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“As storytellers who use these guns in our stories and who should be aware that manufacturers do benefit from them, it’s all the more reason to advocate for common-sense gun reform.” – Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, quoted in Locked & Loaded, The Gun Industry’s Lucrative Relationship with Hollywood

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    • Last thing we need is some poster alienating potential gay pro-gun allies by using anti-gay slurs.

      You want to attack what the man said? Go right ahead. Don’t attack his race or sexual preference, though.

      • Quite frankly, nobody gives a shit what the anal spelunkers think. Just like I don’t care what schizophrenics think. They weren’t concerned about alienating people when they shoved “gay marriage” down the throats of the electorate. Why should we give a shit about them?

        • Yeah, those sneaky gays secretly forced through the 14th amendment guaranteeing all Americans equal treatment under the law!

        • So you had to get gay married because of those gay courts. Whoa, that sucks. Myself, I realized it wasn’t a mandate and still married a woman. Sometimes it helps to actually read the rulings.

        • Have no problem personally with people choosing gay lifestyle, do have a problem with the the gay agenda being used as a vehicle to attack and minimize traditional lifestyle.

        • @pwrserge

          Where did I mention “right to get married”? Nowhere. I specifically mentioned the amendment that guarantees equal treatment by the government. Thus if straight, religious bigots are granted certain benefit by the government, the government must provide the same benefits to gay atheists.

        • Not quite. Those “benefits” are only granted under certain conditions that apply to everyone equally. You can be gay all you want. If you want to marry a woman, go for it. But a straight man can’t marry a man either. Nor can a brother legally marry his sister or a father his daughter.

        • love how the response to “be mindful of how you make gun owners look” is so often doubling-down on the behavior. keep it classy!

        • “But a straight man can’t marry a man either.” You must live in a different reality than the rest of us, given a recent Supreme Court ruling…. 🙂

    • The anti-gun cult are the same people who wanted the victims of the pulse nightclub unarmed and helpless.

      The animal who shot the victims believed in throwing homosexuals off of buildings.

      The anti-gun cult and the islamist death cult are singing out of the same hymn book.

      • Indeed.

        These people often post on Usenet and Facebook about right-wing terrorism, how we are ignoring the threat of right-wing terrorismn.

        But then look at what Stephanie Clemons thompson tweeted about the right wing terrorist who attacked Ohio state.

        Apparently, right wing terrorism is okay if the terrorist yells, “Allahu akbar!”

    • I thought “twink” was a word gay people used to desribe each other?
      I believe I read that on the internet somewhere.

    • As a cis-gendered firearms enthusiast I would just like to say I fully support the rights of non cis-gendered people to live their lives without interference or pressure to conform to cis-normal expectations. I believe in live and let live. No Muslims are going to throw you off a building while I still breathe. I would just rather my son not marry one that’s all.

  1. Speaking of common sense gun reform, Ohio Gov. Kasich signed a campus carry bill yesterday.

    So… cheer up, Mr. Black, we have every reason to be hopeful!

  2. That quote displays such an impressive and baffling amount of stupidity that I’m highly skeptical that I could have any sort of conversation with Mr. Black on any topic, even the weather.

    • Agreed. It is stunningly simple-minded. The actors wouldn’t be using those guns in movies if the writers did not write them into the script in the first place. Then of course, we wouldn’t have war films or suspense thrillers that bring in all the big bucks either…Get a clue dude: people like to see movies full of armed violence. And maybe, just maybe, they like guns too.

  3. Hollywood common sense gun reform:

    – no more sounds of casings hitting floor when a revolver is fired.
    – no more endless magazines
    – better props
    – period correct weapons
    – teach actors proper handling rules
    – no more aiming like Rick Grimes

    • Also: No more gratuitous racking of the slide on a pump action shotgun. I’ve even seen such a sound effect used (KER-CHACK!) when merely pointing a firearm at someone.

      • Or the sound of someone cocking (pulling the hammer back) their Glock as they raise it….

        Or the sounds that every single gun in Hollywood makes simply because it’s being moved or pointed in a new direction.

    • Or the good guy doing a mag dump and then turning and conversing with his partner in a normal tone of voice.

