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“Nothing says journalistic integrity and trustworthy reporting like making an absurd claim, mocking everyone who called it absurd, refusing to provide any source information to back up the claim, and then telling everyone else to do the reporter’s research for him.” – Sean Davis in Washington Post Reporter Doubles Down On Fake News About Guns [via]

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  1. Oh you fellas don’t even know what I’ve gone through here in Florida calling Channel 9 News multiple times to correct their straight up lying to the people. Just recently with the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting we here at ttag had information up on the shooter hours before they released his name on the TV to the public and when they did they said that he had made threats terroristic threats but they did not go into any detail on those threats that he made. Nothing about him being a jihadist Muslim terrorist and being investigated by the FBI in Anchorage Alaska. It’s like they pick and choose what the cover and then put their liberal Progressive biased opinion and RAM it down your throat. I actually called this last time over the Fort Lauderdale thing and I told the supervisor that I got in touch with that you are reporting incorrect information and you know what this Joker had the balls to tell me? He asked me where I was getting my information and if I could Supply him with an email link to where I was getting my information from so that he could update his newscasters. I almost fell off my couch laughing at him right in his face on the phone. I told him you’ve got to be kidding me you want me to do your job and fat check your reporters after the fact they went on the air and reported false information??? I said if I’m going to be doing anything like this I need a consulting fee he laughed and basically hung up on me. And that’s Bay News Nine for you quality propaganda 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. And this was the same news agency that got all bent Outta hell when Obama covered up the actual telephone call from the Pulse Nightclub terrorist where he was making Muslim the hottest threats over the phone to the nine-one-one operator and pledging his allegiance to Isis just a bunch of crap.

  2. It’s the leftist/progressive temper tantrum now that they’ve lost. We see it here from 2asux and concernedwhat’shisface.

    Like Hitler moving imaginary divisions around his map table as the Russians were battering Berlin down above him. They can’t believe or accept that their fantasy is now ash.

    Sad, really. But then you have to be somewhat unbalanced to be a leftist/progressive.

    This Russian hacker got Trump elected bs is the lefts variant of the right wing loonies birther nonsense.

    • Some of us who have nothing better to do than pay attention to these sorts of comments may have noticed our friend 2Asux and his methods. The 2Asux handle is what he uses when playing the role of “the devil’s advocate” – seemingly trolling us but actually stimulating us to refute what can sometimes be our opponents strongest arguments. He goofed a few days ago, though, and logged in as 2Asux while giving a rational, reasoned albeit peeved comment to something… you could say the mask slipped a bit! 😉

      • Not buying it. After an extensive exchange with “2Asux”, I believe he’s a true believer. I came away from that exchange thinking that if he’s not Piers Morgan, he is probably a devoted acolyte of Piers. I figure he might actually be Piers, as he’s the only Brit I know of who absolutely cannot let it go, who still thinks he knows what’s best for the American people, and who will argue hell and high water to defeat us.

  3. If the .22lr is high powered, I need to get rid of a few handguns. They must be too powerful for me to handle.
    Whew. Glad I found that out by simply reading.

    • this time 4 years ago, I would have said oh well, can’t find any .22 so whats the point.

      BUT, .22 LR is back in the greater Reno area so I would be happy to take those fierce, hard kicking magnums off ya…

  4. Personally, I believe the .22LR is the finest zombie killer on the planet. In the brain pan and rattles all around; what more could you ask?

    • Then again, according the the zombie apocalypse documentary I watched (The Walking Dead) you can push a straw through the thickest part of a zombie skull and any damage to any part of their brain is instantly immobilizing.

  5. I am going to give Rosenwald the benefit of the doubt. He wrote the story to the best of his ignorance.

    • The Israelis sometimes use a 22 do when the they need a round that is in between “non lethal” and full bore kill the bastard.

      • If it’s used by a military, it must be high-powered.
        This joker would refer to a PT boat as a high-powered ship.

