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“If you refuse to accept a whole race as full and equal members of the community, and you are habituated by centuries of racism to think of this race as particularly prone to violence and criminality, then arming yourself doesn’t seem too strange. And because you don’t feel like you belong to a shared community, you are more willing to tolerate the destruction of black lives that comes from the toxic admixture of a mountain of guns combined with a deep legacy of institutional racism and social exclusion.” – Anthony AnnettGuns and White Identity [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Indiana Law Professor Wants a Government-Sponsored Culture War on Guns">Previous Post
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  1. When you can’t win an argument with facts call someone a or a group of people racist…

    I think this is on page one of the progressive manifesto…

    • “Anthony Annett is a climate change and sustainable development advisor at the Earth Institute at Columbia University”

      Anyone need to know any more about the twit?

      • Does that mean he’s an expert on climatology, ecology, economics, engineering, or agriculture? Is he an expert on all of them?

        Or is he, as I rather suspect, an expert on none of these things?

        • Surely his giant space alien head contains much knowledge. OMG, I just realized I’m a headist!

        • I don’t think “climatology” is even really a field of study so much as a generic term for the various fields of study about the climate. For example, I remember looking up the academic backgrounds of various climatologists, and they varied from professors of atmospheric science to ocean physics to geology to mathematics.

      • That pretty much sums it up. A holier than thou statist who wants to control your lightbulbs, toilet paper, and recycling bins.

      • He should demonstrate his lack of racism by taking frequent evening strolls through Harlem.

  2. I can never quite figure how I can be one of those “racist gun owners” as a biracial person…

    I guess I must hate only half of myself, but not the white half for being white, but kinda the white half for being a white gun owner, because the “monitory” half hates racist white gun owners…

    But then, that’s a double negative, so I like myself, I guess.

    It’s all so confusing.

    • They’ll call you Tom (obviously having never read the book) or a self-hating racist; they’ve got at least one name for everyone, I’ve noticed.

      • I’m so tired of this bullshit. There is nothing ACTIVELY being done TO any minority to prevent them from excelling. What there are are a number of progressive systems in place (welfare, gun control, planned parenthood) that are designed to prevent minorities from attaining prosperity.

        The fact that they continue to use and support those systems is not my frigging fault.

        • All you say is true, including the devastating effect the welfare state has on families, which is downstream of much of these issues.

          But I would say the highest priority is the break the power of the public school teachers’ unions. This coming from the child of two teachers, both life-long and active members of teachers’ unions.

          You can’t get any kind of decent job if you can’t read or have basic math skills. You just can’t. And a crazy high percentage of the kids who do manage to graduate from inner city schools in South Chicago, LA, DC, etc. are functionally illiterate. NY was getting better, but now worse again thanks to Comrade Big Bird. Or the Obama justice dept, who sues the hell out of any district that starts improving by offering choices. They take care of the unions, not the kids.

          And it’s not like most of those inner city schools are starved for cash. Most get as much or more per student than successful schools in the burbs. But they are all clamoring for more money and less choice for parents, while teachers’ and administrators’ salaries continue to go up relative to those of the communities they (fail to) serve.

          So who runs those inner city schools that are rotting and utterly failing their students? Who, by and large, are the teachers? Union Democrats. Who are the administrators? Democrats. Who dominates the school boards? Democrats. Who runs the unions? Radical leftists, giving themselves huge salaries, and giving kickbacks to the Democratic Party to maintain the status quo.

          Until inner-city voters understand who the true enemy is, who is really holding them down, things will never get better. Unfortunately, one of the main benefit the radical left gets out of this unholy hold on public education is a platform to indoctrinate.

    • I understand. My Scottish side has a lot of unresolved issues with my English side, and with my Irish side…and my other Scottish side. Damn Scots, they ruined Scotland!

    • Actually for my parents it would be a wetback lover and honky lover… But same, same.

  3. Deflection.

    Also, where do these people come up with the notion that gun owners are all white?

