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Reader Tim T. recently wrote to one of his senators, Barbara Boxer. For those unfamiliar, this is someone to whom even those on the left give a pass under the assumption that she’s simply an idiot rather than a run-of-the-mill venal liar. We’ll leave that determination up to you. Toward that end, consider this little bit of security theater the good senator would like to see enacted:

United States SenateDear Mr. T:

Thank you for contacting me to express your support for common-sense gun laws. I appreciate hearing from you, and I share your desire for sensible federal gun safety legislation.

The mass killing that took place on May 23, 2014 in Isla Vista, California is one of far too many tragedies that our communities have faced in recent years.  These incidents have shaken our nation to its core and underscored the urgency of enacting sensible legislation to curb gun violence. I am heartbroken that, even in the face of numerous acts of senseless violence, the Senate has thus far been unable to agree on even moderate bipartisan reforms, such as improving our national background check system.

In response to the Isla Vista murders, Senator Feinstein and I introduced S.2445, The Pause for Safety Act of 2014, which creates a grant program to incentivize states to enact a court process for issuing a gun violence prevention order and a gun violence prevention warrant to prohibit potentially dangerous persons from possessing firearms. Our bill would also encourage local law enforcement to make full use of all existing state and local firearm databases when assessing a tip, warning, or request from a concerned family member or other close associate.

Congress must act now to stop the epidemic of gun violence in our country.  We must heed the words of the victims’ parents and countless constituents who are desperate for change: We must stop making excuses and do something. Not one more child must be lost to this senseless violence.

Again, thank you for writing to me.  Be assured that I will never, never give up until this fight is won. Please feel free to contact me again about this or other issues of concern to you.


Barbara Boxer
United States Senator

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  1. The sad thing is that it reads like a generic form letter. I wonder how many people have gotten this response when asking about keeping our rights and not in support of losing them?

  2. Not only is it a generic form letter, her office probably counts this very important voter as someone that supports her program of obliterating the constitu… er…. saving the children!

    • I think its more likely your name and address goes on a list that gets back-channeled to the IRS,
      or the fusion center, with a little mark on it that says “gun nut”. You know, to fill out the numbers of the “random” audits, and TSA stops for enhanced pat-down in the airport, railroads, and vehicle checkpoints- like those within 100 miles of border search exemptions to the 4A requirement for probable cause.

      • I sincerely doubt that. I think we have been giving .gov to much credit. Yes, we know the NSA is recording every keystroke. The problem is, they are collecting a MASSIVE amount of data and are spending most of their time looking for terrorists. Remember, there is close to 100 million of us gun nuts.

        Oh, I’m sure I am on a list somewhere, but the problem with everyone being on a “list” is that there is very little they can actually do about it because EVERYONE is on a list somewhere these days.

        I have an 03FFL, a Kaliforniastan COE, life member of the evil baby killing NRA, I am very active in Calguns and my name is all over this site. If anyone is going to be on a list, I would be. But my job requires that I fly very often. And I almost always get TSA-Precheck. I am also a RSO at a range very very close to the Mexican border. I have to pass through a Border Patrol checkpoint to leave the range. I have even told them I am a RSO and they waive me through. I have to pass through another Border Patrol checkpoint on my way to work every day. Not a single pat down or cavity search.

        I’m sure that Darth Boxer and her minions would love to give me extra attention. But most of the .gov workers are honest Americans like you and me that just want to do their jobs. Many have actually heard of the Constitution. Sure, there are plenty of Aholes. But not all are like that.

        Ops! I almost forgot. I also write letters to our dark overlords.

  3. ahh yes the epidemic of gun violence that epidemic that despite record number of gun oweners seems to be plummeting to a near 50 year low. anyone why buys the left’s horse crap on this is a fool of colossal proportion.

  4. What about the people killed with a knife in that rampage? Oh, that’s right, you just have an irrational fear of guns and nothing you’re proposing would do a damn thing to stop a criminal bent on murder. But, we already knew that.

  5. Ugh, why do I keep reading things that I know will just tick me off?
    Just about the only thing she got right was calling the Isla Vista incident a killing instead of a shooting. But will her and Feinsteins bill also confiscate BMW’s and knives? Doubt it, only death by gun matters to these people.

  6. And yet, this shining example of stupidity is elected time and again. Sometimes I believe we get exactly what we deserve.

    • For this reason, I am introducing The Pause for Stupidity Act of 2014, which creates a grant program to incentivize states to enact a court process for issuing an “idiotic elected official prevention order” and a “really stupid legislative idea warrant” to prohibit idiots like Boxer, Feinstein, Schumer, Pelosi, et al from introducing any legislation whatsoever in Congress or any state legislature. Our bill would also encourage local voters to throw these idiots out of office.

      Rest assured that this will remain my highest priority until we have stopped the tragic proliferation of progressive idiocy in America.

  7. “…Be assured that I will never, never give up until this fight is won.”

    This is the single most important, and probably only honest, thing in her letter.

    She sees this as a fight that needs winning and that she is on the correct side and anyone else is an enemy that needs stopping. A very elitist, and divisive, way of looking at the world.

    • and written like someone with her own personal taxpayer-funded security detail.

      there are times that I wish the entire Capitol Police and Secret Service would develop mass “Blue Flu” for a 48 hour period as a show of solidarity. I am sure our “betters” would crap on themselves. Hell, I would even pay to help fund their strike fund just for this little “reminder” of what us commoners face.

  8. I am tempted to address my letters to anti gun senators as ” dear senators aid as I know she never reads thees letters” because it is obvious voices are not being heard.

