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Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson (courtesy

“Until we have real truth in sentencing and hold these offenders accountable, this will be the unfortunate reality in the city of Chicago.” – Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson in Chicago police boss calls weekend gun violence ‘completely unacceptable’ [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Hillary Clinton's Press Secretary Clarifies Her Position on Gun Rights">Previous Post
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  1. Funny part was 80% or the “victims” were know gang bangers. They have a list of 1300 individuals and 42 out of the 50 shot and 7 of the 8 killed were on the list. Pre-crime time, or do we keep the bill of rights? Anyone have any ideas?

    • The problem isn’t that they’re not doing anything about “known” gangbangers, it’s the fact that there’s a catch and release policy in place. The cops catch them, then the court releases them. With a bit of tinfoil applied to the head, I believe that this is done on purpose for two reasons; the most obvious one is to have “gun violence” increase to staggering heights so the anti gun dems that run the city can say “look, see we were right”, and the other reason is that they really don’t care about the race of the people who are being killed because of the fact that the policies of Chicago and Cook County have taxed businesses out of the area and have left little to no opportunity for those same people to enter the workforce. There’s also the epidemic of heroin which is what most of these gangbangers are fighting over. It’s a turf war. The sad part is that the suburbanites who are anti gun have children hooked on heroin and drive into the city to buy it, further contributing to the skyrocketing violence.

      • That’s not conspiracy theory, my friend. That’s the only logical conclusion.

      • I believe there is a lot of truth in DD’s reply.

        With respect to releasing violent criminals early from prison, I believe there is another incentive for local government and the local criminal justice system. More violent criminals on the loose means more mayhem. And more mayhem means more local people empowering local government even more to “do something”. More mayhem also means job security, and even job advancement in many instances, for all the employees of the criminal justice system. Of course more mayhem is also an excuse to call for more power for local government and a rationale to disarm the common people … which is simply another way of giving more power to local government.

        And look at the flip side: what if the local criminal justice system was wildly effective … to the point that there was basically no violent crime. Only a tiny police force would be necessary which would eliminate police jobs. Only a tiny number of prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, bailiffs, court recorders, etc. would be necessary which would eliminate those jobs. And no one would be willing to give even more tax money and power to government and the criminal justice system to “do something”. That is why local government and the criminal justice system are unwilling to do what it takes to really clean up their community.

        • I agree with you completely. I also believe this is why they so desperately try to keep DGUs under wraps. A civilian shooting and killing a criminal means no money for the court system, probation/parole, etc., etc..

      • My only disagreement is that there may be a third reason, that being that the criminal justice industrial complex is big business.

        The criminal justice system consists not only of the police and prosecutors, but all the admin. staff, the courts, parole and probation officers, all the corrections facilities staff, the vendors supplying those, the builders constructing those, the call centers based out of those, and on and on.

        If crime ended tomorrow, a whole lot of people would soon go broke. What we call catch & release, they call demand shaping.

      • It would be more accurate to say that the criminal justice system causes early releases. According to prior articles, the DAs often dismiss gun charges carrying 5 to 10 year prison terms in exchange for a plea bargain that nets a sentence of 2 years, out on probation in a year to a year and a half. This relieves the (likely overburdened) DA’s office of a lengthy trial (two to three weeks) in a court system that has too many cases on the docket due to all of the crime in the City. Terms of “good conduct” probation releases are usually specified by statute, so it is not the prisons that are letting the baddies out, it is the law for the specific (minor) felony for which these characters are being convicted on guilty pleas. The only way to change this revolving door is to (somehow) require the DAs to stop dropping the most serious charges and put these gang bangers away for longer periods of time. (Which of course will piss off the judges who don’t want to have to try all of these cases because the DA is being “unreasonable.” From the judges’ perspective, this is a very practical perspective: they cannot, in practice, possibly try all the cases if settlements do not occur. (Meanwhile, it is impossible to get a civil case to trial because criminal trials take precedence. This is actually a national issue: the increase in the number of courtrooms has not kept up with the increased volume of cases caused by increased populations (even accounting for the drop in the overall crime rate).

