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TTAG central keeps a close eye on all your favorite gun control groups. Despite some reader blowback about giving Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America the “oxygen of publicity,” most of our coverage has focused on Shannon Watts’ media machine. That’s because MDA is the most active of the antis, at least in terms of media coverage. In fact, MDA – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns – has supplanted both their billionaire benefactor’s bilious anti-ballistic bully boys and the [previous] leader in the civilian disarmament industrial complex: The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Which raises the question . . .

How many calls do you think the Brady Campaign can muster today? I’m thinking not a lot. Not in comparison to the gun rights community, which, for example, completely dominated Illinois state senators’ phones when they were considering post-Newtown gun control laws. Not enough to raise their stock amongst legislators or concern their MDA rivals, who, it must be said, are incapable of assembling a sizable crowd at their “rallies.” [see: Brady’s petulant-if-somewhat-accurate analysis of MDA’s Facebook “victory”]


So what’s next for the Brady’s? Mark Glaze, Brady’s Executive Director, is about as media-friendly as a mortician. Colin Goddard, the handsome survivor of the Virginia Tech spree killing, is obvious by his absence from the proverbial field of battle. (Colin engaged me in a Tweet war, I invited him to debate, he declined and disappeared.) And the name “Brady” continues to fade in Americans’ collective conscious.

Perhaps the Fort Hood shooting will give the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence a new lease on life. Maybe they’ll get with the program and call for gun prohibitions for anyone who’s ever received mental health treatment, instead of fighting a rear-guard action on politicians who failed to support universal background checks.

Meanwhile, we hear that gun rights guys and gals are using the Brady’s Out Shout telephone number (1-855-506-7565) to thank their Congressman for voting against universal background checks and, thus, supporting firearms freedom. You might think that’s a great way to run up the Brady’s phone bill, but we couldn’t possibly comment. Until the increasingly desperate Brady Campaign makes another bone-headed move to gain relevance.

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    • Do you guys mean “metaphor” and “metaphorical’? Alliteration is the use of a string of words all beginning with the same letter or sound, as in “Asinine antis advocate asinine answers to antisocial acts” or “if you can’t bedazzle them with brilliance, then baffle ’em with BS”.

      • both their billionaire benefactor’s bilious anti-ballistic bully boys

        Would be an alliteration.

        Asinine antis advocate asinine answers to antisocial acts

        Is NOT an alliteration. It’s assonance.

        • Actually, both are alliteration, which is a general term for sound repetition. More specifically, one is vocalic alliteration (vowel sounds) and one is consonatal alliteration (consonant sounds).

          More specifically still, one is assonance and one is consonance.

        • OOPs–Thanks for pointing that out–both the assonance and the alliteration, which I somehow managed to miss.

  1. heaven forbid if people in the general population were told via social media that they should use this toll free number to get more free trinkets off the US Govt ta-ta.

  2. I called the number and since I live in MA, the land of the MassHole legislators, I was connected to Kelly Ayotte (R) NH since she is the nearest Senator that voted against this crap I thanked her for her efforts. Out Shout the Pout, crowd.

    • It seems to me that out-shouting your opposition is a bit of a bully tactic, isn’t it?

      Wasn’t Ms. Watts the promoter of the “Gun-bully” meme?

    • I did the same thing. The assistant seemed incredibly happy to hear my support for a Senator who listened to their constituents on the matter, and voted against stupidity. Good deed for the day? Done.

  3. If only these groups would stick to doing what their name implies they do. (Or stop the pretense and just say they are trying to get rid of legally-owned firearms.)

    • I think the Brady Campaign should go back to their original name: Handgun Control Inc. It would match their goals a bit more.

      • I personally call the predecessor of HCI, HCI and the Brady Campaign as the Brady Bunch. It deals with the morphs they have pulled over the decades.

  4. Brady Campaign is even more on the decline when you compare their position relative to the Bloomberg machine’s position.

    1)They are competing for the same limousine liberal/SWPL type of donors/celebrities.
    2)The exec of MAIG threw a hissy fit at Brady Campaign for trying to poach celebrities for a post-Newtown ad.
    3)Brady’s star professional victim Colin Goddard recently jumped ship to Bloomberg’s organization. This indicates organizational weakness.
    4)Brady has recently had a large degree of turnover over the years.
    5)Bloomberg bought off CSGV

      • Yep, he got photogenic Shannon and an organization with the media friendly word “Mom” in it, as opposed to the word “mother____ ” that usually preceded his name when he was talked about in the greater NY metro area.

  5. I always love how it’s “to stop gun violence”, not just violence,

    I think they need a new slogan.

    “The Brady Campaign: Anti Gun Violence, Pro Blunt Object violence”

    “The Brady Campaign: Kill all the people you want with a stick, just not with a gun.”

    The Brady Campaign: IF we really cared, we’d be against prevention of all types of violence”

  6. So, are they counting the number of calls, or are they actually hitting legislature….. on the one hand calling the number might be seen as being antigun…

    • I think this rings through to the main switch board so the Brady’s have nothing to do with it.
      And yes they to count calls for and against.

