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Kyleanne Hunter, vice president of programs for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said she’s not surprised by the jump in gun sales, as similar jumps are seen during other major crises such as hurricanes or natural disasters. However, she said she was very concerned by the lack of response by federal and state leaders to push for more gun safety during these trying times.

“One of our biggest fears is that we will have people, more and more people, in difficult situations because they’re stuck at home with a gun, especially with first-time gun owners,” she told ABC News.

The spread of the virus has led to reports of armed persons threatening others out of fear from the pandemic. Police in Maine were investigating a claim that armed men blocked a resident’s driveway with a downed tree branch to prevent him from leaving his home.

The biggest problem, Hunter said, is that the government’s gun inspection services haven’t been deemed essential on a national basis, which has opened the door for questionable sales.

“We don’t know how gun dealers are acting,” she said. “Groceries are still open but the FDA is still open inspecting the food. Why aren’t agents inspecting the gun stores?”

– Luck in Coronavirus Fears Help Push Gun Background Checks to Record Levels in March


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  1. If she really cared about gun safety, she would have been demanding schools invite in the Eddie Eagle program. Or, today, demanding that students stream it as part of their online classwork.

  2. And (no edit button…sigh) on what grounds does she claim “questionable” sales are – or could be – being made because demand has gone up?

    • On the grounds that ALL gun sales are questionable.

      And because the thought of uniformed men enforcing their edicts upon the recalcitrant masses gives these people a tingle in their schmingles.

  3. “We don’t know how gun dealers are acting,” she said. “Groceries are still open but the FDA is still open inspecting the food. Why aren’t agents inspecting the gun stores?”

    Maybe “we” don’t know how the Brady Campaign is acting. Maybe there should be inspections of the Brady Campaign to see if they are violating stay at home orders. You know, just to insure public heath and safety. For the good of everyone.

      • Patriot, you’d be amazed how hard it is to get tax information from the Treasury Department. Even for LEO. I know. I’ve tried it a couple of times during investigations. Easier to extract teeth from a fully conscious lion. You might be suprised to learn that goes for NFA firearms as well as your tax return. I once inquired about a full auto weapon. I was told, “It’s a tax matter. We can’t talk about it.” That from ATF.

  4. What would gun store inspections do? I don’t understand this. If men trying to force someone to stay home by blocking the driveway with downed trees is happening then that means there is something to have a talk with them about. Inspecting gun stores completely misses the issue. This whole thing makes no sense at all.

      • “Dirt in the chamber, clean barrel, nice and oiled.”

        ‘Little Feat’ described it :

        “Spot-check Billy got down on his hands and knees
        He said “Hey mama, hey let me check your oil all right?”
        She said “No, no honey, not tonight
        Come back Monday, come back Tuesday, and then I might”

    • There could be older guns past their “sell-by” date, or firearms made in South American factories contaminated with E. Coli; hey you never know. Maybe some of those botulism-coated cop killer bullets.

    • The ATF inspections aren’t really a big deal. If you’re keeping proper 4473 records and entries in/out of your bound book, these ‘inspections’ are over and done pretty quickly.

      I don’t know what this Karen is hoping is going to happen here.

  5. … government’s gun inspection services haven’t been deemed essential on a national basis, which has opened the door for questionable sales.

    I have news for you Ms. Hunter — the “door” always has been and always will be “open” to bad actors who want to acquire firearms. The current situation changes exactly nothing in terms of the ability of bad actors to acquire firearms.

  6. It sounds like she thinks licensed dealers aren’t requiring background checks, and they’re just handing out guns like candy. If she doesn’t know how those armed men in her story acquired their guns, then how is the story relevant?

    • As Dude pointed out, “how is the story relevant?” That is exactly the point, her story isn’t relevant which is clearly obvious to anyone other than those like KyleeAnn Hunter running on feelings. She is Irrelevant just as is the entire Brady gang. Wonder why she hasn’t bitched about FFL inspections before this pandemic? The answer is: her concerns are falsely founded because she and others have nothing else to cling to in defense of their dangerous positions. It has been said many times, A drowning woman………………………!

