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“…I’ll take a coin toss over an absolutely certain catastrophe. Or in other words, I’ll play a round of Russian roulette before handing a loaded gun to someone who has openly announced they’re going to shoot me in the face with it.” – TTAG Commenter ‘Next Pres’ in our comment section.


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  1. It is not impossible to find a representative who closely aligns with your views. I’m voting libertarian this year. If everybody just votes on two parties then we all lose.

    • Vote for your third party, you may not feel like a loser, but you certainly aren’t a winner either.

      • Don’t you understand? The outcome doesn’t matter, it’s now all about how folks “feel” when placing their vote!

        • No its about not letting the Dems win. Those sheep will vote Hitlery no matter what.

          Voting Lib vs the Trumpster is what I would rather do, they align more with how I feel about things. However, by the time we have an election where a Lib could get enough votes to win, I don’t think there will be an America left

        • No, it’s about getting libertarians to 15% in the polls so they get to take part in debates. Then the American people can hear a candidate who doesn’t want to tax them to death, regulate away their freedom, and bankrupt their futures to appease some cronies.

          Even if I wanted to vote for Donald Trump <vomits slightly>, the fact that 55% of the voters here in Washington want to vote for a democrat means my vote has no effect on the result.

      • When you vote for someone you are condoning their behavior and likely actions in office. You vote for an ignorant narcissist and you might not feel like part of the problem, but you are.

      • Last year they were saying that Trump could never would, would eventually implode, and is a wasted vote. Well. Now he’s the presumptive nominee. That’s even after all those jackasses wasted their votes on Kasich, Carson and Rubio, handing Trump his winner-take-all victories with a series of pathetic 30-40% pluralities.

        Vote third party. True, you’ll lose this time, but if they pull a decent share of the popular vote to garner attention, then their credibility for next time builds. Maybe they’ll attract more votes in subsequent elections to reach electability. Maybe.

        What is GUARANTEED not to work is to vote either Democrat or GOP across the board. Both are defeatist, apologist, corrupt corporatists. They’re both abundantly pleased to preside over an America in decline, so long as they can set up their own families for independent wealth for a few generations out.

        • Actually, we said voting for him would be counterproductive and stupid. This has not changed. He has now explicitly reversed himself on everything but his vague RKBA support, and we’re not even a week into his nomination.

          Enjoy your wall, and unicorns, and rainbows.

        • Yeah, it won’t ever work out that way. The Democrats will ensure that they will have power for years to come if we let them get anywhere close to a majority in the SCOTUS. They will flood our country with a new voterbase and that’s that. We need to ensure we do not let Hillary win this election, otherwise there will be no recovering in the future.

      • As I am of the opinion that voting is, among other things, an act of morality, and that voting is violence, I vote Libertarian when given the choice. They are the only party worthy of my vote. I will not violate those values by voting for a ‘winner’ if I lose some of myself in the decision.

    • But you need to find someone with your view that can win. Until there is an offshoot of the democrat party a third party conservative will never win. Democrats stick together and the republicans just fight with each other. Until the republicans figure out a way to include all conservatives they will have a hard time winning.

    • Sorry, a vote for libertarian is a vote for Hillary.

      Frankly, I think that by next summer, we will be turning in everything but break open long guns and bolt long guns, no pistols, semis or pumps will be allowed. Well, that is if you can pass the required mental evaluation of an NIH doctor.

      The SCOTUS will be turned permanently leftist, too, so don’t expect any help from them.

      • No offense, but that’s bullsh*t. A vote for a Libertarian is just a vote for a Libertarian. Claiming otherwise passes the buck to me, the Libertarian voter, because the Republicans can’t come up with a viable candidate now in two (or three, if you count, McCain) election cycles. That’s YOUR party’s fault, not mine, as a voter who gave up on both parties many, many election cycles ago. I’d gladly vote for a Republican presidential candidate if they held abortion, LBGT, and even First Amendment freedoms as dear as they held the Second Amendment.

        • Remember, if you don’t vote for a Republican, it’s all your fault the Republican Party sucks.

        • If you don’t vote against Hillary (ie: vote for the Republican candidate), then you are passing on the chance to cancel out a vote that somebody has made for Hillary.

