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“I hate guns. … It was a large caliber gun. A .45. It was designed back during World War I. And this thing just stops people. It will kill someone within four or five seconds after they are struck. You bleed out. After the first shot (that struck Smith’s torso), he took three more in his back. We could go online and get 10 of them, and have them shipped to our house tomorrow. I don’t believe that was the intention when they allowed for the right for citizens to bear arms.” – Saint coach Sean Payton in Sean Payton rails against guns after Will Smith’s death [at]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Gun Makers Market to People With 'Ugly Power Fantasies'">Previous Post
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    • Agreed, the stupid with this idiot is painful. I feel less intelligent just for reading his words….. I almost wish that I followed pro sports so that I had money to stop sending to the NFL in protest. Almost…

  1. And this thing just stops people. It will kill someone within four or five seconds after they are struck.

    Sounds like exactly what I want in a kill or be murdered scenario

    • Yeah, except facts are pesky things, aren’t they?

      Ask Jared Reston about a .45 just killing people in 4-5 seconds. He found out he was in a gunfight when he got shot in the jaw by a .45. During the ensuing fight, he sustained multiple additional .45 caliber wounds.

      And, he’s still around.

      .45, like other handguns (and even rifles and shotguns for that matter) are not magical killers. The stupid is strong with statements like Sean Payton made. Maybe he should stick to playing a game and leave real thinking to those with a modicum of horsepower to accomplish the task.

  2. Ironic that a man who makes millions of dollars a year in a sport that causes debilitating brain injuries, and who likely paid his players to deliberately injure opponents, would get so ardently oppose guns. And how do I get those guns shipped to my house? Maybe NFL coaches can bypass the NICS check.

    • Maybe he runs a home FFL? If so, he could easily get them shipped to his house.

      …also, it’s perfectly legal in a state that doesn’t have UBC laws to ship a gun intrastate between private parties.

      • I was wondering about that. But even so, don’t Fed Ex, US, and USPS refuse to ship firearms to anyone but an FFL? Or no? At any rate, I am pretty sure that intrastate shipment is not at all what Payton was talking about.

  3. He’s right. Back in the day, you would have had to carry a bushel of corn and a bunch of beaver pelts several miles to the local smithy and trade for that .50 caliber smoke pole.
    No finger printing, no background check, no waiting, no permission slip.
    THAT was the intent our founders had in mind.

    • In the 1820s a trade gun was about $25-$30 for Indians (prices generally inflated compared to what was sold to whites) and buck pelts were worth $1 and beaver were worth $2. So really only need about 12-15 pelts if you were an Indian and probably less if you were a white man.

    • Not that long ago (1960’s) you could order a gun on the Sears catalog and have it delivered to your house by the USPS. No NICS. No FFL. You could even buy a gun at the local hardware store. Kids used to bring their rifles to school in the bus for show and tell or to go hunting after school.

      • except UPS didn’t exist in the 60s, IIRC. At any rate, it wasn’t the big thing that it is now. You could use the good ol’ USPS tho–yep, the gummint itself.

      • Well, hell, wrong all around. I will say I don’t recall ever seeing it the way I see it now. Pretty much all the shipping to people’s front doors I saw was being done by the Post Office.

  4. And we allow someone that ignorant to coach and fill impressionable minds with garbage.. I wonder how much other incorrect or skewed information he tells them and they believe it?

  5. Hey Coach, all that Vicodin you were implicated in stealing/imbibing will kill you awful quick as well.

  6. What’s the muzzle energy of a musket ball coming out of Brown Bess? How does that compare to a .45 ACP?

    I’m going to leave this coach alone, for now. He is grieving a terrible loss that surely hurts him deeply. He is looking for a scapegoat, which is a normal part of the process. Hopefully someone will eventually educate the man.

    • To answer your question, given one ball and a full charge, around 3 times as much energy as the .45ACP from a Government 1911. At just 80 yards, I’ve seen a Brown Bess cut a 3/4 inch whole clean through a cow elk. You could actually go significantly faster with modern reproductions.

