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“On May 4, actor Brad Pitt will co-chair the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence gun control awards gala,” reports. “The gala will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel at Beverly Hills.” You heard right. The actor who’s built a career around gunplay, the actor who built a gun range at his French chateau for himself and his gun-loving wife Angelina Jolie, is now shilling for the Brady campaign . . .

Los Angeles Eventful lists other Honorary Host Committee members as Aziz Ansari, Bryan Cranston, Robin Dearden, Jenna Fischer, Tom Hansen, Judy Hofflund, Dustin Hoffman,  Lee Kirk, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Jason Segel.” Hollywood hypocrites all.

But Brad? That’s ridiculous.

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  1. Being talented at one thing does not grant you de facto credibility when stating your opinion on anything else.

    No, I don’t care what you think about GMOs or vaccinations. No, I don’t care what you think of climate change or guns. I don’t care who you’re voting for.

    Thanks in advance.

    • I’ve always said, Celebrities are just as stupid as everyone else. Their stupidity should be no more important than my stupidity.

    • Just another member of the elite who thinks he should be able to protect himself but the peasants shouldn’t.

    • I agree. I am shocked and saddened. My list of actors who will I will pay to see their movies just shrunk again. I will not support actors who speak out of hypocrisy. One couple I could actually enjoy just ruined. I had a hard time believing it after reading they had guns hand made from Jesse James Inc. My husband told me and I didn’t believe him. Well now I do

  2. It pains me to know that he grew up in my hometown of Springfield, Missouri. May he never darken the Ozarks’ skies again with his stench.


    • Agreed Tom…….I’ve never seen him wandering around town with the family myself but, I know plenty of people who’ve ran into the whole brood out shopping or eating….usually without bodyguards. Makes you wonder if one or both of them isn’t tooled up when they go out like that. Regardless this verifies that he’s just another worthless Hollywood Hypocrite who is exactly where he should be and not in the freedom loving Ozarks. Don’t come back Brad….you’re an embarrassment.

  3. Never understood annointing an avowed dem/barry boy. So he has a few guns. A gun(and $) for me and not for thee. Actors suck…

    • Historically, I thought Brad Pitt was a modest proponent of our right to keep and bear firearms. Am I mistaken about his history?

      Assuming he was a proponent, why is he now coming out against responsible firearm ownership? I often wonder if some scumbag sitting on a pile of $50+ million quietly handed over a suitcase with $2 million to a really good professional “mechanic” … with instructions to provide a compelling “incentive” (e.g. discrete death threat) to several celebrities (such as Brad Pitt) to publicly speak out against firearm ownership.

      I am serious about that last paragraph. If you are rabidly anti-gun, super emotionally driven, and have over $50 million in the bank, spending $2 million (your interest for 6 months on your $50 million) to know that you “did something” is an easy decision. And you know that there have to be a few really good mechanics (assassins) out there who would be more than happy to accept $2 million dollars for such an assignment. As for the celebrities who receive those discrete death threats, cooperating is a no-brainer: they will publicly decry firearm ownership every time rather than die for their principles — which they probably do not have anyway.

  4. Actor who ever one thought support gun rights is actor who does support them at all. I like say was shock buy that but tell truth I am not. I guess for Brad Pitt it ok if own few firearms as long ever body else can not own them at all.

    • The informal group of Hollywood conservatives very recently, and abruptly, folded up shop. Many members are asking why, and the “official statement” seemed disingenuous.

      Who knows?

    • “What happened I wonder? I’m guessing the system “leaned” on him about the gun thing and he folded.”

      That’s a bingo!

    • My thoughts EXACTLY. THE ONLY WAY TO HURT THESE HOLLYWOOD ELITES IS NOT SUPPORTING them at the box office. With six kids and traveling the planet with bodyguards everywhere he can’t afford to not do well at the draw. Especially since his wife is no longer acting. I guess They are in France where they belong. I hope this proves to be wrong. But I doubt it.

  5. He is not going to change anyone’s mind on anything so who cares. He was real good in 12 Monkeys though.

  6. Who really cares what these people think anyway??
    Just more of the same dimwits in Hollywood at it again.
    Knocking how they earn their living. Loosing more respect and paying customers at the same time.
    Anyone who earns their living using guns as props and then knocking those who do for real.
    Wont see a nickel of mine.
    Not they do now……..file sharing lives.

  7. Ok, so I consider myself a “from my cold dead hands” kind of gun owner. NRA life member. Never even voted for a liberal etc. Thats me.
    So my question is: Do we REALLY think that the Brady Campaign’s ultimate goal is total civilian disarmament?
    If notable members and supporters of the Brady Campaign are themselves gun owners, would that not suggest that they are not a monolithic enemy of our gun rights? Am I wrong not to fear the success of their organization?

    • Brad is a quisling. For whatever reason, he’s fallen for the Bradys. He’s going to be trotted out as the “average gun owner” that the NRA supposedly ignores. You know, one of those supposedly-numerous guys/gals who own a gun or two and support:

      – Universal Background Checks
      – Mag cap limits
      – Cosmetic bans
      – Restrictions on carry

    • Well, I can’t speak for what YOU think, but I think that the gang that started out as “Handgun Control, Inc”, and specifically stated that their aim was an eventual total handgun ban, and afterwards jumped on the “assault weapons ban” bandwagon, is indeed pretty much for the functional equivalent of “total civilian disarmament”. (I don’t consider “approving” of fowling pieces and trap guns as being in favor of any kind of actual civilian armament).

