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“What we’re hearing from on Twitter and from what we’re see reflected in the media often is a very vocal minority, um, a minority that the gun lobby has made very afraid that their guns are going to be taken away, that they are under attack, always at risk, that they need a gun to go to the grocery store, and you know it isn’t the truth.” – Shannon Watts


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Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Sheriff Clarke Has The Last Word on "Gun Free Zones"">Next Post


  1. I watched Under the gun during free Epic weekend on Dish, all the F.U.D I expected.

    • This isn’t surprising since her group regularly deletes/disables comments and blocks users with different views on their own social media. Of course all Shannon is going to be hearing is her anti gun echo chamber. Her group actively tries to preserve in their own bubble.

      Try posting on Shannon’s social media, quotes of leaders and democrat politicians saying they want to confiscate or ban guns, then ask rhetorically why they keep saying “no one is going to take your guns away”. You will be banned or blocked faster than the Millennium Falcon in light speed.

      • exactly what I was going to point out. They black all dissenting views, so to them it appears it is a minority.

      • This is true. I have tried to show, with fact links, that the data they show, display and pass on to their members is false and misleading. Every time, the info I posted was deleted and I was banned from their site. They are totally a closed network and no pro gun or fact correction is allowed. Their sites are truly corrupt. I have attended their meetings and the brainwashing is unbelievable. They claim they want to uphold the 2nd amendment but everything they do is against it.

    • I nicely corrected her lies she tweeted out last year and I got blocked. Anyone else who corrects the lies they continuously put out, etc. gets an automatic block. She and her side are not interested in hearing from anyone who is not one of their lemmings who buy the lies. She will not interact with people who nicely tweet her, etc.

      Getting blocked by her is not remotely rare, she’s blocked literally thousands of people who have pointed out the lies.

      • Then go the exact opposite. Propose a “final solution” to the gun owner problem that involves Rendition, Enhanced Interrogation, and survivors herded into the “showers” for “delousing”.

        They will probably cheer you from the rafters.

  2. When her vocal minority says stuff it’s good. When the other (much larger) vocal minority says things it’s BS. Yay american politics, “Where everything is made up, and the points don’t matter.”

  3. Lets see what the gun owners in california say about people not trying to deprive them of their liberties and property.

    At the same time the very vocal minority of the gun control lobby influence the media, hollywood etc. into making us believe that we have this immense problem which is in reality fairly minor statistically compared to other mortality causes in the US.

    • The truth is it really doesn’t matter what gun owning community in CA thinks or does. SB 277 was pushed through last year despite significant public protest, the government is not passing laws to increase individual liberties.

  4. Week 1:

    “that they are under attack, always at risk, that they need a gun to go to the grocery store, and you know it isn’t the truth.”

    Week 2:

    “that they are under attack, always at risk, that they need a gun to keep in their homes, and you know it isn’t the truth.”

    Week 3:

    “that they are under attack, always at risk, that they need a gun, and you know it isn’t the truth.”

    Isn’t this how it always goes? How about this, it says keep and bear, not keep and bear, except for the grocery store.

    So yes, yes I do need it to go to the grocery store, I need that very much. Now sod off, statist.

    • Needs, rights, needs, rights, sweet Shannon keeps getting the meanings of these concepts wrong.
      Most of the time I won’t NEED a gun at the grocery store. Most of the time I won’t need a gun wherever I am just before or after going to the grocery store. And most of the time, I don’t need a fire extinguisher in my kitchen either. Most of the time I don’t need health insurance or homeowner’s insurance.

      It’s a good thing that we have a “Bill of Rights” and not a “Bill of Needs if the Government Allows it”.

      • Watts make strawmen arguments ALL the time. Just the typical lies and BS she always says.

        Hey, anyone know if Sandy Philips paid up for losing that frivolous lawsuit against lucky gunner yet? Funny thing with that. She is very active on twitter, @MamaRedfield. The day she filed the lawsuit against lucky gunner, I tweeted her the law saying this was not allowed and she would lose the suit and probably be forced to pay their lawyers and court costs. I was very nice in telling her about the law.