      • I found this in an article written by Garry James for
        “We fired a Brown Bess musket at a side of beef from a distance of about 20 feet and photographed it with some sophisticated high-speed equipment. The destruction caused by the ball was jaw-dropping. At that range the bullet ripped right though flesh, gristle and bone, tearing out huge chunks of meat, barely changing direction along the way.”

        • I’m going mostly off topic for a moment but: If the anti-gunners believe we should only be using muskets, then it would seem they have never actually seen what a musket ball is capable of.

          Perhaps a video demonstrating the destructive force of a musket ball, compared to the destructive force of a 9mm, .45 side arm, and/or .223 from an “assault rifle” (stomach just heaved at me for using that term…) might be in order?


          Just have to make sure and use a side of tofu so as not to upset the vegans… /sarc

          In all seriousness, this could be the start of a new Youtube channel: “Breaking Liberal”

        • Your devastating impact of a single musket shot rebuttal will not go far with the gun grabbers who will simply bring up 30 round magazines. They will argue the hundreds of shots in a minute nonsense. These people are like whack-a-moles. I don’t play their get-down-in-the-mud game with them. My position is not one more inch.

    • No, he won’t be educated…. because these ‘fragile moments’ are then held up as reasons to rob us of our rights.

  7. A lot of talk comming from a dirt bag who paid his players to deliberately injure others. I guess the civilized society guns helped create are what keeps this animal at bay.

  8. Mr. Peyton, with all do respect, you know very little about firearms and firearm laws. Hatred of an inanimate object is ridiculous. Since I know nothing about coaching football, I’ll refrain from telling you what to do. Kindly repay this by keeping your mouth shut about guns.

  9. We could go online and get 10 of them, and have them shipped to our house tomorrow.

    Maybe on House of Cards, but not here in the real world. Of course, you’re welcome to prove it, Coach BountyGate.

  10. This reminds me of the saying about a fool opens his mouth and removes all doubt, unless those listening to him are just as foolish and believe, and publish, every word.

  11. I genuinely feel sorry for Sean. His friend and employee died for no good reason. He should be upset, but he should be upset at how a man with a record obtained a gun instead of going on a tangent about the .45 cartridge and online guns sales of which he is clearly ignorant. Sorry for your loss Mr. Peyton but focus your anger on the jack@$$ who pulled the trigger.

  12. Stick to tossing balls.

    He forgot about the fact a .45 will strip a person Clean to the bones and vaporize their soul.

    • And I guess he just didn’t have cause to mention that he can walk into a gun shop and buy full-auto machine guns by the dozen. It just occurs to me that some of these ignorant gun-haters will never be satisfied, because even if the restrictions they claim to want were enacted, they would be too damned ignorant to know it. Just like they are now.

    • The man is clearly grieving after his friend was shot 4 times with a 45. Geeze, there probably wasn’t even a body left over for them to bury, cut him some slack.

    • “He forgot about the fact a .45 will strip a person Clean to the bones and vaporize their soul.”

      I’ve often wondered what would happen if a ginger (red-head) were shot with a .45 since, y’know, gingers don’t have souls and all.

  13. So sad. I wish they wouldn’t pour flame onto the fires of those who are grieving.

    And I wish they wouldn’t give so much credence to just absolute blatant ignorance. SIGH.

    I hope he finds some peace in this tragedy. He won’t find it in front of a camera, though. Just saying.

  14. All this is doing is furthering my opinion that the NFL is a league run by idiots, populated by idiots, with a product that appeals to (mostly) idiots.

  15. Yet another reason I have to completely boycott the NFL. It has become an organization completely at odds with American values. And this from a guy that played football as a kid and prayed for Tom Landry, and to be honest probably to him as well.

  16. Dunno that I’ve ever seen quite that much ignorance passed off as factual certainty in one statement. But since it’s gunz, no-one in the “news” media will correct him.

