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“(Schumer) really stood up and became a leader in the gun-violence prevention space. This is a really important fight to improve public safety and help save lives in America. We do need to use every tool that’s at our disposal. The ability to use comedy to reach new audiences is incredibly powerful.” – Brina Milikowsky, chief strategy officer for Everytown for Gun Safety in ‘Inside Amy Schumer,’ Guns, and Comedy’s Fifth Wall [at]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Armed Self Defense Deprives Perps of Their 6th Amendment Rights">Previous Post
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  1. The ability to use comedy to reach new audiences IS incredibly powerful. But if that’s your goal why the hell would you hire Amy Schumer?

    • How do you be funny on a topic when you: a) know virtually or literally nothing on the topic; b) are so filled with hatred, rage, and bile for those who take the gun rights side.

      She can’t pull off a Lewis Black act. Hell she can’t even pull off not being an annoying. Those Bud Light mock election commercials with another annoying actor are god awful.

  2. Typical of the anti-gun brain-trust. Some sorry celeb bleating against natural rights > a hundred million gun owners. Poppycock.

  3. “We do need to use every tool that’s at our disposal.” A disposable tool. A perfect way to describe her. Couldn’t do it better myself.

  4. America the land of opportunity…anyone with enough coin can pay another to deep discount one rights and liberties.

    • You didn’t like the Roasts? The Sheen Roast?

      “Steve-O. I truly am no joke sorry for the loss of your friend Ryan Dunn. I know you were thinking ‘I could have been me’ and we were all thinking ‘Why wasn’t it?’.” “Charlie you get a bad wrap. I mean you’re like Bruce Willis. You were big in the ’80s, and now your old slot is being filled with Ashton Kutcher.”

      It was obvious even then that if craft services didn’t keep her on a short leash – she was gonna Kirstie Allie.

      • If you ever want to see a brilliant and brutally vicious celebrity roast, see Chevy Chase’s.

        Hands-down the meanest (and the funniest!) one I’ve ever seen, as Chevy has a rep for being a real piece of human excrement to work with…

        • Don’t forget Flav-R-Flav, or Bob Saget. ..

          To be frank, Giraldo was most of why I watched roasts, now that he’s gone, they have far less draw for me. He was one of the Harvard-educated lawyers that I actually have liked.

  5. Why is she even popular? She acts like a slut I get that, but she isn’t very attractive… She has the facial features of some pig creature from the book Animal Farm. When people start looking up to idiots like this I just don’t know what to think besides Rome is circling the drain. She is a great example of how people can be conditioned to accepta person for anything as long as they are marketed as such. Kind of like how a certain president will go down as having “the most transparent administration” yes , yes because saying it enough makes it fact.

  6. She acts as if the shooting during the movie in she made is about her.
    Isn’t she quite the narcissist and budding fascist.

  7. We do need to use every tool that’s at our disposal. The ability to use comedy to reach new audiences is incredibly powerful.”
    Right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook of Rules For Radicals.

  8. And I’m absolutely certain that if she were faced with a life-threatening assault and a good Samaritan with a “legal” concealed weapon came to her assistance she would decline his/her help and declare her willingness to wait for the police to show up.

    Now THAT would be funny.

  9. Personally I wish Amy Schumer would shut up about her holes.

    • Yeah enough has gone into or come out of her holes for a lifetime. Time to retire.

  10. Using comedy to “reach people” to further your anti-gun agitprop seems counter-productive. Anybody listening will be waiting for the punchline.

  11. Nothing new. Comedycentral has been a liberal propaganda mainstay for decades now.

  12. Amy should stick to what she knows best, making jokes about being shanky and wearing clothes which are too tight and show off her extra pounds.

  13. Echo chamber alert!

    I seriously doubt anyone who follows Amy Schumer (who is essentially a liberal female version of Larry the Cable Guy both in physical appearance, intellectual ability, and breadth of content) could ever be construed as a fence straddler on the gun issue. So she will continue to make short penis jokes about gun owners, her followers will applaud and hoot and holler, and normal people will continue living their lives un-changed.

    • I’d agree on physical appearance, but Larry the Cable Guy is a smart guy pretending to be dumb, Schumer is a dumb woman pretending to be smart.