    • The MSM mainly. They live in a fantasy world hoping that one of these attacks will be perpetrated by 55 year old, white, Christian, NRA member, conservative to further reinforce their beliefs. Unfortunately they are all unstable liberals or Muslims….but yet the former example is still blamed…..because gunz…..and white people.

    • Why do they think that gun owners are all white?

      Because they can’t see the content of one character. Only the color of ones skin. They are the definition of racist.

      • Yep. This guy maligns all gun owners as inherently bad and assumes that only one race (i.e. skin color) comprises this monolithic block of Bad People. It’s bigotry and racism, pure and simple.

  4. This guy lives in his own little world. They know him there.

    What a whiney doofus. Sad. Sad.

    • They are not interested in understanding our point of view. When they purport to make an effort, it’s always snark and belittlement at best, outright demonetization at worst.

  5. So progressives are racist? It’s the progressives that treat the black community as though the black community cannot survive without dependency the benevolent white liberal elite in government.

      • They certain are the most racist group of people, at least thatI can think of. Racism is seeing someone’s race and not their character or actions. I only bring up the race card if there are stats to back a certain groups predisposition towards a certain action. The author probably hasn’t looked at crime stats or heard about the “warrior gene”. Yeah that stuff exists as far as I can tell but I’m not racist enough to apply those stats to every black person I meet unless they earn it. Liberals are just commie racsists.

  6. Because sharks are racist, cottage cheese causes global warming. That’s about what Libtard arguments sound like.

  7. Yeah, I always suspected the US Department of Justice was rascist and making up the statistical facts involving the inordinate rate of blacks committing violent crimes.

    Whew! Glad that’s out of the way. Now I can empty my gun safe, give away my ammo, and join the Progressive Parade. Anything I can do to avoid being called a rascist by someone who is whiter than me, who I do not know, and who’s feelings about me I give not two shits about.

  8. Huh? What? Like I tell my students “words, words, words and ended with a punctuation mark.”

    The issue, as I see it, with the Minnesota shooting is the investigation is not complete. Why should the NRA rush to judgement like everyone else? Just because an officer may have believed he was stopping an armed robbery suspect who just happens to have a gun and shots are fired doesn’t mean racism. Did the driver go for the gun, expose the gun while going for a wallet, make a move toward the gun after the officer said not to? Let’s see what the investigation turns up.

    • “Huh? What?”
      You took the response right outta my mouth. Such blather, who listens to this? Who thinks this is meaningful? I am a different species, speaking a different language, this is so far away from my reality. They THINK they know so much when they actually know so little. And WTF is “commonweasel magazine” anyway?

  9. Mr. Annett is a truly remarkable human being, isn’t he? Not only is the repository of all universal wisdom, but he has the supernatural ability to know what’s in a man’s heart without ever laying eyes on him. If he is so burdened by his white guilt that he wishes to abandon his right to self defense, more power to him. I for one still retain the desire to preserve my life and Mr. Annett’s reverse racism won’t change that any time soon. For what it’;s worth, I hope he’s has a chance to test his form of racial pacifism under fire when the world gets turned upside down.

  10. Arming oneself isn’t strange, and sensible people have been doing it for centuries. It’s our current culture, and it’s insistence that helplessness is virtue, that’s strange.

  11. This guy should test out his theory by breaking into my house at night and seeing how reluctant I am to shoot a white guy.

    • One of my all time favorite John Wayne lines:

      Mister, I don’t have a bigoted bone in my body. If you don’t drop that axe I’ll blast you to hell as quick as I would a white man.

    • My standing offer to do a late night demo of my Glock 20 (nightsights and fancy flashlight) and/or Mossberg with bayonet is open to all races, ethnicities, and creeds; we don’t discriminate at the SteveInCO ranch.

