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It’s no surprise that former ad exec and current Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence President Dan Gross begins his TED talk by waving the bloody shirt about his brother’s injuries inflicted by a gunman at the Empire State Building. Fair enough? I’m not sure. I do know that his opening stat — 90 Americans Killed by Guns — tells us pretty much all we need to know. In Gross’ world, people don’t kill people. Guns kill people. Gross claims to seek “common ground” on gun control — as long as Second Amendment supporters use their guns to hunt and support universal background checks. In fact . . .

Gross reckons the increasing number of Americans who believe a gun in the home makes a family safer is the result of The Big Lie. Repeated by “the corporate gun lobby.” “Bad people who know what they’re doing but just don’t care” spending “billions of dollars” blocking the CDC, anti-gun doctors, smart guns, etc. Despite the evil gun lobby’s best efforts, Dan reckons he and his acolytes can cut “gun deaths” in half by 2025. In other words, the ends justify the means. Sigh. When did TED talks become simple-minded mean-spirited propaganda?

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    • This is the kind of “talent” that TED invites now? Dan and their ilk weren’t able to pass ANYTHING after Newtown, and they’re winning? Boy, the cognitive dissonance around that office must be as thick as Hong Kong’s smog. I’d respect them more if they invited Mr. Farago.

  1. “since when did TED talks become simple-minded mean-spirited propaganda?”

    Since Anita Sarkeesian did her TED talk during Gamer Gate.

    • Since bill gates founded the damn things. They’ve always been corporate propaganda. Only Tedx(locally organized and NOT corp funded) talks are worth the time to give them a listen.

      • Clearly you’ve never listened to any TEDx talks, they’re even worse and usually just extremely far-left drivel without a fact in sight.

        • So I take it you are not aware that you can use the search engine to find the Tedx talks that goggle has censored out? There are other sources of info than the mainstream media shills, you know.

          In today’s world, anything not censored isn’t worth a damn. That’s why the censors leave it. It is judged to be palatable enough for the sheeple to consume…..

        • Here is at least one censored Tedx that I’ve seen(so that assumption of yours, like most assumptions, turns out to be incorrect);
          And I don’t just post things, I discuss them intelligently. Would you care to watch this now and discuss it WITHOUT insults or personal attacks? By the civilized rules of polite debate? I will be looking forward to it….

      • You nailed it! Just another so called “Think Tank”, and I use that term very loosely, run by LIEberals who lean so far to the left, I’m surprised they don’t fall on their faces! That’s all right, that’s okay. In the end, WE will take our Republic back no matter what the cost. The Left’s reign is about to come to a screeching halt very soon!

      • ain’t she the one with PTSD from internet comments?

        I think if she is claiming that sort of thing, she needs to be evaluated so see what the heck is really wrong. Unless whomever she sleeps with can confirm she has screaming, thrashing nightmares and flashbacks whenever she hears a helicopters or plane I call BS. Among other things not mention-able in polite company.

        • No, that was Melody Hensley who claimed twitter gave her PTSD and tried to get a combat vet with PTSD fired when he called her out on it.

          Anita (and Zoe Quinn) is the one who claimed at the UN that being told you suck on the internet is the same as the physical abuse of women in third world countries.

          She is also the one who defrauded people on Kickstarter for $150K to do a video series on videogames she never finished or provided the physical media promised in the campaign.

          She is also the one who just raised another $200K for a video series on regular women heros of feminism. You know women like the chinese pirate Cheng I who when active as a pirate would attach cannon balls to womens feet and drop them in the ocean and retired to run a brothel. Those kinds true “ordinary women” feminist heroes.

          So no she didn’t lie about PTSD but that is probably because she is to busy lying about other things and committing grand larceny.

        • Her social justice crusade consisted of seeking to stop the gaming community from showing virtual women’s butts in an “overly sexualized manner.”

          Apparently, female humans developed big round behinds and breasts, unlike every other mammal on the planet, not to attract males, but as a random genetic happenstance.

          So, as a young male (the target demo for games), you are a misogamist to enjoy plump behinds on your female gaming characters. According to A-train, anyway.

