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Last night, Herndon, VA police executed a search warrant on the home of capital gun-loader, Adam Kokesh. And according to, he was subsequently arrested, though it wasn’t because of guns. Well, not entirely. “Kokesh, a former Marine, was held overnight at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center, charged with possession of schedule I and II drugs while in possession of a firearm, said Lt. Steve Elbert, a spokesman for the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office. No additional details were immediately available.” . . .

Kokesh had to know he’d be under increased scrutiny after posting a video of himself loading a shotgun in D.C. on July 4. Did he really not expect a search of his home?

In a press release, Kokesh proclaims, “We will continue to spread the message of liberty, self ownership, and the non-aggression principle regardless of the government’s relentless attacks on our operation. We will continue to combat its desperate attempts to crush a worldwide, revolutionary shift in the people’s understanding of the state’s illegitimacy — after all, good ideas don’t require force.” Stay tuned.

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  1. I live in Reston, VA which is next door to Herndon which is where I work. I had no idea this guy lived that close to me.

    • I’m in Stirling and I was pretty shocked too. Didn’t expect Kokesh to live around these parts at all.

      • I’m from Culpeper originally, and still have ties there. And I believe the municipality you say you live in in named STERLING, not “Stirling”.

        What sort of Bozo can’t even spell the town he lives in?

        It’s not as if you live in Poughkeepsie. Or Monongahela.
        Or et cetera. Pathetic.

        • Do you ever contribute anything? Or just call people names? Seriously, not even being funny. As I write this, you’ve made 11 comments on this page, all of which have been antagonistic, extreme in nature AND FULL OF CAPS.


        • Kyle,
          If you feed the trolls; they will just keep coming back for scraps. Never feed the trolls.

  2. those drugs just ruined whatever he was planning….. watch people try to say they were planted

    • I’d believe that they were planted – after all, he dissed all the politicians on their home turf, so someone was going to get arrested. It’s pretty easy to drop a baggie and go “oh look what we have here”.

      • Really are you that blind? Adam is a douche who has his head up his a#$. I bet he was high as a kite when the coos got there.

        • But it does fit into a the recent theme expressed here of making so many things illegal that you can get arrested at any time. All they need is reasonable cause to look for something that you’ve done.
          Should guns be illegal?-No
          Should Drugs be illegal?-No
          Should dual POSSESION of the above be illegal?-No
          Should ingestion of first and CARRYING the second be illegal?-Probably
          Always be suspicious of laws that try to prevent something instead of punishing that which has been done.

        • I for one am firmly against the ingestion of guns while in possession of drugs, though I dare a politician to submit a law trying to enforce a prohibition against it.

        • It shouldn’t matter, because it’s a stupid law. Yet it is the law, and someone engaging in civil disobedience should probably know better than to give the authorities stupid things to bust them for.

        • The only difference between U.S. drug laws and the laws that herded children into gas chambers (and yes, they were laws) is in degree not kind. And FUCK Godwin.

        • Well JlR84 the objective of civil disobedience is to get arrested, and show just how stupid the laws are.

        • The objective of civil disobedience is to get arrested for the unjust law you’re protesting, not something completely unrelated.

          Consider the illegal sit-ins during the civil rights era, to protest racial segregation laws. They’d show up wearing suits and ties, would be polite and courteous to a fault, but make it clear that they were not leaving. They expected to get arrested for violating segregation laws, but besides that made a point of being squeaky-clean.

          Do you think it would have turned out the same if they chose a bunch of barely literate black men with a history of run-ins with the law to engage in the sit-ins? Of course not.

          Kokesh couldn’t even be bothered to stick around to let anyone see his act of civil-disobedience. He did it during the early morning hours when no one was around to see it, and then high-tailed it home and posted the video online. Then he gets busted for drug possession…

          Do you really think anyone who isn’t already against gun-control looks and this and sees a sympathetic character, a hero?

        • JLR84 offers the most coherent argument I’ve seen yet about why this guy is not good for our cause.

        • Class I & II was more than likely some type of prescription drug.

          If he did have a prescription then it would take a court order before he ccould not possess a firearm.

        • Something was blocking my posts…

          Class I & II could easily be some form of prescription drug.

          Only a court order would make possession of guns & these types of drugs illegal.