          I never did understand the “not voting is voting for the opposition” line either, until I realized that it’s simple maths… or more accurately a set of balance scales.

          Voting libertarian (at this point in time), or for any 3rd party candidate with no hope of winning, is allowing a Hillary to gain another vote towards victory – shudder the thought!

          I have a feeling that Trump will cave in to the gun-grabbers, or “make a deal” as he puts it, but I know for certain that Hillary will do everything she can to ban guns. Which is the better choice … a definite negative or a maybe negative??

        • Voting for not-Trump/Hillary, is not a vote for Hillary.
          That idea is based on the false assumption that all votes matter. They don’t. I’m a non-democrat in King County Washington. If I vote republican in a local contest, it won’t negate the 15% margin of victory that a democrat will have here. Even in a statewide election, where the republican majorities in eastern Washington balance things out some, there are still more democrats than republicans and libertarians combined, so a democrat will win, no matter how we vote.

        • Steve Day gets it! Everyone is entitled to their choice and their opinion. But fuzzy math and feelz do not trump reality. It’s all about balance (or the final tally) at the end of the day come Nov.

      • The most recent poll numbers I saw actually favored Trump when a third party candidate was included, indicating that Democrats are just as likely, if not more likely, to vote “anyone but Hilary/Trump”.

    • Charles Koch who heavily supports Libertarian organizations has finally come out of the closet and now endorses Hitlery.
      You can clearly see who the Libertarian Party benefits.
      Of course the Bush and Clinton clan are all best buds as well.

      • Saying “It’s possible.” when asked if Hillary could be preferable to Trump is hardly an endorsement.

      • Because Charles Koch is running the libertarian party??

        That ridiculous interview with Charles Koch was complete manipulation of the statements he made. He made one comment and then everyone says – “I agree with him! Let’s vote for Hillary!” And that actually isn’t what he said at all.

    • Then you’ve essentially voted for Hillary and you have no regard for the future of the RTKABA. I believe in the Libertarian platform and philosophy, but the Libertarian Party is the most spectacularly inept political party in history. They never win anything of significance and they don’t even generate enough press to make a statement. They just spoil elections for conservatives. As the late, great, conservative thinker William F. Buckley Jr. said, “The only intelligent vote for a thinking conservative is for the conservative candidate who has the best chance of winning.” Like it or not, that is going to be Trump.

      • You are ignoring the rather relevant fact that Trump is not a conservative.

        • Considering how little the “conservatives” have actually conserved in the past 50 years, Trump not being a “conservative” is a plus.

          Trump is an American Nationalist. That is exactly what we need.

        • True. Trump is a New York “back room deal maker” with liberal values. If so many people had seen him for what he is then Ted Cruz would likely be the GOP candidate … and Ted Cruz is extremely Pro-2A and Pro-Constitution. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have spent dozens of hours on their feet in filibusters against the progressive liberal agenda… Trump comes along and just says what he thinks will get him elected, while his past statements (on record) have revealed his true beliefs about the AWB etc.

      • William F. Buckley was most definitely not a conservative. He was the man who manipulated conservatism, converting it from Robert Taft’s small government, low taxes, noninterventionist ideas, to the modern red-state fascism. He pushed the idea that communism was a real threat, while his buddies in the CIA pretended that the cardboard tubes rolling through Red Square on May Day were real missiles and tanks and that the soviets could actually afford a war (the soviets were far more afraid of war than the west was, because they knew they couldn’t afford more than a few weeks, before their support structure collapsed–and the CIA knew this). He pushed for a military build up to defend against this false threat. He said it was okay to increase social spending in order to get progressives to agree to military spending. He favored moving off the gold standard.
        In short, he was in favor of all the terrible ideas that led us to our current problems. If that’s a “conservative”, then I hope no conservative ever gets elected.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Chris. The libertarian party is growing larger and stronger every day.

    • Yeah I’m with you. Third party it is. I am done with pretending either of these two will be any different.

    • If no one voted for Ross Perot in 1992, would there even be a Clinton to worry about this year?