    • That may be half the whole problem with the world, that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves.

      • It is certainly a factor on the Internet.

        Was a time when opening your mouth and saying something stupid got you at least ridiculed by your buddies (who could be argued to have been protecting you from larger ridicule).

        Now, ignorance and stupidity is celebrated. People get “likes” on social media for being stupid on purpose, for example.

  17. He’s from Chicago and buys into their gun control ideas, which is pretty much all you need to know about him.

  18. Grieving is still not an excuse to spew a bunch of ignorant junk. Especially on stuff you have no clue about.

  19. He should stick to losing football games , it seems that’s all he’s truly knowledgeable about…..

    • Right? Talk about poor to mediocre. I don’t see how that guy still has a job. Ever since the super bowl they won they’ve gone 7-9 or 6-10. This year I expect the slump to continue an their absolute ceiling is 4-12.

  20. I’d like to see Sean go online and get ten of them in 24hrs… he’d do a better job than the BATF. Maybe he also thinks the Saints are going to win the Superbowl next year.

  21. Illegally playing players bounties for injuring opposing players = true class.
    His understanding of gun laws = true genius.
    This guy does not care, even 1 tiny bit, how dumb he ever looks apparently!

  22. We do this to ourselves as well. Radio was droning on the other morning with some insipid morning show. The topic was, “what did you do with your refund?”

    First red flag should have been that they prefer getting refunds over making payment – why would you want to give Uncle Sam an interest free loan?

    Anyhow, what caught my attention was a woman who spent her $3k+ on guns. An AK, an AR, and a 9mm handgun.

    1) she claimed she needed the 9 in order to get her LTC. Maybe she meant that she just didn’t have anything to carry before that…

    2) the hosts, to their credit, didn’t even bat an eye in response to the AR

    3) what baffles me was the AK. The host asked, “isn’t that a machine gun?” Rather than point out that it’s a rifle and semi vs auto, she said she uses it for hunting. She then elaborated that while it can be a one shot-one kill device, you can get off many rounds quickly. And then she said that was why machine guns are better to hunt with. So, while she was right about the many round quickly, she left every listener with the impression they are full auto.

    And remember, this was a gun owner. We do it to ourselves, folks. We do it to ourselves.

    • I’ve never understood that IRS mindset.

      What gets me is the *pride* they have in getting a monster refund.

      Hell’s bells, I try my damnedest to owe them $1 per year.

      Those are the folks that also seem to have a problem comprehending matching 401k contributions…

      • Those monster refund “earners” are proud, because they didn’t have to earn it. Unless you call procreating for sport earning something.

    • Yeah, but it sounds like she’s such a new gun owner that she knows about as much about them as the antis do.

    • And then she said that was why machine guns are better to hunt with.
      I agree. M60 machine guns make excellent game harvesters. I order them from Wally World using Fake Belch and they send them in the mail; and ten or so show up at my house.

  23. His opinion is unsurprising. He can’t hate the perp; from the sounds of the guys description, he very nearly represents a portion of the players in the NFL. All apologies to any NFL players that are good people and good citizens. You really should police your ranks better.

  24. So a guy who paid his players to intentionally hurt other players is questioning the morals of others? God forbid we have the means to be defensively equal to being attacked by somebody with the physical stature of an NFL player. Not that an NFL player would hurt people for money . . . wait . . .

  25. I think he’s got .45 mixed up with .30-06. But even with a .30-06 you’re only going to bleed out in 4 of 5 seconds if you’re shot in the heart of aorta.

  26. In other news, surveillance video from a few blocks prior shows Smith very clearly following too close to the hummer and then rolled into to the back of it when Hayes stopped. As soon as Hayes pulled over Smith very quickly drives around and then speeds off. The way he clattered into the back looks very much like someone had been over served at his last stop of the night, wonder when we will get the tox report back. Initially whiteness reports also state that Smith threatened that he was going to go back to the car and get his gun right before Hayes opened fire.