          It is simply more ammunition for trumping up charges and making him “appearances” of wrong doing, without really saying anything.

          Typical media fare…

        • Schedule I drugs cannot be legally prescribed, at least not in VA and possession is still a federal issue.

          Don’t know Kokesh and am not familiar with him, but if I wanted to take a provocateur off the domestic political chessboard, arresting him for firearms violations makes him a martyr. Drug charges make his firearms argument irrelevant, you’re not going to find many people in the pro-2A community who advocate open carry while openly high/drunk.

        • Schedule I drugs include Heroin and MJ. MJ legal medically and otherwise in several states (not VA) but not Federally. Schedule II drugs could be legally or street acquired, includes most narcotics. Highly controlled, a new law makes them even more difficult to get, even chronic pain patients are thoroughly inconvienced and pain doctors get regular “rectal exams” from their government minders.

    • I know nothing about the guy other than what I’ve read here, so I have no idea if he’s a drug user or not. However, after the countless reports of corrupt behavior by the police, do you really think it’s unbelievable that they planted it? You piss off Obama & Co and they will find a reason to lock you up.

    • A few months ago, I would have agreed that the idea of planted drugs were for the tin-foil hat crowd. But after example after example of the consipirtory theorists being proven correct recently, I don’t put it passed them. Can’t prove the video is real, can’t find the gun he used in the video, can’t look bad for arresting Kokesh but not Gregory, so let’s arrest him on trumped up drug charges. Drug charges are popular right now, and the 2A won’t be able to bitch at us. It’s a win/win for gun grabbers.

      • Kokesh may be a douche…he may even be a government planted douche…or he may just be an idiot who didn’t fully understand who he was dealing with here…

        I think a better question is …what were they looking for based upon their search warrant…(what did it say) and how did they come by the information they needed to present to the corrupt judge who signed off on the warrant?

        Did the judge simply sign off on the warrant based upon Kokesh’s Constitutionally Protected behavior? Did the NSA use an illegal tap to listen in on Kokesh to determine he needed to be raided? How would they know about a few little pills or a bit of weed…if not by listening in illegally? For you folks who don’t think the government would go to the trouble of framing this man…you are clueless….I worked for US DoD for over two decades….as a “Federally Protected Whistle-Blower”…and watched as person after person cowered in fear of these criminals….hell…in Bosnia…one time in Bosnia they tried to set me up for a DUI because I wouldn’t go along with all their corrupt activity…you should have seen the look on their faces when I came back in the tent…having not been arrested…because I elected to let another man drive…but they still called and tried to set me up…over two decades of abuse..and now they still owe me over $500,000.00 and they are not paying…so corrupt they are ladies and gentlemen…and the sooner we begin to impeach, charge…convict of treason…and start hanging the entire Bush family…the Obama family…the Clintons…all of the Congress…track them down and hang them all..


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

        • “what were they looking for based upon their search warrant…(what did it say) and how did they come by the information they needed to present to the corrupt judge who signed off on the warrant? ”
          and they get an arrest without risking scotus loosening gun control law.

        • I gotta be honest..someone can be a dope smoker (not all steal to support the ‘habit’, hordes have well paying professional jobs, raise a family, pay taxes and bake pies and regularly smoke “off the clock”), a misogynous fornicator, a gambler, a used-car salesman…well maybe not that, even have an arrest record. I happen to know a few and I trust them more than law enforcement agents.

          Frankly Adams arrest for drugs does nothing to make me now think hes a new demon.

          He’s still the same loudmouth douche he apparently always was but still saying out loud and demonstrating what he has and my basic belief in his particular batch of snake oil hasn’t been adjusted one whit just because he was arrested and found with drugs. Frankly I dont care what he does in his personal life so long as he isnt hurting others. Frankly this nation has millions upon millions of individuals that ‘partake’, those I listen to or associate with or whos books I read or tv shows I view doesnt suddenly get canned by me just because the cops found them with weed… I suspect there are other folk that insist of the near morally perfect protagonist that actually doesnt exist but those finger-pointers are the folk in my experience are the people you truly have to watch out for.

          So far as I see it’s government displaying that they are in fact still keeping a keen eye on folks and can and will readily expose or else otherwise silence folks that cause them bother. Nothing new here, and it only works if the rest buy into the plan.