  2. Allow me to draw your attention to the following from the Chicago Tribune source article …

    [Chicago Police Chief Johnson] focused his remarks on how much of the bloodshed is being driven by about 1,300 individuals on the Police Department’s “strategic subject list” — those believed to be most prone to violence as a victim or offender.

    About 78 percent of the homicide victims and about 84 percent of the nonfatal shooting victims this weekend were on the list, he said.

    “That means essentially we know who they are … Oftentimes, they have gang affiliations, and many have had previous arrests and convictions.”

    [Chief Johnson] then ticked off nearly 10 examples of how many arrests these victims had on their records, ranging from 20 each all the way up to 41.

    As his predecessor, Garry McCarthy, often did, Johnson lamented how many of these offenders “cycle through the criminal justice system,” often serving less than half their prison terms before returning back to the street to commit “the same acts of violence or worse,” he said.

    The criminal justice system is utterly and totally broken … and fails to keep people in prison who have amply demonstrated that they have no respect for human life nor property. And yet all the gun-grabbers keep beating the drums to disarm everyone except for police and military.

    Once again, the truth speaks for itself — loud-and-clear at that — and gun-grabbers actually strengthen the rationale for common people to arm themselves … because the criminal justice system sure isn’t providing any protection.

    • Not to fear the RINO Rep Congress is a fixin thru the current “Bipartisan” Sentencing Reform bill. IE turn Obumers sons back out on the street. Dems LOVE it as the skulls can all go vote dem.

  3. Sorry folks, y’all have it all wrong. He’s referring to gun manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and all members of the NRA and Arfcom.

    Those people doing the actual shooting are innocents who were lured into violence by deceptive ads and videos.

  4. I’m not a law enforcement expert, but I’m pretty sure something has to take place between committing a crime and the sentencing part. Can’t quite think what that might be, or whose job it is…maybe it’ll come to me later.

  5. Well the slightly befuddled new po-leece chief is just tryin’ to keep his po-sition. Nothing about Chicago cops who shoot “offenders” weekly-“He had a gun!” I’m voting pre-crime sweeps-everyone in the ‘hood knows who’s doing the vast #’s of shooting. It’s their brother,dad,son,nephew or cousin-or themselves…

    • You know how many people have ACTUALLY been shot by Chicago PD in 2016, based on reality and not your ASSumptions? 6.

      • Nonsense officer Hannibal. And no one ever produces a gun. 6 shot is YOUR ASSumption officer Hannibal. The fact that you believe anything coming from the corrupt Chicago po-leece is telling..”he pointed a gun at me!”

  6. Seriously, what do you EXPECT?

    Here’s Chiraq in a nutshell:
    1. Corrupt, racist city government.
    2. Corrupt, racist cops.
    3. Corrupt, racist citizens of ALL races and ethnicities.

    Chicago is like that episode of Star Trek where the guy who was black on one side and white on the other who was in a never ending war with the guy who was white on that side and black on the other. The average Chicagoan will let you steal his last $5.00 if he thinks you’re going to use it to hurt somebody different from him. Whites hate Blacks. Blacks hate Jews. Mexicans hate Puerto Ricans.

    When a city has a “culture” like that, it’d be surprising to NOT have to step over bodies in the streets.

  7. As long as the gangs are only killing each other, why should anyone give a rat’s hat?

    • 1. Spillover
      2. Politics

      There is only so much space that violence can spread. If you let it get out of hands, and more drug/gang territory to be fought over and won, it gets into the lives of innocents that just want to live their lives. Sort of like the Cartels. When the criminals run rampant, they will keep taking until there is nothing left and you have places of the country that are essentially failed states.

      Politically, a massing body count is always convenient to push unpopular policies. Shove the stats from the shootings in peoples face, make them think that ‘gun violence’ is an existential threat to them and their children and they will swallow whatever policy you want as long as you promise to make it all stop.

    • But they are NOT just killing themselves Ralph. Lots of unintended casualties in da’ hood-and away for the hood. Highways,Lake Shore Drive and Magnificent Mile murders and mayhem too. I try to avoid the city altogether. I can’t imagine it helps attract tourists and visitors either…

    • “On July 4, Amari Brown ended a day of holiday celebrations at his grandmother’s house with some fireworks in Chicago’s Humboldt Park. But Brown ended up as a statistic — one of nine dead and 53 injured in a spate of violence over the weekend.

