UPDATE: No Shooting at San Diego Naval Medical Center

(courtesy cnn.com)

UPDATE: News agencies were thrumming with reports of an active shooter at the Naval Medical Center San Diego earlier this morning. Indeed, earlier this morning, the Center’s Facebook page advised people to “run, hide, or fight”. The Los Angeles Times, however, now reports that there were no signs of casualties or any sort of shooting . . .

There is “nothing which substantiates” reports of a shooting, said Navy Capt. Curt Jones, commanding officer of Naval base San Diego….

“Apparently someone said they heard three shots in the basement of Building 26. Maybe they did or not is not the point; that’s what they reported, so that’s why we responded accordingly,” said Jon Nylander, Navy spokesman. “We haven’t gotten any reports of any injuries.”

Thus, it all appears to have been a false alarm. Or perhaps one of those “gun accidentally went off” situations. A considerable amount of effort was put forth to lock down everything from the Naval Medical Center’s childcare facilities to three schools — Roosevelt Middle School, San Diego, and Garfield — in the San Diego Unified system.


CNN is reporting an active shooter at the U.S. Naval Medical Center in San Diego, California. According to the Center’s Facebook page, “All occupants are advised to run, hide or fight. All non-emergency response personnel are asked to stay away from the compound.” At 8am PST, KTLA-5 said the shooter was “just reported” in building No. 26, located at 34800 Bob Wilson Dr. Stay tuned for more details.


  1. avatar pwrserge says:

    Nothing to see here… Just more “workplace violence”…

    1. avatar Mecha75 says:

      More like, just another HOAX. There is no evidence of shots even being fired.

    2. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

      Never mind………

      ~Emily Litella SNL

  2. avatar Chip Bennett says:

    Tagging to follow updates.

  3. avatar foo dog says:

    Here you go- live scanner updates-

    you can see where most traffic is at, here:

  4. avatar foo dog says:

    best local news and helicopter overhead here:

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    “Run, hide or fight.” Fight with what? Is this another “gun free zone?”

    1. avatar HAVE GUN says:

      “Run, hide or fight.” Fight with what? ”

      You could always just give up, or perhaps with a little thinking come up with something.

    2. avatar Tex300BLK says:

      I think this is where you are supposed to pee on them or throw up or something… right? Its California, so you just need to make sure you don’t offend the shooter or hurt him and you will be ok.

      1. avatar HAVE GUN says:

        Federal military base.

        Zero to do with CA law.

        1. avatar Clay-in-UT says:

          Military gun laws are 100X worse than California’s.

      2. avatar Jon in CO says:

        That’s CO only advice

    3. avatar dph says:

      James Bond killed a bad guy with his urine sample, so there’s always that.

    4. avatar Joel says:

      It’s a military, medical, center in California. It’s not gun free; its triple gun free.

    5. avatar PeterZ in West Tennessee says:

      In the Active Shooter video we have to watch every year we see several people crowd into what looks like a break room and close the door. One of the men lifts a fire extinguisher over his head and position himself behind the door. Presumably, if the shooter comes through the door he would hit him with the extinguisher.

      1. avatar Rambeast says:

        “Pick up one of those rocks, get behind a boulder, in a few minutes the man in black will come running around the bend, the minute his head is in view, hit it with the rock!!!”

        1. avatar Randy Taylor says:

          Your way isn’t very sportsmanlike.

  6. avatar foo dog says:

    Lots of FUD on the hospitals FakeBook page by posters who may or may not know what they are talking about-

  7. avatar TheOtherDavid says:

    Loved the woman on Fox5 TV. Gosh, you’re not allowed to bring a weapon there. They even stop you and check your ID at the gate!

    Yep. An impenetrable gun-free zone fortress.

  8. avatar Matt in Maine says:

    What do they want them to fight with? Their CWP denial letter from Sheriff Gore?

  9. avatar foo dog says:

    google map here: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Naval+Medical+Center+San+Diego/@32.7278097,-117.1457433,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xd478306439ff0b23

    Fox crew is on the northwest side, looking south:

    with a news chopper overhead, circling to the south and east, looking at “building 26”

    NBC Crew is “elsewhere” with some eyes on *** activity
    ( self-censored for sake of OPSEC if the shooter is following along on his iphone)

    Building 26 reported secure by Fox and lock-downs lifted elsewhere.

  10. avatar foo dog says:

    Current CIC set gun-policy is “no carry on military bases” by anyone except MPs. (or on exercises- range, etc)
    It used to be up to base commanders, but this was changed some time ago, and remains the same today.
    So, absent another permission – the average offcicer or enlisted would NOT be able to concealed or open carry.

  11. avatar foo dog says:

    What interests me is how much real time info the average citizen can collect to get a big picture, online from various sources, and lessons learned-
    Communication- and miscommunication:

    Just now- the onsite Fox on the sidewalk reporter just broke in and said “more shots here”
    that silenced the babbling anchors on Fox, who said “shots? more shots fired!”…

    until the on scene reporter clarified what he meant was “more shots of scenes of vehicles rolling in…;)”

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Yeesh. That’s the whole circus in a nutshell, right there.