      • Looking back we would have been better off if everyone had voted for Perot. Perot turned out to have been right about more than he was wrong about.

        • Perot winning was a nice dream. The reality we got, however was 8 years of Hump and Dump and the founding of the Clinton political machine.

    • libertarian = liberal, except you don’t want to give up your guns. But you will give up your guns anyway, for more pressing liberal ideals.

      • Our Founding Fathers were “liberals”, the conservatives fought for the King.

        • There’s a HUGE difference between liberal today and liberal then. If you don’t understand that then you’re a dunce.

        • I’m aware, I can see how my original comment is confusing. I was more aiming to convey that libertarians are more likely to kow tow to liberalism (socialism), to achieve certain similar ideals. Like, let’s say the drug war. A libertarian may put legalization of weed at the very top of their priorities, negating gun rights and the economy to achieve it. Meanwhile supporting the modern liberals thrashing the rest of their ideals.

      • That is true, but Dems, progressives, and full on socialists are not liberal, they are statists.

      • It’s possible you might get that impression if you strictly look at things from a civil liberties point of view, but even then I would not expect Hillary to give up the drug war either. And then there’s that whole economics thing that you have conveniently ignored.

        • I agree with that. I was more attacking what I’ve seen latley as libertarians supporting the left in an effort to support certain ideals, like drugs, while ignoring others, like the economy. But I do agree, crooked Hillary has no intention of ending the drug war.

    • Let me ask you a question if Donald Trump is soooo bad why is the media against him? If Donald Trump is anti gun why is the media against him? If Donald Trump is just like Hillary Clinton why is the Democratic Party against him?

  2. I agree with the OP 100%. The primaries are for selecting a good candidate, the general election is for not selecting the worst.

  3. Once again for the mathematically challenged – voting for a candidate who has absolutely ZERO chance of winning is exactly the same as giving your vote to the candidate you least want to win.

    In America at this point in history only the Democrat or the Republican has any chance of getting enough votes to win the presidency. If you dislike Trump, as I do, but you detest and fear Hillary, as we all should, not voting for Trump is the same as giving your vote to Hillary.

    If you live in a traditionally Blue state this may not matter in the long run since your state will vote Hillary no matter what you do, but if you live in a purple or Red state then voting for someone other than Trump (R) may well make the difference between who takes the electors in that state.

    This is not the year to stand on principle and cast a vote for a certain loser when you could at least help elect an uncertain winner.

    • Incorrect.
      Google “electoral system”, do some reading.
      Unless you live in a swing state, your vote really doesn’t matter, so go ahead and vote 3rd party, unless you think your one vote will turn California or Maryland into a red state.
      My town is like 85% conservative, and I’m voting libertarian because I’m NOT a Republican, deal with it. However, when Hilary wins don’t get all butthurt that people want to change a broken system because at the end of the day gerrymandering and group-think decide the next president more than what box you check on your Tuesday morning.

      • ^^^^ This ^^^^

        90% of the states are a lock for either candidate D or candidate R. The 5 “swing states” means that there really are only a couple million voting people in this country where their vote means much of anything… or nothing.

    • My father says voting 3rd party is a vote for Trump. My mother says voting third party is a vote for Clinton. Do I have two votes? Clinton + 0, Trump +0, Libertarian +1 does not equal Clinton +1.

  4. I’m not sure it is a coin toss at this point. It could easily be 2 certain catastrophes. A safe starting point is that Trump is as bad as Hillary with some upside potential to be better than Hillary. Until Trump releases a short list of 5 to 10 names for the vacant Supreme Court seat AND makes a big deal about that appointment during the general election, my starting assumption is Trump is pulling a con and all his gun rhetoric is hollow, just said to get elected with no intention of keeping those promises.

    • Given the age and health of the current SCOTUS members, the next president will likely appoint 2 to 4 new members if they serve two terms.