  7. Careful, they might use our calls on their line to cite some kind of false statistic about how many calls they facilitated in support of this shouting endeavor.

  8. heh. Brady Nitwits- can’t even run a phone campaign…
    thank you Dirk, you bad boy.

    I called from so coastal California expecting to get routed to DiFi or Box-a-Rox,
    but was surprised to be routed to Senator Flake’s (R, AZ) phone message tree, so I pressed 5 for staff.

    I identified myself as calling from CA, and asked to confirm which Senator this was- explaining I’d called the number posted on a new Brady Campaign call your senator for gun control.

    I asked if I was supposed to be directed to my own state, and the staffer said “I don’t know, we are getting a lot of calls from out of state…”

    I confess I fell into my best drag impression of the San Fran Limo Lib metrosexual with my panties in a wad, and was “so, so, so VERY disappointed in Brady Campaign for being so unprofessional, not to send me to my Thenator, and suggested the staffer should get right on it…”

    Ok, thats a stretch- I wish I had been that dramatic….where are those crazy disk jockeys who call and fake being someone else- someone needs to seriously pwn Brady….

    But I apologize in advance to Sen Flake – and Sorry, Miss- dont recall your name, but you were very professional…Not trying to trick you – just get the facts, and give you another data point to call Brady to get them to stop wasting your time.

    Hawww hawww – I suppose one could spin dirty trick theories, but I prefer Occams Razor- just plain incompetence, by Brady! Sending me to an out of state pro-gun rights senator…

    Isnt it typical of prog-tard community-organizers – cant manage their way out of a wet-paper bag, much less run a business….

    PS: Flake seems like a good guy- heres his voting record.
    Guess I will have to send him a couple bucks for his next campaign!

  9. Is the emphasis in those posters supposed to allude to the fact they they will out shoot the gun lobby? Its an odd choice of words.

  10. Facebook – Brady Campaign 62,517 likes.
    Facebook – National Rifle Association 3,184,262 likes.
    Divide large into small equals… a factor of 51:1.
    Just a few months ago it was 37:1.
    Politicians like numbers and polls…

    • TTAG has 80,363. While we are at half of MDA, Facebook is not TTAG’s primary outlet for information either.

  11. ‘Maybe they’ll get with the program and call for gun prohibitions for anyone who’s ever received mental health treatment,’

    TTAG, just what the heck are you thinking? Whose side are you on? This would amount to a blanket ban on anyone that has ever received treatment for any reason. The BATF already wants to re-evaluate their interpretation of mental health treatment and here you are tacitly saying that it is fine and dandy to do so. I thought you were a Pro 2nd Amendment group….appears I was wrong.

    • +1
      I used to respect Robert’s opinions regarding our joint political battles against the gun grabbers.

      But now I just lost all respect. Robert, do you even realize what you wrote?
      What you are advocating for is tantamount to a national mental health registry …
      unless you want mental health checks just for prospective and current gun owners.

      Many of the mass and spree killers who were diagnosed with mental illnesses after their murder and terror crimes never sought out treatments beforehand.
      And if new strict laws along the lines of which you speak are passed, I suspect that far fewer will.

      Meanwhile, law abiding citizens who have indeed sought treatments, and who value and exercise their second amendment rights (and actually have a moral compass), number in the millions and millions.

      Where is the line to be drawn? Who’s drawing it?
      Trusting in our dear leaders to decide who is and who isn’t mentally ill is foolish to say the least.

      It saddens me that you would eagerly hand over such power to the corrupt kleptocrats and ‘lawmakers,’ who have long held ALL gun owners in contempt.

      Odds are that a fair number of your friends, neighbors, coworkers, shooting buddies and even family members have sought out mental health treatment at some point, and you would never have known it.

    • Just wanted to throw in some additional food for thought:

      How many of you here have ever had (or perhaps ever suspected yourself of having) any degree of dependency on alcohol or pain killers, or some other substance, however slight? Perhaps even an eating or shopping addiction, i.e., ‘compulsion’? Maybe tobacco? I like a nice pipe of toby once in a while myself!
      A lot of ‘professionals’ would thus deem you and I to be ‘mentally ill’ in today’s world.

      How many have ever raised their voice at any point in an argument, and unwittingly hurt somebody else’s feelings and then felt awful & apologetic about it afterward?
      Some empowered fools would deem that to be ‘verbal abuse’ (or even spousal or child abuse) and also a sign of possible ‘mental illness’ according to growing bodies of so-called ‘experts,’ as rational thinking in America becomes passe.

      How many of you have ever posted on a blog or forum that lots of quick-to-judge folks out there would consider to be ‘extreme’ ?
      A good number of those folks would like to consequently define you as being ‘mentally ill,’ and ‘dangerous’ to society and yourself. No guns for you!

      Consider all of this when fighting for our 2nd Amendment and intrinsically human right to defend our families, selves, loved ones and homes.


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