  12. avatar foo dog says:

    dispatch is getting interesting…

  13. avatar NYC2AZ says:

    Police scanner is saying a suspect barricaded in the pediatric ward.

    1. avatar styrgwillidar says:

      Except, the pediatric ward isn’t in BLDG 26 and is several buildings away.

      FWIW- NBC 7 was reporting that a woman, who can not now be located, called in 3 shots fired. A building sweep came up empty with no evidence of shots being fired and that the authorities are in the process of sweeping it a second time while evacuating other buildings.

      1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

        Even if it’s a false alarm, any bet MDA, CSGV, et al will still use this as a “it could have been real and that’s why we need MOAR gun control!”?

        1. avatar John Thomas says:

          i have buddy in the navy in san diego who sent me a couple texts about this thing. when i last messaged to tell me it was a false alarm, i said the same thing.

      2. avatar SD3 says:

        Hmmmmmm…..maybe instead of “shots fired” she was yelling “my crotch is fried!”?

      3. avatar Five says:

        Reading the same thing.

        Also in the article: “According to intitial reports, three shots were heard in the basement of the building, which is a combination of a gym and barrack. There are no reports of injuries.”

        A gym? Did someone hear plates dropping and assume they were gun shots?

  14. avatar foo dog says:

    Lots of conflicting info. Multiple SWAT teams on the move.

  15. avatar Mister Fleas says:

    As you read this, a Californian legislator smirks as he types up another anti-Second Amendment legislation…

    1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

      Types? They already have them ready to go. They just can sit back and wait for these incidents to push their legislation through. That’s why these legislators never want to actually address the issues.

      1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

        Just use boilerplate Word documents.

  16. avatar foo dog says:

    Civilians and uniformed personnel walking out with hands up, as teams clear buildings…

  17. avatar styrgwillidar says:

    A law enforcement official told NBC reporter Pete Williams that an initial sweep of Building 26 found no sign that any shots were fired.

    Source: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Active-Shooter-Naval-Medial-Center-San-Diego-366562931.html#ixzz3yNKHsgma
    Follow us: @nbcsandiego on Twitter | NBCSanDiego on Facebook

  18. avatar IL-annoyed says:

    “What are we supposed to use, man…harsh language?”

  19. avatar Ralph says:

    At this point, there have been no reports of gun shots being confirmed. There are no injuries at this time and no witnesses to seeing an active shooter with a gun. Fox News is reporting that nothing, at this point, has happened.

    If true, this is the most frightening type of “active shooter” incident — one with no injuries, deaths or gunfire. This is the kind of incident that happens every single second in the USA.

    A similar active shooter incident just happened in my home. There were no deaths, no injuries and no shots were fired. It was very frightening!

    1. avatar Hoplopfheil says:

      That sounds rough man. I went through the same thing every day this month so far, so if you need someone to talk to I’m here.

  20. avatar 505markf says:

    So. Let me see if I get this straight. A witness, who cannot be located, reporting hearing three gun shots in the basement of a building in a medical complex.

    No one has seen a shooter. No one has actually been shot. There are no bullet holes. No blood. No body. No injured. Nothing.

    WTF? Some janitor is having a bad day and slams a door three times, or a pissed off delivery guy drops three cases of paper onto a floor from a pallet, and Southern California goes bat shit crazy? Is this what the world is coming to? Is this culture even worth saving? My God…

    1. avatar Five says:

      In the basement of a complex with a gym. Every hear 45 pound plates dropping on the floor? Better ban weight lifting!

      1. avatar Shandower says:

        You mean 45 pound assault plates?

        New rule: No plates over 10 pounds, and they can’t be removable without a tool.

        1. avatar Chip Bennett says:

          New rule: No plates over 10 pounds, and they can’t be removable without a tool.

          Such as a shoulder thing that goes up?

        2. avatar jwm says:

          I keep trying to make the shoulder thingy go up at my gym. So far, difi has nothing to worry about.

      2. avatar CarlosT says:

        You know what they say, right?

        9kg plates tone your muscles, but 45 lb plates tone your soul…

        Why do I lift 45 lb plates? Because they don’t make 46 lb.

        I wouldn’t lift any plate that doesn’t begin with a “4”.

  21. avatar Right to arm Bears says:

    Media desperation for a mass shooting story fuels mob hysteria. What have we evolved into? God help us.

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:

      In this case, I think “devolved” would be a more accurate word.

  22. avatar Badgerman says:

    I think faux Active Murderer situations will be used more in the future. It will become the new “Swatting”.

  23. avatar foo dog says:

    Latest official word-
    “Just after 10 a.m., Brian O’Rourke, PAO Navy Region Southwest, said no injuries had been reported, and K9 units were sweeping the military medical center.”

