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“Unlike other questions of the limits of government power, if the courts and the Congress do not do their sworn duty to defend the Constitution I suspect gun-owners may be the final arbiters of what the 2nd Ammendment means and does not mean.” – TTAG Commentator TyrannyOfEvilMen underneath our post National Review: Senator Schumer’s “Emergency” Claim Does Not Justify The Removal of Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: The Truth About Fatal Florida Negligent Discharge">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: SAF Calls for Independent Investigation of Philando Castile Shooting">Next Post


      • Fear is a requirement of doublethink. In my opinion, the sad part is most in our country meet the fear requirement of doublethink only due to social status and material possessions.

    • Remember the 2001 version? “The terrorists hate us for our freedom (so I’ll just take your freedom for safekeeping…)”

    • Just think about how nice it’ll feel to not be constrained by the Constitution, “law” will fall away, Societal agreement will sweep whatever it likes back up into a pile.

      • The progtards can always fall back on “The Divine Rights of King” (It’s GOOD to be King). They love them some royalty and aristocrats.

    • And coming soon to Kommiefornia. I think it will be very interesting to see what kind of compliance rate there will be.

      • Well for the most part Californians complied with the vast array of other restrictions (bullet button, magazine capacity restrictions etc). The real effect of this law is staggering when it comes to enforcement. Will they have local LEOs at shooting ranges looking for people still using their bullet buttons? Will there be a buy back campaign for those that now have illegal guns under the new law when it goes into effect? What are the legal ramifications in the court system for seizing or destruction of property if it is found that millions of guns are now made illegal and need to be rounded up/destroyed? All these questions add up to either a huge government overreach, or simple non compliance by both the populace and the local LEOs that will be fronting the bill time wise and salary wise when all these cases hit the courts in 5 years time.

        • Herein the California Gulag, a number of state, county and local jurisdiction law enforcement agencies have already stood up against Lt Gov Newsom’s initiative, which means they are also against the passage of the most recent gun control laws. The majority of pro-gun people are conservatives, however, they have now been joined by many people from the liberal side on this issue. LGBT, Dems, etc, who, after Orlando, support their own right to self defense.

          Brown and the Gang over reached this time. The old idea about the frog and boiling water was ignored by Brown and we have a lot of disagreeable hoping frogs.

      • I would have to image a huge non compliance rate just for the single issue of enforcement. I don’t know how you are going to stop the use of millions of previously legal firearms much less the possession of them. Best case scenario is most LEOs just simply tell the state to go pound sand and continue as usual. But what about the small business owner of a range in north California? Is he liable if he allows patrons to use now illegal bullet button equipped firearms at his range? Is he a criminal if he allows them to shoot at his place of business? All these questions are going to be hammered out in the courts and that is going to take at least a decade.

        • No he is not – He’s not a law enforcement officer. If he wants to cover his ass he can just post a sign saying generically “all firearms must meet state law”.

        • Yes but what happens when someone clearly breaks the rules on that sign? For instance, it is illegal to drink alcohol on school grounds, if someone brings alcohol on school grounds with the knowledge of the administration I have to assume heads are going to roll. It would be pretty hard to explain to a jury that you didn’t see the guy in shooting isle 6 banging away at paper targets with an AR pattern rifle in clear violation of the law. What this means is still unclear. I know several law enforcement agencies (local and sherrifs departments) have said that they will not enforce these laws. However, in terms of strict legality, should someone be charged with using an illegal rifle, illegal magazine, or illegally equipped bullet button firearm on the premises of a shooting range you are looking at all kinds of hooplah over something as moronic as a bullet button vs. non bullet button.

      • Can we please organize a civil disobedience chain? Buy boxes of 30rnd AR mags and ship them to random gun clubs and distribution points in Cali?

        Honestly, the time has come to stop ducking our heads – its time to call their bluff.

      • It’s already here and been here for quite some time. Way back when they started the assault against that evil black rifle, many people did not register them. Nor did they get rid of their 30 round magazines. They went into Civil Disobedience mode. LA passed the “high capacity ban’ and it appears that very few have been turned in, and all we might have is the owners’ word that they destroyed theirs or moved them out of the state. Now we have a whole new batch of government violations of our rights and you can bet that an even greater number of people will not register, dispose of, or anything else. The same has been true in NY, NJ, MA, and especially CT. They can’t arrest us all, and they lack the resources to go door to door. Many County Sheriffs will get the word out if there is any move to confiscate. Many CS have already made public that they will not support violations of the Constitution, and have even suggested deputizing all gun owners and anyone else who supports 2A.

