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“At least four people are dead after shootings in three communities near Philadelphia in what a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation says appears to be a domestic dispute. The gunman shot and killed his former wife and then shot and killed other members of his family at a different location Monday morning, the official said.” That’s from CNN. Other reports differ in the details and indicate the shooter may be barricaded. As always, known knowns and unknown knowns will be mixed with speculation and unadulterated bovine byproduct until long after the situation is over. Stay tuned.

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  1. I’m really lost for words. One part of me feels for the loss of life. A bigger part of me cringes at the fact this will be used to further infringe upon my (our) rights. Selfish, I admit.

    • The fact that we have to cringe every time a criminal commits a crime because we will inevitably be blamed for it is an outrage. They are literally telling us that WE DID THIS. They mean it as a personal insult, we should take it as a personal insult.

    • Relax, if Sandy Hook didn’t do it, nothing will. We’re winning because logic and facts are on our side.

    • Two weekends ago we had five dead from various shootings in Philadelphia, and at least four more since, plus a variety who were shot, stabbed, and bludgeoned but survived. I frankly find “many shootings by many criminals” more disturbing than the relatively rare “five shot by one crazed shooter.” Why? The one-at-a-time shooters are not usually caught. They’re still in business. In Philly (I live in the suburbs) we have hundreds killed every year as part of the ongoing pulse of crime. In a typical year perhaps 10 or 15 are killed in groups. Which is the more serious problem? The answer is obvious. The only reason TV and the press (and RF) cover one type of shooting more than the other is due to single-post or single-video-story impact.

      More people were killed in Philadelphia this week, and also last week, than were killed in the Sydney story, but there is no national coverage because, well, it simply isn’t a gripping or unusual story.

      • If they wanted to see the REAL murder epidemic, and study it’s root causes, they should watch “the First 48.”

    • whats really annoying is these sorts of killings are almost certainly the least likely to be stopped. Even if the guy couldn’t get a gun, you think he wouldn’t have just stabbed/strangled/beaten these people to death?

      but i mean hey if there’s even a 1 in 1000000 chance it saves just one life! more laws!

      • Most people lack the critical thinking skills (thanks government schools) to understand opportunity costs, i.e. what you’ll lose out on by choosing a particular course of action. Bastiat’s broken window fallacy explains it pretty well. It’s why people actually believe stimulus spending will improve an economy, and the only reason Keynesians don’t get laughed out of every university in the country.

        It applies here as well. They don’t understand that gun restrictions cost more lives (by preventing self defense, allowing tyrants to gain power, etc.) than they save.

      • It’s ridiculous that people don’t realize this..
        You can kill people with a fork, let’s ban forks!

  2. its amazing that only a minuscule fraction of you even seem to realize people died here. Get off your soap box for 5 minutes and just pay your respects.

    • Let’s see, 8,000 gun murders X 5 minutes = 40,000 minutes per year I’m supposed to let these statist twits attack my rights like wild hyenas without objection? Yeah, no. Every time we try that we get a GD baseball bat to the balls so not happening. Sorry if it sounds cold hearted, but I’m not the one using tragedies to destroy peoples constitutional rights.

    • Preston, we have three to five people murdered almost every week in Philadelphia, sometimes more, and usually one at a time. Few people have yet to pay respects to the dead from the last two weeks. To be cold, and for effect, I will say this newest group has to get in line.

    • If I was allowed to stop defending my rights for five minutes, I would. The leftists are always on the attack, so we must always be on the defense. This is a war, like it or not.

      Don’t blame the defenders. Blame the invaders.

  3. I get a sick feeling when I see stories like this, domestic boil over is horrific and kids were probably involved, and because this persons tantrum ended with his murdering unarmed people there will be a push to disarm more people because…… reasons. You know, things.

  4. Any time that a lunatic with a gun kills people, the left screams for gun control but says nothing about lunatic control. Then the left tries to take the guns away from people who didn’t do the shooting. And it’s all for our own good, even though it does us no good at all.

    I’m beginning to think that the left has a hidden agenda.

    Nah, that couldn’t be.

  5. I feel bad for the families but this incident will no doubt be used by the PA gun grabbers many of them being located in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg that will try and get the new liberal Gov. of PA to pass more anti-gun laws.

  6. Sometimes I wonder if one way that Bloomberg is furthering his agenda is by secretly giving money and/or guns to people to kill others. Maybe not, but it would make a good movie plot.

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