  12. Admixture-guy is confused. “Black rifle” means a rifle black in color, not a rifle for shooting black people.

    I suspect if some bonehead had a rifle specifically for shooting black people it would be another color, maybe with a pointy little white dunce cap on it. I have never heard of anything like that.

    Admixture-guy is confused a few other ways, too, but those admixed confusions – er – pale compared to this one.

    • Until recently very hard (and still expensive) to find an arctic/white AR. I’m sure can also find in red, yellow, etc “racial minority” AR. Would it make them happy if a black gay shot a “Hispanic” with a white/red/yellow AR?

      Unfortunately, there is as strong a progtard wacko strain of “thought” in the “activist” area of the Catholic church as appears to be in most of the Jewish community. All knowing, sanctimonious, fascists. I haven’t resolved if the death/decay ot Catholic church is a result or or a symptom.

  13. I don’t always wish bad things on people, but when I do I prefer…that these people who claim inherent racism could take a quick journey back in time to the Deep South circa 1940-1970, especially Mississippi in the 1960’s.

    I think if they did, then they would know what actual racism is.

    • At my alma mater, some frat boys drove past a Chinese student and tossed rocks and trash at him. He calmly walked to the campus police station, repeating the car’s make, model, and license plate to himself along the way, and filed a report. As a result, the idiots got kicked out of their frat and suspended from school. Justice well served. That said, having pebbles and sandwich wrappers thrown at you, like seeing someone at a Halloween party in a “culturally insensitive” costume, is not in the same league as being targeted en masse and extra-judicially murdered across multiple states a la the Jim Crow era. The campus SJW crowd would surely have you believe so, otherwise they wouldn’t have a crisis to whine about, but it’s simply not true.

      This is the problem with progressives. The rate at which bad things happen does not matter, only that they do, and they won’t be the slightest bit happy until bad things stop happening forever, which is impossible. It’s classic, juvenile, failed-utopian thinking. Shocking, race-based incidents still happen, but they’re always going to so long as people who look different from one another live in close proximity. All we can do is educate our friends and family as best we can on how not to be a prejudiced @$$hole and hope they stay the course.

  14. By the authors and Obama’s declaration I’m a bias racist…ok….now what, turning in my armaments baptizes me into the anti gun community? Am I absolved of sins of the Second Amendment for lawful self defense? Do I que up for reducation camps? Should should I be subject to civil asset forfeiture? Please do tell…

  15. Only a racist would accuse people of racism simply for practicing their 2nd amendment right. I am 25% Native-American, and 100% of me is deeply offended.

  16. I love hearing the term racist thrown around every five minutes. The reason being, every time it is used the wrong way, it loses it’s meaning and power. When someone throws that label at you, it’s because they are losing…they have nothing else and soon they won’t have their power move any more. So keep on calling me racist!

    • You could make a good drinking game out of it. Every time a liberal says ‘racist’ you take a shot. And may God have mercy on your liver.

        • “…i’ll carry your books, i’ll carry a torch, i’ll carry a tune, i’ll carry on, i’ll carry over, i’ll carry forward, i’ll cary grant, i’ll cash and carry, i’ll carry me back to old virginia, i’ll even hari kari if you’ll show me how,…”

      • Your liver? Hell, BAC over .045 is usually fatal. Start in the morning, you’d be dead by 14:00…

  17. Using libtard “logic,” ol’ Tony Annett is white, male and has a job… so therefore he’s a misogynistic racist rich 1-percenter, thus he must own a lot of guns too yet is being a liar and a hypocrite about that to keep other progressives from riding his @ss about it.

    (Ow, I think my brain pulled something from using their “logic.”) 😉

    So he hates himself and is trying to pass that hate onto others anyway he can, while presenting a fake persona to all around him. Got it.

  18. I guess he never met Otis McDonald, Shaneen Allen, Ken Blanchard, Colion Noir, Stacey Dash, Ice T, Maj Toure, Antonia Okifor, and David Clarke.

