and cut them down. The NYC government makes believe it will not happen “next year” but always does – wash, rinse and repeat!

  6. Another disappointing aspect is that this will be used as proof that confiscation is the only answer for gun violence instead of it being a sign that gun prohibition is as big a failed policy as liquor prohibition was

  7. Crown Heights? 3:40 a.m.? I don’t want to blame the victim here but what the heck was Mr. Gabay thinking?

    • They actually line up that early for the parade route and the floats… I hate that parade, lived in CH until 2006 and my whole family would make sure to get the heck out that weekend, we would return to find our apartment building smelling of piss, covered with empty beer cans and bottles, and the occasional used syringe…

  8. Is this the archduke Ferdinand moment? Will they now be over come with honesty, the anti gunners and demand prohibition for all firearms? Will they go door to door demanding people turn in their guns as senator Feinstein once said she wanted to do?
    Pray for the families of police officers because voters put the gun grabbers in office.

    • Door to door roundup of >12 million illegal invaders? Impossible!

      Door to door roundup of >100 million firearms? Heyyyy, no problemo, amigo!

      • They will consider it but then decide against because #blacklivesmatter and sanctuary.

    • I doubt it. They could barely get any traction waving the bloody shirts of 20 dead first-graders, I don’t think some Harvard lawyer getting shot by a gangbanger in a shitty neighborhood at 3 AM is going to be the case they’re going to get the general public to rally around.

      • If this happened in another state, maybe. Since it’s in my home state of New York, our esteemed Governor may indeed be able to use this to push through some useless absurdity of a gun control measure.

        • I thought the “safe” act had already done that. This report must be a sham, it has all been fixed.

    • We all know this is the fault of the NRA, OFWGs, Indiana, gun stores, gun shows, gun dealers, ARs, high cap magazines, ghost guns and anything else not remotely related to the actual shooting.

  9. Well, from the Post’s story; “The lawyer was innocently walking with his brother and pals when they came upon thugs arguing at Bedford Avenue and Sullivan Place in Crown Heights at 3:40 a.m., police sources said.” Later in the story we learn; “The Labor Day violence erupted at the start of the annual J’Ouvert Festival, an annual event that kicks off at 4 a.m. at Grand Army Plaza and wends its way down Flatbush Avenue to Empire Boulevard, Nostrand Avenue and Linden Boulevard.”

    It seems that’s part of the problem right there, as in the old saying that nothing good ever happens after 10PM. Or as Milwaukee County Sheriff recently said in an interview on Fox; “If there’s anything that needs to be straightened out in this country, it is the subculture that has risen out of the underclass in the American Ghetto,” said Clarke. “Fix the ghetto and then you’ll see a lesser need for assertive police officers or policing in these areas, and then you’ll see less confrontation,” he said. “Stop trying to fix the police — fix the ghetto!” said Sheriff Clarke.

    Culture is a powerful force. Until we do a serious root cause analysis of the driving forces of urban violence and how it’s evolved to its present state, and then have the courage to face down the race hustlers, their political bag men and the SJW’s, with their toxic political correctness, their cultural chauvinism and their dependence on exploiting and extolling a culture of victim-hood and dependence, again, nothing good will ever happen, no matter what time of the day it is.

    Also, is it just me or does it seem odd and perhaps irresponsible for a father-to-be to cavorting around with his pals in one of the less safe areas of the city at that time of day?

    • Wow, it’s moved up to 10:00 pm now? Pretty soon, it’s going to be retiree hours, dinner at 4:30, in bed by 7:00.

  10. Condolences sure.

    But I still got $0.05 on it that it was an inside job.

    Think that’s bad?

    Bodies not cold and they’re already blaming you. Trust me.

  11. I don’t know about anyone “deserving” this, but it’s certainly a foreseeable consequence of a city and state who deprive citizens of their rights. When the government flouts the law with impunity, so will the citizenry, to the extent they can get away with it. When that same government foments resentment and a false sense of disenfranchisement, discouraging an entire people by encouraging the basest among them, then these things happen.

  12. I am confused. I thought with the passage of the SAFE Act, everyone in NY is “safe”.

    My bet is the perp didn’t have a NY pistol permit, didn’t buy his gun legally, didn’t have his gun registered as per NY and NYC law, didn’t buy his gun at a gun show, didn’t buy his gun online, didn’t follow NY’s 7 round magazine limit, plus ignored the SAFE Act, ignored laws against murdering, ignored the laws about discharging weapons in NYC, ignored laws about carrying weapons… BUT…

    The answer to solving this is….

    ANOTHER law restricting lawful gun owners!