    • James, that’s pretty much where I am. I see Trump as no different, no better, absolutely no more conservative than Clinton. None. His statement over the weekend of “it’s the republican party, not the conservative party, and we don’t have to be united” simply highlights that further. Based on his actions and even his most recent statements, I have been given no reason to believe he will appoint a conservative to the supreme court. There absolutely no way I would vote for a lying huckster liberal Democrat, which is what Trump is, unless…he put up a list of who he will nominate for the supreme court, as well as VP and cabinet. So far, he’s just hiring the same people Clinton did, the guy that runs his fund raising pac is a Clinton Superpac supporter, Goldman Sachs executive and George Soros crony. I need to see something different, and I don’t.

      • That’s why I put the big AND in my post. Releasing a list is easy. Making a big hairy deal of the appointment during the general election is the hard point. I want Trump to significantly spend his political capital on it. That way, I have a much better idea that he is serious and will follow through.

    • Fascist or Socialist overreach? There is no decision to be made at this point with the two parties.

      Third option, even as a long shot, IS the only chance at redemption.

  5. Trump flip flops like a carp, but Hitlery will just totally shaft your entire life on any Constitutional level or economic level.
    It boggles my mind why anyone who gets up and goes to work would ever vote for her.
    Of course her real support comes from the sleep, snooze, and screw brigade and their supporting bureaucracies.
    The Donkeycraps will turn the USA into Venezuela.

  6. Things will never change if everyone continues to vote for someone they don’t want to win but thinks has a better chance than the person they prefer. Vote your conscience and let the chips fall where they may.

    Being saddled with either the present presumptive Republican or Democratic candidates is a no-win situation for the nation as a whole. Why wouldn’t you want to give voice to your discontent?

  7. Trump 2016. He has the right enemies(Saudi princes, the Chinese government, the GOP establishment, progressives, free traitors, etc.).

    • Trump is even closer to the Saudi’s than the Bushs and Clintons are. They’ve bailed him out financially twice now.

    • Pretty Sun Tzu has a line abot letting your enemies dictate your actions. Our blind opposition to Hillary is why a turncoat like Trump was seen as plausible in the first place. No more.

  8. Vote Trump that’s our only last best hope. You can all become philosophers after the elections.

  9. It’s evident both parties are just taking turns f*ck over the entirety of middle America to the benefit of social and corporate welfare recipients… And the people fight over them like two chicken head broads over the same dude who cheats on both of them.

    • Ding!Ding!Ding!

      There is distinction between the two parties, with very little difference. Been a long time since it mattered who was in charge – there’s too many levers on the machine to control it anymore. The autopilot was sabotaged about 50 years ago, we’re heading directly at a mountain, who’s at the yoke is irrelevant other than for the propaganda.

  10. “Voting third party is throwing your vote away.”

    Nope. Voting third party is using my voice to pull the lever for the candidate that I think is actually capable of being President of the United States of America. Both of the big parties failed to present one.

    “Voting third party is allowing Hillary to win.”

    Again, I love the logic of how not supporting the prime piece of dogshit is somehow the failing of those not supporting him. No, I’m voting Libertarian because the platform far more closely aligns with how I believe a government based on our Constitution should be run. Bullshit constructs like the electoral college might all but guarantee that either a Dem or a Repub gets the win, but I’m a free citizen, and I’ll pull that lever the way my freedom allows me, not through pressure or fear to support an awful candidate because the other candidate is worse.

    And finally – “…I’ll take a coin toss over an absolutely certain catastrophe. Or in other words, I’ll play a round of Russian roulette before handing a loaded gun to someone who has openly announced they’re going to shoot me in the face with it.”

    No, I’d rather vote someone in that doesn’t make me feel like I’m possibly protecting one right while pushing the country into further divisiveness and discord. At best, Trump is what he says he is now – inspiring riots everywhere he goes and that’s a wonderful thing, right? But more likely, he is a trojan horse, he’s going to back the liberal platform once he gets in office, shatter your Republican party and put liberal SCOTUS judges on the bench (like his sister). Either way, he’s paving the way for the country to fall apart. How that’s any different from Hillary is beyond me.

    You low-information followers of Trump made the shit sandwich. You can’t force me to take a bite.

    • “Low information voters”, so you use the lines of what you hear the main stream media pundits use, yet you’re the educated one?