      Near midnight, Amari, 7, and his father, Antonio, were standing on the sidewalk when someone started shooting around him. Until his son cried out, Antonio had no idea the sounds were gunshots and not fireworks, NBC Chicago reported….”

    • They AREN’T only killing each other. Street gangs aren’t exactly drawn from the ranks of the shooting elite. They have in common with the NYPD and LAPD, the “spray and pray” philosophy.

    • I agree, except that Gun Grabbers decry this as a national (or international) problem. If you take out just 4 ‘left-wing’ cities: Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC and New Orleans — the United States is 4th from the bottom, in the ENTIRE World, for Murders. These 4 Cities are controlled by Democrats. These cities also have the toughest gun control laws in all of the US.

  8. Glad to see that Rahm’s choice is literally repeating the talking points of McCarthy after he was fired as a fall guy during the black lives matter protests. Looks like some real change is coming to town.

    And to anyone that says Chicago is racist, how could that be possible when we replaced a white cop who was suppressing the rights of low income residents with a black cop to suppress their rights?

    • “And to anyone that says Chicago is racist, how could that be possible when we replaced a white cop who was suppressing the rights of low income residents with a black cop to suppress their rights?”

      Was the Warsaw Ghetto not anti-Semitic because there were Jews tasked with oppressing other Jews FOR the Germans?

  9. Ah, well, keep them talking about observations and events long enough, and any given big lie cracks eventually.

  10. The 80% ratio which holds for every large city is the reason why NO gun controls will ever reduce crime. These people operate completely OUTSIDE the rules of society.

  11. Although there are “good cops” the reality is that there are far too many cops that took the job because they are sadists that desire power over other people and enjoy intimidating and brutalizing people. I once knew a girl who was a dispatcher and she said at the end of the shift many cops would come in “off the beat” bragging about the people they had beat up or brutalized. I once myself had business at a police department because I was the victim of a “hit and run accident”. Unfortunately I got there right at shift change in the evening and the cops were all coming in to check in their weapons. One cop sadist walked up to the check in window and told the clerk officer who was checking in the weapons that some day he was going to take the butt of his shotgun and smash it right through the check in window. Now this threat was made to a fellow officer who was just doing what clerks do, check in the guns. I think it showed the depravity and yes the “delayed stress syndrome” also of many cops. Run into one of these guys and he may be capable of going off and shooting anyone.

    It is true that cops often deal with the scum of society but when delayed stress syndrome sets in they take out their aggression on everyone even fellow officers. The problem is no one does anything about this until some innocent person is stopped for a minor traffic violation and then is gunned down as happened in Carolina some months ago when the fellow was shot in the back. Now with cell phone video’s all the needless killings and beatings are being broadcast instantly by computer all over the world. Some of my European friends have asked me “how do you live in such a violent country”. I had to admit that after I thought about it they certainly raised a thought provoking point. Even with the current terrorism in Western Europe their violence pales in comparison to U.S. violence which is accepted as an everyday occurrence and even with all the cell phone horrific video’s it does not even seem to have slowed down police brutality and killings, gang killings and violence, domestic shootings, muggings, broad daylight robberies and nut cases shooting up schools, churches, military bases, and abortion clinics. Our streets run red with blood and it is not unlike the blood running in the streets of the Middle East, just people wearing different clothing and practicing a different religion. Other than that there is no difference its all still violence and killings.

    I do know one thing that back in the 50’s and 60’s when the average man could get a decent paying job even the inner cities were no where near as violent as they are today. When people work they are occupied with their time and they can pay their bills when they come due. None of this is true today anymore. Part time minimum wage jobs which pay so low people still qualify for welfare, while the super rich get corporate welfare which simply means that they pay no taxes and force the government to pay welfare to working people because they earn so little money they would starve even when working if it were not for government welfare. A Capitalistic system gone so low it is corrupt to its very core. Shades of the Roman Empire all over again.

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