    • No, there is an easy solution to this problem, as has been seen in a rural town I am too lazy to look up. The answer is to make it mandatory for all households to possess some sort of firearm for their own protection. This would enable neighborhoods to fight back against armed gangs, give pause to casual robbers and burglars, and bring about an atmosphere of safety and security as all the criminals would head out for greener pastures. This works, and you can have it for free.

  13. This would not have happened if the Gun Free Zone signs in that area had been well lit. And this will continue to happen until NYC makes murder illegal. There outta be a law.

  14. Well said! But we’re back up to ten rounds for those who care to follow the law. But the police can’t count your rounds on a random stop, and my DA won’t prosecute a Safe Act only charge . So you can guess how many I carry……

  15. Lacking in ” cultural” guardrails…, moral guardrails sounds a lot more appropriate, or is “moral” an un politically correct term these days?

    • Defense lawyers claim bad childhoods and lack of self esteem for criminal tendencies, but in fact criminals study throughout their lives and graduate from petty to major crimes. They are bad because they enjoy it and because nobody ever shot them in the face to stop them. By the time they commit murder they have over large egos and revel in their crimes. They feel superior to the people on whom they predate. All they demonstrate is a lead deficiency, which I am sure all the posters here would be glad to correct.

  16. Why are they so sure this was a random shooting? Little odd that Mr. Gabay would be there and that he would be randomly shot? Shooting this parade historically has been common but someone of his stature never gets shot. Looks like this was a hit.

    • That assumption would be ludicrous anywhere except NYC or Chicago. Figuring there was a mob hit in Billings, MT, you would look like a fool. That really should tell New Yorkers something, for example “change your government!”

  17. Liberal Utopian dream comes unraveled; a celebration of diverse cultures under the protection of civil disarmament and the SAFE act and then mayhem. They only care about intentions not the reality of the outcomes of their bad policies.

  18. Sorry to learn about this sad event. My sympathy goes out to him and his family.
    But seriously, not smart to go where the dindus congregate. DeBlasio calling for more gun control on 6:00 P.M. news now. Really, mayor? Gun control? Does this kind of thing happen when Republicans get together? I don’t think so! It’s not the guns – it’s the people.

  19. We have 319,000,000 folks in the USA. Mental illness is rampant as is gang violence.
    We are a nation of laws and we incarcerate more of our citizens than anyone else, but never will we protect everyone from the the lone act of indiscriminate violence.

    Even those of us who are trained, able and willing are vulnerable as are those who lack that mindset.

  20. Who in their right mind goes to an event organized to celebrate 3rd world culture that has multiple stabbings, shootings, and other violence every single year? What place allows such an event to continue? To boot, in Cuomo’s twisted leftist mind his deputy is killed by an illegal gun and he calls for more laws to take guns away from law abiding citizens?

    The closer to you get to a big city (ie: especially a monument to civilization like NYC//sarc) the less civilized people are. I’ve been saying it for years and haven’t been proven wrong yet.

  21. Now you know why the Politics {many blood suckers} want gun control, the want to make more targets to make a bigger unarmed target pool, sorta like spread the wealth, there fore changing the odds in their favor!
    Did he deserve it I don’t know! but being a Black Politician and an Attorney really increases his need for a bigger dead pool!
    Don’t you guys know Black lives Matter!
    now the Race baiters and want too be somebody’s will start their Cacophony of BS there by proving that they can talk out there Asses becoming a blunder Ass ninth wonder of the modern world!

  22. Speaking of “West Indian culture”, Jamaica has very strict gun laws, but their murder rate is something like 6 or 7 times that of the US.

    Guess they were just celebrating West Indian day in a culturally appropriate way.

  23. Blaming “brown” people for violence makes you the same as Feinstein, Bloomberg etc. who blame gun owners for gun violence.

    Watch it.

  24. O.K., I’m not gonna gripe about race, but I am curious why previous years murders didn’t call out for more gun control, or shut down this particular yearly parade. This year an attorney got shot, so NOW we need tougher federal gun laws? Where was the Governor last year?

    Also, I don’t have a Harvard degree, but I don’t need one to stay away from places with a long history of violence.

  25. The real call here is not to blame an inanimate object (a gun) but the subhuman who wielded it. A small but extremely violent culture has been allowed to grow and fester in USA’s most densely populated city. What are authorities planning to do about it? Oh right, blame innocent members of an entirely different culture, who had nothing to do with the incident in question. People who immigrate and are granted citizenship have to swear an oath of allegiance. Committing a capital crime would seem to deny any loyalty sworn, and the prevalence of this attitude should be tested. If the entire subculture abrogates their oaths of allegiance, perhaps it is time that subculture was relocated back to its place of origin.
    They could happily continue their cultural heritage of murder and mayhem without it impinging on the USA.

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