        She blocked me. The a few months later he case is tossed and the judge rules she needs to pay their lawyers, etc. I told her so…..

    • But the other lady is saying that any one of us is “just a are away ” from being a victim of gun violence. So doesn’t that mean we should carry a gun to protect ourselves at the grocery store ?

  5. And yet I see no violence, mass shootings or any “tyrannies” happening in Europe, Australia, Canada, South Korea or Japan.

    Is it because gun control works?

    The only reason the incidents in paris happened was because the guns used in the attacks came from the US and were provided by the NRA.

    This is why interpol and a few other foreign law enforcement agencies and possibly the UN considered them a terror group.

    I don’t see these countries turning into hitler-land nightmare dystopia that the gun nuts on here continue to believe.

    These countries heavily debunked the more guns less crime cow manure that the whores of the gun and their NRA pimps continue to promote.

    Your statistically more likely to die by your own weapon than defend yourself against crime.

    All “bad guys” started out as good guys.

    Yeah your right, Guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people. *sarc*

    • You need to change your user name to “Swallowing_the_lies” … because those “facts” you’re waving about are nothing more than regurgitated agitprop.

    • Well Einstein, there was a mass shooting in Austria over the weekend.
      Two dead, eleven injured.
      You need to get out of your mom’s basement more than once a month.

      • RARE incident compared to the numerous mass shootings that happen in the US everyday!

        Europe does a good job keeping guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, TERRORISTS and PSYCHOS.

        Because somehow CRIMINAL BACKGROUND and MENTAL HEALTH checks and saving lives are somehow fascist.

        • So, are you a paid shill and former PR Rep for Monsanto, too?

          Or are you on this SJW crusade out of the kindness of your heart?

          Wait – don’t answer!

          Either way, I don’t care…

        • Mass shootings in the US every day? Um, ok. You need to learn how to Google crime statistics.

        • So let me get this straight. There are people with such terrible disparity that they are willing to kill a bunch of random people and then themselves so their story can get attention and can be broadcasted nationwide and you want to … Make sure they don’t have a gun? Not address the disparity, not confine them so they don’t commit mass murder with pressure cookers, none of those … but … take their guns away? Just guns? Guns are the problem then? Not the disparity or the mental health problems … Just guns? Right?

    • Debunking Regurgitating_the_Lie, Your silly fantasies won’t work here,

      “I don’t see these countries turning into hitler-land nightmare dystopia that the gun nuts on here continue to believe.”

      If the government has already deprived them of their right to self-defense, they are already a “hitler-land nightmare dystopia”.

      As for all your other asinine comments; provide credible sources or just go back to Everytown and spout your lies where they might be believed.

    • Elaine: No, it’s not debunked, it’s totally bunk.

      Jerry: Isn’t bunk bad? Like, that’s a lot of bunk.

      George: No something is bunk and then you debunk it.

      Jerry: What?

      Elaine: Huh?

    • There was a mass shooting in Austria over the weekend. And Denmark had a bit of an issue. Does the Hebdo attack count as a mass shooting? Etc.

    • Ok – I read that spiel, and the main vibe I got from it, is this:

      We need more government and control just like other countries. We need 1984 style tyranny, not 1940s style nazi tyranny. Statistics are god and we should be ruled by them and elevated to a metric, a number, on a spreadsheet. We don’t need rights or freedom – all we really need is safety provided by our 1984 style gov. We need to, based on statistics, ban things in the style and accordance of our 1984 style gov, to save lives and increase safety. The end result here is a long life of control and safety and happiness by ignorance of what a epic and colorful life really can be when we accept personal responsibility for our own safety, our own actions, and our own freedom.

    • Where is a credible source that states that those Kalashnikovs used in the Paris attacks came from the US? I have yet to find one.

      As to the notion that rights are dangerous and should be banned, how about we take away your First Amendment right to use the Internet since terrorists have also been using it to recruit and plan attacks. After all, the “bad” internet users started off as “good” until they broke the law!

      While we’re at it, let’s take away your Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures since, for all we know, you could be a trafficker of contraband.

