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“If we can succeed against it here, we can make progress anywhere. But, ultimately, this is a city awash in illegal guns, because of the world’s most backward set of gun laws at a federal level.” Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy quoted in In Bridgeport, state, city officials aim to silence gunfire [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: As Far as the Feds are Concerned, A Drug is a Drug">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Andrew Cuomo Doesn't Know What to Do About Guns">Next Post


  1. Federal gun laws are backward, but not in the way he thinks, and certainly not the most backward in the world.

  2. So, Bridgeport is “a city awash in illegal guns,” and they’re going to solve the problem by making those guns lots more illegaler?

    • Sigh, really bobmcd? The problem with all of those illegal guns is the lack of coordination of gun control laws between the federal government and the states varied laws on guns, gun registration and tracking of said firearms.

      What we need are unified gun control laws that are coordinated by the Federal government, just like the federal laws on illegal drugs. We should have a “War on Guns” modeled on the the federal government’s “War on drugs”.

      Oh, wait a minute, the “War on Drugs” has been a complete and utter failure. Let alone being unconstitutional. Never mind.

  3. Guns don’t vote.

    Why would he want to lock up criminals when doing so would incur the ire of the “community” who can vote for him?

  4. Pretty much like every democrat politician in CT, they lie to forward an agenda.

    Blumenthal, will punch you out to be first in front of a camera for any non-crises otherwise will make something up just to be in front of the camera.

    Murphy, a joke who had done nothing except enrich himself starting with sweet deals from Countrywide as was reported by the NY Post which should have put him in Jail along with former Sen. Chris Dodd.

    Instead, he had decided to be a poster boy for gun control.

    Here is the fact, Bridgeport has been a haven of drug gangs and other criminals since 1975 thanks to John C. Mandanici and his political machine and was only stopped after the FBI put him in jail. Mandanici a democrat in the style of Chicago’s Daley.

    Thanks to gangs and drugs and crappy local and state politicians Bridgeport has become a cesspool. Add to this the fact that is a sanctuary city and you have everything you need to know.

    Last year they had about 120 homicides and this year they are looking at 90.

    All of the reduction has been from the city and the state police going after NOT guns, but the gangs. Shutdown the gang and their eternal turf wars, and those homicides go down.

    Murphy, being a liar and opportunist, is using this to spin gun control for emotional value. Murphy is part of the problem. Looking at his record, he has achieved nothing for CT but he is there just enough to spot BS and the sheeple eat up every election.

    Change comes from actually changing, but in democratic enclaves there is a long held belief that change will come from doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same result.

    Finally, the homicide rate has been coming down in Bridgeport and other places because many police forces despite the rhetoric from the politicians’ have been focusing on the source of the problem which is never the guns.

    • Murphy’s corruption and demagoguery are unfortunately, not unique these days. Look at almost any urban area which has become infested with gang and/or gun violence and you’ll find a lying Democrat trying to use the violence as a justification for his or her anti-gun agenda. Chicago…Obama, Baltimore…Obama, DC…Obama. The pattern’s the same. The Democrats create or contribute to the problem by pushing massive immigration, attacking and/or corrupting local law enforcement, and constantly expanding the welfare system to destroy the work ethic in the minority community. Then, when all hell breaks loose as it has in Bridgeport, they propose their ‘solution’ to the problem that they themselves created. And, invariably gun control is included in their ‘comprehensive’ (liberal) approach. And, before those of us outside of Connecticut get too preachy about the problem there, we need to understand that their problem will be our problem one day. It’s only a matter of time unless drastic changes are made immediately.

    • Let’s not forget Connecticut’s tax and regulatory burden. Bridgeport was was an industrial powerhouse in its day. Many of those sites are now brownfields that no one will touch because of the environmental remediation requirements.

      Bridgeport also famously built a housing project across the street from a mall. Shoplifters would bolt out the mall doors and into the projects without fear. Guess how long that mall lasted?

  5. Great idea Senator. Why don’t you call Mexico, France, U.K., Philippines, Belgium, the entire South American continent and tell them how to make illegal guns go away forever? They will appreciate it.
    Check the news in Nuevo Laredo (where guns are highly illegal ). Just across Laredo where guns are legal.

  6. “If we can succeed against it here, we can make progress anywhere…”

    The ‘succeed’ is in furthering the Democrat agenda of eliminating all guns from legal gun owners. In a speech such as it is used in the quote people hear ‘ succed to mean’:
    ‘stop the murder of innocents and children’ = vote
    ‘working to alleviate my fear of gun violence’ = vote

    Democrats do not care about enforcing gun laws or the lack thereof and they will not react to or recognize any part of the criminal component that actually is the problem.

  7. The city is awash in ILLEGAL guns, and that’s supposedly the fault of gun laws?

    It’s funny, they don’t even try to present plausible lies anymore, or even anything all that much coherent. These idiot insider apparatchiks just vomit a pint of their disgust for ordinary people’s rights, then draw a random squiggle in their own spew on the ground and declare “This is common sense gun reform for public safety.” What???

  8. He’s right on it being because of “the world’s most backward set of gun laws at a federal level”.

    Repeal the GCA and NFA and he’ll not have any more “illegal guns” as far as federal law is concerned.

  9. Can somebody post side-by-side photos of this guy and Milton Dammers from the movie “The Frighteners”? Scary and apropos methinks.

  10. Wow
    Freedom fighters have their work cut out for them. Invaders from New York City have changed the land scape.

  11. It pains me that the state I was born in, the center of arms manufacturing for many years, has become a NJ style hoplophobic nest of left wing scoundrels.When I was a kid we had Winchester, Marlin, High Standard, Mossberg and others within a 5 mile radius from where I lived. Sad.

  12. Curious. This from the state where just this week a child daycare was busted for 600 pot plants growing on their premises. Ya don’t have a gun problem dood, you’re “Awash in sweet sticky bud”. clutch your pearls over that.

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