          Of course, gamers give about as many f*cks to Anita’s feelings as they do a bag of Cheetos. Good times.

        • Rockon how unfair and untrue! I care deeply for the Cheetos feelings. When that bag is lonely and feeling rejected on the shelf I boost its sense of self worth and bring it home. When it feels emotionly closed off I open it up so it can pour out what is inside. When those cheetos feel they are lost in the crowd I pick out individuals to give special attention and face time with. My cheetos and I have a bond, how dare you put that bond on par with my utter sense of contempt and nausea (which Cheetos have never casued me!) I have for Anita.

        • Truth. I’ve had some of my deepest moments of existential introspection staring into a bag of Cheetos.

          As with other things in life, YMMV.

  2. A lot of people die in cars. Did the cars kill them?
    I bet more than 90 disarmed people die each day at the hand of corrupt governments too.

  3. I still like TED. But if they expand the anti-freedom programs then they will become just a private version of the government Joseph Goebbles operation.

  4. Sixty of those 90 are suicides who would simply find another method to do themselves in. Many suicides are terminally ill and cannot stand the pain they are having to endure because doctors don’t want them to become addicts. Doctors should dispense suicide pills to anyone who is terminally ill and wants them.

    That leaves 30 gun homicides per day, mostly minority on minority, which is much much less than the 685 American murdered every day by careless, lazy or incompetent healthcare workers.

    How about “The Brady Campaign to Prevent Healthcare Violence”.

      • Dr. D.,

        I don’t understand your comment. Are you denying that medical malpractice kills far more people every year than firearms? Or are you simply displeased to hear about the truth?

  5. They just want to find common ground in the middle of your freedoms. Once they take one piece then they will be back for more, and more, and more.

    This is little different from a homeless guy wanting common ground to pitch his tent in your yard, then he will want access to your bathroom, after all how can he get a job if he has to go to the interview dirty. A few days later he will want that spare bed room, you just keep junk in it anyway. Oh by the way, he can’t just go hungry so he will need to use your kitchen too. Before long he will be living in your house and you will still be paying for it.

  6. Winning what?? Is this person out to lunch?? I can make up statistics too. Better question who is listening to this guy anyway?? No one I know.

    • I was wondering that as well. Roughly 350,000,000 millions guns in America and climbing, many going to first time gun owners, and 20% of the country is now constitutional carry. The only gains made by his side have been via subversion of law and the political process in a few states that have large cities with Democrats at the helm. Winning what?

    • No you weren’t. What you WERE told is that the number of guns in a society has NO CORRELATION to the amount of crime in said society.
      If you don’t know what correlation and causation are, might I suggest a stats class next, BEFORE you start showing off your lack of knowldege? Try to pay a little more attention and you might even pass.
      Ah well… next time….

      • Actually, John Lott’s book is literally titled “More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws”.

        That said, he probably took it at face value without bothering to read the content, as most lefties do. That’s why the media’s sound bytes are so effective with them.

    • Heah Meathead. One woman was wounded in arm. No mass shooting. Suspect drove away in a black SUV. Sounds gang related to me and dollars to donuts you support the gang front BLM. Violent crime is down, gun ownership is up. Live with it.

    • Another day, another liberal idiot who didn’t get his teeth sufficiently kicked in as a child. If you’d like, we can correct that deficiency for you.

    • So, because a single event happens you think that reverses all statistical values and invalidates the arguments made here?

      Mass shootings have not become more prevalent, the media just reports them as such far more often, and even further more erroneously, in search of any story to feed the masses.

      Homicides by gun, and violent crime in general, have reduced, and are on a definite trend to keep reducing, at a rate that has absolutely no correlation to any gun laws proposed or passed. And yet, over all the time that violence has been reducing, the number of firearms in citizens hands has been increasing at an exponential rate.

      So, you need to look at the title of his book, “More Guns; Less Crime.”

      He did not name it ,”More Guns means Less Crime,” or “Less Crime Because of More Guns.” The two articles of his title are two separate things, that are happening at the same time, but many people try and put two and two together and make bananas.

