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“I’m not voting to take away guns that I already own. That’s insane.” – Charleston County Council Chairman Elliott Summey in Elliott Summey disavows support for a South Carolina ban on certain guns [at]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: No One Needs a Second Amendment in Japan">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Massachusetts Republican Governor [Not Shown] Supports Redefined Assault Weapons Ban">Next Post


        • I bet they’re just not aware of the gun laws. If the City of Chicago would just spend a tiny fraction of their budget on printing and distributing some gun law pamphlets to gang members, their murder problem would clear right up. Commonsense.

  1. He’s either a lying politician or he got a lesson we all learned from CNN years ago about how “assault rifles” are represented deceitfully in the media.

    • Option #3: He’s a moron. He kind of looks like a moron. Wouldn’t be the first time a moron won elected office.

      • He’s also the child of a politician. His daddy is mayor of North Charleston, SC, and apparently has been for over 20 years. Not that it de facto makes one a moron, but I’m just sayin’.

    • The council was shown a presentation portraying the resolution as applying to full auto guns. But NFA machine guns are legal in SC, as they are nearly everywhere else, so he would be banning guns regardless.

      • I guess reading the actual resolution would have been too much work for this chump. I mean, the resolution might have been as many as four or more sentences, but that presentation had color pictures and a movie!

  2. The idiot would still vote for a resolution banning some guns. Just not the ones he owns.

  3. They should vote to ban Blue Force slings. Utter garbage. Might as well just through your rifle on the ground and save a few buck.

    • Through your rifle?

      Is English your first language?

      The only thing that goes through any of *my* rifles is ammunition and cleaning supplies…

      • English is my second language. What is it supposed to be? Also thanks for acknowledging my post. The guys at Blue Force…customer service, ever heard of it?

        • Throw- to toss something.
          Through- to move into then out of something.
          English can be difficult. I have two daughters that require speech therapy and I think some of the problem is homonyms, words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings.

        • @Today & “Geoff PR”: Did you just have a conversation with yourself? Both of you have the same email address and IP. And neither the email nor the IP match those of the original Geoff PR that’s been posting here for quite a while (nearly 5k comments; that’s almost as many as me). So you’re sockpuppeting a conversation with yourself, while using the name of another regular poster? Am I misunderstanding the situation?

      • Do we (collectively) really have that much time on our hands to constantly pick apart spelling errors? Good grief, I thought this was a gun blog, not “The Truth About English Language”. Did anyone really not understand the intent of the post?

        • You’re right that was beneath me. @Today, sorry I didn’t realize English wasn’t you’re first language.

        • True enough.

          I will go off the rails when I see people I know have a brain (and who otherwise handle English quite well) make the same mistake over and over, e.g., muzzle break when they meant brake, and populous for populace.

        • Geoff:

          “Your” dude, not “you’re” (the second time, the first is proper.

          Is English not your first language?

          See how this works?

  4. That’s nice, but what if there’s a later vote to ban guns that everyone else has and you don’t? Hope this guy isn’t secretly a fudd who will crack under pressure. He may be from SC, but he’s a politician…

      • SC had a massive DNA purge some 150 years ago. What’s left was the sick, lame, weak. See Lindsey Gramnesty

        • Though Lindsey certainly fits your description, there are plenty of upstanding folks in SC. This is where the last revolution started, remember…

    • “what if there’s a later vote to ban guns”

      SC State law preempts any local/county government from enacting restictions on possession, transfer, ownership, carrying, or transportation of firearms or ammunition.

      All local law can cover is brandishment and discharge restrictions.

      • Good to know they have their shit together then. Being an NJ gun owner has made me a grumpy pessimist.

  5. The language in the article would seem to support the ‘anti’ side of the issue, with favorable presentation of how high capacity magazines are a factor in all mass shootings, so I guess Virginia Tech didn’t count.

    • What’s the capacity of the Glock and Walther he used? Pretty sure they would be banned in CA right? (The mags obviously not the pistols.)

      • P22s have always had 10-round magazines. His G19 had the oh-so-scary 15-round magazines, but he shot more people with the P22, iirc.

      • @today, you stated earlier English wasn’t your first language, so I’ll answer that.

        If you directly insult someone here, it violates the “no flaming” rule (“flaming” being slang for using a lot of insults or invective online), and moderators will replace the insult(s) with FLAME DELETED. Sometimes posters will just go ahead and type those two words themselves to indicate they think someone is worth an insult or six insults, without having to go to the bother themselves when their hard work will just get deleted anyway.

      • FLAME DELETED is the Internet way of calling someone a putz without having to spell it out. As a secondary benefit the target of the FLAME gets to choose in his own mind what you actually (might have) said. Much better than using the same old cliches.

    • How about you not vote to ban any guns at all

      Because some recent polls have shown that among younger voters the content of bills doesn’t matter, just the quantity. People are judging a politician’s effectiveness by how many laws they pass.

      • And many of those younger voters (that I happen to be of the same generation, sadly) need to be forced through a fine mesh screen for their lack of ‘brain good’. I feel like my age group is turning me into a misanthrope at times with their endless capacity for stupidity.

  6. One more reason is in a very long list of reasons of why people are fed up with government at all levels. I am not sure if I should be more upset at this guy or the people who chose to vote this guy in especially if they do not remove this mistake at the next election.

  7. An inability to review information and make a well informed decision regarding well being and liberties of his constituents.

    Citizens take note, act accordingly and next election vote him out of office.

  8. I’m thinking you should understand what you are voting on BEFORE you vote. But officer I thought it was unloaded.(We must pass it so we can find out what’s in it)

  9. Charleston County Council Chairman Elliott Summey, a guns rights advocate who said he owns “a pile of guns,” now has said he mistakenly voted in favor of a resolution last week calling for state and federal authorities to outlaw the very type of firearms he owns.

    I don’t know whether to be happy that he supports gun rights (kind of) or to be disappointed that he’s an idiot.

    Summey said there was some confusion at last Thursday’s vote because the resolution, as originally presented in writing, called for laws “banning all assault-style weapons” in South Carolina. Summey said he took that to mean fully automatic machine guns that fire hundreds of rounds, as were depicted in a video shown to council.

    Are you trying to tell me that they tried to deceive the council by depicting some firearms as being something they are not? Surprise surprise! The liberal norm – standard operating procedure for the leftists.

  10. You hired me to vote intelligently on legislation for you.

    I voted negligently at least once, what are you going to do about it, fire me?

  11. I think the taxpayers (not matter what side of the issue you’re on) should be more pissed that the Council is wasting time and money drafting/voting on these useless “resolutions”.

    If they have time for that then there is either A) too much government, or B) more pressing local issues that are NOT being addressed.

  12. “It’s been a little rough. I’ve been called names.”

    Was “incompetent to hold office” among them?

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