      Now please, tell us more about how you support a ban on Muslims since they all start off as “good” until they’re not. Or maybe next you’ll tell us about how government belongs in bathrooms since everyone is law abiding until they’re not.

      Safety first!!!

    • “The only reason the incidents in paris happened was because the guns used in the attacks came from the US and were provided by the NRA.”

      I sense serious troll bait right here.

      Care to provide a reputable source? Your feelings of hatred are not fact. I tried to find the source of the November 2015 Paris attacks and all I could find was a hypothesis from Der Spiegel.

      Their theory. Decommissioned military weapons made in the Balkens and Eastern Europe. Slovakia in particular. No United States. No NRA. No gun show loophole or anything like that.

      But I get it. You’ve got all this rage and hatred and need to vent by lashing out. Hence why people like me need to carry a gun for protection.

      • He’s posted this fantasy list of BS a few times, word for word. It’s like SuperTrolling.

        Best not to feed the trolls, there won’t be any factual content coming from this one on any of this crap.

    • The NRA provided the guns used in Paris? Really?

      I have friends who’d love to know where you found those schrooms.

    • Your statistically more likely to die by your own weapon than defend yourself against crime.

      Come on man. Guns have more than just one purpose. (self defense). I use my guns for fun at the range. Gun in the field at the acreage. Fun cleaning them. Fun target shooting with friends. Fun rebuilding them. Fun maintaining them. And finally yes, using them (But not in a fun way) defending myself, my family, and my livestock/property.

      Lastly, I am not a statistic. Please don’t reduce me to such. You don’t know me or my guns. Just because accidents with firearms “may” be slightly higher than defensive gun uses doesn’t mean my rights and options (not to mention other valid activities listed above) be reduced by reassigning responsibility of my safety from myself to the US government.


    • “These countries heavily debunked the more guns less crime cow manure that the whores of the gun and their NRA pimps continue to promote.”

      Sorry, bud. There is no correlation between gun ownership rates and homicide / suicide rates, and it’s adorable (in a ‘please seek treatment for your obvious medical condition’ way) that you blame the US and the NRA for communist military firearms smuggled into Paris from the Balkan states.

    • So, to summarize:

      Statement of ignorance, standing on conjecture, regurgitation of lies.

      I might have done better in debate if i’d followed that model, seems pretty effective…

      • That’s right. Daze and confuse your opponent with total fabrications that make no sense at all.

        • I suppose, of you can’t dazzle them with brilliance you have to baffle them with bullshit.

      • I always liked using “Legalization and Monopolization of the Marijuana Industry by the Federal Government” as a funding plank.

        It was amazing how many would chase that squirrel, completely leaving case-side alone. We could then close with merely yielding one plank of funding, and then point out that non-argument is agreement, so they obviously agreed with the rest of our case, and the round has to flow affirmative. It was lazy, but it worked 7 out of 10 rounds. The other 3 we had to work to win, unless the girls were hot, then a strategic-loss calculus was put into play…

    • The only reason the incidents in paris happened was because the guns used in the attacks came from the US and were provided by the NRA.

      Total conspiracy theory tin foil hat nonsense. Complete speculation and accusation with zero evidence whatsoever. At least provide us the link where you got such information. No?

      This is why interpol and a few other foreign law enforcement agencies and possibly the UN considered them a terror group.

      Sounds made up. Sources please?

    • Not tyrannies? Just to kick off, take a look at the case of Gregory Alan Elliott in Canada ( This guy endured a three year trial, lost his job, and was prevented from practicing his profession because of bail conditions during the trial, all because he made some tweets that were at worst mildly insulting. Criminal charges and three years of lost income for tweets.

      Look around the gun control utopias, and you’ll find plenty of other examples. The gun confiscations that you’re such a big fan of are tyrannical acts in and of themselves. What else do you call forced sale of property at pennies on the dollar under threat of imprisonment?

      The US Constitution protects rights more strenuously than any other. And yes, that includes individual gun rights. That’s something unique and extremely valuable about the US which the rest of the world should emulate, not something we should give up to follow them.