  7. I just spent 60 seconds researching Ms. Kyleanne Hunter. If my research was accurate, she was an officer in the United States Marines. If that is true, then her work for Brady Center violates her oath that she swore/affirmed when she joined the Marines.

    • Her receiving our tax funds is the same as any crackhead getting a tax funded check. Surrendering your freewill for the moral code of just following orders of a corrupt government is not a good thing to us moral folks. If a veteran said their government employment had anything positive to do with my rights, I hand them on of my sidearms and ask them to lie to me again, only now knowing every word out of their mouth is backed up with their life.
      I appreciate that my veteran buddies will use violence to protect the folks next to them. Only as a Citizen they will pull their triggers on evil men, not because they were ordered to drop folks, who were simply defending their lands from a foreign government invasion.

      Honor is not government issued like previous generations have forced on us because they did not have the honor to say no, and remove both parties during nam.

    • Thanks for the heads-up about her TED Talks. I also watched it. This former Marine is a traitor to the oath she swore to protect and defend the US Constitution. Perhaps she will become a member of an organization like the Klu Klux Klan. That was used by the American government to confiscate the weapons of law-abiding citizens.

  8. Kyleanne is worse than your typical gun grabber. She’s also a Fudd. I just watched part of her TedEx talk about guns. Yeah, she loved shootin’ skeet with her dad, she loves to hunt, but nobody needs weapons of war, etc.

    • …but nobody needs weapons of war, etc
      until the lights go out and people get hungry. her liberal base knows this and is quietly tooling up.
      Too bad we can’t deny guns on the basis of a position on the 2A. If they thing others can’t have them they shouldn’t either.

    • No kidding my collection has never been cleaner or more prepared for use. Been getting a shit ton of dry fire in. Finally got the refinish job done on the Iver Johnson 22 carbine. 30 cal clone. Thinking about a refinish job on the Rem. 870 20 gauge combo.

      • Yep. Opened the safe and pulled out anything that hasn’t had a thorough cleaning within the past year. Some got a cleaning, others got full takedowns and inspections. Then double-checked the ammo quantities at the secondary cache location. Logged the activity in the spreadsheet and slept like a baby.

        It’s raining in SoCal today, so no opportunity for a jog or yard work. Think I’ll watch a movie or two while cleaning some more of the pre-1964 junk silver coins I acquired a few years ago. Before everyone gets in a tizzy over it, I never touch the Eagles or Maple Leaves, but plain ‘ol circulated pre-’64s have already been in umpteen pockets, purses, hands, cashier tills, and jars before I got them from Ebay sellers (who underpriced them to my advantage). Those are only worth the silver content anyway, regardless of whether or not they have decades of yukkiness or are scrubbed clean.

  9. Ha. Yeah. that’s just what the ATF inspectors are going to want to do. Non-essential compliance inspections with people who work with the public.


  10. The story about Maine. Maine is on lockdown. People from out of state are fleeing to Maine to avoid conditions at home. The island of Vinalhaven has remained free of covid-19. Visitors were “encouraged” to obey the lockdown by the tree chopped down and placed across the driveway. When reported to law enforcement the visitors could give no reason to drive around within the lockdown allowance of necessity.
    Long story short, local residents were enforcing the governors lockdown order. Excuse to empower the gun control crowd? Just the opposite, the act was preventing crime.

    • Ok, but that has nothing to do with gun stores. Gun store inspections have nothing to do with this. Trying to connect the two still makes no sense. A person could drive themselves crazy pulling their hair out with this kind of stuff. If the Brady organization isn’t getting any satisfaction, this is probably why.

    • No one should be romanticizing armed thugs terrorizing other citizens based on ignorant fear. They were there for a month before the incident (well outside the 14-day quarentine recommendation). They should not have to provide any more reason to be out than anyone else, such as gettign to work or buying groceries, filling prescriptions, or whatever. And knocking out someone’s cable service doesn’t help them to stay safely at home.

      Trumping onto someone’s private property with guns to commit a felony is NOT responsible gun ownership, and only serves to give the Brady Campaign and its ilk examples to point to as to why gun owners can’t be trusted to be responsible.