        • Could I borrow a review copy of your book? I reviewed book in the 70s and 80s, for THE GRASSY KNOLL GAZETTE, which I edited and published, and I’m looking to doing a web review thing once more.

    • Let’s say he did have drugs there… so what? The dude is a Libertarian, he doesn’t believe drugs should be regulated or prohibited as they are currently. Having them is part of his ideal of civil disobedience.

      As an outsider, who cares if he had drugs or not? That’s not the point. They’re just drugs, he is an adult, there is no reason he shouldn’t have them. Anymore than there is no reason we can’t have machine guns or rocket launchers…

      • It screws any 2A case that could have resulted, beyond what damage his melodramatic monologue would have done. It completely negates what good could have possibly come from his silly posturing.

        • Kokesh is actually fighting for our freedom while you all yap here in the comments hoping for the best. I don’t see how this damages his “case” at all.

    • Cops NEVER plant drugs! OR confiscate and sell them!!!

      NEVER!!! And for you to so suggest, sir…

      • Nothing he is doing will do ANYTHING to fight for our freedoms! Nothing he’s doing will change the laws! He’s just doing more feel-good BS.

  3. “… capital gun-loader, Adam Kokesh …”

    For some reason, I really like this descriptor.

    “What are you in for?”
    “Murder. You?”
    “I loaded a gun in Washington, D.C.”

      • If Allen West does not run again, will you? I am willing to move to FL to work on your campaign.

      • and where did they get their guns? Let’s go after the person who sold or transferred those guns in direct violation of federal law . . . . . oh nevermind.

      • Prohibition funded the Mafia and took them from small time loan sharks, bookies and petty thieves to real power houses of wealth and money to really bribe the police and politicians and did nothing to stop people using alcohol.

        The same thing the “war on drugs” has done today; drug cartels in Mexico wealthy enough to go head to head against the established government while doing nothing to stop people from using illegal drugs,

        Laws to that make criminals of those people that actually hurt no one.

  4. “……..charged with possession of schedule I and II drugs while in possession of a firearm…..”

    Is this really a surprising development?

    • He was raided and charged with possession of magic mushrooms?
      I didn’t realize hallucinogenic mushrooms were still in demand or
      in vogue in today’s culture of pot tolerance. That’s almost funny.
      If the mushrooms are the reason for the raid, it’s unlikely that the
      Park Police gleaned anything from the shotgun loading video that indicated hallucinogenic mushroom use by Kokesh. I smell a rat.
      If the search warrant says mushrooms, someone ratted him to 5-0.
      I’d call that surprising……..But wait, there’s still more to this story.

      Take a look at what comprises schedule 1 & 2 drugs.
      Do you have any idea of how many schedule 1 & 2 drugs are
      properly and legally prescribed everyday? Advancement in pain management is one of the single greatest achievements in
      medicine in just the last 50 years. Do we have the government
      trying to create a reason to confiscate the guns of anyone using
      schedule 1 & 2 drugs? We’re not talking about the Kokesh-type
      activists and pro-gun agitators, now we’re talking about millions
      of people who have legitimate prescriptions for opiate substitutes.
      Is this where the government pushes for an either/or situation?
      Are we going to be asked to choose? You give up your pain pills,
      or give up your guns, you can’t keep both?

      I think that qualifies as surprising.

      • Mushrooms are still very popular, and they are EXCELLENT for recharging old, dead psychic batteries – which many of the statist assholes on TTAG manifestly are suffering from!

        Stuck in a cold, dead, fishy-smelling,boot-licking STATIST RUT? YOU NEED A RECHARGE!

    • If by “our cause” you mean the preservation of the state legitimacy deception, then yes, he is; and I can see why you’d want him locked away.

      Bad news for you though… You can’t stop the signal.

      • Anarchists have been agitating for power since Russia still had a Tzar. You may as well be promoting hope and change, it is just as ridiculous. Many, many people live outside the system and they don’t broadcast it to squares, there isn’t a point.

        It is called counter culture, people know the score or they don’t and your great grandchildren will most likely still be fighting the man after you’re dead. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and don’t kid yourself.

        So yeah, you can’t stop the signal. But does it matter when they can scramble it with fabricated doofus antics like those of Kokesh? You know he claims he can speak Arabic? He is not stupid, he is a fake with a track record of associating with the radical left. Support this fool at the risk of your own dignity.

