Boyz to Men, Back to Boyz: Run and Gun Just for Fun?

There is nothing wrong with civilians training for battle, even if they’re more likely to encounter a wombat than combat. And if there’s a bit of fantasy role playing involved, why not? The word “fun” may be “Voldemort” to gun control advocates, they may see men mucking about with guns as infantile and dangerously delusional, but at least these guys aren’t engaging in sex games with loaded weapons (as Oklahoman Arthur Sedille claimed after shooting his wife at point blank range). That we know of. I mean, it does look pretty lonely out there. But seriously folks, hats off to UStacticalmedic36 and his BFF for getting away from the Xbox for a little firearm fresh air. A little more running and a little less gunning might have helped the fitness levels, but it still beats the hell out of standing still at a gun range, on every level.


  1. avatar Lance says:

    I’m a little jealous of that 10/22 set up.

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