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It Was Me and a Gun – “So I sat at home on a Saturday, scrolling through photos my husband had taken of me at the range while I unwittingly focused on my posture and aim. I picked my favorite—one of me in pink noise protector earmuffs, rifle in hand—and texted it to a close friend with the caption channeling my rage. Next, I sent her one of my target, which had been shredded by the tiny bullets. I had to admit, it looked good.” A moderately pro-gun piece? At Jezebel of all places? Will wonders never cease? . . .

Are Smart Guns the Answer to America’s Gun Problem? – That assumes we have a gun problem. But no. Next question.

US Minorities Link Guns with Other Social Ills – “African-Americans and Latinos believe fixing the gun violence crisis in the U.S. would also help resolve other societal ills that are plaguing America, new research shows.” Voice of America spreading a dash of anti-gun agitprop. And you’re paying for it. How great is that?


Dallas Police to Introduce Less Lethal “Sponge Guns” This Summer “Starting this summer, DPD will roll out 100 of the sponge guns, Cotner said. The guns have an effective range of more than 100 feet, making them an alternative to the department’s current less-lethal alternative, Tasers.” Big D perps now deemed spongeworthy.


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  1. Might as well change that headline to “U.S. minorities are morons who are confused about cause and effect.” (Do I believe that’s true? No. But that’s what they’re saying.)

    • Actually polling data from Pew research does indicate that minorities strongly prefer gun control. When the US is minority white, it will be increasingly difficult to maintain issues in which whites are the only group with majority support.

      If you want to maintain gun rights for future generations then you need to maintain white majority demographics. Like it or not, that’s the cold hard truth.

      • No, we need to continue to “spread the word”, so to speak. Reasonable people like me come around once they are “enlightened”.

        • Every time I have gone to the range, I have seen a large number of non-stereotypical gun owners (as in non OFWGs) enjoying our favorite form of recreation. This is a very good thing.

      • You’re right about the facts, Herp, but I think you drew the wrong conclusion. It’s not about demographics, it’s about culture. As C.S. says, a lot of people will see the value in a culture of individual rights and personal responsibility — if we can clear the prog/left media’s smokescreen enough to give them a clear view of the pile of crap they’ve been sold. Maybe not all of them, but hopefully enough.

        • “It’s not about demographics, it’s about culture.”

          And that is rapidly changing, in *our* favor.

          Compared to as recently as 20 years ago, Black attitudes on guns are roughly 50 percent better now than before, and that shows no sign the shift is slowing.

          In my opinion, the primary reason the Antis are getting more and more shrill on ‘Gun Safety’ is that they see that change as well and are fearful they are losing the debate on guns.

          Every time they give heavy media coverage to a mass shooting in a ‘Gun Free’ zone, they plant a seed in an intellectually honest person’s brain that “Gee, it sure would have been nice if there would have been someone there who might have been able to stop it”.

          “Might” have a chance is far greater than *zero* chance if there were no guns present.

          Combine that with the stark truth that those lawfully carrying a gun are *six* times more law-abiding than the general public at large, they fear their grip starting to slip away from them…

        • Yep. It’s all about culture.

          It is pretty bizarre when Hispanic immigrants, that are almost all Catholic, that come from generally totalitarian dictatorships where guns to the general public are outlawed; vote Democrat; that generally support abortion, supports “alternative life styles”, supports citizen dis-armament and are completely hostile towards traditional Christian family values.

      • Hi Herp. I’m half Chinese and half white. Where would a humble half-minority such as myself (who strongly supports gun rights) fit into your white supremacy plan to maintain a white majority? Can half of me be allowed to stay in the country? How about my Chinese father (who strongly supports gun rights), or my white mother (who thinks guns are icky)? Where do they fit in your master racial plan? Please let me know at your convenience, thanks.

        • You and your father are part of only a small minority of Asian-Americans who oppose gun control.

          “Overall, a very high proportion of Asian American registered voters supporting stricter gun laws (80%), much higher than the national average…”

          Exceptions don’t disprove statistical trends.

        • “Overall, a very high proportion of Asian American registered voters supporting stricter gun laws (80%), much higher than the national average…”

          Try telling that to the Asian-owned businesses who during the LA Rodney King riots tooled-up and defended their businesses from the rooftops.

        • Central Illinois…. I disagree with your conclusion that most Asians are for gun control. Being from the Bay Area, I can tell you I see more Asians frequenting firearm stores than any other demographic including whites.

        • It has nothing to do with supremacy or racism. As long as the left is allowed to import voters faster than they can be taught the importance of American values the left has its finger on the scale. Importing anti-gun Europeans has the same consequence as importing anti-gun Hispanics and Asians. The difference is we aren’t currently importing so many people from Europe to significantly tip the scales.