  5. The real charge is simply not obeying the law.
    He caused no harm to anyone or anything.
    Like contempt of cop on steroids.
    Listen to your parents kids. Even when the best they can muster is “because I said so.”

    • Reminds me of a Sheriff’s Detention Center I once knew of where they detained the Sheriff for accepting a really lame bribe.

      • for about five minutes ever quarter. Then you realize he was just a grown man who still thought cursing was the only component to humor.

        • Who believed the NRA was the Supreme Evil in America. COME ON! The guy was funny, but much more flawed than the A-HOLES who curse Kokesh, the only guy who has stood between them and the boots they slaver to lick….

  6. Yeah, if not for the dope we would have a really nice contrast to David Gregory. With the dope, it will weaken the impact of the statement Kokesh made with his act of civil disobedience. From what people say about Kokesh, I guess this is in character for him.

  7. Neighbors didn’t take any photos of this raid? If they exist they should be shown to substantiate that this even happened. Now more than ever, this smacks of psychological warfare on the American people by elements in positions of power.

    Kokesh is a opportunistic fraud who has hitched a ride on every train from 9/11 truth to Ron Paul. How convenient that he just ‘screws up’ by posting a controversial video daring the gubnint to come get him, but somehow forgets to get all the weed out of his house? Could he be that dumb? You tell me…

    The really powerful elements against gun ownership know that by associating gun rights activists with truthers and weed they can score some kind of propaganda victory, rally the base. You can bet they’re going to push that angle before Obama flies the coop… or you should have bet before now that is, because here they are doing it. Mark my damn words.

  8. Does anybody know if Virginia has a law stating one can’t have possession
    of a firearm if they have schedule I/II drugs? A person could have a legit
    prescription for drugs in either class.

  9. Incredible. With all the “gun violence” in DC this is what they’re concerned about: nothing but a man holding a piece of constitutionally protected personal property.

    Cops, you are the enemy of this republic. You make me sick, and I hope you don’t go home safely tonight. Your mission is not to “serve and protect” but to punish and enslave on behalf of the ruling class. Screw you regardless if Kokesh is a state agent or not.

    • They make me want to PUKE. “Patriots”, MY ASS.

      STATIST BOOTLICKERS. Suck-ups to the power structure. If you stood shoulder-to-shoulder at the barricades with me (SURE! you would, you INFORMERS), I’d put a bullet in your brain. GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH.

  10. Does anyone know what the Virginia law states regarding
    possession of a firearm if they have schedule drugs?

    One can have a legit prescription in both classes.
    Because the drugs were identified by schedule I/II
    and not as “controlled substances”, I’m currently leaning
    toward the stuff being legit. But then again maybe the VA
    cops don’t generally make this distinction.

  11. Does anyone know what the Virginia law states regarding
    possession of a firearm if they have schedule substances?

    One can have a legit prescription in both classes.
    Because the substances were identified by schedule I/II
    and not as “controlled substances”, I’m currently leaning
    toward the stuff being legit. But then again maybe the VA
    cops don’t generally make this distinction.

    • closest I could find in the Code of Virginia
      ” § 18.2-308.4. Possession of firearms while in possession of certain substances.

      A. It shall be unlawful for any person unlawfully in possession of a controlled substance classified in Schedule I or II of the Drug Control Act (§ 54.1-3400 et seq.) of Title 54.1 to simultaneously with knowledge and intent possess any firearm. A violation of this subsection is a Class 6 felony and constitutes a separate and distinct felony.

      B. It shall be unlawful for any person unlawfully in possession of a controlled substance classified in Schedule I or II of the Drug Control Act (§ 54.1-3400 et seq.) to simultaneously with knowledge and intent possess any firearm on or about his person. A violation of this subsection is a Class 6 felony and constitutes a separate and distinct felony and any person convicted hereunder shall be sentenced to a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of two years. Such punishment shall be separate and apart from, and shall be made to run consecutively with, any punishment received for the commission of the primary felony.