    Source: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Active-Shooter-Naval-Medial-Center-San-Diego-366562931.html#ixzz3yNPLwJS2
    Follow us: @nbcsandiego on Twitter | NBCSanDiego on Facebook

  24. avatar foo dog says:

    Now a Navy Captain ( caption says CO NMCSD) being interviewed on NBC7


    is explaining that everyone is safe and secure, and only that someone in the building “heard” gunshots in the basement area.

    1. avatar SD3 says:

      “Gunshots” from the “basement”…on ‘Taco Tuesday’…..in Southern California….

      I have a new theory…..

  25. avatar Ralph says:

    It was a simple case of explosive flatulence. ISIS is taking credit. Goat meat will do that.

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      Probably some Cowboys from Blazing Saddles getting a checkup.

  26. avatar foo dog says:

    Bottomline- nothing found to substantiate the report of shots fired.
    Buildings being re-checked, but sounds like its a false alarm at this point.

  27. avatar Boyd Crowder says:

    Seems like a good time to rob a bank on the other side of town.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      We dug coal together.

  28. avatar Bob321 says:

    Read that the reported sound of shots fired came from barracks located in the basement of the building. Being a former military cop, let me guess. Some 19 year old fresh out of basic bought an entertainment system with stadium sized speakers, and then decided to watch a movie with the volume set to eardrum damaging levels. One movie action scene later, he wonders why he is being evacuated from the building.

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      The Tiger Tank in Fury let loose.

  29. avatar foo dog says:

    Last comment, these events are valuable for lessons learned – for prep in any emergency-
    and, just as in past wildfires here in San Diego, multiple sources of real time info are out there,
    but require careful filtering- dispatch is invaluable but requires careful listening and some experience interpreting who is talking about what where…

    FakeBook is a good example of how mass confusion spreads rapidly based on FUD

    Twitter can be very helpful but gets cluttered with self-promoting users and mis-information, that often gets re-tweeted.

    What works for me is find one or two reliable entities- CalFire, for example, or one of the news stations that has most assets (example “Skyfox” traffic helo) and someone assigned who posts carefully- here is Fox, Channel 5 in San Diego-


  30. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    It’s 1:02 PM as I type. Nothing on FOX…or pee in place.

  31. avatar Mark N. says:

    Reminds me of the time years ago when a mail truck drove through the neighborhood backfiring. Not long thereafter, a police car came by (I was out in the yard) and asked if I had heard a shotgun being fired. I had to laugh. I think he got a chuckle out of it too.

  32. avatar foo dog says:

    Have to give props to my Navy brothers and the LEOs who responded so quickly and professionally.

    Military and Civilian LEAs working together, clearing a large campus with multiple multi-story buildings in less than an hour and a half, no drama, no shots fired, and no one hurt, channeling traffic in a downtown area in rush hour, including managing the media monkeys to keep them out of harms way…

    Doesn’t fit the current Narrative in some places online, and in the progtard press-
    so from one grateful citizen, and taxpayer, may I say:

    Bravo Zulu!

    And I will be buying the next round of donuts and coffee at Starbucks, gents, next time I see you,
    in grateful thanks for doing this everyday…;)

  33. avatar Ralph says:

    So it was actually an inactive shooter or an active non-shooter. Right?

  34. avatar Kyle says:

    “All occupants are advised to run, hide or fight.

    Gee, never would have thought of any of those myself!

  35. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    Does this remind anyone of the Movie 1941?
    This is going to be a long war.

  36. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    The Japanese are attacking San Diego!

  37. avatar Big B says:

    Center’s Facebook page advised people to “run, hide, or fight”.
    Well, that just about covers all of your options.

  38. avatar HandyDan says:

    It must suck to live in constant fear. All I know is that it is very reassuring to me that I don’t have to wait for the police to save me.

  39. avatar RichDaddy says:

    Interesting that the option of “fighting” is now being considered. Are we seeing a turn around in nanny state logic? Let it be so!

  40. avatar Priest of the center mass says:

    Seems like someone called this crap in to take notes on tactics used.
    Just saying.

  41. avatar IYearn4nARnCali says:

    This run, hide, fight credo in California is disgusting, personally. I heard this for years at my old job, and now that it has become the mantra of my not soon enough former state of residence, I just feel sick inside if our founders could see what has become of us.

    If the founders had enshrined the words, “Run, Hide, and/or Fight” in the Constitution, every citizen of the colonies would have thrown their shoes, cabbages, bricks, and snuff boxes at them, and rightly so.

    We have been stripped of the human freedom of self defense and defiance in the face of naked aggression from any other, of course, “naked aggression” does sound like a fun filled saturday evening, but I digress, here in California and our only recourse from violence perpetrated against us is to run away, hide if that’s not possible, and try to fight with no weapons at hand since the entire state is become a gun free zone.

    Maybe we should pass a new law that allows civilian open carrying of swords, bows, crossbows, and flintlocks?

    I could just see a drive by happening driven by horses and 5 homies have to make consecutive turns to try and hit the same general target, hahah. Only thing we can do is laugh at this point. It’s so gd hopeless.

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