        About the only way to get caught is to get caught in possession out in the public arena.

    • CT is the fluke here , California and New York are understandable because of there centralized population centers running rule over their urban populations . You see , the very nature of a metropolis calls out for central controls , the populations of these mega-cities can not cohere without being controlled , freedom will only lead to anarchy . These mega-city dwellers are more than happy to lay their freedoms at the feet of their controllers to protect them and guide them and instruct them as to how they must organize their lives . They gather together under the umbrella of the state because they feel safe from freedom and the burdens that freedom contains . They cry out to their masters for guidance and bow down before them in appreciation . It is like the story told by Dostoevsky in ‘ The Brothers Karamazov ‘ and specifically in the chapter of ‘ The Grand Inquisitor ‘ . The rural America does not understand these Mega-city dwellers and vise versa . Those who have laid their souls at the doorstep of the state have given up their faith in and even belief , in God , while those who dwell in the land , still by and large rely on God for their protection or the freedom that God has bestowed upon them to protect themselves . Jesus Christ is freedom , no longer are men ruled by law and those who write those laws but the law is now passed into the person of the Christian .
      This is why these states and states that have allowed centralized governments to dictate from the mega-city are voting increasingly blue , in my humble opinion .

      • CT is like the others, the urban areas determine who is elected.
        Here are the 10 largest cities according to wikipedia.
        Bridgeport 144,229
        New Haven 129,779
        Hartford 124,775
        Stamford 122,643
        Waterbury 110,366
        Norwalk 85,603
        Danbury 80,893
        New Britain 71,254
        Bristol 61,353
        Meriden 59,653

        Guess which way they all voted on almost every seat in the 2014 election? Democrat.

      • Yep. The Truth will set you free. The word of the christ is the word of freedom from the tyranny of evil men, which is ultimately the tyranny of our own fickle heart, for the heart of man is that of a wild beast that rails against all restraints, standards, rules and restrictions.

        The essence and the appeal of tribalism is that all the laws of retraint of that wild beast that are required for mankind to live in a tribe are null and void when dealing with the “enemy”. In the glorious release of the Dogs of War, men are not just allowed, but commanded to submerge themselves in the savagery of war, and they then can revel in all of most heinous of crimes against humanity, and call it “Good”. Robert E. Lee said it truly. “It is well that war is so terrible, or we would become to fond of it”. General James Mattis stated that shooting bad guys is fun, “it’s a hoot”.

        The Christian bible, is not simply a manual of the laws of human society, but of civilization, because it is one of the few manuals of revealed knowedge that actually says that even those that are not Christian are to be seen as fellow spiritual brothers and sisters, and not to be treated as an “enemy”, they are in fact to be loved.

        So we see why the appeal of communism and of Islam is strong, they are both systems of belief that demand the release the “Dogs of War”, one for the “common good” until the “utopia” of world wide communism has been fulfilled; and against the infidel, until world wide Islam has been fulfilled, and until this goal has been completed, for both, their motto is the same, “the ends, justifies the means”.
        Lying, cheating and mass murder is for the “good”. And if some rape, pillage and plunder happens along the way, well, that can feel good as well.

        So we see why the hatred and vilification of Christians is so strong among the progressives; for at the heart of christianity, is the command to restrain the beast, not just towards fellow christian, but all fellow humans, with love and this, for communist and all of it’s spawn, cannot be allowed, it would keep the beast caged, and the goal of communism would be thwarted, which in the end, is destruction of all freedom, leaving the few to rule over the many.

  1. We can only hope so. November and beyond isn’t looking good. Especially in light of the 2 systems of justice that is now the new normal. When laws are overtly selectively applied, conflict is inevitable.

    • Not a chance. Unless the food stamp computer goes down again, for maybe a week.

      Our government is now fully trained for “domestic terrorists”. Any Chris Dorner types will be put down the same way, like dogs. Any small groups of like minded people will be jailed, like the four old guys in Grorgia.