      C. It shall be unlawful for any person to possess, use, or attempt to use any pistol, shotgun, rifle, or other firearm or display such weapon in a threatening manner while committing or attempting to commit the illegal manufacture, sale, distribution, or the possession with the intent to manufacture, sell, or distribute a controlled substance classified in Schedule I or Schedule II of the Drug Control Act (§ 54.1-3400 et seq.), synthetic cannabinoids or more than one pound of marijuana. A violation of this subsection is a Class 6 felony, and constitutes a separate and distinct felony and any person convicted hereunder shall be sentenced to a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of five years. Such punishment shall be separate and apart from, and shall be made to run consecutively with, any punishment received for the commission of the primary felony.

      (1987, c. 285; 1990, c. 625; 1992, c. 707; 1993, c. 831; 1999, cc. 829, 846; 2003, c. 949; 2004, cc. 461, 995; 2011, cc. 384, 410.) “

  12. The fact that the po-po won’t say what the drugs were makes me highly dubious they were illegal drugs. The charge is ” schedule 1 OR 2″, and schedule 2 includes many commonly prescribed painkillers, including codeine, which is relatively weak.

    I’d give even money odds this is total BS and they found some Tylenol w codeine or something without the prescription handy (for example, the pills are in a pill box and not the pharmacy-labelled bottle). If it was cocaine or something, the cops always play that up.

    • He is an Iraq war veteran and opposes the war. That doesn’t make him left wing. He’s a Libertarian, and is more in line with the right than the left.

    • I know your type. Next, you’ll tell us he’s a “Jew Communist”, you SLUG.
      He fought for his country. NEED I SAY MORE?

  13. From Drudge: According to a press release issued by Kokesh’s Adam vs the Man media team, “Numerous police vehicles, including a light armored vehicle and two low-flying helicopters barricaded Adam’s street. More than 20 armored SWAT team members surrounded the house, as well as a number of detectives, and plainclothes officers. Assault rifles were aimed on all members of the team as they were handcuffed without being told why they were detained. Masked and armored police in full “Storm Trooper” gear flooded in and ransacked the residence. The team was cordoned in a front room, while Adam was pulled aside for questioning

    Apparently the guy is a leftist pothead out of the John Kerry mold. But is there anything distrubing about this account? The “Park Police”/Mall Cops are OUSIDE of DC with _____ SWAT team at a private residence dressed in wannabe Rambo Ninji costumes, breaking down doors, throwing pyro, and having a good ole hardon partytime?

  14. The guy was a lurid news headline waiting to happen. Glad it was this instead of “Armed Extremist Turned Into Lace Doily After Opening Fire on Capitol Building”.

    • You are a would-be government agent seeking employment. How ya like THAT? It’s pretty plain to see.

  15. The man is a fool , but still the cops had no legal cause to search his Apt. We have a attack here of 4A and 5a .. any attack on any part of the Bill of rights is an attack on all parts… and as for the drugs i don’t support drug use , but they must give a good cause for a search , to a judge… ! That’s is another form of getting the people in condition to wave rights.

    • I’m sure his lawyers will be examining the probable cause for the warrant carefully. It could well have been justified. Not all warrants and arrests are bad, even when the defendant has political views with which we may agree

    • Apparently they did have a search warrant, and a video that isn’t obviously green-screen and edited makes for damn good probable cause. 4th Amendment is clear. He also did a pretty good of waiving his 5th Amendment rights when he made said video.

      Whether anything he’s done should be a crime in the first place is a whole different matter.

    • They had a warrant as specified in the Bill of Rights. There was no violation of his constitutional rights. Kokesh is a known stoner. There was no need to plant anything.

      • Kokesh is smart. He knew he was going to be raided, which is why he moved his good recording equipment after the 4th of july video, knowing they would confiscate it. I doubt he had drugs in the house, and I also doubt that the shotgun in question was in his house.

        • Doubt all you want but in this case I have to go with stupid and arrogant stoner. Civil disobedience means you want to be arrested so you are going to leave the evidence for the police to find.

  16. What happened to all the cops that swore they would uphold the Consitution of the United States? Oh, right… they’re still government employees.

    • If there was evidence he was breaking the law and they served a proper warrant with probable cause they WERE upholding the Constitution. Police aren’t just a market for guns. They are duly-appointed law enforcement officers.

      • Doesn’t change the fact that if given the order to exterminate gun owners that they would probably do it.

    • Considering that most of them haven’t read the constitution, much less understand it, is it really all that surprising that they aren’t upholding it? Besides, oaths no longer mean anything since people aren’t willing to shed their own blood for honor’s sake.

