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“I have a wife and I have a son at home. My job is to protect them at all costs, and my job is to protect myself, as well, even though I know I have security here (at the practice facility), I have to protect myself, as well.” – Eagles wide receiver Josh Huff responding to his arrest in New Jersey for firearms possession inĀ Bowen: Huff says he thinks all players have guns [via]


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  1. I may not be seeing what the writer of this blog post saw, but where is the wrong airport? Is he failing to take responsibility for his and his family’s safety? Is he being irresponsible? Is he placing the blame for crimes on objects instead of persons? Please explain, I just don’t see the correlation.

  2. Another story about NJ’s crazy laws. He got pulled over for (allegedly) speeding, the officer smelled marijuana and Huff obligingly handed over a small amount of weed plus a pistol (complete with ‘horror of horrors’, hollow points!). He said that the pistol was registered in Texas, whatever that means so I’m sure somehow this state will get some sort of blame for an ‘iron river’ of firearms ending up in the paradise of New Jersey…..

    It’s amazing to me that NJ has such a hard on for hollow points, don’t they know that they are the safest, most effective bullet type for personal protection? I understand that they’re even safer for the criminal as generally less shots need to be fired to stop the threat and of course they’re way safer for bystanders due to less risk of over penetration.

    Surely there is a way for these asinine laws to be reviewed & overturned?

    • NJ is…..NJ. Too bad that Shaneen Allen wasn’t a celebrity since she had a pistol with hollow points too. (No pot though.) It took a big public campaign to get the DA to put her in an alternative sentencing.

      • Didn’t Chris Christie eventually pardon her? I seem to remember she became a rallying point for gun rights organizations even though the media thought she would be ignored because she is a black, urban single mother and not a white, Christian rural male! Why is it that liberals assume conservatives are racist when they are themselves?

        Anyway, Ms Allen ended up in jail for 40 days and I’m sure had a hellish legal battle before being pardoned, I hope that she is doing fine now and never has to set foot in NJ again.

        • Yes, Allen was pardoned by Christie. See my Homeric post below about the trials and tribulations of being a gun owner in NJ.

        • They assume that conservatives are racist because they themselves are racist, though they would deny it.

    • When POLICE from PA would go yo NJ to pick up a criminal they were threatened with arrest for having hollow point ammo in their guns!!!!!–They had to get a special exemption–There is NO common sense in criminally backward NJ–Also,if you are LEGALLY transporting a firearm on an aircraft but the aircraft is made to land at a different airport than scheduled and firearms are prohibited in that city and/or state, DO NOT TOUCH your luggage–You will be charged with POSSESSION of a firearm that is prohibited there–And since that firearm has to be declared to the airline, the police (jack booted Nazis) are standing there to arrest you–Possession laws are easy to prove; you have the item in your possession– This is why you never consent to a search of your vehicle; all the Nazi has to do that stopped you is to drop ‘something’ that is illegal in your vehicle and you are automatically guilty of possession–Neat, haw.

  3. Yet another NJ insanity incident.

    Professional athletes are famous and rich. It’d be insane for anyone famous, rich, both or neither to not arm themselves in some manner. Though, cruising around stoned likely doesn’t help with ones situational awareness.

  4. The death of Redskins safety Sean Taylor in 2007 was a wake-up call to those in the league. Many athletes have been targeted and they need to protect themselves.

  5. I’m debating which slogan would work better for those Welcome to New Jersey signs; ‘Welcome New Jersey – Enter at your own risk’ or ‘Welcome to New Jersey – Trespassers will be prosecuted’.

  6. This is worse than “Commiefornia”. This illustrates how bad our laws have gotten. Wake up, America! The idiocy of “gun control” will be the death of our nation!

  7. “I have a wife and I have a son at home. My job is to protect them at all costs, and my job is to protect myself, as well”

    Well his heart is in the right place at least. Still needs to face the consequences of drug possession (if they’re true), but good on him for making his family’s safety a personal priority.

    • Then by that logic he must face consequences for illegally possessing a firearm and hollow point bullets in NJ.

      Or we can denounce all victimless crimes and become a sane and free nation once again.

      • That’s the best idea yet. Remove all laws whatsoever concerning the Mary Jane. We don’t need to tax it and regulate it to death. Just get yer grubby paws off my stash, eh?