      Those days you predict ahead are long behind us. Just watch the Katfashians like everybody else.

      • Chris Dorner shut down the entire West coast for WEEKS – He was just one man.
        I think there’s a rather large hole in your logic.

        The Boston Bombers shut down an entire city for about a week – they were two punk teenage kids.

        These people were criminals who were fought because they hated America / their community. Can you imagine how men fight in DEFENSE of their Country?

      • It took 10,000 or so officers and a week or so to track down Dorner. The Boston Bombers had an entire state shutdown for days. The limits of the State in combatting asymmetric warfare has been abundantly demonstrated.

        ISIS has what, 20,000, maybe 30,000 members? Yet they’ve managed to hold sway across several countries on two continents while staving off two super powers and the militaries of half a dozen other countries.

        We’re well into our second decade in Afghanistan, continuing to lose to illiterates making AKs in caves, just like the Soviets before that. Need I mention our success against Vietnamese peasants?

        Look, few people actually want a civil war here. I don’t. However, make no mistake that were one to erupt, it wouldn’t be a quick and tidy task like Grenada.

      • The Feds can’t even find a illegal PC server in a witches bathroom closet. Then recover her Top Secret email traffic.

        Change your last name to Clinton and you’re a Free Bird.

  2. Once you give up liberties to the state, they won’t come back. If the Constitution can be subverted, “in case of emergencies” then it never meant anything to begin with; generations of Americans died to afford us rights imbued by birth as human beings, the paper of the Constitution only enshrines that recognition in law. Either our rights have merit in our time or we restart this experiment, and no more infringements, no more giving up what belongs to us all.

    p. s. Dear NSA, I do not intend to say anything negative, ala HRC.

    • “p. s. Dear NSA, I do not intend to say anything negative, ala HRC.”

      Don’t sweat it, we have a *very* special folder started on you…..

    • I thought I was going crazy , this looked like something I would write exactly . I couldn’t agree more and I too send a big shout out to NSA and all the great folks there in Utah who are taking their Mormon foreign language educations to a completely new level .

  3. We won’t do a thing. The illegal guns will collect dust in a corner of an attic or rust in the ground.

  4. Fantastic quote. Ultimately, Tyranny is correct and those who truly stand by the Constitution and all the rights therein will have to stand up to our fellow “citizens” who are selective in their reading of what is in fact a right. It is 2 vastly different world views- those who see the govt as the supreme granter and confiscator of rights, and those who understand that we are all born with these rights. That is what being a free man means.

  5. In less than five years all homosexual politicians will call you a homophobe for not turning in your guns.
    In less than five years most black politicians will call you a racist for not turning in your guns.
    White politicians will call you a child killer for not turning in your guns.

    They will use tactics you have not even thought about to get your guns. This is a cold war.

    • Who cares if someone calls you a name? “Racist”, “Anti-Semite”, “Homophobe” all are nothing but made up terms to be used when you want to demonize someone else. The words are meaningless and without power unless you bow to them.

  6. Speaking of tyranny, how about a police officer who pulls you over for a broken tail light, asks you for your driver’s license, and then shoots you to death when you reach for your driver’s license?

    This just happened yesterday in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. The driver had a concealed carry license and informed the policeman that he was armed and had a concealed carry license. Nevertheless, when he reached for his driver’s license, the policeman drew his handgun and shot him four times.

    • MN has a “duty to inform.”
      I never saw any purpose for “duty to inform” clauses other than to give an already unstable redlining cop the last push needed to blow you away.

      • Yup, just look at the incident with officer Harless in Canton, OH. He shouted down the driver every time he tried to inform the cop that he had a CCW, then when the driver was finally able to tell him, he dragged him out of the car and threatened to murder him for legally carrying a gun.

        • WTF is that? I hope that cop faced charges and jail time? Or did it get swept under the rug. Just last week I got pulled over by a cop here in Nashville ( going a bit over speed limit ) he was very polite asked for my license etc, I said sure and just so you know I have a permit and am carrying. He was like, oh ok thanks for telling me, ran my DL and said hey slow down a bit. No ticket, no big deal. Seems like some cops don’t have the mental make up to do that job.