  17. Also posted above:
    But this does fit into a the recent theme expressed here of making so many things illegal that you can get arrested at any time. All they need is reasonable cause to look for something that you’ve done.
    Should guns be illegal?-No
    Should Drugs be illegal?-No
    Should dual POSSESION of the above be illegal?-No
    Should ingestion of first (if intoxicating) and CARRYING the second be illegal?-Probably.

    Always be suspicious of laws that try to prevent something instead of punishing that which has been done.

    • Yet how many American soldiers have fought high on meth? It was standard issue with my father’s unit in Vietnam, they needed it to stay up all night and still have an edge when Charlie tried to cross the river. JFK allegedly loved the stuff, might have been his idea? Whiz kids indeed.

      They still give similar go pills to pilots. Biker gangs used to make meth in pill form very easily before they restricted access to the precursor materials, it was a cash cow through the 80s. We got crystal meth when they cracked down on the availability of the stuff to make it. A huge segment of the original market for the biker meth were Vietnam vets who had been issued basically the same thing in the field. More than a few of the guys making it got into it that way too.

      Uncle Sam knows that troops, vets, gun owners in general do drugs just like any other segment of the population. It is not exactly hard to get away with if you aren’t a moron. I feel strongly that the Kokesh saga’s recent turn is part of a dialectic game, designed to marginalize the cause of 2A rights and put it in the same walled garden as those who support Marijuana legalization, 9/11 truth, radical pacifism and so on. They want to separate us from the mainstream, because that is the strength of 2A rights… it remains mainstream despite the best efforts of liberals.

      Don’t let them mess with your mind. Whoever is really behind Adam Kokesh wants you crying foul, stating as much public support as you can for this clown. The bait is the obvious hypocrisy of the state, which has always been there and will never go away as long as the state exists. Don’t take the bait, Kokesh set himself up for this and the reasons why aren’t as important as just ignoring his ass. He is a grade A fool or a puppet, neither is helpful.

  18. Kokesh’s statement is steeped in Marxist jargon. We know he hangs with Code Pink. Kokesh is not a friend of liberty. He is nothing more than a lumpen Marxist agitator and not to be trusted.

  19. You also have to look and say what Va. laws did he break for the Va. police to get a legal search warrant , I see no cause for a judge to issue a warrant for what he did in D.C. , and they were not D.C. police or the FBI so that means no Federal Law was broken, and it says you have no 1A,2A or 4A rights this is a conditioning of the people same as in the Boston bombing ,,, you can not search someones home just to see what you can find , If you let that stand they can check your home and say you did not feed your dog today , so you go to jail but you say i did but he eat his food … See how this just turns us into another Communist country…

    • The U.S. Park Police were leaders in the raid, as I understand it.

      Nastiest, most unlawful and lawless, violent MFs I’ve ever has to run from.


  20. Well, this is just a great little soap opera. I don’t trust Kokesh on the one hand, and the cops and politicians on the other, so watching them mix it up is just good, clean fun.

    Popcorn, anyone?

  21. According to the Post, “Charging documents filed in court Wednesday morning said Kokesh was charged with possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms, a Schedule I narcotic, while possessing a firearm.”

    A few random thoughts:

    1) How did the police know they were psychadelic mushrooms by just looking at them? They may be wrong.

    2) If Kokesh really did have psychadelic mushrooms in his house, knowing a search warrant was imminent, he is the dumbest activist who has ever lived.

    3) Depending on how the warrant was worded, he may have a suppression argument. If the warrant lets the cops looks for shotguns, they are limited to looking in places where there could be a shotgun. They cannot look in drawers or containers too small to hold a shotgun. So there may be a legal argument, unless the mushrooms were just laying out on the counter or something (see point #2)

    • Dude… cops know what shrooms look like. They have picture books for that shit. Come on, they don’t look like mushrooms from the store. Trust me.

      • The park police do? I don’t doubt narcotics officers could recognize them, but it seemed unlikely to me the park police have a lot of experience with that sort of thing. I could certainly be wrong, though.

        In any case, if the cops are right, Kokesh is an idiot. Instead of being a martyr of unjust and illogical gun laws, he’s a martyr for people who like to do hallucinogens. Personally, I could care less whether he does shrooms or not, but his message is going to be totally lost now.