  19. I’m so tired of this bullshit. There is nothing ACTIVELY being done TO any minority to prevent them from excelling. What there are are a number of progressive systems in place (welfare, gun control, planned parenthood) that are designed to prevent minorities from attaining prosperity.

    The fact that they continue to use and support those systems is not my frigging fault.

    • Yep, when the government has you dependent on them because they provide your housing, school, healthcare and food, how can you ever expect to truly be free or prosperous? This goes for all people who suckle at the government teet, regardless of race.

    • you seem to be missing the point…the agenda today have nothing to do with elevating minority groups to equality, they are in place to reduce the 1st world to 3rd world status.

    • Everything about them is a facade, a lie, and a misdirection. They are terrified of the realization that they are part of the problem, that it is they who are racist and bigoted. They are the embodiment of “white privilege,” hatred, and irrational fear. They also hate themselves for being too cowardly to stand up to their own lies. So they deflect their inadequacies and prejudices on those that constantly remind them of their shortcomings. Evil people hate good and righteousness because it forces them constantly suppress the nagging realization that they are wrong.

  20. …you are more willing to tolerate the destruction of black lives that comes from the toxic admixture of a mountain of guns combined with a deep legacy of institutional racism and social exclusion.

    Per FBI UCR data, 90-95% of black homicide victims are killed by black perpetrators. A similar number (about 85%) holds true for white homicide victims.

    There is, statistically, no dominant racial aspect to homicide.

    • Except that the ~8% of Americans which is black, male, and aged 14-45 commit 50% of all murders in the US.

      Yes, just like white murderers, they generally confine themselves to their own.

      • You added the relevant context: some 2% of the population commit nearly 50% of all homicide, yes – but they are, by and large, killing others of their own skin color. There is no inter-racial bias.

        (These numbers also belie the inherent hypocrisy of BLM.)

        • BLM is perhaps the most egregiously racist org that I have seen in years. The scary part is that they have white idiots in the fold as well. No one is ever protesting in Chicago or North STL, where there are actually innocent people killed every day

          But they do show up in my neighborhood, to have a good cry and hold some signs. In the safety of the mostly white burbs.

        • The bigger question is why do we sit back and take it, wasn’t white guilt over after the OJ trial.

        • For the sake of truth in advertising, BLM should be titled Black Lives Matter Only When There Is A Tincture Of White Involvement That Can Be Exploited For Media Attention And Financial Gain, But Never Matter In The Overwhelming Number Of Cases Stemming From The Drug Trade And Other Outcroppings Of A Corrupt And Crumbling Urban Culture.

          I hear they work shopped that, but the hashtag would’ve been unwieldy.

        • BLMOWTIATOWITCEFMAAFGBNMITONOSFTDTAOOOACACUC? Somehow, I don’t see that catching on…

  21. Why gun-grabbers are inherently evil POSs. There, fixed him, err. . ., no, ‘corrected’ him.

  22. “the legacy of a “primitive liberalism” that exalts the autonomy of each individual over the idea of a common good that ties people together through reciprocal rights and responsibilities.”

    And this right here says it all. The “modern liberal” can’t seem to get their tiny little minds around the idea that autonomy and the common good are not antithetical ideas.

  23. Once upon a time, people heard news of tragedies such as mass murder and thought “Well, that sucks. Are my friends and family okay? Yup. Alright, back to work.” Now there’s this 21st century notion that because the world is connected by social media, everyone’s problems are now mine too. To demand that I feel the same staggering grief towards a bunch of anonymous statistics that I would at the funeral of a close friend, and want to destroy our nation’s founding documents as a result, is utter insanity. The fact that the “everyone gets a trophy” culture went off to college and became, “Everyone gets a special interest group, complete with free Safe Space™ and bucket of trigger warnings,” doesn’t help much either.