      • We all speak English. Some terms are going to be used by more than one source. You can pretend you know where my vocabulary comes from, but ultimately, you obviously do not. I say low information voters because anyone that researches either candidate heavily would understand that both of them represent irreparable problems for the country.

        If that term bothers you, stop being one.

        • So it’s simply your opinion. One may say a “low information voter” would be one that completely ignores the impossibility of a certain candidate to render a victory. Indeed, said candidate rendering more than 5% of the vote would be a glorious victory in their eyes, yet in reality, is a crushing defeat. So perhaps “blind voter” would be more accurate for the 3rd party crowd.

    • “but I’m a free citizen, and I’ll pull that lever the way my freedom allows me, not through pressure or fear to support an awful candidate because the other candidate is worse”

      Standing for your principles is fine, good for you.

      But you also need to consider math, which ignores your principles. Your vote will be wasted.

      You can argue principles all day, and math will win. Up to you.

      • Everyone who votes for Hillary in a place like AZ wastes their vote just as everyone in a place like California that votes for Trump wastes their vote. Voting is the illusion of choice. If voting meant jack shit, Congress would have outlawed it by now.

      • Math isn’t the enemy, the Electoral College is. But if you’re going to go on the math principle there, consider that the votes any Democrat candidate starts with are already against you. California and New York add up to 84 votes..and they are obviously going to go for Hillary. Even if you actually believe there’s some ground to gain elsewhere, many states with double digits tend to vote liberal, or always do so in the urban areas which end up pushing the votes to the Dems – Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachussettes. That’s another 84. Which means she only needs 102 more to win. And you somehow think that a candidate as divisive as Trump is a good one to hitch your wagon to to beat that? Based on math, you’re out of your mind. Voting your conscience is the only to way to vote. Besides, when the numbers come out and show the history making numbers of people voting third party, we can start to see changes in the debate requirements and ballot requirements. The lesser of two evils vote – for a loser – will do nothing to change the status quo.

        • Where exactly did I say math is the enemy?

          You missed my point completely.

          Math is, deal with it. You vote on principle looking for changes to debate process? Good gravy. And good luck.

          Math is math, and the winner will be a D or an R. That is what is.

          Do whatever floats your boat man, good luck on those debates. I’ll be in the garage, reloading.

    • :”I’ll play a round of Russian roulette before handing a loaded gun to someone who has openly announced they’re going to shoot me in the face with it.”

      Assumes facts not in evidence. As far as I can tell, that Russian roulette would be played with 6 in the cylinder, so either ‘choice’ all you can do is hope for a misfire.

  11. The whole system is completely corrupt. It doesn’t matter who wins because, to the “political class”, we are all just a bunch of sheep to be lied to, abused, taxed and put in our place whenever necessary. Sure, I’ll vote but I’ll also continue to build my SHTF strategy because its coming. Don’t know how bad or for how long but its definitely coming. We can’t tax or print our way out of the fiscal mess both parties have contributed to so when the dollar collapses and is replaced as the worlds currency, all hell is going to break loose. And when it does, you need to be ready.

  12. The day a Saudi prince begged Americans to reject Trump, is day I said I will proudly step up to the box and vote for Trump as hard as I can.

    • It was the day that Trump got on his hands and knees and begged that prince for money that sealed his fate of never getting my vote.

      • Did he take that money and screw the Saudis over with it causing their butthurt? If so then right on.

  13. Is Trump the coin toss or the Russian roulette?
    one is fifty/fifty and the other is 5 to 1 😉

    • The odds of getting our rights infringed on is a coin toss. The odds of trump being the one to do it is Russian roulette – because Hillary is so evil that she’s corrupted statistics too.

  14. Currently, the system is rigged such that a 3rd Party cannot win nor can even be part of the presidential debates.

    Gary Johnson may appeal to many, but he cannot win. Sure, he will take away votes from Republicans but that is all he can do. This is just like when people voting for Ralph Nader in Florida basically took votes away from Gore and Gore lost Florida.

    Voting for Trump will suck, but you have to consider, if you do not vote, or vote for a 3rd party, you are simply going to give Hillary the ability to appoint between 1 and 4 potential SCOTUS and once the court goes far left, it could be 30 years before there is a change and all your gun rights will be gone — that is a guarantee.