    • Based on a cognizance of the level of his ignorance it is most likely that he overheard somewhere that M-16 and M-4 rifles fire .22 caliber rounds. Unwilling to research any farther he simply assumes that these must be .22 LR.

      The really stupid part about it is that when he’s corrected on the point he makes no effort to educate himself and simply keeps insisting that he’s right and everybody else is an idiot.

      • And why wouldn’t he? He gets paid to lie, not to do research. Researching the issue would harm his personal status, not help it.
        Its not so much that he is unwilling to do his homework, it’s that his bosses give him an “A” for NOT doing it. What child would ever do his homework if the skool(that’s how they say it, that’s how I spell it 🙂 PAID him for NOT doing it?

    • The Russians are very fond of the .22 LR. It is used (or at least was used in the past) for executions in their prisons for political prisoners. Two to the back of the skull, low noise, little blood, no over-penetration, very lethal. The .22 round goes in but doesn’t come out, it just rattles around inside the skull making scrambled eggs of the brain.

      • A .22LR can go in some strange directions if fired point-blank at the skull, but the idea that .22 round can repeatedly pinball around inside someone’s noggin with no loss of momentum is a very silly myth.

        • I think that started with the fake media reporting on the Reagan / Hinkley shooting when they were saying that a .22 is more deadly than larger calibers because it bounces off bones and goes in so many directions that it inflicts more damage.

          That’s right. Fake news didn’t start with the Internet.

  6. Fake news from a fake journalist. What happened to the days when every sentence in an article was backed up in writing by referencing the source? Nowadays, every front page “article” smells like it came from the op-ed section or The Enquirer. If the MSM can regulate their own journalist standards, maybe we should have the government do it for them?

  7. I had heard that the 22 was used for close range sniping during WWI. The low signature was often lost in the all the sounds of war. But this would have to be relatively close range and still a great danger for the shooter to get close enough.

    • Across a thousand yards of mud, bombardment and trenches of that war, find it peculiar that a rifleman would forgo the finest bolt action rifles of the day for a .22LR.

    • It occurs to me that the noise of a .338 Lapua at 1,500m probably compares pretty favorably to a .22LR at 100m.

      • It would have been tough to get a .338 Lapua in WWI.

        The standard .30-06 or .303 British, however, would probably drown out quite effectively against a background of falling artillery.

        • And why would noise make any difference anyway, in a static trench warfare situation? The only use I can think of would have been for someone like Brad Pitt’s character in “Legends of the Fall”, who, for whatever reason, strips to his skivvies and crawls out into no man’s land in the dark to take a belt full of scalps.
          Quite a good way to earn an instant section 8…

  8. Well, under NY SAFE, my .22LR target pistol with a threaded barrel is considered an “assault weapon”, so what else would you expect from this bunch?

  9. I imagine that he heard someone say that the .223 bullet was just a .22 and then conflated the 5.56×45 cartridge with the .22lr. I have run into at least one other person who did this.

    • you are most likely correct.

      On the other hand, its still fun to poke the idiot who said the stupid things and won’t admit to his mistake. And as long as he continues to act like a petulant 4 year old child, its still funny. Like the kid who was told not to touch the electric fence. But telling him not to touch was just asking for it to happen. 3 times in 1 hour he came inside crying for mommy.


    This is a laugh. Read the comments, columnist is getting railed. We can never have a real conversation about the news until we skip past fake and go straight to objective. That is a conversation we’ll never see from the MSM however, which is why they use the term “fake.”

  11. Amen on the fake news. Why do many people fall for the other fake news these propaganda vehicles spew out? As if their fake news is only on certain topics.

    • People want to believe that anything supporting their preconceived notions, is true.

      Can’t tell you how many times on how many sites I’ve read that “80% of the firearms homicides in the USA are gang-related.” Read that here, in fact — sourced to the JPFO, of all places.

      Here’s what the JPFO said: “In fact, a staggering 80% of gun homicides are gang-related. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), gang homicides accounted for roughly 8,900 of 11,100 gun murders in both 2010 and 2011.”

