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“For years women (and, yes, far more often than not it was women) have had to deal with the lengthy process required simply to possess a can of mace for self-defense. It means applying for a Class B Firearms Identification Card from the local police department, being fingerprinted, and providing references. Surely, possessing a stun gun ought to be at least that rigorous — and probably more so.” That’s the current state of self-defense in Massachusetts, where residents have to practically give blood in order to arm themselves with a simple can of mace.

That’s probably why the editors of the Boston Globe are so torqued about the recent court decision that will finally allow those benighted Bay State simpletons (AKA, citizens) the right to own stun guns.

In its ruling that stun guns are protected by the Second Amendment, the Massachusetts high court gave the state 60 days to decide where to draw the line…who can and who can’t be allowed the awesome responsibility that is TASER ownership. As well as where they can carry them. From the court’s opinion:

“. . . Restrictions may be placed on the categories of persons who may possess them, licenses may be required for their possession, and those licensed to possess them may be barred from carrying them in sensitive places, such as schools and government buildings. But the absolute prohibition. . . is inconsistent with the Second Amendment,” he wrote.

Massachusetts apparently has an especially poorly educated and incompetent citizenry. They’re so feckless and irresponsible that their betters in the state legislature have to work continually to keep dangerous tools away from most of them if at all possible.

In fact, the court noted that “the Legislature was so concerned with the risk of (stun guns’) misuse that, in 1986, it initially barred all individuals, including law enforcement officers, from possessing electrical weapons.”

So concerned were Bay State politicians that they decided even cops weren’t competent enough to wield them.

It wasn’t until 2004 that the law was changed to permit police to use the stun guns.

It’s true, electroshock weapons are called ‘less-lethal’ for a reason. They can, in fact, kill in certain rare instances. Which is why the Globe’s editorial board thinks it’s so critical to limit the number of Massholes Bay Staters who will be allowed to own this kind of “serious firepower” (their words).

The licensing process must reflect that potential lethality. This isn’t a can of mace or pepper spray. It also ought to focus legislative minds on how essential it is to simply get this done — before the clock runs down.

Where do you think the great minds who make up the Massachusetts legislature will draw the line?

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  1. Just move… it’s simply to hard to try to live on the East Coast… besides they are always getting hit by hurricanes anyway and now that Florida’s Governor has turned into plum jelly and the State’s gun laws are sucking more and more…… why stay?

    • Domino theory. As the eastern states continue to fall, the rest of the south and Midwest will go too. Better to fight them on their turf, and keep them there.

      • Exactly! NEVER let a Masshole move to your state or city…. They will destroy it; just like a swarm of locusts… They are a virus that needs to be contained and isolated; unfortunately it can’t be irradicated… Maybe when CW2.0 kicks off, that will be doable…

        • Former masshole now living in RI. Have to fight them here behind enemy lines or the battle lines will move. That is the simple truth. I got to the state house, wear my yellow shirt, put my name in the log book and argue whenever these legislator clowns resurrect their yearly gun bills. Despite outnumbering the ‘red shirts’ by a wide margin, the local papers rarely mention this. Got an instructor cert so I could score folks for free so they can get their local city issued carry permits and take everyone I can to the range who expresses interest. Though it feels like operating behind enemy lines sometimes, if we were to take everyone’s advice in these echo chambers pretty soon they all would be doing the same in their local legislatures.

        • Rad Man

          And, so is Huff-Po’s Mike “The Gun Guy” Weissner… And he’s a Masshole virus as well

      • I don’t think domino theory works for US states. Republican states create great economic incentives to move (Think Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee) so (rich) liberals start moving there. They start voting to make the state blue and the state eventually turns blue (Think Virginia, North Carolina, and eventually Texas).

        These once great red states become blue and start going the way of Illinois where their government gets bigger and bigger. They eventually hit the level of Illinois where government and taxation are too much so people start leaving the now blue state for a red state and the once blue state starts to slowly go red as (poor) people get more and more angry at the high levels of taxation mixed with no economic opportunities (Think how Ohio used to be a swing state but is now basically solid red).

        It goes in waves. Move to a hard red state, live there for 20-30 years, and once that state starts to turn blue just move to the new red state. Repeat until you die or until people state seeing this pattern and just quit voting for big government politicians.

    • What the Deep State has effectively brainwashed the peon massholes into believing is that we need more laws to solve all our problems, instead of less parasite politicians and less laws. This is how they control our behavior and make us follow the herd in to the corral where they will provide us with hay and water and we will be moo-ing happily ever after.

      With the latest 2017 surveys it now comes to the 1% of the power elite owns about 87% of all the wealth in the world. Which incudes real estate. With the government owning most of the Western one third of the country, Big business, the Vatican, and the super rich owning most of the rest of the land, with the exception of some over used public lands or mountain and forest terrain so inhospitable that Sasquatch or Rambo couldn’t survive there, you won’t be able to escape the Totalitarian enslavement very easily in the near future.