  6. Actually, thanks to our federal government and its wonderful HUD section 8 housing program, I do need a gun to go to the grocery store.

    • Elitist liberal areas like the Hamptons should be required to build Section 8 housing on a one-to-one basis with the mansions. Liberal views on firearms ownership would quickly change.

    • Isn’t blaming those people the same as the antis blaming guns?
      .05% of inner city residents do the gangbanging. For example that was 17 people in Richmond VA. Painting all section 8 housing residents as criminal is the same as painting all gun owners as (insert stereotype here). Welfare programs benefit the white lower class in significantly greater numbers in the US. However by percent of their own race blacks are a greater representation.

      Blacks live in a locale that experiences most of the gun violence. This violence is 99% race on race. However the antis and media focus on the random acts of zealots, mentally disturbed, and youths on or just off their anti depressants. Why? If the media doesn’t care that one black kills another what’s our worry?

      The suicides which make up 2/3 of the gun deaths are distributed 77% whites & 14% blacks.
      Homicides, 82% black & whites 19%.

      The chances of getting shot by a white person are low if you’re black or white. The chances of getting shot by a black person if you live in a poor area are high. Chances of getting shot by a black person if you’re white are low.

      Let’s not adopt any of the antis “facts” or focus. We lose.

      • I would agree glancing through your numbers, that you have done the required reading. I try to constantly remind folks that if you aren’t an 14-44 year-old black male, who deals drugs in an urban environment, you have nothing to worry about. Statistically anyway.

        Be prepared, some incident can happen to anyone, but chances of death if you aren’t one of the above captioned actors is incredibly slim.

      • I will be the sore thumb to take issue with this. The dysfunction in these communities is DEFINITELY multi-generational. Learn this term; “BT-1000.”

      • H, the problem with Section 8 is not JUST the specific individuals that are committing crime. Section 8 has led to a complete destruction of social ‘belonging’ and community connection in an already overly stressed (in a social sense) population.

        Check this out for a nice exploration of the problem. Look at the data presented (the overlapped maps) then try to argue Section 8 is not at least partially to blame for spreading of crime into communities historically less crime ridden.

  7. Vocal minority, huh…

    This from “Moms Demand Action”, the group formally known as “Million Moms…”, the group who couldn’t get a million moms to support their cause.

    But yeah, the 5 million + member strong NRA are the minority – good call!

    • MDA wants you to believe they now have 3 million members but they can’t get more than a handful of people to show up at any of their events. I wonder why?


      • If it wasn’t for TTAG, I doubt I would’ve even heard of them…

        And likely, had you asked me to visit a site with moms demandimg action, I would have expected a different type of site altogether…. Altogether, indeed.

  8. If I called myself “Debunking The Lies” and posted comments disputing everything Shannon said in a forum MDA controls, I’d be deleted. If somebody does the same thing here, it’s left up.
    That right there should tell you who is afraid of information reaching the viewing public.

    Furthermore, I wouldn’t insult Shannon’s intelligence or give undeserved credit to her morals by pretending that she believes the lies she spews.

  9. Their guns are being taken away. Magazines too. California is passing gunpocalypse and people are going to likely have to get rid of their ar15s, magazines, and possibly some other semi-autos. How is this not “taking away their guns?”

    • After this passes the leftists will hold big “turn in” rallies that will be utter failures and be proclaimed a success. Meanwhile the good people of California will exercise Irish democracy and hold on to their guns, magazines, and ammo against the day.

      • You raise a *very* interesting point.

        Gun Apocalypse is passed and signed. Offending black rifles are outlawed.

        Nearly no one turns ’em in.

        Next move?

        • Same as in NY State and Connecticut. Anti-gun pols and media taking heads call for SWAT raids against citizens (with jail time if they survive) that didn’t turn in their guns. NY and CT haven’t had that happen yet. The difference may be that California might have the ability to do just that with their APPS and DROS universal registration schemes. How they proceed to do that with tens of thousands of offenders is the next question.

