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“What would I tell a person surprised about carrying a firearm in a checked bag? I would ask them if they’d rather I’d keep it in my carry-on bag.” – Former Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson in Before Florida Shooting, Guns in Checked Bags Raised Few Concerns [via]

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    • Toss that through the reality grinding lens of MDA and you get “50 Airport Massacres Every Day”

    • Leave it to the good progressives at the Red Star-Tribune… Did they bother to mention that security was pretty much non-existent at the time or just cry for someone to DO SOMETHING?

      I’d click on the link and read for myself, but have written that paper off altogether.

  1. The only reason they harp on gun availability is to cover the fact that they gov has zero idea of who’s dangerous and where they are at and what they are doing.

    • “I’d personally rather it be in my carry on bag. Or better yet, on myself.”

      I’d probably lean towards in my carry on while seated in those small seats. Then replace it on my belt after debarking.

      As I’ve had 2 issues with my pistol in my checked bag, on or near me would make me much more comfortable.

  2. I suppose it depends on your source,

    “On that day, 40 years ago, three inconspicuous Japanese men dressed in business suits disembarked Air France Flight 132 from Rome and strolled into the baggage claim area. After retrieving what appeared to be violin cases, the men pulled out machine guns, opened fire and threw grenades indiscriminately at the crowds of people.”

    • He chose not to run for Land Commissioner that year. Ran for Lt. Gov instead and lost to Patrick.

    • Well. Let’s hope he doesn’t do it more than one time. If he does, we will know he’s insane.

  3. And the circus continues on the TV. Trotting out effing Debbie Wasserman Schultz. THIS crazy boy broke all the “rules”. “If it saves one life-for the children”. Ban shoes,ban liquids ,ban GUNS.

  4. This issue. CNN anchors were crying that “we” need to stop allowing guns in checked bags, or not allowing bullets to be in checked luggage, etc. The fact that this issue occurred at an airport baggage claim is irrelevant. The airport baggage claim is essentially any public place without security. Period. This guy walked off a plane, left the security zone, entered a public space, acquired a gun (it’s really irrelevant that he acquired it from his luggage), and shot some people. Anyone in Ft. Lauderdale could have driven up to the baggage claim and committed these same acts. To tie this issue into an airport issue or checked luggage issue is political theater. By checking his gun through luggage, the only real advantage he had, was one of surprise, as he only had to retrieve his bag and walk into the nearest bathroom. Still, anyone could secret a Walther PPS into the baggage claim of any airport with public, curb-side access and do the same thing. Leave it to DWS to make a big deal about this.

  5. See me as mean spirited. But Ive had enough of this for the children crap.
    I don’t want to see any innocent victim. Child, white, black what difference does it make??
    Keep up these gun free zones and that’s where these mass shooting will occur.
    Keep me from having my gun with me in these so called Gun Free zones. This crap will still keep happening.
    Now why didn’t the Feds or the State of Alaska report this guy??
    His family who knew he was hearing voices.
    They must have known he possessed a gun or 2.
    Its not my gun rights that are to be blamed.
    After all aren’t all these anti gun laws For the Children??
    F$%g useless. As is DWS.

  6. I can’t believe I’m the first firearms pedant to ask, “What the hell kind of grip is that?” 🙂

    • You’re not.

      “Maybe so. But for gods sake somebody teach him a proper grip before he looses a thumb.”

      Shawn said it up above at 9:52 am.

  7. How come nobody takes the bus??? Or a train?? Seriously, what is the point of flying cross country to shoot up a baggage claim in FL? And go to the trouble of checking in??? Take a Greyhound. No Tsa. No taking off shoes. No xray. No lists. Personally, charter is the only way to fly.

  8. You should be able to carry on your person without any problems with security. But, I guess the little people can’t be trusted with our own security.

  9. Jerry Patterson, people’s opinions and feelings do not hold sway over my rights. On a separate note, why are you squinting while aiming?

  10. Wait — “the alternative”?

    I can think of several, some of which may actually occur to some anti-gunners. The most ridiculous would be to not let guns on planes but require them to be shipped to a licensed dealer.

  11. I wish I had never released that photo! BTW, I have 3 1911’s, fired expert with a .45 in the USMC over a dozen times, and never hurt my thumb. I’ve probably fired 1000 rds thru the .45 I’m holding in the picture. Jerry Patterson

  12. I wish I had never released that photo! BTW, I have 3 1911’s, fired expert with a .45 in the USMC over a dozen times, and never hurt my thumb. I’ve probably fired 1000 rds thru the .45 I’m holding in the picture. Jerry Patterson

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