  11. I busted out laughing when I saw that title. Sure government inspectors are going to expose themselves to covid-19 to inspect gun stores at this time. That’s rich!

    • The inspector gonna be like NOPE not going to go hang out with some gun store owner and look at their C19 infected bound book.

  12. If you had a choice between being Kellyanne Hunter or being a mop at a nickel porn theatre, which brand of mop would you choose to be?

  13. IDK about the FDA, but my brother works for the states Ag Department that runs health and safety inspections for restaurants and grocery stores. He was put on paid leave for two weeks and is going back to “work” today, but only doing “office work” from home. There are no inspections or recertifications being done right now except for serious complaints.

  14. Brady campaign is all butthurt. 3.7 Million guns sold or transferred last month. I hope every one of them got to experience the background check delays, nonsense waiting periods, arbitrary owner id card and registration delays. New gun owners or soon to be new gun owners need to get a taste of the full Brady common sense gun law experience. Welcome to the club new gun owners, show your displeasure when you vote.

    • Hopefully, they’ll wonder what else the Democrats /liberals / communist have also lied to them about. Then maybe they’ll get a clue and start being a little bit more conservative.

  15. Oh how sweet, they are worried about me. If I ate gunms I’d want the FDA to make sure they were edible. “,Oh we were so close to succeeding with gunms are bad, and now the pandemic has every Tom Dick and possum buying them. uhhh uhhh, gunpowder causes Covid19, let’s try that.”

  16. I’m not really sure BATFE agents want to be out and about harassing people about gun purchases…there are a finite # of them, and almost an infinite # of gun owners in comparison…

  17. Just more evidence that the demokkkommies and their subversive accomplices are colluding with the Chinese Communist Party in support of their Kung-Flu bio-weapon attack.

    • hush, talk like that is why humans come up missing. China’s a great nation with a trustworthy government.

      • I just remember that the last time an east-asian country killed this many American civilians, we dropped two nukes on them.

        • That’s funny, during your youth you were busy playing Zarnitsa. You know, learning how to kill us non commies

        • No, I was a bit busy holding a place for my grandfather in a bread line. Go fuck yourself.

        • Not to get all picky but we still got a ways to go before Covid touches the other two asian nation wars we had after 1945. Sadly we might just reach or pass them.
          That being said we did have a lot of bombers such as the B-52 and U.S. navy guns that opened a can of whoop ass on them. They were Commies then and still are today.
          Honestly if they had listened to MacArthur about using the big bombs on China back in the Korean war we might not be in this boat..

  18. As all gun control laws are un Constitutional,emergeny repeal of Brady is in order,along with all others.

  19. Several years ago I remember reading that the Brady campaign was looking to recruit former military personnel. They believe that having military in their organization would boost their credibility.

    I can say that historically the Confederate States of America Used military personnel to confiscate the weapons of abiding citizens as well as slaves. And after the Civil War the American government used soldiers to confiscate the weapons of the Indians at Wounded Knee. And there have been many other instances of soldiers being used to confiscate the weapons of law-abiding citizens. The Klu Klux Klan, most were former military, was also used by the government to confiscate the weapons of law abiding citizens after the Civil War as well.

    The Brady campaign is simply following the map laid out by previous gun confiscator’s in American history.

    • Bill Brady was a secret agent man paid by his government to take a bullet for the president if need be.. Misses Brady is still bitching about his job choice You’ve never heard of a race car drivers wife wanting to ban cars. That’s because they know shit happens with dangerous jobs or pastime s. Missus Brady is taking it out on us for her husband being a fuck up

        • “Actually she’s been dead 5 years. I don’t think she’s doing much bitching anymore.”

          GnR had a song about that :

        • “I used to love her but I had to kill her
          I used to love her, oh yeah but I had to kill her
          I had to put her six feet under
          And I can still hear her complain…”

        • Slash commented during an interview that the song is about Axl’s dog, not an ex-girlfriend.