  10. So she doesn’t want me to carry a gun when I go to the grocery store???

    She shows her true colors…

    • An off duty cop can. That’s ok. But no – not you Dave. It’s just not “needed.” And all decisions in life should be based off “need.”

      • Or more specifically, “need” as that term is defined by HER.

        The proggies and sjw’s are fond of redefining words (but not telling everyone else they’ve done so) … that’s one of the only tricks they have that allows them to gain actual followers. Folks THINK what they are saying is a ‘good idea’ or ‘makes sense,’ but the words being used have been altered to mean something else.

  11. It’s always a challenge bringing facts and logic to the table, especially on public policy matters, because most others revel in wallowing in emotion. It feels good to feel good, but for many people, it can also feel oh so good to feel bad.

    “Oh, my heart goes out to the victims of…..”, “When I saw on television the destruction of…..”, and “I’m just torn up over the tragedy in…..” are common refrains. People want to feel involved because involvement is relevance and relevance means importance. The more remote and unrelated to their own lives, the more superficial the involvement and more phony the empathy.

    These are fleeting feelings, though, and require perpetual replacement. Like drug addicts forever seeking their next fix and a higher high, these people have no interest in reality, only in feelings.

    These are people who buy stuffed animals in bulk from Costco, because you never when, but always know that, you’ll need to erect a makeshift memorial on a corner, curbside or doorstep somewhere.

    Watch closely and you sometimes can catch them daydreaming a self-congratulatory soliloquy:  “‘Hero?’ I don’t know. That’s a strong word….”

    Yeah, it’s also a word which NOBODY but you, Shannon, used to describe you.

  12. Did you notice the jump from the tentacles to “I didn’t know it could happen to me”?

    The tentacles of the drug industry affect us all everyday. They kill us on price and then with side affects. But hey they buy ads so we can’t criticize them…….

  13. You shouldn’t carry a gun into public places because it’s just not needed, but it’s so dangerous out there that we need more “common sense” gun laws so she can feel safe going it in public…

    /Watts Logic

    • And we have all these violent monsters out there… Murdering each other and those unaffiliated and the solution to solve this is to … …. Try to take their guns away and everyone else’s. Makes perfect sense right?

    • luv the hildabeast 2016 avitar if that did happen, another possible place for her……
      How about a one way relocation to North Korea?
      Maybe not, N. K. might be somebodies next stop after Vietnam .

      • I personally think it’s a pipe dream with the Obama “Justice” Department, but a guy can dream. 😀

  14. Dirk where are ya’? I miss your Shannon musings…seriously RF the only time I hear about watts and lots of these paid shills is here. And yes I peruse crap like Yahoo often…

    • This is the truth. This is the one and only place I have ever heard the name Shannon Watts and she lives about an hour from me. Can we please push on to relevant gun related articles? I mean ttag gives Shannon 100x the “airtime” that the msm does. She is an irrelevant speck on the bigger picture of the statist agenda.

      • That’s a condemnation of the other media, then, not TTAG for writing about her.

        Here’s why it’s important: she testifies in State Legislatures. She was here in NC last year, for example, and there are many other examples. (*)

        If we ignore her, she gets to continue with the illusion she’s a ‘somebody’ on the topic. In contrast, she needs to be discredited, and publicly so, online at every step…no matter how “obscure” you think it is.

        This way, when the pols (or aids thereof) look up her cred online, a counterpoint is at least available.

        (*) And oh, by they way, the bill she was here ‘protesting’? It failed to pass. May not have been due to her specifically, but her bleating “Moms” shtick didn’t help.

        • Watts and her group are the definition of astroturf. They, lime other astroturfers, have unlimited money to push an agenda by using sophisticated, researched propaganda designed to persuade the television dependent public. Her online credibility is irrelevant. Over time astroturfs will try to win by attrition.

    • I spent a year living in Dayton and she made the news there about once a month.

      They even live broadcast her testimony to the Indiana legislature. Woman, seriously, has the public speaking skills of a prawn. How she ever got a PR job is beyond me.