        • So let me get this straight… when Tibet is flooded with Han Chinese until they can no longer practice their culture it’s genocide, but when Americans are flooded with so many immigrants (7 immigrants for every new American born) they will no longer be able to practice their culture then Americans should shut up and deal with it?

          Neither situation is about hating the individual Chinese person or Hispanic person. The fundamental reality of the situation is that different cultures exist and different cultures deserve the right to self-determination. People have the right to defend themselves from being taken over by other cultures and no matter how many times you scream “racist!” that will not change.

      • No, just… No. Keep the US majority white? Really? That’s your solution? Way to go Adolph, you’re doing a great job scoring points for the other team. No, we need more people like Colion Noir. We need minorities to respect, enjoy, and appreciate their (our) second amendment rights. That is how we safeguard the RKBA going into the future. It is not just something we should do; it is something we MUST do going forward.

        • Never forget that a lot of antis hang out here, and never cease trying to make us look bad. This bigot/rasict/phobiacness is exactly the sort of technique they favor.

      • Polling results reliably indicate what the person/people paying for them wish them to indicate. It would appear that minorities use guns (either as givers or receivers) much more often than anyone else.

    • African-Americans and Latinos believe fixing the gun violence crisis in the U.S. would also help resolve other societal ills that are plaguing America.
      I think that fixing African – American and Latino gang crisis would also help resolve “gun violence” problem. And lots of other kinds of violence problems too.

  2. My personal favorite part:

    “The study said methods are needed to prevent guns from getting into the hands of “high-risk” people through background checks and other programs. ”

    How about keeping these high risk people in prison instead of turning them loose on society via a revolving door justice system that encourages them not to see the errors of their ways?

    ED:good on her for taking a step towards self sufficiency. Being self empowered and realizing you can take steps to be self reliant feels good doesn’t it?

    • Or putting those, “high risk” people in a situation where they’re actually LESS likely to become criminals. There’s a reason our recidivism rate is so obscenely high, and a large part of it is how much we love to incarcerate people.

      • “Or putting those, “high risk” people in a situation where they’re actually LESS likely to become criminals.”

        Yes. Like a hole in the ground where they can cuddle up to a bag of quick lime.

        • Hi from a gun rights supporter from Greece, which lately has become a backwater run by a gang of leftist morons.

          Bob and folks, sometimes “high risk” people become unsung heroes, defending good against bottomless evil. Convicted criminals, having paid their dues to society, are transformed (seldom, but it does happen) to war heroes, defending their comrades-in-arms and their country. But not only during wartime.

          You may remember what happened lately during the jihadi massacres in various locations in Paris, France. A radical Muslim stormed in a packed family resraurant, with an AK-47 clone (fully automatic, to be noted), screaming “Allahu akbar”, ready to enforce the bloody Qu’uran and be rewarded with 70 virgins in paradise.While seconds were counting, French counter-terror units and the Gendarmerie were minutes away. Unarmed people, most of them strongly “anti-gun”, began screaming and getting under tables, but then a small group of South American gentlemen, Colombian and others, surely “high-risk” and almost surely shady characters involved in the international trade of certain controlled substances, took out their hanguns and sent the crazy son of a bitch to meet his prophet. They literally saved tens of innocent people.

          If I was there with my wife and 4yr old son, afterwards I would shake the hands of Ramon, Hose and co., and do anything in my power so that the French police would send them back to Medellin with a friendly pat on the back (maybe with a crate of French champagne) without pressing charges or detaining them for any reason!!!

          Do I support drug barons or their goons? Hell, no! But to universally and emphatically consider “high-risk” people, even convicted felons, as not trustworthy to possess a firearm, isn’t the solution. Firstly, they are going to get the firearm anyway, if they so wish. Secondly, because what are we going to say, if these “high-risk” people, using their illegally possessed firearm (which society has forbidden to them to own legally), save our life, and of our kids ???

          There aren’t easy solutions, and blanket statements don’t do any good.

      • How 1960ish. /sarc

        Michael and Trayvon learned ti be thugs on the street not in jail. Minority, particularly black, youths are indoctrinated into gangsta culure in thier preteen years long before their first arrest.

  3. Minorities toeing the party line basically – unfortunately the policies of Johnson (whether he said it or not, he did think it) of “Give them what they want and I’ll have those n—-rs voting Democrat for the next 200 years” have borne fruit. Black & Latino conservatives are ostracized from their cultures.

  4. I’ve done a lot of research and studying of American history, western history, eastern the same. History and politics. Philosophy of both east and west over the past 3,000 years. I’ve come to the conclusion a second American civil war is at this point inevitable. There are two societies, two nations, two cultures, indeed two “religions”, that exist in one nation. There is no other outcome, regardless of this election. Other than it will be nothing like anyone in the contemporary United States has experienced.

