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A member of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia sent this link with the following observation: “I guess the Brady Bunch truly is out of new material. They posted this yesterday and it’s nothing but the same old scare tactics we’ve seen for 20+ years. I like how they want folks to “get the true story” yet surprise, surprise they disabled comments.”

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  1. If the quality of that video is any indication of the amount of resources the brady campaign has then lets just forget they exist and soon enough they wont. Just look at the amount of views on there videos. Most of them are probably gun owners watching the videos in disgust anyway.

  2. This looks like it was put together by a group of 5th-6th graders (that don’t know PowerPoint all that well)

    • As someone who didn’t know how to use powerpoint well (until recently), I take offense at that.

      I could do much better than that the first time I tried it. 😉

  3. Shouldn’t the misty background skull in the final scenes have a bullet hole in there somewhere? Missing teeth? Jaw? Something?

  4. If this is the best those clowns can do then I’d say things are looking up for the RKBA community.

  5. Ah, it’s always nice watching your enemies writhe about, knowing they’ve lost but childishly unwilling to accept it.

    The disabling of comments is proof that they know they’re wrong. It’s also an indication of their true disdain for the values of this country, the kind of Constitution-intolerance that scumbags like mikeb always reflect.

  6. You have to remember the gun control groups are used to having a monopoly on the media. Since the Internet is a two way communication street, I can now fight back and I now have a voice!!!!

  7. You guys are really funny. I read the comments before watching the video. Sure enough, I didn’t find anything pathetic or epilepsy-inducing about it. What I did see was a very simple and very clear message that you guys don’t like to hear.

    You guys love to attack the message the the people who deliver it, but you cannot deny what’s happening with guns in the US. More than 30,000 are dying each year and many of them are avoidable.

    • What comments did you read? There is nothing on there. Much like your site, the Brady Campaign is trying to manipulate the message by either outright disabling all comments, or picking and choosing which to publish through one-sided moderation.

      • He’s talking about the comments here.

        And Mike, seriously, I’ve seen middle school projects with better production values.

      • The Bradys could save 20 times the people if they turned their efforts against heart disease. It’s more important all the time with the increase in childhood obesity? Why won’t they think of the children?

      • Moonshine, For those other top killers you have other blogs. Plenty of people are working on those things.

        Over here we’re talking about guns and I for one, am not happy with the numbers of deaths and injuries and the cost of it all. Are you?

        • I’m not either. Clearly we need more gun safety training and education to reduce accidents in the home.

  8. Am I the only person who finds the inclusion of suicide and the idea of “struggling with depression” as a “moment in life” as being grossly disrespectful? Do they honestly believe that a person will arbitrarily rush to suicide because there happens to be a gun around?

    And for the record, yes, I am happy with what firearms do. You purport that legal firearms are the cause of these deaths and injuries, when a cursory review of England’s firearm laws prove otherwise. Murderers will commit murder regardless of the legality of firearms, and they will continue to use firearms regardless of their legality; and in fact may be encouraged to do so by their status as being outright illegal.

    With a firearm I have the opportunity to prevent a murderer from succeeding. Without one I have to wait until police arrive which, if the murderer is armed with a firearm, will be far too late. Period. You have no argument against this because there isn’t one.

    • You’re being tricky again.

      “Do they honestly believe that a person will arbitrarily rush to suicide because there happens to be a gun around?”

      You know very well people don’t say that. We don’t say it’s BECAUSE there’s a gun around. What we do say is suicide is often a permanent response to a temporary problem, and the availability of a gun increases the chances of success.

      • Looking around, in the most disarmed room in my house (read: there is nothing here warned as physically dangerous by marketing), I realize upon thinking about it that there are virtually unlimited methods at hand.

        People hang themselves with stronger-variety scarves. Eliminating guns will not stop them.

        A depression specialist might though.

  9. Maybe, in addition to “I am a gun owner” memes, there ought to be a “How a gun changed my life” meme…..

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