  15. “A very vocal minority” is how Watts describes us. Let’s entertain the notion for a moment that she is correct. Is she, a liberal democrat, by emphasizing that we are a minority, insinuating that we are not important in the grand scheme of things? Is the Democratic Party not about preserving the rights of the minorities????

    • Only the “right” minorities. Their fundamental bigotry shows.

      This is one of the reasons they have linked gun rights to OFWG’s. It makes is “oh so easy” for them to lump the gun issues in with other Social Justice bullshit.

      Conveniently, they ignore gun owners who are women, non-white and homosexual, but their SJW-esque narrative continues apace.

      • The attack on gun rights is just one of the tentacles on an overall campaign against all individual liberty. The PC war on white people is another tentacle, on and on.

  16. As part of a church service-thing, I spent part of Saturday delivering hurricane prep kits to Meals on Wheels recipients. I knew the part of Houston we were heading to and made sure to double check that I had a full magazine and a round chambered. When we got there, it was all the more clear that we did not belong and should not overstay our welcome in the projects.

    Did I end up “needing” the firearm? Thankfully, no. But, was it prudent to have? Of course.

    After we finished, we stopped to grab a hamburger (Hubcap Grill, overrated). Did I in any way need the weapon on me? It didn’t appear that way. But, I suspect that even she would agree that a weapon on the person is safer than unattended in the vehicle.

  17. Gee, Katie Couric should go back to encouraging people to be screened for Colon Cancer. I wonder…….. Maybe she gave up on that Cause, because she remarried.

  18. Shannon’s boss and people just like him are the reason the Founders wrote the Second Amendment.

    People supporting firearms ownership constitute the silent majority. Shannon is a key part of that oral minority that is more comfortable on its knees.

  19. Well, damn… Finally something out of Watt’s mouth that I agree with. “I don’t need a gun to go to the store.” Of course not, you ninny. I use a car to go to the store. I carry a gun to make sure I get home.

  20. Ugh. Not this crap again!

    Which I had Bloommy’s millions so I could buy all these idjits a one-way ticket to the “utopia” country of their choosing.

  21. Well, Trolly-McTrollface seems to have omitted mention of airplanes hijacked with box cutters, shoes with bombs in them, backpacks and pressure cooker I E Ds, and multi-victim knife attacks, world wide, to name a few. Hacking people to bits with machetes individually, or as a team sport isn’t so much a U S thing, either.

    I could go on.

    Net, it ain’t the guns, and it ain’t uniquely the US. Thugs, predators, crazies and terrorists will find a way, and they are everywhere. Most people are awesome. The minority that violently suck are pretty evenly distributed.

    In contrast, guns, personal arms, are comparatively precise, effective, passive unless activated, discrete, and portable thus available. Personal arms are the most effective, least dangerous tool for responsible, peaceful people to use for last-option protection from thugs, predators, crazies, and terrorists, compared to machetes, bumbs, nothing, and the rest.

    Myself, I’m O K with the notion of half the people ’round those Paris attacks packing. Most people, even armed, are less than no threat to peaceful citizens. Apparently, McTrollface thinks less well of the pesky hukans than I.

    I can’t determine from the agitprop whether Trolly-McTrollface wants more people killed by the next round of whack-jobs, or more accidental harm from bad handling of guns. No matter. He’s wrong either way. In any event, he should find a better source for the memes he’s spewing. He’s not helping his case.

  22. You know, I can’t help noticing how different “Mothers Demand Action” is from “Mothers Have Some Facts.”

    Also, how different political posturing, out-grouping competing opinions, and agitprop is from trying to convince people. OH well. Go with what you’ve got, I suppose.

  23. No need for the gun lobby to make a gun owner afraid their rights are under attack, just turn on any news program (fox, cnn or local) or pick-up a newspaper. Media and politicians are doing a plenty fine job all on their own of making gun owners fear for their rights.

    • Wow. Not only do they operate under their own set of “facts”, but they outspokenly advocate for extremism. Dump your friends and family if they don’t agree with you!


  24. Hopefully, mom’s as a political platform will go the way of the dodo as it should. I don’t see dad’s getting the same treatment. Once the money dries up this twat will and her trolling lacky will too.

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