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Warning! This video’s warnings go on for-ever-uh. The action starts at :32 in. Anyone care to put a number to the round count?

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  1. I got right around 50 rounds. Which begs the question.. if after 50 rounds fired, the threat is still coming, is a knife going to help? LOL!

      • well I took a few years of Filipino martial arts …stick fighting (kali) , grappling, and was taught have the blade on the outside of your fist so that when you punch you come across with the blade in a slicing motion and if you take the same movement but going backhand then instead if a slicing motion it’s more of a sticking motion…naturaly with your open hand grabbing or deflecting (limbs…not knife) not trying to act like a hard a$$ here just giving my humble opinion

        • Fairbairn, to the contrary, taught that the knife was best laid across the upward facing palm, then being held by the thumb and fore finger. Choices!

        • I can see the utility of ready, aim, fire’s method for fending off multiple unarmed opponents. It’s fast, and it tends to encourage users to *not* fixate on the knife and forget about their other limbs. That slashing motion that resembles a right hook is less likely to inflict fatal injuries, which is a good thing and a bad thing.

          It doesn’t maximize reach, though, and if the other guy has a knife too, that slashing motion might make it easier for him to cut up your arm.

          I’d go with a more traditional hold, personally. This coming from a black belt who’s never been there or done that off the mat, so don’t forget the salt.

          • Knives are also for SLASHING.

            The important thing to remember when stabbing, is to NEVER stab the chest overhand/top-down; always underhand/bottom-up. Remember that there are ribs, so if you use an overhand stabbing motion, coming down from the top, you’re likely to get caught on a rib and not inflict much of any real damage. Conversely, if you stab from the bottom up, using an under-hand motion, you will be unimpeded by the targets skeleton, and will only hit soft tissue, which should maximize damage.

  2. The guns kept getting smaller and smaller. At the end I was expecting the Noisy Cricket, or at least a Bond Arms derringer, but all I got was that crummy knife.

  3. Did anyone get a look at his target? How many of those rounds were center of mass? Wouldn’t 3 or 4 good CoM hits have been enough? And did he have a padded basket to catch the pistols, or did he toss them on the floor? And if so, what idiot loaned him the pistols?

    Sorry, my cynical nature has been working overtime lately.

    • No you’re right to point that out.

      There’s this weird idea out there that the more rounds you have the better (an idea I ascribed to until I came up against MA carry laws and wised up on the whole GTFO concept).

      I carry 11 .45s in the gun and a spare mag and reckon that anyone who feels the need for loads of rounds should carry a 9mm xd and a spare mag (35 rounds). YMMV

      • Glock 26 with 10 rd mag + a spare 15 rd mag. If I need more than that, I am so screwed . . . . . . .

      • My EDC gun is a factory ported XD9; I generally (at least during the winter) carry at least one spare mag on my person. This means that on the average day I have 16+1 in the gun, and another 16 in my spare mag, for a total of 33. I don’t know where you came up with 35….

        I also have two BUGs that I carry from time to time: a P238 and a DB9, both 6+1 in .380 and 9mm respectively. When I carry these, I generally don’t carry a spare magazine*

        I’ve also recently purchased a 1911, which has become my Fred Rodgers gun (when I get home from work, I take off whichever XD I carried that day, and put on the 1911). When I carry it, it’s generally loaded 8+1 (wilson 47DC) and I have two spare 8-round mags (wilson 47D) with me, for a total of 25 rounds.

        *The magazines for the Sig are too bloody expensive at ~40+ USD each, and I haven’t seen mags for the DB9 yet, but they appear to be almost as bad.

      • XDm Compact in 9mm, two extra 19 round mags, 52 total rounds. Overkill? Yeah, probably, but it’s only a few extra ounces of weight, and a two mag carrier was just as easy in the belt.

        Am I ever going to need that? I really, really hope not. But I subscribe to the “rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it” philosophy.

  4. I can certainly see the need for all those disclaimers. That looked like a particularly dangerous drill.

    Somebody’s attorney doesn’t have enough to do.

  5. 18 from first semi
    8 + 1 and two 8 shot reloads from second
    5 from revolver
    So 48 total.

    As a demo on access to carry weapons OK, but as for threat response epic fail.
    Unless of course you can show me 48 head shot zombies down range.
    On a side note, I always count rounds fired, both mine and anyone near me. Makes watching a lot of movies and TV shows extremely uncomfortable for me.

  6. showoff mall ninja I think he is. Needs some work on that knife fast draw. When I used to do that sort of thing I had 4 guns 2 left draw, 2 right, and I shot 2 at a time.(Accuracy doesn’t count, only the amount of brass you can get in the air at once.)
    Why carry 3 guns and 2 magazines? Why not just the first gun (Glock or XD?) and 4 reloads? Do a Jared Loughner and have 30 round magazines.
    My shoulder draw as clunky as his, but I can have my knife out faster than an eye blink.
    I don’t go to a range, I have never fired a 9mm, so I ask what I do not know. Do people shoot 9mm’s faster than .45acp’s? It sure seems like this guy shot faster with the first gun than the second.

    • I can’t speak for *all* 9mm guns, but I can fire my primary EDC gun very rapidly and still keep the rounds solidly on target — to the point where, I can put rounds downrange as fast as I can pull the trigger and still have a group under 8″ at 15-20 feet. It also helps that the gun is ported.

      Seriously though, just because I *can* do that doesn’t mean that I *do*, at least not on any kind of regular basis; The few times I *have* done it were when I was just pissing ammo through it anyway (I always put ~200 rounds through a gun after I’ve detail stripped and cleaned it before I start carrying it again), as a way to test overall controllability, and ensure a proper grip.