    Also, when someone starts throwing “-ist” buzzwords right out of the gate, it’s a sure sign their argument stands on a weak foundation

    • All those “ists” buzzwords typically reveal an intellectual laziness or inability to come up with a valid argument/counterpoint for why the other side is wrong. It’s akin to when you were losing an argument on a playground and would resort to calling the other kid butthead.

  24. So, if I have this right, most blacks are killed by other blacks. Because of this I am a racist… sure.

  25. Man, do I ever get tired of white liberals claiming they are ‘for’ me or ‘understand’ me or ‘know my plight’. Every time some reject from the gene pool like this tries to convince me that lawful self-defense is an affront to minorities, I have to ask, “so when did you become a racist/bigot.” The very idea that blacks are disproportionately affected by legal self-defense asserts that only minorities are caught in these compromising positions. Ie we’re the only ones breaking the law. If we’re not, then why all the fear of lawful self-defense? Could it be that it is ‘t racism driving the stats? Maybe there’s an awful lot of young black men out there doing stupid stuff? Maybe you ought to go preach to them about repenting their ways? Oh, they would cut your balls off and leave you in the gutter? Oh well, since you don’t truly have the courage of your convictions, kindly do like the Bieber says and go love yourself.

  26. In the quote, he’s arguing that racists are likely to own guns, not that all gun owners are racist.

    (He may think that all gun owners are racist, and may even think that’s what he’s saying in the quote, but that’s not actually what the quote says).

    • Even if he’s arguing that racists are likely to own guns, said gun-owning racists still are committing a mere, nearly meaningless, fraction of all homicides in the US.

  27. From the Comments on that one:

    “Bill deHaasJuly 11, 2016 – 7:20pm
    Keep in mind that even rural cultures (think Texas) and the NRA from the 1970s and 80s only supported gun ownership that was used for hunting – it did not allow for military weapons; AK-15s, multiple gun clips; automatic rifles; and even the use of pistols. Pistols were not used by farmers or rural folks when sport hunting.

    Funny how the NRA and the Republican Party has morphed out of control on this issue and how Scalia and company interpreted the 2nd Amendment to be a *right* to own guns. Suspect that if the next president is Democratic and does get to name 2-3 SCOTUS judges, that the Scalia *invention* will go down to defeat.”

    At first I thought it had to be one of you guys making a joke and screwing with them. Then I saw the date on the comment and the seriousness with which he takes the rest of it. Are they mocking themselves with the progtard memes? Also, what is a “multiple gun clip?” Like a plastic (or preferably steel) device that I can use to clip multiple guns together? What kinds of guns are we talking here? It might be difficult to fire more than one 12 gauge at the same time, but a couple ARs (or, AKs, whatever) or 9mms might be useful clipped together. You’d have to be careful not to clip the triggers together, though. Else one could run afoul of the one trigger pull one bullet thing.

  28. If these people think that their white privilege is such a problem and so detrimental to minorities, why don’t they just drown themselves? That’s the only way to make hings safer, right?

  29. I’m an ofwg. Living in my home with me and a main reason for me to be armed are 2 of my granddaughters. I would gladly die to protect them.

    They are half mexican.

  30. I’m armed to fight the race of man. No need to divide them up by color or creed. A-holes come in a startling variety.

  31. I accept as fact that people as a whole are untrustworthy and able to inflict serious bodily harm on me at the drop of a hat. I have a lot to live for, so I protect my life with the best tools available to me. The projection this man has in his fear of a “certain race” is fairly evident, and seemingly not all too uncommo on the antigun side.

  32. I’m a Human-Racist. I believe we have a right to exist that supercedes all other animals and that any animal that disagrees I have a Human Right to put it down. If I can. With a gun, knife, car, large rock, rope, whatever.
    People power!

    • Recognizing that humans are superior to 0 and 4+ legged critters doesn’t make you any sort of “-ist” Pete, it makes you a perfectly normal human being who’s prepared for a long hike in the woods.