        • Sarah Brady drove to Delaware and bought her son a rifle, a straw purchase by her own admission, but that’s OK because we know she’s not dangerous or anything. Neither was the boy.

          It’s the right wing disagreeing OFWGs that need to be stymied

      • It was Jim Brady and he was Ronald Reagan’s press secretary. He was one of the people wounded when John Hinckley tried to assassinate Reagan. His head would left him permanently disabled. Although he could no longer perform the job of press secretary, Reagan kept him on with subordinates assuming his duties. His wife’s response to the incident was to jump on the gun control bandwagon.

        People react to tragedies in different ways. Sarah Brady and, more recently, Mark Kelly went the gun control route. They could have advocated for better mental health care and drug addiction treatment. After seeing her parents shot to death by a mass murderer, Suzanna Hupp lobbied in favor of concealed carry. One of Jeff Cooper’s students had been badly wounded in an armed robbery. His reaction was to learn how to fight back with a gun.

  20. Uh het. I know an FFL that saw a field agent 1 time in 15 yrs. Didnt even look at his books. Just talked about her life problems until her time was up and she went on her way. KyleeAnn Hunter, Another example of a gun control doofus that doesnt know S#it about what they are talking about. Oh brother where art thou…

  21. Funny an airhead wondering about the legality of the firearms stores, and making subtle allegations that they may be breaking the law, most people that portray those aspirations usually are inherently deep diving into their unconscious and revealing thoughts that they themselves would do, self loathing then try to pass the buck so they feel better!

    • Remember, if a Democrat is accusing you of doing something that means that they are doing that exact thing. Or would if they were able to.

  22. “One of our biggest fears is that we will have people, more and more people, in difficult situations because they’re stuck at home with a gun, especially with first-time gun owners,” she told ABC News.”

    I’ll tell you what her big fear is, that people won’t be buying what they are selling.

  23. I just knew those moronic “Family Fire” TV spots had to be associated with these idiots or Blimpberg.

    “store UNLOADED guns in a locked safe and a 2nd safe for ammo.” What moronic drivel.

  24. Hassling gun stores with unconstitutional regulatory bullshit sounds like the very definition of “nonessential”. Stay home, fuckers.

  25. That idiot Kyleanne (?) Hunter is a moderate compared to Anthony Fauci. That dimwit doesn’t understand why the entire country isn’t placed under house arrest by the Federal government.

    Bad times sometimes bring out the bad in people.

      • Fauci is having the time of his life. Did you ever hear about this buffoon before the virus hit? Neither did I. And now he’s one of the most famous people in the world.

        Meanwhile, at the end of January, Fauci was telling America that the virus “isn’t something the American public needs to worry about.”

        Now he wants us all on home arrest — for our own good. What a crock. And he hates chloroquine. Why? Because it’s not under patent so his friend can’t make big money with it.

        • To be fair, the Chinese Communist Party was deliberately hiding any information about just how dangerous this thing was until well into February. Expecting anyone to know and publicly speak about things that the Chinese government is deliberately hiding from the entire world is a bit much. As for the drug, yes it shows amazing promise. But any good doctor will tell you that early trial results can be misleading. I happen to agree that, since it’s a safe and tested drug, it’s better than nothing as it doing nothing is the worst reasonable case scenario. However, I don’t blame doctors who are hesitant to jump on a bandwagon before full information is available.

          Let’s stop bickering amongst ourselves because our leaders are not psychic. Instead, let’s put the blame where it belongs. Squarely at the feet of the Chinese Communist Party whose actions are tantamount to an act of war.

        • pwrserge, you are correct that the Chicoms caused this debacle. And Fauci is their enabler. In the end, he will have killed more Americans than Ho Chi Minh.

        • Ralph… Based on what Fauci knew at the time, what he said was exactly correct. It’s not his fault that the Chicoms were lying and carrying out a bio-terror attack agains the rest of the planet.

  26. “The spread of the virus has led to reports of armed persons threatening others out of fear from the pandemic. Police in Maine were investigating a claim that armed men blocked a resident’s driveway with a downed tree branch to prevent him from leaving his home…”

    So you’re saying we need tree control?


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