  7. He didnt note ANY of his sources from where he got the statistics.

    Id also like to point out that the Brady Background Check didnt prevent the last 7 Mass Shootings.

    So heres a new slogan for The Brady Campign: 7 out of 10 Mass Murders approved by the Brady Background Check!

  8. I’m going to make this simple by using a SJW tactic. If you don’t own a gun, you are not entitled to an opinion on background checks. If you don’t own an “assault weapon” you are not entitled to an opinion on an “assault weapons” ban.

  9. When will these people realize that the recent surge in gun sales has absolutely nothing to do with home defense and everything to do with them?
    There is no “gun lobby” that ever took me out to dinner or paid my green fees. The number one selling line for guns is, “We must do something to stop gun violence in this country”. And that ain’t the gun manufacturers or dealers or lobbyists saying that.
    We are not afraid of gangs or ISIS or home invaders. We fear our own government and we are acting accordingly with the Constitution to attempt to tilt the balance of power back in the hands of the people.

    • Truth

      My own government scares me more than the boogeyman they make up or your routine scumbag. I can deal with the random scumbag easily but a government? Not so much.

      • You may not be able to deal with your government alone, but that’s why 100 million of your neighbors own 300 million firearms. So we will always have the means to take back power when subjugation is inevitable.

    • Actually, Micheal, quit the golf course (or better yet, turn it into a 1,000 yard range)…

  10. Disarm all parents because 9/10 kids shot by parents guns, because of the Malboro billboard had a cowboy with a rifle.

  11. Just more of the same.

    Leftists being nothing more than, as in literally nothing whatsoever more than, insecure children scared whitless that someone may figure out how extraordinarily average they at best are; any institution that gains some reputation for what can be passed off as being “smart”, soon loses all and any credibility by being overran by the leftist drones.

    Universities at one point were considered bastions of fairly intelligent people. While now, even Harvard is nothing more than some pay for play laughingstock daycare for Wall Street kids. New York Times were once famous for occasionally getting at least the day of week right. Silicon Valley had a reputation for housing above average intelligence people. Etc., etc.

    And now, Ted has gone the same way. Predictably.

  12. I hope they do think they’re winning. If so, they won’t change their strategy, which is good for us. Since, you know, they’re actually losing….

  13. Interesting how there have been no Pro-Gun speakers at TED Talks. Looks like TED has become just another way for the gun grabbers to try to get leverage.

  14. Winning! Charlie Sheen not withstanding…this is the same punkazz yelling in front of Chuck’s Gun Shop/Riverdale,IL. I bethca’ “he’s” got armed (with guns!) guards…and that’s just Gross.

  15. Gross thinks his 2025 goal is some kind of big deal? The guy’s a fascist, a liar, and a piker to boot.

    The Gun Lobby (also known as 100 million peaceful, responsible American citizens) has already cut “gun deaths” by 40% since 1991 AND doubled the amount of guns in civilian ownership.

  16. He waves the bloody shirt over his brother being critically wounded in 1997 during a lone wolf terrorist attack at the Empire State Building by a Palestinian national who was present in the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa.

    He broke multiple gun laws to obtain the firearm, but those laws didn’t stop him. So the obvious answer is even more gun laws.

  17. Wait, they recon they can cut gun deaths in half by 2025? You mean, just like how the average rate of reduction in violent crime and homicide have been pointing since the mid 90’s?

    So their motto should be, “We can reduce violent crime in half, ‘cuz we can sit back and not have to do jack for it to happen.”

    Participation trophy for them, anyone?

  18. TED stands for “Technology, Entertainment, Design” – in which of those three categories does gun control, and SJW activism in general, fit? Unless you consider this guy’s spiel comedy, I guess…

    I’m not going to go to a tech conference to have some leftist lambaste me just because I happen to believe in the individual right to self defense by whatever means I deem appropriate. I’m going to a tech conference to learn, well, tech.

    Teach me the latest in web application development or virtual-reality production. Leave the politics out of it, TED.

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