  8. *Long-winded rant incoming*

    Here’s the scoop with hollowpoints in NJ. You can legally buy them and keep them in your house, or take them to the range. Having them in your car while you go about your daily errands is illegal. This is because hollowpoints are treated the same as firearms per NJ transport laws. I’ve had to explain this to many people, because I’m pretty sure only NJ and MA have anything this bad on the books.

    Even if they are cased and unloaded, it is a felony to go anywhere except a gun store, gun range, your home, or hunting grounds with guns in your car in NJ. Yes, the law does allow for “necessary deviations,” but these aren’t specifically defined, and outside of a trip to the ER I doubt any other scenario would legally skate. There was a motion a few years ago to make the transport laws much more forgiving, but Christie vetoed it because the Dem super majority would only pass it if our legal mag cap was reduced from 15 to 10 rounds. Nobody has ever been prosecuted under this law. It’s all purposely written to be vague and discourage people from ever getting their FID cards.

    Everyone knows that unless you’re a retired cop or buddies with the right judge, it is impossible to get a concealed carry permit in NJ because one has to list a “justifiable need” which is always deemed insufficient. There have been cases of women writing “I was violently raped/assaulted on the street” on their application, submitting a stack of records as proof, and still being denied. The hollowpoint carry law got changed recently, after enough retired cops flooded the crap-for-brains legislature with essays, photos, studies, etc about the inherently safer ballistics of hollowpoint ammo. 20-odd years later, the myth of the “cop killer” bullet has been put to rest in NJ by none other than…retired cops.

    There was also a very weird case years ago in which an NJ gun owner who owned hollowpoints moved a couple towns over. He sought legal council, and was told that if he wanted to be absolutely safe, he’d just have to leave the hollowpoints tucked away somewhere in his old home, because taking hollowpoints from one house to another is illegal per transport laws. I’m willing to bet the guy just snuck ’em to his new house, but the fact that this is a felony is unfathomable to any real American.

    This is the fusion of utter stupidity and positively Soviet political sympathies we deal with here as NJ gun owners. I swear, “massage parlor” owners and registered sex offenders have an easier time going about their daily lives than we do. There are plenty of other legal pitfalls to boot. FOPA is ignored, hence people from other states getting arrested for possession of an unregistered handgun. If you move to another house and change the address on your driver’s license when it expires, you have to apply for a whole new FID card. Wanna buy a BB or Pellet rifle in NJ? They count as firearms here and require a NICS check, but don’t buy the integrally suppressed ones because class III items are illegal here (lol). Everyone just buys in PA. Wanna buy a long gun with a pre-1898 receiver per federal law? Still has to go through an FFL if it fires cartridge ammunition. Wanna get an M1 Garand shipped to your house from the CMP? Has to go through an FFL. Wanna get your C&R license? Not valid in NJ. Yup, a federally granted 03 C&R FFL, monitored by the ATF for fvck’s sake, isn’t legal here.

    I have been trapped as an NJ gun owner for six years, and will finally be departing this wretched place in April, but for military service. Fortunately, I have trusted friends in a couple of very free states who have offered to hang on to my guns indefinitely, and that leaves me just as happy. I’d rather my stuff be elsewhere after Christie is replaced by a Dem and the sh!t really hits the fan down the road. And just to add insult to injury, it is also a felony to not turn your FID card in at your local police station after your DL address changes and it becomes invalid. And slingshots are illegal here. Welcome to the American “Worker’s paradise.”

    • Is it something in the water? They tell me there are very nice places in New Jersey, but somehow I have no desire to see them. Perhaps the atmosphere of oppression? Or maybe memories of the People Express terminal in Newark? For you young’uns it looked like a low security prison with a bad coat of paint.

  9. Dude has a TX CCW, he’s a football player, maybe he didn’t quite get the entire memo. I don’t think it’s a story at all.

  10. I wish these sports guys would take 5 mins to learn the laws. Last month it was a guy with a gun in the carry on bag. A sign in the locker room should say “No guns over the bridge!” As for those players who like to self medicate???? We have plenty of chauffeurs available. I was one of them. Sit in the back seat and leave the driving to me. Less tickets & searches. Oh well, guy just got cut today by the team.


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