    And yeah, caliber wars and all that, I’d probably rather have a 45 when several hundred pounds of pissed off (likely drunk) professional athlete decides to confront me in traffic. I don’t get into the habit of following people and deliberately crashing into them so this is likely a moot point for me, thankfully.

    Hayes had a prior arrest for “illegal weapons” but according to the news at least this charge was not significant enough to make him a prohibited person. The more details that come out the more this looks like two stupid people winning stupid prizes, but still leaning towards a “good shoot”. Interested to see where this goes.

    • Yup. It is also possible that Smith was pursuing him since well before the film begins, and rammed into him intentionally a previous time. Can you imagine the shitstorm if he is accquited?

  27. Not much to add. Whiny be-otch after being beaten by the da’ Bears in the NFC title game. Actually disgraceful. Should have been banned forever after the bounty thing. I’m not so quick to think intimidation wasn’t going on in the death of Smith either. As in gigantic football players facing off on the roadway…

  28. I won’t the name of that web site I need 10 new 45 auto’s delivered to my house.

  29. Coach Payton should remain in his fantasy world of football and leave reality to those who live there.

  30. “We could go online and get 10 of them, and have them shipped to our house tomorrow.”

    And the day after tomorrow, 20 federal agents will kick your door in and wreck all of your stuff, because you just broke about a bajillion laws if you actually are able to do that, which I doubt you could since you’re obviously talking out your ass and with zero real knowledge of the subject, considering you think the .45 is some sort of magic lightswitch.

  31. I’m still waiting for an anti-gun person, any anti-gun person, to back up the claim they can have guns shipped to their door without being an FFL with the appropriate business licensing.

  32. Payton was suspended in 2012 for the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, when cash payments were made for injuring targeted players on opposing teams.

    So I have two questions.

    Does Payton know as much about guns as he does about the NFL rules?

    Which is more dangerous: a gun in my holster, or Sean Payton on the sidelines of an NFL game?

  33. “We could go online and get 10 of them, and have them shipped to our house tomorrow.”
    You could go online and ORDER ten .45s, and have them shipped to a local FFL. And then confront the BATFE who will have been forewarned that you are buying more than one handgun in 30 days. And then try to convince them not to arrest you.
    Maybe that’s what the fool meant to say, but just can’t figure out the using words thing. Its a pretty tough skill for todays zombie sheep. They will need to know some words, AND how to put them together in a coherent way. That’s a lot to ask of a PE major, most of which got through higher education with a photocopier and a lot of beer.

  34. Quote: But there are places, like England, where even the cops don’t have guns.”
    So how is that working out for them in the UK
    I understand his reply, but he’s over-reacting to a single event because it is close to home to him.
    I’m at home right now, waiting for my 10 STI 9 mms to be delivered to my doorstep.
    Totally clueless.
    I hate brain injuries – maybe we can do a swap.

  35. The NFL and it’s supporters.
    Another justification that the world wide human population should be reduced to, and never allowed to exceed 5,000,000.

  36. .45 ACP is a “large caliber”?

    I’d hate to see what they’d label something chambered in .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum or larger…

    And I can order guns straight to my house and not have to go through an FFL?


  37. Is this the coach for the same New Orleans Saints that had a “bounty” system on opposing team players? Yeah, just checking.

  38. “We could go online and get 10 of them, and have them shipped to our house tomorrow.”

    WHERE? WHERE? Give us the online address!

    Brain-dead NFL idiot.

  39. In addition to all the coach’s stated ignorance, he makes no reference to the handgun found in Smiths car! Doesn’t that make Smith a evil gun owner that he is crying over. Their have been quite a few pro athletes busted with guns and he does not address that behavior. Just another whiner. It really makes you wonder what, if anything he would say if Smith had protected his Wife and self by killing the other guy? Alas, no DGU issue to avoid so he runs his mouth, truly insperational for all the gun grabbers.

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