      • Actually, if you think about it, the Brady Group may be like the Cancer groups, i.e., what would these people do for jobs if they actually accomplished their goals? Fat, cushy jobs.

        • They will do like they did in the U.K. they will morph into a knife control group, then pepper spray. These people won’t stop until they get to register our hands and we need permission just to be able to use our own body parts. Even then they will say they haven’t gone far enough and will find something else to make our lives miserable.

          The slippery slope is not a fallacy.

    • ALL forms of gun control are part of the disarmament end-game. It’s only logical consistency. You can believe whatever you want.

    • He doesn’t give a damn about YOUR guns. He has his guns and due to his money he will be effectively carved out of most gun control laws. He’s the very kind of person who would have a concealed carry permit in NYC or LA but take away your right to the same because “he’s important.”

    • Yes, you are wrong. Their positions and proposals are uniformly moronic, simplistic nonsense. Any sign of such “success” will translate into a loss of freedom.

    • Their goal isn’t total civilian disarmament. The political class and the wealthy elites what fund them would still be allowed to have pretty much whatever they want. There is also the possibility they would compromise and allow us plebs to have access to bolt action rifles and break action shotguns so we could hunt.

      • I appreciate all the feedback. That many of their supporters (and founders) are know to own guns doesn’t change the fact that they are an ideological group and will probably always be pushing the boundary further. I suppose their benefactors have the cash to afford the hypocrisy. I give to the NRA because I CAN’T afford to lose my gun rights.

        The National Firearms Act was written to keep certain weapons out of the hands of ordinary peasants. Now a days, unless one is passed down to you, wealth is a prerequisite to owning a registered machine gun. While I am not in the market for one, it doesn’t sit well with me that owning a certain type of gun is a privilege for the wealthy.

  8. say it ain’t so brad…now your on my list of movie actors that will not get my hard earned money anymore ….and the list keeps growing…

  9. “For me, but not for thee” The left wing attitude on most issues. But especially guns.

  10. This really sucks.

    How do I “celebrate” gun control? I buy guns and ammo. I help other people build guns. I take new people shooting. I donate to the NRA / FPC / and Calguns, write letters opposing gun control to congress titters, etc.

    I’d actually be buying less guns and ammo if there weren’t so many efforts to prevent responsible people from owning and carrying.

  11. An overrated elitist actor is also a hypocrite and some people are surprised?
    Ye loyalties go to those who pay ye.

  12. Hollywood and celebs were a different and gun totin breed in the old days. Many Guys and Dolls were featured with THEIR guns and shooting their favorite types they enjoy in the NRAs American Rifleman. Now Hollywood loves the communists and socialists and black balls the pro gun folks (unless they are big box office draws).

  13. He might be one of those gun rights types who doesn’t know enough about the subject and is thus fooled by groups like the Brady Campaign. Like where if one of us could have a sit-down with him and discuss the issue, he’d realize his mistake. No way to know for sure though.

  14. So, another celeb endorsement deal?

    On important issues I take all my advice from people who’s talent is saying random stuff with conviction. This is wbat actors do, no? It kinda explains the nexus between entertainment n politics, too.

  15. A gun owner who joins the Brady Campaign is like a black person who joins the KKK or an atheist who joins ISIS. Coming from a real veteran (and not a guy who just plays them in movies for lots of money): Fuck this traitor. Thanks for shitting all over the rights I worked so hard to defend, coward.

  16. That’s disappointing. Another “elite”, that knows he can get a CCL, even in New York City , while the rest of us regular folk have to sweat figuring out where our right to life and self-defense ends and our slavery and killing fields begins.

  17. Yeah I always counted him and Angelina in the pro-gun camp. Scratch another one off. We’re down to what, Tom Selleck,Vince Vaughn, and Kurt Russell?

    • Clint Eastwood, James Wood, The Rock, Kid Rock, Stephen Baldwin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Voight, Kelsey Grammar, Adam Sandler, Bruce Willis, Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt

      • Thanks for the update but I’ve seen Schwartznegger on both lists, I’m not convinced he’s not the “I believe in the Second Amendment, but” sort.

      • Scratch Clint Eastwood off that list.

        He has stated numerous times that he doesn’t like guns and that “assault weapons” should be banned. At least he doesn’t actively campaign against guns but he is not in our camp.

  18. Wouldn’t it be great if he snuck in under the wire, and then gave a pro-gun rant in the middle of their gala?

  19. I’m not going to do the research but I cannot think of a single Brad Pitt movie in which he did not use a gun at least once. I liked you Brad but now you suck.

    They should have thrown this gala in Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, Memphis or half a dozen other cities if they really wanted to get their agenda across.

    • um, Troy. Just saying. although he did have a spear and sword. I guess that would be the period correct “gun”

  20. Why does society place the words of one profession on a pedestal, especially actors, known for being “in character” so much they barely know themselves anymore? What special knowledge does an actor have that is not given to others?
    They make their millions by being anyone BUT themselves, yet we adore and admire these people more than the farmers who feed the nation, the doctors who save lives, the builders who make our nation great?

    Brad, you are a Judas to the people you claim to have fellowship with.

  21. he is getting paid. all they really care about in the end. he has an expensive lifestyle to pay for.

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