      It’s a completely fictional fabricated lie. It even references an actual CDC study (, so that makes it sound “official” – but if you read the study — the study says absolutely *nothing* about 80%. Or gangs! Search the document, the word “gang” doesn’t even appear in that study! And according to the actual statistics, gang-related firearms homicides are more like 20%.

      But hey, the POTG want to believe it, so it gets repeated and repeated. That’s how fake news spreads, and how people fall for it — because they want to believe it.

      • You mean like fabricated CDC statements reassuring vaccine safety when there are no tests showing this?

        • No, more along the lines of “it says right here in this study” when, in fact, it does not say so anywhere in that study.

        • Sounds entirely plausible. There’s a whole lotta crime out there being committed by gangs other than firearms homicides! The National Gang Center’s survey of data through 2012 shows an estimate of about 2,000 homicides by gangs, per year, from 2007-2012. They don’t list what percentage of those homicides were by stabbing, or vehicle, or firearm, but even if we assume that 100% of them were shootings, that still puts the gang homicide rate at well under 20% of the approx. 11,900 annual homicides we averaged for those five years. Now, they didn’t survey absolutely every jurisdiction, so even if we give ’em a margin of error of, say, 50% — that’d be 3,000 gang murders each year, still only around 25% or so of total annual murders.

          So by the best data that we’ve got, the notion that “gangs commit 80% of the firearms homicides in the US” is simply unsupportable and exaggerates the number by a good 250% or so.

  12. There are, indeed, accounts of .22 LR being used as a *gasp* sniper rifle (aside from well-known hushpuppies, that is)

    However, it is unlikely that Mr. Rosewood is able to describe country, brand of ammo and application. There is reason to doubt his ability to discern .22 LR from 9x19mm, after all.

  13. Don’t quote me on this but I thought I heard Israeli special forces use the Ruger 10/22 in some applications.

  14. The only commonality between. .22 s/l/lr and 5.56 nato is just this; The diameter of the projectile.

    • Nope. Even there, the JournoListers get it wrong. The .22LR and .223/.22-250/etc are not the same diameter bore or bullet.

      SAAMI specifcations for .22 short, long, and long rifle are:

      Bullet diameter: 0.225
      Bore diameter: 0.217
      Groove diameter: 0.222

      Some barrel manufactures will make their “match” barrels be a thou tighter (eg, Dan Lilja, who makes some very nice .22LR barrels for match use). Dan’s sporting barrel profile is a half-thou (0.0005″) tighter (ie, 0.2215″) on the groove diameter. As I said, they’re very nice barrels for .22 use.

      Now let’s talk about the .22{1,2,3,4} rifle rounds. By this nomenclature, I mean .223 Remington, .22 Hornet, .221 Fireball, .222 Rem Mag, .22-250, etc, etc, etc. Here’s those specs:

      Bullet diameter: 0.2245
      Bore diameter: 0.219
      Groove diameter: 0.224

      The specs on the .22 WMR are more like the centerfire .22{1,2,3,4} barrels. ie, .22 WMR bullets are larger in diameter. This is why you have marginal accuracy shooting a .22LR out of a .22 WMR rifle.

      No one has to believe me. There’s an organization who keeps all this information in one place, and makes it available FOR FREE:

      If you can read an engineering print, and you know a little bit about dimensioning (you don’t even need to understand GD&T) you can see all the information you want here. But I suppose even these modest requirements exclude most all journalists.

      • They are so close 5.56 and .22 that an adapter kit is made to allow. 22 lr to be fired from an ar or m16. I know, we used them in the military to utilize indoor ranges to zero.

  15. I missed the part about being 22lr “high powered” in my first read through.

    I was to caught up in sub sonic less lethal ammunition.

    A) Can departments carrying 45acp use their duty weapons as less lethal uof options now?

    B) I guess a 500 gr 458 is less lethal than 22 lr standard velocity because subsonic

    Lol roflcopter

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