      You got al the high-tech recording equipment, let the audience know what the sound of firing a gun in an enclosed space is REALLY like.

      • I’m not sure I want to sit through realistic enclosed space gunshots with a movie theater’s sound system….

        I’ll compromise, at least have the character’s react accordingly.

        • As much as I liked “Fury”, the scene at the the end when “Wardaddy” and “Norman” have a hushed, heart to heart goodbye talk, cracks me up.
          The tank, having been hit with a Panzerfaust and concentrated SS firepower, must have had great sound proofing or those two would have been stone deaf.

      • There’s a scene in the first episode of “The Walking Dead” in which a character shoots a zombie at point blank range while inside a tank. The next 15 seconds or so shows him holding his head in agony, virtually helpless, from how loud the shot was.

  4. Hollywood forgets that it is the “entertainment”. It’s a paid diversion, and it seems only mildly talented at best and extremely repetitive and formulaic if you’re paying attention. In other words, in most cases we want our money back.

    So, NO, we don’t need advice from the commercials that don’t take their own advice. And when CGI gets good enough they’ll be competing with people creating their own entertainment stories/algorithms. If VR porn doesn’t finish them off way before that.

    ANYWHO. . .

    No big $$$ out of the last election cycle. No big election $$$ due for another 2 years. Even with Rougue One making out, Hollywood is going to go fire sale to the communist chinese buyer and then we’ll kick his red a_ _ out of the country and he can go after bollywood and those Indians’ll likely kill him and throw his carcass over the fence into Pakistan.

    • For those of you just joining us, Joe has been off his meds for a good couple weeks now. He’s too poor to buy them but too rich for Obamacare.

      We wish him well.

      • Most people here are regulars. Welcome to all others.

        All please note two things:

        1) Curtis didn’t say I was “wrong”; and
        2) Curtis is “in IL”

        • And #3:
          no matter where he lays claim to be from, he worships hollyweird the same as most others do, from illinois or not.
          He seems to not like my idea, which is; instead of wanting our money back(which they never allow), simply don’t give a studio your money in the first place!
          Simple, yes?

        • I can’t stand movie theatres. Too many obnoxious people. I’ve taken nephews and grandkids to movies maybe twice in the past 30 years.

          I’d rather stay home and watch A Christmas Story on cable.

  5. The ONLY “Common Sense” gun reform would be to do away with any and ALL laws and regulations that infringe in any way on one’s right to own and bear arms, including suppressed, automatic, M1 Abrams tanks, what ever. The problem is that “Common Sense” in Liberalease (or New Speak) means another few notches down the slippery slope to slavery.

    • It’s obvious that Hollyweird Libtards act like this now… If we did have “common sense ” gun reform…He’d be running for the hills because US citizens would be trying to RUN over his self-rightous totalitarian @$$ with that M1 Abrams Tank! Because No one would put up with their $#!t ever again !!!!

  6. This entertainer thinks giving people guns they want in stories is OK but IRL not.

    There’s a name for a professional who satisfies others’ deviant fantasies for a fee.

  7. i cant stand the terrible gun safety shown in all hollywood action movies. Good guys point there guns at other good guys and pull the trigger cause its unloaded. And the audience goes wild! Accidents kill a good percentage of the people killed by firearms in the u.s. maybe its me but if you are anti gun and making a movie with guns in them at least show the common mouth breathers that go see it how to handle them properly.

  8. Yeah, if people would stop posting ad hominem attacks based on his sexual orientation, that’d be great

  9. His words are worn-out rhetoric. Willing to give him the opportunity to support his position I clicked on the link to this person’s website. There was nothing there I saw that would lead me to believe anything he had to say bore any relevance in any context. I saw what films/projects he’s worked with. I have no interest to see any of them.

    His irrelevance is monumental. His words only serve to reinforce that fact. If I were engaged in a face-to-face conversation with this chuckleberry I would have told him so.

    Thank your for that exercise in forethought. When I get the opportunity to actually converse with someone this narrow-minded and hypocritical I’ll know what to say.

  10. Read: “I profit from guns, I know manufacturers profit from guns, so ergo gun control.”

    Non sequitur, ‘natch

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