      The also brainwash us to believe the government is the boss, and not We the people as the Constitution mandates. This is how they get away with re-directing our dissent and suppressing our jury nullification rights by ‘authority’ intimidation and the big one that gets me is the fact that several successful lawsuits provide case law precedent establishing that it is patently a criminally illegal act to go against the Constitution with your own state or local ad hoc fiat laws.

      “The claim and exercise of a Constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime” Miller vs. U.S. 230 F 2d 486, 489. ‘… the general misconception is that any statute passed by legislatures (like Massholeachusetts) bearing the appearance of official law making actually constitutes the ‘real’ law of the land. The U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of The Land, and any other state or local statute, to be valid, MUST BE IN agreement!’

      Otherwise they are invalid. And the legislators who sponsored and voted for them committed a crime!

      Why are they not perp walked down the steps of their state capital buildings and taken to jail?

      Are we all to brainwashed that we disregard this for some reason and our sheeple programming ?

      Are indigenous affiliate LEO agencies such butt buds with the state G lawmakers that the state attorney uses his ‘discretionary’ powers to choose not to bring criminal charges like:

      18 USCC Section 241, 242. ” whoever, under color of (illegal) law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom willfully subjects ANY inhabitant of any state.. ( this should mean potsmokers, PTSD combat vets, people on meds, ex cons, etc.) to the deprivation of ANY Rights, Privileges or Immunities secured or protected by the Constitution of United States Laws…SHALL BE FINED NOT MORE THAN $10,000. OR IMPRISONED NOT MORE THAN TEN YEARS, OR BOTH, AND IF DEATH RESULTS, THEY SHALL BE SUBJECT TO IMPRISONMENT FOR ANY TERM.”

      Yes, it’s all of the above. In fact it’s so bad now because they get away with it so much that judges fear no prosecution and feel emboldened to even ‘legislate from the bench’ now to further a political agenda.

      So go ahead, run and move away if you want, (while we still have the right to free travel) but you will only get nowhere fast and die tired. You can’t hide from this type of totalitarianism anymore.

      And there’s not much time left either, to use masses of asses people power to turn the tide…

  2. “For years women (and, yes, far more often than not it was women) have had to deal with the lengthy process required simply to possess a can of mace for self-defense. It means applying for a Class B Firearms Identification Card from the local police department, being fingerprinted, and providing references.”

    The Globe author is a total moron. Mace has been deregulated in MA since 2014. You just need to be over 18 to buy it. Class B FIDs no longer exist. I wish I could say the same about the Globe.

  3. Your hunting rifle is a military weapon.
    It is called a “sniper rifle”.
    No one needs something so powerful.
    No one needs to be able to fire a weapon a mile.
    … .. .

  4. I wonder why it is necessary to attack the people of Massachusetts? Most of them are not “massholes” or “simpletons”, even the ones I disagree with politically.

    How does this advance the cause of gun rights?

    • I live in Massachusetts, and yes, most of the people who live here are Massholes and simpletons.

      If you really wonder why it’s necessary to attack them, then you are part of the problem.

    • Ummmm…. As someone who grew up on the NH-MA border; yes, they are ALL f&*king Massholes… F&*k ’em…. They fuck up their state with their draconian laws, corrupt politics, they enact exorbitant taxes and fees, then when they can’t afford to live there anymore; they move to NH and start voting for the same stupid shit they did when living in MA…. Southern NH is now nothing but a drug-infested shithole suburb of Boston; drug dealing Democrats from Lawrence and Lowell peddle heroin and meth in Hillsborough county… Every large drug bust covered on the local news or papers involves shitheads from MA; with most of them “no hablas”…. Almost all of the Congressional delegation and Senators are f&*king Masshole transplants, and now NH has turned “blue” because of it…. F&*k them all….

      Since apparently you are unfamiliar with the NH-MA hate-hate relationship; your opinion is duly noted; and ignored as irrelevant….

  5. Sounds like the legislature had it partially right in prohibiting cops from using electric devices. Too bad they walked that back. All too often cops use them as torture devices when no threat is present.
    Citizens should be armed, not government employees.

    • You don’t think a hypothetical mad man cop simply won’t use some other implement to torture the masses of innocents, if they can’t get their hands on a taser? If tasers are taken away, they’ll simply go back to maglights, billyclubs, Black jacks, slap sticks, cuffs, bullwhips, belts, chains, and good ol fashioned extension cords.

  6. Watch out for those weapons of mass destruction. AR-15 and the like !! You know the ones that fire themselves ??? Women should not be allowed to protect themselves with electric weapons. They should just be quiet when being attacked ,and raped. Take away any means of defending ourselves. Tear up the constitution , make up new bullshit laws as they go along. Is this America ? Or some Isis held country ? Fuck , yes I say , FUCK THIS SHIT IT HAS TO STOP !!!

  7. Welcome to the People’s Republic of Massachusetts…One of The Eastern Bloc Socialist Authoritarian Police-States…..

    • Blast them on their Facebook page; that’s your only option with the BG; but be forewarned, its infested with leftist-progtards…

      • Oh yeah, Especially on The Huff-Po. THEY rewrite the US Constitution-Bill of Rights and US History with every snarky argumentative comment. If these people had THEIR way, everyone would be forceful disarmed of anything! That’s coming from a non-firearms owner!

