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“While the number of guns reported stolen or lost has decreased, [ATF Agent] Elders says he’s seeing more of these types of bold burglaries,” CBS reports. Citation? Three examples caught on video. And…that’s it. So what’s up with the headline “Brazen gun store robberies on the rise“? More anti-gun agitprop, designed to heighten fears of scary black assault rifles “on the street.” To wit: what of some picture of all the handguns that were stolen? Those are the firearms preferred by criminals. Nope. Doesn’t fit the narrative. Great video, though.

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  1. What? They’re taking guns without waiting for their background check to go through? They took guns from somewhere other than a gun show?

    I’m shocked!

    • They’ve already caught three and recovered 36 of the guns. The very next day after the robbery, one of them tried to sell four guns to an HPD confidential confidential informant. His aunt, perched on the steps of the Houston courthouse where the little darlings were being arraigned, claimed that her nephew is a good boy who just fell in with the wrong crowd.

      Lady, he’s the one selling guns to a C.I.. He’s the one in possession of three dozen stolen guns. Sounds like he’s one of the ring leaders. They’ll get them all, I’m sure. Ten people is way too many to bring in on a heist. Too many egos, too many big mouths, too much greed and testosterone to keep it cool.

  2. Hopefully, just to try and put a “positive” spin on it, all those guns are now in the hands of Autodefensas in besieged Mexico.

  3. OK, I haven’t watched the vid, I’m listening to Baba O’Riley on another window. But a “brazen robbery” is not the same as a “burglary”, even a bold one. And the ATF guy says he’s seeing more burglaries, but reported gun theft is down? Damn, I hate it that so many people are so mentally out to lunch that CBS et al can get by with this kind of crap.

  4. Looks like the ATF needs to have a yard sale. It would save on taxpayer money being used for storing all of those gun. As long as they can’t be given back to the owner.

  5. Brazen? I suppose so. But having a “cute” sorta’ upscale series of half-azzed doors that are easily breached doesn’t help. Metal blast doors fella…we had a series of gun thefts in the environs too. Deb’s Gun Range in Hammond,In and some others I can’t recall nearby. EZ peasy. Chucks Gun Shop in Riverdale-nope. Metal on metal. Yeah they caught the young(teen) brothers but guns are easily sold/used/hidden so they got lucky. We’ve also had a veritable explosion of non-gunstore smash & grab robberies nearby-Cook Co and NW Indiana. Be prepared…

  6. I think as our society moves form a cash to digital (credit) we will also see a migration of crime. Less cash in drawers of retail stores means those who need money will focus on items that they can easily move for money (guns). Or if the appetite for such a brazen heist is not appealing we may begin to look to individuals who may have cash in their pockets of a debit card with a PIN number that can be beat out of the person (like Brazil).
    I have heard stories form folks who do business in South America where a traveler jumps in a taxi with no door handles to get out. They are taken to a cash machine and another person jumps in and proceeds to stab them in the legs with an ice pick until they give their PIN number. Tough spot to be in without a carry but the thiefs know that down there. Could be coming to a gun free zone near you sooner rather than later.

  7. “So well planned they jumped into a second getaway car a block away”

    They had the truck, the rope, the tools, and 10 guys but the journalist was amazed they brought another car? If they planned the robbery so they could get over a set of railroad tracks right before a train was scheduled to pass to prevent cops from following, that would be “well planned” But 10 guys not needing to sit on top of each other in a truck loaded with guns should not be the determining factor on the level of planning.

    On the subject of “well planned” I was surprised that all the guns were left out. Around here most gun stores have always locked up pistols and many locked up long guns in safes as well, at least bar locked the long guns.

  8. And here we have it. proof positive folks. Gun restrictions do not keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

    • Yeah, I think the grabbers are moving up the chain and going after manufacturers and dealers again. The current push to allow groundless lawsuits to be filed against them for the sole purpose of bankrupting them is one part; another part could be scaring the public into going along with legislated restrictions on manufacture, starting with those scary “assault weapons.

  9. I dunno. These guys did things the hard way. If they just declared themselves a foreign third world country requesting firearms to advance their cause against white privilege colonialism, the USA would have given them all the weapons they could ever want.

  10. I heard that this is happened at the Sports Authority in Virginia where I used to work at the gun counter during my break home from college in the 90’s, though not while I was employed there.

    The perps who hit the place after I had moved on apparently drove a truck into one of the back doors to smash it and ran in to raid the gun counter. At that times, SA sold handguns and long-guns. We took all of the handguns out of the glass counter displays at night and put them in a walk-in safe. The long guns stayed out in locked racks. I think the thieves who hit the place probably didn’t realize this, and left disappointed They only managed to break a couple of the rifle rack locks and made off with a few rifles and shotguns before fleeing.

    One of my memories of that job was a lady customer who became very indignant that we had human-shaped targets for sale, and on display. She thought we were promoting gun violence and we should only have round targets. The manager explained the targets were for self-defense practice but the lady must have raised a stink at a higher level because we eventually had to take those targets off the wall and keep them out of sight.

  11. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why FFLs should take safe storage seriously.

    Don’t tell me “it’s too difficult.”

    The local gun store where I used to live in SD, had a vault built into the back of the store. After closing, the employees would load all the guns onto a few carts and roll the firearms inventory into the vault. Took less than an hour. Rolled everything out the next morning before opening.

    Cabela’s and Bass Pro do the same thing.

    • The gun store owners were pretty sloppy, even by ’70s standards of ‘pull the handguns to the safe and chain the rifles together’.

  12. We had two smash and grab in the San Francisco area recently. One at a gun store next to a police station (ended less than successfully), second more successful w/getaway.

  13. That Carter’s Country is a LGS right down the road from me. I’ve purchased several firearms from them. Good people, bad neighborhood. This is the second time in a year they’ve been hit. The Houston area has had a rash of these smash and grabs at gun shops and ranges. I’m of the same opinion that you only prevent this kind of organized crime by putting in a fortress style defense- like rolldown metal doors. I’m curious to see if these guys reopen or if they just close the doors on this location.

  14. I think all “display” guns should have the firing pins removed. If you can’t buy enough safes to hold all the firearms you sure as hell could get one to hold the pins. This would at least slow down theives and maybe,maybe keep “Murrder” (voiced by Keith Morrison) down.

  15. It happened at 4:30 AM, the dead of night. How can that be “brazen”? Sounds more like “covert”.
    That is highest quality security video I have ever seen, 100% better than Wally World’s video.

  16. Is this the same agent that gave your putz on the ground that nugget about how SBR’s don’t need to be engraved???

  17. This proves the point that criminals do not follow the law. What do anti-gunners not understand about that? Pass all the laws you want, they will find a way to arm themselves and steal, kill, rape and so on.

  18. This is happening also all over in California. I can’t believe there are such strict government rules on tobacco and Alcohol, but anyone can get a permit, open a store near residential areas housing 100’s of guns and put them in glass donut cases with locks. Lol! Glass doors?
    They all should be required to put all guns away nightly in a Vault a truck can’t pull and high end security that immediately alerts the law enforcement.
    Now, we are all sitting victims to more recklessness that the government has allowed.
    the Goverment not requiring better of Gun store owners has once again put our own law enforcement at risk.
    EVERYONE should be talking about this and asking; are these related? Immediately they should address this issue and make changes to how they store their weapons.
    If… A residential gun owner kept their guns in a glass case and it was broken into and used accidentally or in a crime, it would be all over national news? Should the homeowner or gun owner be tried and convicted? Omg!!! Where is common sense???


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