    I always love that some of the people who state they are single issue voters and guns are their issues are now defecting from that idea and would instead not vote or vote 3rd party just because of Trump.

    Either your gun rights are important or they are not. This election we will see how many people believe in their gun rights or not because that will be one of many deciding factors.

    Hillary can kill a puppy with a knife on TV and then put some hot sauce on it while she eats it in public and Democrats would still find an excuse to vote for her because they understand one thing that Republicans do not, in order to change the Rules, first you must Rule.

    I hate Trump, but I will be voting for him because a world in which Hillary rules is far more scary and the loss of gun rights I have already seen in CT would be even worse nation wide. Allowing the SCOTUS to go Left, is worse than having a President Trump. A full Left SCOTUS plus massive Left Federal Judges means the Democrats will simply use the courts as a hammer on every matter.

    • “Hillary can kill a puppy with a knife on TV and then put some hot sauce on it while she eats it in public…”

      Don’t worry too much, Trump could do the same thing and his supporters would be no more dissuaded than in your scenario.

    • Yet, Trump previously supported the 94 AWB. Trump stated he’d nominate his liberal sister for Supreme Court. A vote for Trump is in no way a vote for gun rights.. the only possibility of a vote that would actually be for gun rights is to vote Libertarian.

      You’re simply hoping Trump will be pro 2A, even though all the evidence we have on him points to the contrary. Libertarians are ALWAYS pro 2A. My third party vote is far more about my gun rights than is a vote for Donald Trump.

  15. Some(too many) of the comments here confirm my suspicion of paid astroturfers posting on this site. This issue for gun owners, or anyone who can fog a mirror and appreciates what little freedom we have left, is night and day.

  16. Is it still called Russian Roulette when you load 5 rounds in the 6 chambers?

  17. Can nobody see what’s happening here? Trump DESTROYED the establishment. It’s over. Jeb and George Will and Paul Ryan and the gang are certainly free to bitch about it from their smoldering pile of rubble, but the idea that any of the other candidates had a better chance in the general when they couldn’t even win their own party’s nomination is absurd.

    While it’s not the first hotly contested republican nomination, it is the first one where I’ve seen establishment republicans adopt the MO of the left in attacking THEIR OWN FRONTRUNNER. If THEY were accepting and repeating the left’s smear job on Trump, just what chance were they supposed to have against the PC moloch itself?

    BTW if YOU are still (also) suffering from Trump derangement syndrome this vid might do you some good;

    • He didn’t destroy the establishment. The establishment fucked itself by letting 17 clowns ride in the car. Trump only broke 50% in two states. Now we get to suffer through at least four years of Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife because a small, loud faction of voters chose literally the worst candidate in the past 30 years to represent the party.

    • In the general election… which doesn’t matter. Why do people not understand this? Electoral system folks: look it up. Think voting for a third party is a waste? MOST voting is a waste. There’s like 5 swing States, if you don’t live there then it’s just a waste of time.
      I’m gonna see if I can get some of my liberal friends to have their dead relatives vote for Gary Johnson.

  18. We all know what Killary stands for.

    Trump I would prefer over killary. That said:

    1). Trump is a New Yorker – an inner city New Yorker.

    2). Trump has historically openly supported assault weapons bans.

    3). Trump has historically supported the Democratic Party and even donated to the Clinton campaign.

    4). Trump can’t remember his previous lie and often gets caught in them.

    All the evidence I see is Trump is a RINO, and there is no telling what his “actual” views really are.

    I would actually prefer this person over Killary, the killer of rights and freedoms.

    • Still an improvement over Cruz. Cruz has repeatedly refused to support the second amendment and his eyes lit up when TPP offered the possibility of trading rights and the entire economy (With parallel imports banned we’d stop producing competent translators for every living language except maybe Spanish. Everything would fall apart very quick just from that and that’s just one section of it) for a bunch of pork.

  19. …better the devil you don’t know, than the devil you do know.

    That said, I *do* know about Mrs. Clinton. I know her history, her mindset, and her attitude toward me.

    I do *not* know the same about Mr. Trump. But I am willing to take a chance in an effort to prevent “the Mrs.” from occupying the Oval Office.