        • They grow out of cow patties and are extremely common. The picture books are standard issue for all new police, probably at the academy. I’ve never been a cop but I did work at a court ordered urinalysis center and they gave me a book to identify all the drugs even though I was just a temp… and I already knew what most of them looked like.

          Scroll down and you will eventually see them dried for human consumption, fairly distinct appearance.

      • They know what shrooms look like from personal experience. Cop is like the official career of “I peaked in high school”

    • testing for presence of psilocybin, the active intoxicant in ‘shrooms, is a short lab turnaround.

    • There are simple test kits for most drugs. drop a sample in a small bag, crush a vial to mix a chemical with it, if it turns a certain color, it’s probable cause. Next step is to send it to a crime lab for proof positive.

      Here’s a link for some…

  22. Although, his actions of late were not the brightest, flagging them in front of officials and all. I do find the flagging of “Public Enemy #1” rather suspicious also. To be a known activist and have illegal drugs laying about, get real. Of course he was set up! Watch your friends and your enemies even closer.

      • It’s getting so unreal you could go to JAIL for having a Big Mac box and large soda cup in your trash (that you picked up off the lawn) the point WE have no rights with this type thinking and lock en up we will find something mind set!

      • I’d rather have him and his tinfoil hat around than you and your insistence that we should all love that stupid ****ing TV show Sons of Guns, McCain.

      • Those tin-foil hat weares sure have been wrong haven’t they? Wrong about government spying on citizens, wrong about voter fraud, wrong about gun consfiscation in CA and CT. I think about now is the time to stock up on tin foil….

      • Are you a clown, Paul, or a simple fool? How easily would you turn in those who fought for, and with, you, for a free pass, or a pat on the back?

  23. Note to self….should I ever find the need to post a video like this….immediately ditch your stash. The LEOs are more than likely going to come a knocking.

  24. This is really a point of inquiry. Has anybody documented that Kokesh actually is an Iraqi war combat veteran? There is history of false or exaggerated claims of service by supporters of Code Pink and other leftwing antiwar groups. Although I have no reason at this point to believe that Kokesh has been less than truthful about his service but I would think trust but verify is the order of the day.

  25. The feds have a long history of using drug laws to persecute (mostly left-wing) activists – can’t charge ’em for their politics? Give ’em twenty for possession of a joint. And local cops always emphasize weapons when they bust somebody for drugs, even if the things are unrelated – “Police seized two marijuana plants with an estimated street value of $1,000,000, in addtion to a .22 calibre rifle, a shotgun, a handgun, and a Swiss Army knife…”

    Drug laws are a very handy tool for a police state.

  26. Ceteris paribus, he should have had that apartment spick and span of anything illegal, EXPECTING the Feds to come knocking after that video was uploaded.

    If I were him, I wouldn’t have even had firearms at the residence. I know it’s a little counter-protocol for our community, but these unusual circumstances, I wouldn’t want to give ANY excuse to the Feds for arresting me.

  27. Adam uses both marijuana and marijuana extracts, which is very potent form of thc. And schrooms and acid among other hallucinogens. I’m sure the law made up shit to get into his home but I can guarantee you they found these substances.

    This guy has heart and balls but we can’t have a druggie as a gun rights advocate, the two just don’t mix, and they never will.

    • Since the guy is such an avowed user of illegal drugs, if they hadn’t been ready for the raid, I bet a lot more stuff would have been found, which makes me believe the fungus was an oversight, or a plant, but likely the former.

      As for “we can’t have a druggie as a gun rights advocate,” I guess that means no bourbon and cigars. Seriously, though, he can advocate for whatever he wants, whether you, the NRA, or whoever disavows him or not. There is no litmus test for who’s “allowed” to be a gun rights advocate. I disagree with Adam about a lot of things, and I’m not endorsing his approach. He’s a bit of a nutcase, but most professional loudmouth activists are. I admire him for being a squeaky wheel for freedom.

      And the government response to his action is, as always, way out of proportion.

  28. There was not enough reason for the dirty pigs to be snorting through his home.
    Dirty, statist, libtard (democrat) swine.

    • Yeah, ’cause you know, if a Republican had been in the Whitehouse, they never would have bothered this guy. Probably would have invited him to dinner and given him a medal.


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