  8. I wish I could say this kind of stupidity will remain a coastal community problem that will eventually burn itself out but we have seen how ex-Californians fleeing their state take their politics with them (look at Colorado, Oregon, and Washington). Likewise, we have seen ex-New Yorkers and their negative impact on Florida.

    There are only two choices when it comes to dealing with the kind of ill-informed stupidity that a) as Ralph pointed out is no longer even valid and b) would like to see citizens so disarmed that they can neither protect themselves from crime nor protect their children from a government that would decide when to let them die.

    We can either split the country and seal the borders after encouraging various segments of the population to re-settle in whichever country better aligns with their personal ideology or expatriate a large portion of the current US population.

    Frankly, there is no chance of peacefully turning back the clock to restore the Citizen’s rights and all we are accomplishing here is a holding action regarding our Constitutional rights.

    • DrewR55…..Last peaceful hope is the Convention of States Project. We need more help with this as George Soros and his followers are fighting this with mis-information.

    • Interesting you should allude to this, Drew. Factions in California are already seriously attempting to do just that, ‘intrastate’, of course? And it seems that the land area itself would support that. They even had a name for their new part of a split state. And they’re actually gaining steady momentum!

      But as an avid student of social science and history, I think you’re on to something that might solve a lot of future social problems. Split the deck, fold the hand, and close down the political poker game.

      It would pretty much nullify the Constitution, though. It would seem to be almost too complicated to split the country territorially, and enforce it. We can’t even keep Shariah law muslims from sneaking in from Canada or Mexico, but maybe not?

      And if it didn’t project to be profitable for the PTB in the long run, the Deep State wouldn’t allow it. They’d prefer indeterminate NK style strict Martial Law–already being set up–to everbody doing whatever they want politically or out of control in some ‘revo’ type of opposition and dissent’.

      The problem is more with the differences in mentalities in the average sheeple.
      If there weren’t so many (half the pop???) nanny state raised people out there depending in bouncing on the knee of big daddy woo woo government, honest free thinking reasonably objective value creation minded libertarian people might be able to turn things around the old Constitutional way being pro-active at the voting booths.

      It can still be done, but getting more difficult the longer we wait.
      Time flies, and there’s only about six months left before Congress and even the Senate can flip itself like a hot pancake into a complete Leftist legislation.
      Coming soon, then, to a neighborhood theater near you…to restrict ALL your Freedoms.

  9. Of all the states. I find the tolerance for this type of governmental tyranny in Massachusetts very ironic. Considering the first shots in the fight for firearms rights were fired there. 4/19/1775. Not only has the state become a bastion for Anti 2A politicians but also pox on the Freedoms that so many brave men gave their lives to defend.

    • MA is now owned, controlled and run by the Irish Mafia. It’s not the same state that it once was.

      • Just look at BPD’s chief…. F&*king white trash, center-part haired, “Members Only” wearing, dumfuk mick…..

  10. “The licensing process must reflect that potential lethality. This isn’t a can of mace or pepper spray….”

    Yeah, a can of ‘mace’ released in a confined area is a LOT more dangerous.

    What do they think happens if someone with a respiratory disease gets hit by pepper spray?

  11. Sounds like they want it to be harder to get a stun gun than an actual gun.

    Goddamned Mafia scumbags took over Boston and want to control the whole state from there.

  12. “Women are restricted, victimized, and oppressed by our crappy laws, so we should make more crappy laws!”
    -Democrat logic

  13. Wow I did not know Boston was that bad. … Actually I think regulating electrical weapons is a good thing, it helps the fight for 2a, the more people whom see the their right to bare arms just doesn’t mean guns, the more people on our side

  14. Humm. The serfs must be, no, will be controlled. Only a few select elites and of course, we the overlords in government know whats best for our unwashed peasants.
    At one time we were look upon as legal, law-abiding tax paying, AMERICAN CITIZENS. Those days are disappearing at a rapid rate. As we allow, and some demand, that government grow and increase control of YOU and ME. Often saying its for our safety. Come on sheeple, WAKE THE HELL UP!

  15. Pro-Rape anti-rights Masshole lawmakers will, grudgingly, put ESD weapons under the exact same licensing requirements as firearms, after complaining and delaying as much as possible until the court says “Pass a solution right now or start paying large fines.” like Illinois did.

  16. I am a Masshole who escaped in the early 1990s. The more recent arrivals to the free states are the ones trying to IMPOSE firearm restrictions. These people need to learn that the FAILED policies of the Commonwealth and propagandized by the rag known as the Boston Globe are NOT needed in the south, or anywhere else.

  17. In some manner that will cause the greatest inconvenience and travail to/for the law abiding. That is my off hand analysis concerning how the Mass. Legislature will most likely act, this conclusion based on their past actions or antics.

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