  14. I have to ask, is NICS not a thing that exists and is used at the moment of a firearm purchase; nationwide? We don’t need another background check system, we already compromised and got NICS, if the top-heavy bureaucracy of this country can’t keep that database up to date tough shet for the anti’s. I know that NICS was somehow (sarc) not completely accurate which has led to several purchases taking place that shouldn’t have happened, so why do we need a generally unfunny comedian to promote more infringment?

  15. Oh look, another failure to determine the root cause in problem solving. Her stupid comment on background checks will not affect criminal behavior or criminals. It will place the burden of criminal behavior on those that have nothing to do with it.

  16. Ewww…slutty the whore strikes again. Inside Amy Schumer indeed. You ain’t a size 6 either…

    • You’ve mentioned that twice. Did she claim to be a size 6?

      Because, I’d say she is a size 10-12. She might wear a size 6, but wearing and being aren’t the same thing.

      Not that I think there is anything wrong with being a size 10-12, I just think people should wear clothes that actually fit them. Even people with bangin’ bodies.

      • Yes. Yes she did. When she whined about being included with +size gals like the talented Melissa McCarthy. On the cover of some chick magazine…nothing wrong with fat chicks-just THIS one.

        • Clearly, she has some extra junk in the trunk and likes to wear tight clothes, but I thought she just like to wear tight clothes…

          I didn’t realize she was in denial about being an YFWG (young fat white girl.)

      • She got all sorts of pissy after glamour magazine penned an article about “women who inspire us” when it featured her along side Melissa McCarthy and a few other really um, rather large ladies. The whole magazine earlier this month was devoted to plus sized women.

        • She is not as big as McCarthy, but yeah, she ain’t no f*cking size 6…

  17. Chuck Schumer reaching out to his Cousin Amy asking her to take rights away with a promise of making her more rich and famous. Most people will instead turn off. Did not believe she was funny before, did not bother to watch her comedy, not going to change a lot of people’s minds now either.

  18. What that quote describes is “propaganda,” in the literal, dictionary, not-using-hyperbole-completely-serious sense. Whether you like Amy Schumer’s schtik or not, she’s clearly being used by people who only care about her utility. As long as folks are looking at Amy Schumer, the lefties adore her and flatter her because she’s useful. As soon as being the face of gun control tanks her career, they’ll leave her and go on to adore the next easily-influenced flavor of the week. It’s kind of sad, for her and for us. Poor Amy, she’s from New York and everyone there agrees with her; she doesn’t realize what a controversial issue this is out here in America, because she thinks she lives in America…

  19. “Inside Amy Schumer” not this ol boy! I can’t imagine being that hard up.

  20. Considering her comedy mostly revolves around being a slutty stuck-up rich white chick, her audience isn’t that large. Mostly alcoholic upper-middle class middle-aged white women.

  21. Yep I’ll listen to her about guns while I’m listening to Gwyneth Paltrow about medicine.

  22. Her show isn’t funny. It isn’t clever or witty. It’s just one floppy-vagina joke after the other. She’s not an expert in her own field. What makes her or others think she’s an expert on gun policy?

  23. We need a liberty check system without holes and flaws like background checks, fees, paperwork, regulations, licensing, permitting, taxes, delays, to do really simple things like go hunting, target shooting, or self defense. Less control of my life is better. I would really like to live my life and be left alone without control and interference by people with opinions.

  24. There’s no background check to look into the hearts and minds of the person. When will the US understand that?

  25. Sometimes you just have to bring the truth and say …”She’s a dumbazz Leftist C*”….. and I’m not talking Comedienne.

  26. When bros bombing at open mics do this kind of material it’s not funny. It’s still not funny when she does it and appends it (barely) with a wink at irony.

    • I’m all in favor of taking her shooting, except that always been foreplay for using my ‘gun’ (this is my rifle…) and that would never happen with that hambeast. No matter how much blow was on the mirror.

      Size 6 my ass. Vanity sizing may have her as a (huge) 8-10, but she is a size 6 like I’ve got $50MM. (I don’t have $50MM.) She woulda been a 10-12 when I was in HS in the ’80s before the madness of Saks telling fat chicks with money that they were skinnier than they were.

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