        • Darkstar said; “Just last week I got pulled over”

          The WHOLE concept of law enforcement (just like with the IRS, the Gestapo and NKVD) is that a very FEW enforcers can control a BIG population by doing very public random and sometimes even targeted enforcement so that the main body of that population is kept guessing about “will I be next?”, even if the individual NEVER encounters said enforcers personally. They only have to make a few very public examples to ensure the rest of us comply. That’s the idea. Even if 99% of the enforcers are just nice people and are just trying to protect society from the meaner dregs, that ONE bully that is allowed to get away with abusing his authority with little more than a slap on the wrist for getting the dept a few moments of negative publicity, contributes MASSIVELY to compliance.

          THEY know that they don’t have the manpower to catch everyone. They just have to put the fear of the state (and consequences) into everyone for the effect to be what they want. Face it, most people just want to go about their own personal lives and just don’t want to go massively in debt defending their civil rights. The agents of the state pay absolutely NO penalty for abusing the power of the state to enforce their will on the rest of us. They most likely will even get a promotion out of it.

        • Well now , we should eliminate all the confusion in these states like Ohio and just do what WV has done , restore the US Constitutional rights to the citizens of the state and then police officers must assume that everyone they pull over is legally armed .
          Makes everyone safer and on the same page .
          God bless the beautiful state of West Virginia and the beautiful people that call her home . May she grow more independent and conservative in time and show the world why her motto is ‘ Wild and Free ‘ . The only state to grow directly from the loins of the civil war and proudly proclaim that journey in blood .
          We have experienced some extreme weather here recently and will overcome as we always do but it will take some time and prayers .

        • Darkstar, nobody is going to criminally charge a cop for simply assaulting a law abiding citizen. In fact, they took the victim to court on failure to notify charges, which a judge threw out.

          As for Harless, they fired him, he sued, they eventually compromised, he resigned, and they paid him $40,000 to shut up and go away.

    • “Speaking of tyranny, how about a police officer who pulls you over for a broken tail light, asks you for your driver’s license, and then shoots you to death when you reach for your driver’s license?”

      It looks like the guy was a licensed concealed carrier, no less.

      I whispered in TTAG’s ear about this (with links to the graphic vid) at 8:30 am this morning…

  7. One thing to punch holes in paper, another to level a rifle at another and pull the trigger. The incremental assault on 2A provides cover for the erosion. Legislators, your elected representatives, use laws to get inside citizens OODA Loop, by passing more laws than citizens can defend against. Their high ground position cycles faster than the pondering entrenched judicial branch. Our local, state, and federal officials’ are trained to listen then ignore citizens grievances, the reason…they neither respect nor fear us. The keep getting elected and keep infringing. They collect our coin, while infringing our rights at every opportunity, however is it enough to raise a rifle…not yet. I often wondered how the slow creep of British intrusion effected Colonials lives, thanks to our legislators, I’m starting to understand.

  8. I remember seeing The People Vs Larry Flint and the line about if the constitution will protect the rights of people like Flint then everyone is protected. What we are seeing now is the incrimental removal of rights from smaller portions of the population. Eating the elephant one nibble at a time. Each nibble is not popular to fight for: misdemeanor domestic abusers, mentally ill, people on the no fly list, people on the terrorist watch list. No one can fight for these people without getting dirty. We will get smeared. But all we have is our integrity in the knowledge that moving towards liberty is always better than moving towards tyranny.

  9. Boy are we in trouble! The Slippery slope is here! Now what are “We the People going to do about it?” I believe a small quote is in order from Mel Gibson in The Patriot. When they asked him to fight against the king of England…He said “Why should I trade one tyrant 3000 miles away…For 3000 tyrants only 1 mile away…? A legislature can trample a man’s rights as surly a king…!”

  10. States have rights. The only people who can do anything about these new laws in California are the people in California. They’ve recalled politicians there before. They can do it again. Like someone else mentioned, they’ve rolled over when it comes to gun laws before. They may do that again. A major problem in California is their constitution has no provision for keeping and bearing arms. Hint: start there. When they make a state issue a federal issue it becomes everyone’s problem. Not good.

    • A major problem in California is their constitution has no provision for keeping and bearing arms. Hint: start there.

      We did!


      SEC. 1. The State of California is an inseparable part of the
      United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the
      supreme law of the land.

      Too bad the elected officials can’t follow this simple step.


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