    • If he would stick to that, I’d be MORE than happy. Given that he hasn’t stuck to ANY position — save the wall, limiting (a.k.a., “pausing”) immigration and non-isolationist isolationism (go figure) — I trust Mr. Trump as far as I can throw up. I mean, him.

  20. Hillary has said, with no uncertainty or hesitation, that she intends to eliminate legal gun ownership with every power she has.
    Devil we know vs the one we don’t…

    There are a lot of people I would have liked to vote for, but through the process the system has decided that Trump has the most Support.
    I might not agree that he is the best choice of leadership, but looking at the other side (and tacitly condoning its plans to destroy us by not doing the only thing that might stop it) I would be foolish not to go with the lesser of two evils.

    It’s weird that Trump represents the lesser evil, but it’s where fate has brought us.

  21. Trump sucks. The hildebeast sucks much more. At least with donnie there is scant hope of 2A goodness. I was a Cruz guy and he is the ONLY pol I ever gave $ to. I will NEVER vote 3rd party. Remember Perot? I do. Never a fan of Bush sr but at least I could tolerate his wife…stocking up with every SS check.

  22. Trump IS the third party, which is why the Republican establishment hates him. It’s not his philosophy. It’s because he represents the declining influence of the Republican donor class that currently makes all the rules. It’s driving Republican elitists like Mitt Romney out of their collective minds.

    Sanders is doing a similar job on the Demons, but he’s aided and abetted by some uber-wealthy socialists like George Soros. But still, Sanders is the third party on the left hand side.

    All of you who are extolling the virtues of a third party are missing the point. You have a third party option at your fingertips, but maybe you haven’t figured it out yet.

  23. I have literally NO IDEA what Trump is going to do… and likely HE doesn’t EITHER.

    I know EXACTLY what Clinton will do. Hell, she’s spent the last couple of years TELLING me.

    If you bring a pit bull into your house, you don’t know what it’s going to do.

    If you bring a Komodo dragon into your house, you know EXACTLY what it’s going to do.

    In this election, I have a choice between a buffoon and a monster.

    Right about now, the buffoon’s looking like the safer bet…

    • “If you bring a pit bull into your house, you don’t know what it’s going to do.

      If you bring a Komodo dragon into your house, you know EXACTLY what it’s going to do.”

      >>>- APPLAUSE -<<<

      *THAT* is why I'm voting Trump…

  24. All who vote Libertarian, prepare for the hilldabeast to use the .gov’s Johnson to screw you on the 2A. P.S: Write your guns a goodbye letter while your at it.

    • You need to research the electoral system. We don’t elect presidents like prom king and queen, popular vote doesn’t matter. If you don’t live in a swing state, voting is a waste. So, no, a vote for the Libertarians is NOT a vote for Hillary.
      It’s sad how many folks don’t get this.

  25. I will not vote for either. They are the most morally bankrupt people that could be chosen. All of you that are older than my generation are the worst for believing in a two party system. Don’t complain about Millenials when the Baby Boomers and beyond have supported a ridiculous two party system. Newsflash, they don’t even educate themselves to third party candidates, and I’m sorry, but you screwed up this world, Millenials haven’t even held office yet. We’ll just clean up your mess while you bicker over the bottom bin candidates, because that generation needs to walk away right now.

  26. You mean you and the next seven generations of your family will clean up the mess. And you can thank the last two administrations for it. I been saying it for almost twenty years now, rep and dems are the same thing. Time for anything new. Anything but Hilldabeast…

  27. We are witnessing a class of ideologies; the individual vs the State. Trump or the Hildabeest is the state. So really “what difference does it make.” Vote libertarian for a fundamental return to our freedom loving roots as Americans, or don’t vote at all.

    Having Trump in over Hillary may be better or it might just prolong the pain of living under our ever increasing State.

  28. Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator: It’s got what plants crave! It’s got electrolytes!!

    Ladies and gentlemen. The plane has now landed. It is safe to unfasten your seat belts. We will begin deboarding the plane shortly.

    We have arrived at Idiocracy. Please enjoy your stay.

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