    • Only two? We have SoCal and NorCal, NYC Jewish, Upstate NY, MW, NW Black, SE, SE Mexican, SE Native American, I’ve got dozens more.

      We’re already the most diverse culture the world has ever seem.

      • While I agree a “Balkanization” of the United States is possible, I see it unlikley in the face of civil war. Groups will coincide with who they think is more beneficial to their identity, resulting in 2 distinct opposing forces. One “progressive” and one “conservative/anti progressive”. Historically the US is depicted by two, opposed sides, comming to a head. I see no reason to think otherwise this time around.

    • I am another student of history. I am not sure if a civil war is inevitable, although I am sure it is likely. I am certain that whatever is going to happen will be extremely violent and devastating. I am also certain that the Progressives will be on the losing side, because frankly, I do not believe the Progressives have the resolve to fight their own wars.

      • Or the arms. I’ve never understood why the unarmed side is the one agitating for Civil War.
        Oh, that’s right. None of them have ever BEEN to war, or even studied it. That’s for hoi polloi

    • I see your point, but I must point out that many, including myself, felt similar concerns about inevitability prior to the 1980 election. At that time, we had become convinced that the US economy was going down the tubes and there would never be a way to stop that, we were going to become a third world hellhole. A completely incompetent and wrong-headed administration can accomplish that kind of public conviction, in fact they WANT the populace to feel there is no way out, just give up and let me have it all my way. The Reagan revolution was the solution that time, and this election may provide a solution this time, if we choose the right candidate. It will not be a fanatic who insists everybody just has to bend to his willbecause god told him what to do or similar crap. But the possibility is there.

  5. The Jezebel piece was pretty good (a bit tough to read, though — the author reveals she went shooting as a way to work through rape trauma). The comments were interesting, many also tough to read. Glad I am teaching my daughter self defense from an early age; I’m guessing that would have helped the author and several of the commenters.

  6. From the Jezebel article:

    “I would have never even considered guns, had they not been constantly popping up in my Facebook feed between photos of my baby nieces at a pumpkin patch and family portraits of people I barely knew in high school.”

    This is a great example of the double-edged sword the Antis are wielding in attempt to outright disarm America.

    Add to that all the Hollywood depictions of guns used by the weak to defend themselves from violent assault, and we are *winning*…

  7. Are you people who speak about black minorities, sociologists? Really. You seem to leave out the white population that is in jail. The poor unwed mothers, the meth addicts, the people with a third grade education, the malnourished, exposed to lead as children, all who are white. There is rampant alcoholism and obesity. Many are dangerous, violent and quick to anger.

    Why do you leave them out of the conversation? They have been abused by the system yet are living on it. They live in the same cities as poor blacks often separated by an invisible line. They are also rural residents. More whites are on public assistance than blacks. Why do you leave them out of the conversation?
    Don’t you care about your fellow?
    If it was in their power why are they still poor?
    If you cared there would be no poor whites in America.

    • if you cared there would be no poor whites in america.

      If the poor whites cared, there would be no poor whites in america. fify.

      also, that is an idiotic statement. It’s not mine, yours, or any one else’s job to ensure that anyone is not poor. If you don’t want to be poor, then it is your own responsibility to make yourself not poor. If you are poor, review the decisions you have made so far in life, and figure out how to make different ones. If you can’t, then I’m sorry. It sucks being poor, but it is no one’s responsibility to bring you out of poverty but your own.

      • This exactly. It’s up to every person if he wants to stay poor. And no, buying lots of lottery tickets doesn’t count.
        In this country if you are healthy enough and willing to work you just can’t get poor unless you spend all your money on crack or booze. You will most likely not get rich working with your hands eighter… but no one needs to be poor.

    • Well H, whatever the race, it’s all about the culture. In the richest and most powerful country in the world; for most people, it is a choice to be poor. Just talk to the Vietnamese or Chinese immigrants. Even without racial quotas in hiring, university entrance or business loans, they have a higher percentage of starting businesses and advanced degrees than even the white population.

    • “More whites are on public assistance than blacks”

      H, If you want to consider an interesting question, sociologist or no, how about “Why do we even know what the race of a welfare recipient is?” If we stopped even recording race, then racism could only exist on very small scales. Person-to-person, it will always exist, but government contracts, college entrance/scholarships, employment interviews, and so forth, no. Nobody records whether an applicant for whatever is a catholic or a gunowner or a fan of basketball vs football, there has been no reason to record race for something past 50 years, since discrimination was outlawed. Why are we still doing it? You know the answer as well as I. To allow and encourage racism and discrimination, in one direction or another.


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