      That said, I have a hell of a lot of practice with my EDC (XD9), and I know how to control it; I have a LOT less practice with my 1911, and thus my ability to control it is much less refined — I’ve got 5k+ rounds through various XD pistols, and fewer than 1k through 1911 pistols, so it’s expected.

    • Generally speaking, all things being equal, someone will fire a 9mm faster than a .45, but with training you can get very, very fast in any of the common calibers.

      As for why the three guns and two mags, it’s to show off the garment. There’s really no good reason otherwise. Generally speaking, if you’re carrying extra ammo, you’d just carry extra magazines, and if you have another gun, it’ll be something like a pocket pistol or small revolver that acts as a backup gun in case your primary fails.

  7. If you want to sell me a shirt, then show me a shirt. I don’t need a long warning to see your shirt.

  8. If I spend the time to watch something, even if ultimately uninteresting, I try to learn from it. My take-away? Notice how his shots slowed down, which could be due to differences in trigger weight, but most likely fatigue in his finger and hand. (I’ve witnessed the same watching Jerry Miculek, so I assume fatigue since his triggers are prime.) This leads me to conclude that my back-up gun might benefit from a lighter trigger so my shot placement is more reliable. That fits with my carry plan, anyway.

    I also wonder if the “NY reload” (drawing a back-up gun) mightn’t be faster and more reliable than reloading his empty gun.

    Last, if allowed to speculate, I wouldn’t be surprised if our video star has a razor blade in his mouth in case the knife runs out of ammo.

    • You can carry a lot more magazines worth of ammo than you can carry spare guns. You’re talking at least a couple magazines to get to the dimensions of a gun, and they’re still separate and can be put just about wherever you can stick a pouch. I have a pair of pants that I could fit 4 Glock 17 magazines in without them looking strange.

      That said, it’s good to have a back up. I like putting my back up on my ankle, since I can get it drawn with a reasonably secure hold with either hand. It’s also easy to get to while sitting. I like a Ruger LCP for back up, simply because it is small and light enough that I don’t notice it.

    • Actually, it’s probably more due the muscle running out of stored energy and oxygen and having to source energy through other processes.

      That said, it’s probably due to the revolver-like, probably DA, trigger on the second semi-auto handgun. He would have been better off having a spare mag for the primary, and not for the first BUG.

  9. So this guy carries two spare mags for his first back up gun but zero spare mags for his primary weapon?

    I guess I don’t see the point in carrying three guns, at least for my lifestyle. I carry one gun and a reload for a total of 24 rounds of .45 ACP and that already feels like too much. In fact in the summer I pocket carry a p238 and one spare mag for only 13 rounds total.

    If you are walking into a situation that justifies so much firepower then it’s about time you grabbed a rifle or shotgun. Or better yet avoid the situation, call the cops and let them handle it.

    • While it’s easy to say “just don’t go to places that might need it,” how does one do that? If you can provide a list of places that will be absolutely safe, just stick to them and don’t worry about the added responsibilities of carrying a gun entirely.

    • It depends on how well you can keep track of them. It SHOULD allow you to have a better idea of what the cause of a stoppage is before you take time to look at it, but that requires that you know exactly how many rounds you have fired, and how many you had to start with.

      Personally, I haven’t found it practical to count rounds when my maximum loaded capacity is much above 9 rounds at a time. That is to say, that I do it with my 6+1 BUGs, my 8+1 1911, and not with any of my double-stack autos.

  10. That was a silly video and the knife made me laugh. I wanted him to show us the target after all his hard work.

    • Target?

      There was no target. He was just blasting away down range. If there were a target, they would have shown us a target.

      • judging by the way he was slapping the trigger I would assume it wouldn’t look very impressive anyways. His reload was horrible too.

  11. Hahahahah, I know that range. Norpoint is a JOKE here in Washington state. They hold Firearms Academy of Seattle classes there, which are okay, but it doesn’t surprise me to see something this tacky coming from them. Its the kind of range where you have to pay sky high membership in order to be able to do anything cool and that place is always full of very unsafe activities. So, no surprise at this video.

    Really? A pocket knife? Despite what people think, a 3” blade isn’t a very good weapon. Its better than your fists, but just barley. Theres no guard or hilt on most of them, so when you get a good thrust or slash in, your hand is likely to slip and you’re going to grab a nice handful of sharp steel. And if it takes you that long to get it out, you’re screwed.

    And even then, you cant really reach deep enough with a 3” blade to impale any major organs and you’re severely limited to targets that are going to do anything other than wound.

    The video would have been much better if he had turned tail, taken the better part of valor, and ran away. I’m pretty sure that’s what I would do if I dumped an entire box of ammo at something and it didn’t fix my problem. If you cant solve something with your first mag, you probably should have brought a rifle or done something very different.

    I get that they’re trying to sell 5.11 and Woolrich gear (Which, by the way, Norpoint has a whole bunch of and charge over MSRP for) but I think some actual production value and a lack of machismo would probably lead to more dollars in sales.

  12. I was hoping he was going to throw the first knife or two. Seriously should standardize with type and caliber of pistols. I love the fact that my G17 mag fits in my G26.

    • I absolutely expected that knife to be thrown as well. It’s how ridiculous this video felt to me.

    • exactly – carry a common system so you can use one gun. If you need a back up, fine, but exhaust all ammo from primary first.

  13. What I couldn’t get past is that the shooter’s attention was so focused downrange he never would have noticed the 2nd perp club him in the head with a baseball bat.

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