  9. Dear Mrs Boxer,
    Perhaps you should have a staffer request a copy of the Constitution, and a dictionary. Please look up the 2nd amendment, part of what is known as “The bill of Rights” Now look up what the word “rights” means. I do not think it means what you think it does. Now go to the part where it says “Shall Not Be Infringed” Look up the word “infringed”….
    Finally, a simple question. Why is every single anti gun law that comes out of the Communist, er Democrat party aimed squarely at the Law abiding citizen, and never ever at the criminals that are responsible for 99.9% of the so called gun violence that you claim you wish to curb. Either you are dishonest, or stupid. Which is it please?
    The 100 MILLION legitimate gun owners of America.

  10. common-sense
    shaken our nation to it’s core
    sensible legislation
    senseless violence
    gun violence prevention
    not one more child…

    I think she pretty much used up all of the Left’s buzzwords didn’t she?

  11. Make it out of kevlar and double it up with a regular old-fashioned restraining order also printed on kevlar and maybe a target could last long enough to still leave a warm corpse for the fashionably late arriving police.

  12. Dear Concerned Citizen,

    Glad you asked. Myself and my BFF DF are currently crafting some might powerful words on paper to deter would be homicidal NRA members who are probably white from going on them thar shootin sprees.

    Look for it on the floor of your favorite watering hole’s bathroom real soon or perhaps under your neighbor’s pet parakeet. Its full of sh%t why not use it to catch some.


    Seriously Delusional about the effect of paper on crazy people

  13. “Be assured that I will never, never give up until this fight is won.”

    Apparently she also believes that she is immortal. Frankly I’m betting that sometime before her 95th birthday, she gives up this fight, win or lose. And then she can ride her unicorn off to the bottom of the rainbow and collect her pot of puss.

  14. My issue is not so much the 2A, but due process. The key phase is potential dangerous persons. The senators seek legislation to convict a person even if the do not commit a crime.

    • The voters of California and the California GOP.

      The former are very good at handing out government-sponsored graft and money to keep their base happy, and the latter are a circular firing squad.

      eg, last time, the CA GOP ran Carly Fiorina against Boxer. The problem was, Fiorina has a very checkered past at HP, one of the larger employers in the state and a former powerhouse in Silicon Valley. The day that the HP Board of Directors sacked Fiorina, engineers were literally dancing in the aisles between cubicles. That’s how detested Fiorina was at HP.

      The CA GOP, not really paying any attention to these “mere details” decided “Hey, she’s got a bunch of money, so let’s run her,” not realizing that many of the people she pissed off at HP still were California voters, and were going to crawl over broken glass to vote against her – even if they might have been of a conservative or right-ish inclination. Further, the CA GOP seemed utterly dumbfounded that man of these HP employees were going to tell everyone they knew (which was quite easy, thanks to this “Interwebs thing that AlGore invented) what an incompetent, self-centered fool Fiorina was during her tenure at HP.

  15. I didn’t see the part about preventing Knives from getting into the wrong hands. Considering a knife was responsible for just as many deaths in this case, shouldn’t it be? Good ole Boxer…don’t let any tragedy go to waste.

    Everyone should join NRA. Here’s a link to a discounted membership that I got with my last Ruger

  16. Not one more child to gun violence? With all due respect, Senator, there is only one way to accomplish this goal: the instant, magical destruction of all firearms everywhere currently in existence, as well as those yet to be produced. I salute your commitment to this goal, but question your ability to enact such a powerful law, given the non-existence of magic and the protections of the Bill of Rights. That said, perhaps you should alter your campaign to more accurately reflect your goals, as there is nothing at all “Common-sense”‘ about using powerful globe-effecting black magic to violate the constitution and your own oath of office.

  17. A grant program for this travesty? She literally wants to use taxpayer money to pay states to take away our rights, all in the name of pre-crime prevention? Infringe OUR freedom and WE foot the bill? Oh that’s rich.

    What she lacks in intelligence, she makes up for in fraudulence.

  18. What concerns me about this is the weasel words in the language, that encourages state and federal authorities to use all existing state and federal firearm databases.

    What constitutes a firearm database? We already know that the fusion centers have access to private medical records, even though they aren’t supposed to be browsing them unless authorized as part of a case. We know that NSA and DEA have provided information on citizens who might be tagged for a something, and stopped, without the necessary justification, but the background for the locals to create a reason, after the fact- “parallel construction”.

    So how does this potentially end-around any existing protections- on separation of firearms purchase info, from other records-

    This sounds like a way to back-door justify what some suspect the feds have already done, illegally, compile universal background check info, and retain it and share it illegally.

    You might think I am cynical, but lets face it, Ol’d Box-A-Rocks is run by her staff and her contributors- and I have no doubt they have litle to no compunction about breaching the gray areas. Who is going to complain, after all- CA AG Harris? US AG Holder? Senate Majority Leader Dirty Harry Reid? POTUS – who is allowed to beg off on his responsibility to oversee his Cabinet and Executive Agencies, by saying “he only read about it in the newspaper this morning”…

    We dont have a system of checks and balances- we only have Progtards conspicuously colluding, and obviously doubling down before 2016, with Executive Action, backroom deals, and illegal behavior by Federal agencies, enabled by DOJ stonewalling, and StateRunMedia’s studious indifference…to enact their agenda before the sheeple wake up too late.

  19. The whole not one more mentality is idiotic and is unrealistic. We can wish all we want that not one more bad thing happens, but bad stuff does happen. I just roll my eye when I see a not one more line because it is naive. Tragedies can and will happen no matter how many laws are passed. All guns could be banned tomorrow and people will still suffer tragedies.


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