  33. What if I told you historically and demographically minorities have a greater need for armed self defense and I encourage EVERYONE to prepare themselves defensively? Facts not feelings, please. Police are only MINUTES away when SECONDS count… for everyone. Except politicians. And celebrities. And the wealthy. Or any mix of the three. Usually the ones telling us we don’t need guns while they have armed security. (Cough*elitist*cough)

  34. Yeah I have been “accused” of being obsessed with race for mentioning my beautiful brown wife and 2 caramel sons. And if you saw me you’d think OFWG who’s whiter than white. Good to hear from a few regulars fighting that retarded stereotype…

  35. All my life I’ve gone through thinking I wasn’t racist, but I guess I am because I like guns. I guess that makes sense as the Black Panthers, who are vehemently racist, are planning on arming themselves at their protest at the RNC.

    Or, you know, apples and oranges and guns have jack to do with racism or any other political matter other than whether or not you support the 2nd. It’s not a political thing, it’s not a race thing, sex thing, age, class, religious, etc.

    The more wedges these people want to keep insisting we place between ourselves as a whole society the more division they create that they claim to be so against. I think their idea of putting out a fire would consist of fanning the flames so the fire soon has nothing left to burn, but only if they could stop throwing wood into it.

  36. And what if Arnett “refuse(s) to accept gun owners as full and equal members of the community,” and calls his fellow Americans “racists” at the drop of a hat. What does this mean? Is he mean-spirited? Prone to sow division? Overtly seeking approval from his fellow liberals? Looking to meet a publishing deadline with little else in his little head?

  37. “… the destruction of black lives that comes from the toxic admixture of a mountain of guns combined with a deep legacy of institutional racism and social exclusion.” – Anthony Annett

    Destruction of ALL lives (which includes black lives) comes first and foremost from the destruction of the family.

    • Which this government does exceptional well.

      Also note our government is priming the pump for throwing the black community under the bus by switching support to Mexican, Latinos, and Muslims, they have stronger family structures and vote in higher numbers,

  38. …but, I’m not arming myself against “Black People”. I’m arming myself against statist pricks like you.

    What I love about this asshat is what an amazing example of racism he displays, by completely rendering irelelvant all gun-owners of color, past present and future, with a single statement. Bravo!

    • Yeah, I’m stealing that. There are plenty of SJW’s out there that need to hear it amidst all there blathering about how I’m a racist because I own guns. Call it a trigger warning.

  39. I own (and carry) guns to protect myself and my family from criminals.

    I didn’t realize “criminal” had been declared its own race.

  40. It’s fun to research authors like this and discover they live in gated communities that are 97% white.

  41. I’m Black, and I’m sure he wants to disarm ME too. I’d say that makes him a textbook White supremacist. After all, the history of gun control in North American is the history of violent White supremacism and the efforts of its proponents to create for themselves a “safe working environment”.

  42. Funny, a decade of television in the 90’s had programmed be to picture a white guy when I imagine a criminal. A Hispanic guy if it’s circumstances that have forced gun into a life if crime but deep down he has a heart of gold.

    But it’s still racism against the one race I don’t picture when I don’t think of criminals, I guess.

  43. The egghead requires a lobotomy, hopefully one of those dysfunctional parasites he panders will make him “good’ during a mugging.

  44. This nonsense was one of the worst pieces of crap I have read here, beaten only by many of the comments to the original article. Self-righteous know-it-alls who don’t know a thing about anything. They fit every stereotype of the big city limousine liberal ever created. Beginning with the person who wrote the article. And now I will say it — he looks like he could be a child molester.

  45. Steps out of the shower to piss. If that’s an ad hominem attack then so be it.

  46. You may believe I’m a racist, but what I think we can both agree on is that your face looks stupid

  47. For all their supposed “racism”, I doubt there’s a white gun owner in all of America, who doesn’t recognize a worthless twit like this clown, is not even a flea on Colion Noir’s you know what.

  48. There are no words available, that would be printed here, that in any meaningful way address this level of stupid.

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